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         Wood Elijah:     more books (64)
  1. The Path of Shadows (Elijah Creek & the Armor of God) by Lena Wood, 2005-09
  2. The Haunted Soul (Elijah Creek & the Armor of God) by Lena Wood, 2005-09
  3. Angel of Fire (Elijah Creek & the Armor of God) by Lena Wood, 2006-05
  4. The Carpet of Bones (Elijah Creek & the Armor of God) by Lena Wood, 2006-10-04
  5. Elijah by Leon J. Wood, 1968
  6. La gran batalla: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. (En Proyeccion).(Resena de pelicula): An article from: Semana
  7. Mejor que la primera.(Resena de pelicula): An article from: Epoca by Juana Samanes, 2002-12-13
  8. Trailer.(variedad de notas)(TT: Trailer.)(TA: various notes)(Artículo Breve): An article from: Semana
  9. El circulo del mal: ya esta en cines la segunda parte de la saga de El senor de los anillos, Las dos torres, dirigida por Peter Jackson, quien ba sabido, ... de pelicula): An article from: Letras Libres by Gustavo Garcia, 2003-01-01
  10. Elijah Creek And the Armor (Elijah Creek & the Armor of God) by Lena Wood, 2006-09
  11. Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of Ring by Elijah Vvthe N5548 Wood, 2002-01-01

41. Behind Blue Eyes :: The Physical Fanlisting For Elijah Wood
Welcome to Behind Blue Eyes, the approved physical fanlsiting for the talented elijah wood. For more information about what that means, please visit the
Welcome Welcome to Behind Blue Eyes, the approved physical fanlsiting for the talented Elijah Wood. For more information about what that means, please visit the about section!
Site Statistics Owned and Maintained By: Heather
Last update: August 18, 2005.
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From The Physical Fanlistings Network
Fun Stuff
Julia has sent in a link to a bunch of Elijah related quizzes that she's made herself! Go check it out A Twisted-Nerve Physical Fanlisting Network

42. LDVfantasy
Biographies, news, and information on the actors elijah wood, Dominic Monaghan, and Viggo Mortensen.
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Search: Lycos Tripod Dukes of Hazzard Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next LDVfantasy Welcome to our fansite!! LDV Addresses Lij Island Dom's Shrine Biography ... Contact Us
This site is run by Arwen and Galadriel, for Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen. We'll post as much info and news as we can, and we hope you'll visit the site regularly!
~Arwen~ Yeah, we'll strive to bring you the hottest pics, the juiciest goss and all the stuff you never really wanted to know about these fine manly specimens, but that we hope you find interesting anyway!
Please look around, please tell friends and please come back. But most of all, enjoy yourselves and these blokes as much as you can!
As a little side-note, on my Orli site I got a post saying all the fans did was drool over the pointy eared wonder. We do drool over him and Dom and Viggo and Lij, but we wouldn't if they weren't great actors. Respect to them people, they're brimming with talent!
~Arwen~ One more little thing that I thought might interest all you Orli freaks..... you ready?

43. : Elijah Wood Pictures, Pics, Photos, Image Gallery, Photo Galle
elijah wood Profile, Biography, Credits, Image Gallery, Photo Gallery, Cards Gallery, Pics, Photos, Pictures Awards, at
Elijah Wood pictures, picture gallery, celebrity greeting cards, photos, pics, snaps, high quality pictures, rare pictures, wallpapers, screen savers, desktop themes, and merchandise.
Elijah Wood home elijah wood The Web This Site pick your destination here: Browse All Celebrity Browse All Actors Browse All Actresses Browse All Models Browse All Musicians Browse All Sport Stars Browse All Male Celebrities Browse All Female Celebrities Celebrity Cards E-greetings Movies Celebrity Birthday :: Most Wanted :: Aishwarya Rai Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Jennifer Lopez ... more... :: Check this Out :: Rachael Leigh Cook :: Picture of the Day ::
Amanda Peet :: Cool Links :: Celebrity Gallery Celebrity Birthdays Celebrity Cards Greeting Cards ... Profile check whether you know these Biography a detailed story of Elijah Wood Credit check out the achievements Photo Gallery check out the multiple picture galleries Cards Gallery Got a pal? Send him a nice post card, along with a sweet message. Puzzle Play the Memory Puzzle and see how sharp you are ! Related Sites Profile Name : Elijah Wood Birth Name : Elijah Jordan Wood Profession : Actor Date of Birth : 28 January 1981 Place of Birth : Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

44. Kate's World Of Complete And Total Misguidence...
She writes a journal with poetry, fan pages on the movie Gone with the Wind, and on the actor elijah wood.
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*~Kate's World...~* My Journal Games Didja Know? Brother's Site (Land of Chaos) ... Facts My Christmas Page! Elijah Wood var enabled = 'no'; Quotes...: Click to View or Add Text. Welcome!!! Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, and what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart, And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand? and what dread feet? What the hammer? what the chain? In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? what dread grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp? When the stars threw down their spears, And water'd heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee? Tyger! Tyger! burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
-William Blake
Hey, everyone, it's me. Who else would it be, anyway?

45. Lilith's Lord Of The Rings Fansite
Provides images, photoshop art, articles, events, and information about elijah wood, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom, and Sir Ian McKellen.
Ringers,unite! Click on the image above for more information on how you can help make sure The Hobbit film happens Lilith's LOTR fanpage is hosted by
My undying gratitude to Jochen for taking me in! hosts a lot of Elijah-related content.
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46. - Elijah Wood: Looking Beyond Frodo - Dec. 16, 2003
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Autos SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters Your E-mail Alerts RSS ... Contact Us SEARCH Web
Elijah Wood: Looking beyond Frodo
With 'Rings' over, actor wants to take chances
Elijah Wood Story Tools RELATED Tolkien Timeline
The man behind 'Rings' says goodbye
'Rings' odds-on Oscar favorite Review: 'Two Towers' a seamless triumph ... 'The Lord of the Rings' Official Site YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) There is one Hollywood career Elijah Wood, star of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," does not want to emulate Mark Hamill's. Wood, 22, is not slighting Luke Skywalker of 1977's "Star Wars." Rather, he knows that playing the key character in a series of hits like the "Rings, "Star Wars" or James Bond films often leaves fans unable to distinguish between the movie role and the actor. With Hamill, future parts became sparse and the actor's star fell fast after the "Star Wars" series, although he has been doing animation and video games, and had numerous TV roles.

47. Elijah Wood A Hard Hobbit To Break

48. Elijah Wood As Frodo Baggins : Lord Of The Rings Pictures, Biography, Pics, Inte
elijah wood Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings Pictures, Biography, Pics, Interview, Photos, Gallery.
printFilmMenu( 'cast' )
On the Set - Part One

Character: Frodo Baggins Culture: Hobbit Description: An adventurous Hobbit who undertakes the quest to destroy the One Ring Elijah Wood has been widely regarded as one of the most gifted actors of his generation. After coming to attention in Paradise , he went on to star in Radio Flyer, Forever Young, Huck Finn, The Good Son, North, The War and Flipper . He also appeared in Internal Affairs, Avalon and Back to the Future Part 2 . For his performance as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Wood was nominated for an MTV Award and shared an ensemble nomination from the Screen Actors Guild. Wood's feature credits include James Toback's Black and White , Robert Rodriguez's The Faculty , Ang Lee's The Ice Storm , the sci-fi thriller Deep Impact and the crime comedy Chain of Fools . He also lent his voice to the animated film The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina . Wood starred in Ash Wednesday opposite Ed Burns, who also wrote and directed this mobster drama which premiered at the Tribecca Film Festival. He will next be seen in Try Seventeen , opposite Mandy Moore and Franka Potente.

49. Anecdote - Elijah Jordan Wood - Elijah Wood: Joking Hobbits
Anecdotes, Famous People. Funny Stories. Anecdotes from Gates to Yeats.

50. Interrogation Report Wood, Elijah
wood, elijah. Deep Impact (1998) score 5 of 10 5/10; Ice Storm, The (1997) score 4 of 10 4/10. Average score 4.50

51. The Hall Of Legends: Elijah Wood
Critique of the actor and his career.
Sponsored Links Free MP3, Movie, and Video Game Downloads Get $$$ For Taking Online Surveys Scan Your Computer Get Rid Of Pop-Ups Free Unlimited Movie Downloads! Interested in Advertising? Contact: Elijah Wood TOP 5 Reasons Why I Have Extreme Dislike for Elijah Wood: 1. He appears to be an underground member of the Elton John Limp Wrist Coalition - Face it, people with a Y chromosome don't get much less masculine than this guy. And here's the killer - he's not completely flaming. If he was over the top like Richard Simmons, I could at least get a laugh out of it. But he's actually convinced some people that he's a respectable male role model. I don't know what's worse, the blatant deception or the fact that a larger percent of the world's population can be duped so easily. 2. He has the same orthodontist as Michael Strahan. If there's one physical trait I'm not a big fan of, it's the gap tooth. Sure, some people can't afford to have something like that fixed, but he's a Hollywood star. Go to the dentist. Planet of the Apes as an in-theater experience. So at least it gives me something to hope for...

52. Elijah Wood
Biograf­a y filmograf­a del actor nacido en 1981 en Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Estados Unidos.
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La carrera profesional de Elijah Wood comenzó a la edad de siete años, realizando varios anuncios comerciales. Elijah Wood nació en 1981 en Cedar Rapids, Iowa, (EE.UU.). En 1988, su familia se mudó a Los Ángeles, y tras aparecer en un vídeo musical de Paula Abdul, su carrera en el mundo del cine comenzó a rodar, y a toda velocidad. Su debut cinematográfico fue un pequeño papel en la segunda parte Back to the Future en 1989, seguido de otro en Internal Affairs Pero su despegue definitivo se produjo con Avalon , en 1990. En esta película de Barry Levinson, ganadora de cuatro Oscar, Wood interpretaba a Michael Kaye, papel por el que consiguió el Young Artist Award al mejor actor juvenil. Tras realizar grandes papeles en películas como The Good Son North (1994) y Flipper (1996), la carrera de Wood se consolidó definitivamente. Wood fue elogiado por su interpretación junto a Christina Ricci en The Ice Storm , de Ang Lee. Esta película narra la forma de tratar y de ver las relaciones sexuales en las familias norteamericanas de principio de los 70. Otros actores protagonistas son Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Allen y Tobey Maguire. Luego vinieron películas como

53. Elijah Wood: A Who2 Profile
elijah wood played the hobbit Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson s movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings, based on the fantasy novels.
ELIJAH WOOD Actor Elijah Wood played the hobbit Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson 's movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings , based on the fantasy novels by J. R. R. Tolkien . The first film in the series, The Fellowship of the Ring , was a box-office hit in 2001; it was followed by The Two Towers in 2002 and The Return of the King in 2003. Wood was busy as a child actor, first appearing in small roles on TV and in the movies in the late 1980s. He had significant parts in the movies Avalon Radio Flyer (1992) and The Good Son (1993), and starred in the 1993 version of The Adventures of Huck Finn . In his teen years, he appeared in The Ice Storm (1997, with Sigourney Weaver Deep Impact (1998, with Leelee Sobieski ) and The Faculty (1998, with Josh Hartnett
Read more about Elijah Wood and Frodo in our loop on The Lord of the Rings
Other child stars who made good include Kirsten Dunst Drew Barrymore Ron Howard and Mozart
Elijah Wood, Inc.

Friendly, frothy fan site for the actor Elijah Wood Filmography
Did you know he played "Video Game Boy #1" in Back to the Future Part II Tolkien Online: Elijah Wood
They keep track of articles and press releases The One Ring
Fan page for the film trilogy, with Wood info and much more

54. Internationaler Elijah Wood Fanclub
Informationen ¼ber den Fanclub, ¼ber den Schauspieler und zur Anmeldung zum Club.

55. Kids And Teens > Entertainment > People > Actors And Actresses > Wood, Elijah
1 The elijah wood Fan Network Provides a biography, filmography, 2 elijah wood Forevermore Includes news, a biography, photos, polls, and quizzes.
Results for Wood, Elijah
Open directory project Top Kids and Teens Entertainment People ... Actors and Actresses
Search in: Directory Web
the entire directory only in Actors and Actresses/Wood, Elijah Young child actor from Iowa who has appeared in the film The Lord of the Rings; The Ice Storm; Deep Impact; Flipper; North; Forever Young; Paradise; Radio Flyer; Avalon; and The Good Son. See also:
Web pages: The Elijah Wood Fan Network
Provides a biography, filmography, photographs, interviews, chat, discussion board, links, and a guestbook.
Elijah Wood Forevermore
Includes news, a biography, photos, polls, and quizzes.
Elijah's Fansite
Offers a photo gallery, filmography, and a profile.
Time for Kids: Elijah Wood
Find out how hard work (plus fake ears and furry feet) made Wood the star of the new film.,6079,188836,00.html Luvlij:more than meets the eye Biography, filmography, contact information, pictures, and a chatroom to talk with other fans.

56. Elijah Wood - Foto Gallery
Galleria fotografica interamente dedicata all'attore. 2/Galleria attori/Elijah Wood/Elijah - Gall
Home Negozio News Broadway ... Email Web Elijah Wood
clicca per ingrandirle Elijah Wood
Torna alle Gallerie Fotografiche

Utenti Connessi:

57. Elijah Wood Is Very, Very Gay
elijah wood is Very, Very Gay BillyPhilly, Some people say that elijah wood is gay. Some people are right. The Evidence. The Press Reports
Elijah Wood is Very, Very Gay
"I'm a little gay boy, look at me be all gay."
-Forgetful Jones "He really should have something on under that."
-BillyPhilly Some people say that Elijah Wood is gay.
Some people are right. The Evidence: The Press Reports
The Photos

The Relationships

Very Very Gay Letters
(Updated 12/24/03)
The Guestbook

The Forum
Direct any and all flames to:
var site="s14elijahwood"

58. Elijah Wood Is Very, Very Gay
elijah acting dorky = gay. elijah with baked goods = gay elijah with feathers = gay. CONCLUSION. elijah wood IS VERY, VERY GAY
Very, Very Gay Photos Elijah straddling male costar = gay Elijah appearing to kiss male costar = gay Eljah with male costar sitting on lap = gay Elijah hugging male costars = gay Elijah acting dorky = gay Elijah with baked goods = gay Elijah in a dance club = gay Elijah in bronzer = gay Elijah with open mouth = gay ("International mouth sign for blow job." - counsel) Elijah with messenger bag = gay Elijah with feathers = gay CONCLUSION: ELIJAH WOOD IS VERY, VERY GAY

59. Dans Les Yeux D'Elijah Version 10: Spring Time In NY
Actualit©s, biographie, filmographie, galeries photos, vid©os, sons, fanzone avec une partie consacr©e au Seigneur des Anneaux.
merci et au revoir. Telpedilwen

60. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Wood, Elijah Videos & DVDs At
Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on wood, elijah Videos DVDs. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other

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