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         Woo John:     more books (102)
  1. Cine: La misión imposible de John Woo.(TT: Cinema: John Woo's mission impossible.): An article from: Proceso by Javier Betancourt, 2000-07-09
  2. JOHN WOO'S SEVEN BROTHERS (DIRECTOR'S CUT) (John Woo's Seven Brothers Directors Cut)
  3. Oriental Cinema and Video, #14, 1992. Jackie Chan, Godzilla, John Woo by Damon Foster, 1992
  4. John Woo The Films - 1999 publication. by Knt Hal, 1999
  5. Réalisateur Chinois: John Woo, Frères Wan, Zhang Yimou, Deng Zaijun, Chang Cheh, Li Tie, Chen Kaige, Jia Zhangke, Chu Yuan, Jiang Wen (French Edition)
  6. Réalisateur Hongkongais: John Woo, Tsui Hark, Jackie Chan, Wong Kar-Wai, Stephen Chow, Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, Johnnie To, Wong Jing, Gordon Chan (French Edition)
  7. Hong Kong Film Producers: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, Daniel Wu, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse
  8. Hong Kong Screenwriters: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, Tsui Hark, Wong Kar-Wai, Jimmy Wang Yu, Ann Hui, Arthur Wong, Dennis Law Sau-Yiu
  9. Freestyle Footballers: Craig Dobson, Billy Wingrove, Hee Young Woo, John Farnworth, Abbas Farid, Daniel Rooseboom de Vries
  10. John Woo , The Cinematic Journey of ... Ten Thousand Bullets --1999 publication. by Christopher / John Woo Heard, 1999-01-01
  11. Naissance à Canton (Chine): John Woo, Ieoh Ming Pei, James Wong, Chu Yuan, Yuen Woo-Ping, Fruit Chan, Huineng, Yang Yilin, Peng Zhaoqin (French Edition)
  12. Hard Target (film): Action film, Chinese people, John Woo, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Cajun, Yancy Butler, Chuck Pfarrer, Kurt Russell, Motion Picture Association ... Association of America film rating system
  13. Hong Kong Film Directors: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, Sammo Hung, Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, Wayne Wang, Wong Kar-Wai, Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse
  14. John Woo's 7 Brothers #1, October 2006 by John Woo, Garth Ennis, 2006

21. John WOO John WOO John WOO Biographie C Est à Canton, En 1946, Qu
Translate this page Agé de 23 ans, John Woo devient assistant de production aux Studios de Cathay. En sus de sa carrière de réalisateur et de producteur, John Woo a aussi
John WOO Biographie:
Accidentally Fast Knot The Cruel One Vengeance Blood Brothers La brute The Young Dragons Countdown to Kung Fu Double Team ) lui permet de tourner Le syndicat du crime The Killer ou Once a Thief et Broken Arrow Rebel From China Volte/Face Filmographie:
The Young Dragons The Dragon Tamers Countdown to Kung Fu
Princess Chang Ping Money Crazy
Follow the Star Hello, Late Homecomers
Last Hurray for Chivalry From Riches to Rags To Hell with the Devil
Laughing Times Plain Jane to the Rescue The Sunset Warrior The Time You Need a Friend Run Tiger Run A Better Tomorrow (Le syndicat du crime) * A Better Tomorrow Part 2 (Le syndicat du crime 2) Just Heroes
The Killer Once a Thief* Broken Arrow (id.) Face/Off (Volte/Face)

22. Äæîí Âó / Woo John | Íàñòîÿùåå ÊÈÍÎ â ïðîåêòå Òåì
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.


... Z
Äæîí Âó / Woo John
Mission Imposible 2 Paycheck

íà DVD Êîîðäèíàòîð ïðîåêòà Òåìû.ðó, ãëàâíûé ðåäàêòîð on-line æóðíàëà Íàñòîÿùåå [ÊÈÍÎ]

23. John Woo
John Woo in A Better Tomorrow (1986), John Woo directing Windtalkers (2002), John Woo s cameo in Task Force (1997). selected filmography
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support this site by shopping at Return to People Archive S - W John Woo Cantonese: Ng Yu-Sum - director - producer - writer -
- renowned directing god - selected filmography
The Dragon Tamers (1975)[writer/director] The Young Dragons (1975)[writer/director] Hand of Death (1976)[actor][writer/director] The Private Eyes (1976)[producer] Princess Chang Ping (1976)[director] The Pilferer's Progress (1977)[writer/director] Hello, Late Homecomers (1978)[writer/director]

24. Ted's John Woo Hideout: "Nothing But Woo!"
A profile, trivia and pictures and posters.
Last Updated February 16, 2000 News: Get ready for MI2! The trailer can now be viewed at the website You Are The th. Person To Visit Ted's John Woo Hideout Since July 2, 1997 Click Here To Mail Me! If you would like to become a member of WooUPDATE and be informed about what is going on, then Click Here!
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25. Woo In The [German] Web
Die Fanpage stellt den Regisseur mit Bio und kommentierter Filmografie vor. Informationen zum Hongkong-Kino werden gegeben.
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26. John Woo:King Of Gunfire
A fansite dedicated to his directing work. Focuses on his early works such as A Better Tomorrow and The Killer.
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View My Guestbook This fansite is produced and designed by Eric Yeo
Last updated on:14th October 2002
(Added Windtalkers page to Filmography)

27. IMDb Name Search
IMDb name search. A search for john woo found the following results Popular Names (Displaying 1 Result). john woo (I) (Director, Face/Off (1997)), John

28. Ouch!! - Interview: John Woo
Ein Interview von Stefan Knobl mit dem Regisseur.
Ouch!! - Interview: John Woo spricht über sich und seine Filme
Bereits im September war der bekannte Regisseur John Woo in München zu Gast, um seinen neuen Film "FACE/OFF - Im Körper des Feindes" zu präsentieren. Bei einer Sondervorführung von einem seiner Lieblingsfilme, "The Wild Bunch" (1969, Regie: Sam Peckinpah), sprach er mit Ouch!! über sich und seine Filme... Herr Woo, FACE/OFF hat in den USA die 100 Millionen-$-Grenze an Einspielergebnissen weit überschritten. Was halten Sie für den Grund dieses Erfolges? Woo: Nun, ich denke, daß man eine Geschichte wie diese noch nicht auf der Leinwand gesehen hat. John (Travolta - red.) und Nick (Cage -red.) hatten die Möglichkei, in diesem Film sowohl den Guten, als auf den Bösen zu spielen und mussten ihre Rollen jeweils zusammen ausarbeiten, was Ihnen sehr gut gelungen ist. Außerdem lieben die Leute natürlich die Action. Gewisse Ähnlichkeiten zu Ihren älteren Hongkong-Filmen sind nicht zu verkennen. Dabei geht es auch wieder um alte Traditionen: Ehre, Freundschaft etc. Woo: Ja, das stimmt. Ich schätze diese Traditionen und will dies auch in meinen Filmen zeigen. FACE/OFF hat viele Ähnlichkeiten zu "The Killer" (1989, Dt: "Blast Killer) aufzuweisen, z.B. eine Speedboat-Verfolgungsjagd und eine Schießerei in einer Kirche.

29. John Woo's Hong Kong Films
Sneak reviews.
A Better Tomorrow
"Kit (Leslie Cheung) is an up-and coming cop. His brother Ho (Ti Lung) is a street-hardened criminal. And when the city's most ruthless crime syndicate launches a billion-dollar counterfeiting scheme, they're both caught up in a savage underworld battle that takes no prisoners...and shows no mercy! But after promising his brother he'll go straight, Ho learns that quitting the syndicate carries a murderous price. Against a backdrop of deadly mob treachery, Ho and Kit are propelled headlong towards a deadly confrontation that pits brother against brother in a no-holds-barred underworld war that explodes to a pulse-pounding climax!"

A Better Tomorrow II
"Although the flamboyant gangster, Mark, played by Chow Yun-Fat, was killed at the end of Part I, Chow returns as Mark's twin brother Ken in Part II. Ken joins forces with an idealistic cop named Kit (Leslie Cheung) and his now-reformed gangster brother (Ti Lung) to battle against another legion of evil criminals."

The Killer
"Explosive, bold and mind-blowing, The Killer is a pulse stopping action sensation more bullet-ridden than any other movie in history.Jeffrey (Chow Yun-Fat) is The Killer, the ultimate hitman, hired by the mob for one last job. Lee (Danny Lee) is the relentless cop, a maverick whose mission is to stop The Killer at any cost. The two enemies form a strange and powerful bond that blurs the line between good and evil. When Jeffrey is double-crossed by the mob in a blazing shoot-out, Lee finally picks up The Killer's trail in a church while Jeffrey's beautiful mistress (Sally Yeh) is caught in the crossfire. An arsenal of automatic weapons flare in a bloody date with destiny."

30. John Woo (I)
john woo (I) Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites.
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John Woo (I)
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Date of birth (location)
1 May
Guangzhou, China
Mini biography
Born in southern China, 'John Woo' grew up in Hong Kong, where he began... (show more)
Sometimes Credited As:
Ng Yu Chen
Wu Hsiang-fei
Yu-Sam Ng
John Wu
Yu-Sheng Wu Yusen Wu
Photo Gallery IMDbPro Professional Details Filmography as: Director Producer Writer Actor ... Notable TV Guest Appearances Director - filmography In Production
  • The War of the Red Cliff announced He-Man ... Stranglehold (2006) (VG) pre-production All the Invisible Children completed Paycheck ... Mission: Impossible II ... aka M:I-2 (USA: DVD box title (promotional abbreviation)) ... aka Mission: Impossible II (Germany) Blackjack (1998) (TV) ... aka John Woo's Blackjack (USA: complete title) Face/Off ... aka Face Off Once a Thief (1996) (TV) ... aka John Woo's Once a Thief (USA: complete title) ... aka John Woo's Violent Tradition (video title) Broken Arrow Hard Target Lashou shentan ... aka God of Guns ... aka Hard-Boiled (International: English title) ... aka Hot-Handed God of Cops (Hong Kong: English title: literal title) ... aka Ruthless Super-Cop Zong heng si hai ... aka Criss-Cross Over Four Seas (Hong Kong: English title: literal title)
  • 31. John Woo
    A biography, filmography, pictures and information about related Chinese actors.
    Click to Enter The CinemaZone FOR A FEW BULLETS MORE A Tribute To John Woo Sorry Your Browser does not support Java! You are the Broken Arrow since January 1997
    Filmography On The Set Star Profile Chow Yun Fat, Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung - My Woo Poll - Best of these John Woo Movies
    The Killer Hardboiled Hard Target Broken Arrow Face/Off
    Current Results
    Heroes Shed No Tears First Bloodshed Styled Movie A Better Tomorrow The Film That Started It All... A Better Tomorrow 2 A Rabid, Bullet-Riddled Classic! Just Heroes 80% Woo The Killer A Matchless Masterpiece Bullet in the Head Intense And Highly Charged Epic Once A Thief A Classic Menage A Trios Romance Hardboiled A High-Octane Rollercoaster Hard Target Don´t Hunt What You Can´t Kill (Censored scenes) Once A Thief (TV Pilot) Broken Arrow Prepare To Go Ballistic Face/Off In Order To Trap Him, He Has To Become Him Black Jack (TV Pilot) Mission Impossible 2 Expect the impossible again Windtalkers (2001) Starring Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater and starts shooting in August in Hawaii. Rate this link: Or sign/view my Guestbook Biography Filmography Mainpage ... K K Lang This page looks best when viewed and using ©This site and background graphics was designed by Tor Jönehag Some Pictures and Text courtesy Eastern Heroes Magazine and Made in Hong Kong

    32. The Austin Chronicle: Film Listings
    Marc Savlov reviews the war drame directed by john woo.

    33. John Woo
    A comprehensive john woo site, loaded with the most up to date information about john woo and his films.
    John Woo "The killer is a man who does bad things, but he wants to be good." John Woo
    John Woo's Next film: Arriving in 19th century San Francisco with his wife, Chinese immigrant Gun-Li (Chow Yun-Fat) soon realizes that they have been sold into slavery to work on the railroads, so he sets out to exact vengeance for this misdeed, teaming up with an Irish worker (Nicolas Cage) caught in a similar situation.
    Table Of Contents
  • The Holy Grail of Woo
  • Automatics for the People An article on Woo from Empire, December 1997.
  • Look Woo's Talking An article on Woo from Cinemascape from the Broken Arrow production.
  • Voyager Essay An essay on John Woo and his films from the Criterion web site.
  • Filmography John Woo's complete updated filmography.
  • An Interview with John Woo An interview with the great John Woo.
  • Hard Target: The Director's Cut A comprehensive article on what was cut from the released version of Hard Target.
  • Newpaper Articles Newpaper articles about the TV pilot 'Once a Thief'.
  • The Screenplays
  • The Killer The screenplay for the UNPRODUCED American remake of The Killer
    The Rest of the Series
  • The Independents - Main Page
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Robert Rodriguez ... E-mail The Webmaster This page is ©1994-2004 by Kale Whorton
  • 34. JOHN WOO: L'azione... è Arte
    Filmografia completa e commenti critici sui vari lavori cinematografici del regista cinese.
    Cineasti contemporanei
    Idolatrato ad Hong Kong e in tutta quella zona asiatica, ha milioni di fans in tutto il mondo. Il suo cinema corre su ritmi forsennati e tecnicamente perfetti; ammirato da autori del calibro di Martin Scorsese Walter Hill Spike Lee Sam Raimi e Quentin Tarantino "Face/Off" "l'esteta della violenza", il suo credo è "sparatorie, inseguimenti e duelli". Gli attori sono felicissimi di lavorare per lui, Nicholas Cage lo definisce "uno stilista dell'immagine, un regista carismatico, capace di trasportare la violenza talmente al di là della realtà, da farla diventare una poesia viscerale". Lo stesso cineasta sostiene: "Io adoro i film di Sergio Leone e amo il suo stile. Lo considero, insieme a Sam Peckinpah e Martin Scorsese come uno dei miei maestri. Mi piace molto come Leone muoveva la macchina da presa, come inquadrava il taglio degli occhi, l'uso del grandangolo e la forte caratterizzazione buona o cattiva che dava ai suoi personaggi" e questa citazione, rende perfettamente la sua cinematografia.

    35. The Independents
    A comprehensive site featuring the talents of directors john woo, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Martin Scorsese and Kevin Smith.
    The Independents
    Quentin Tarantino John Woo Robert Rodriguez Martin Scorsese , and Kevin Smith
    Mr. Brown's Movie Reviews
    Why I Do This Email Me! Quentin Tarantino ...
    Quentin Tarantino
    In January of 1991 a film titled ' Reservoir Dogs ' hit the Sundance Film festival. The writer - director was a first timer by the name of Quentin Tarantino . The film garnered critical acclaim and the director became a legend in the England and the cult film circuit. Three years later he followed up ' Dogs ' with the film ' Pulp Fiction Pulp ' premiered at the Cannes film festival , where it won the coveted ' Palme D'Or' the virtual equal of the Best Picture at the Academy Awards . At the '94 Academy Awards, ' Pulp ' was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, in addition Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, among others. Tarantino and writing partner Roger Avary came away with the award only for Best Original Screenplay. (Where Roger uttered his now famous line, "I've gotta go pee".) In 1995, Tarantino directed one fourth of the Anthology ' Four Rooms ' with friends and fellow auteurs Alexandre Rockwell , Robert Rodriguez, and Allison Anders;. That film was released on December 25th in the United States to very weak reviews. This is mainly due to the heavy cutting of the first two segments and the introduction which make much of the plotline unintelligible, and creates a complete mess out of the second segment, directed by

    36. Michael-ng's Home Page
    And probably the film all john woo fans have been waiting for, the rumoured sequel to Links to other john woo sites on the Web. Bullet In The Web
    THE Heroic Bloodshed HOMEPAGE
    a John Woo website
    This homepage is dedicated to the best action director of today and tomorrow, John Woo. The man who created bullet-ridden, cult classics like "A Better Tomorrow", "The Killer", "Hard-Boiled", "Bullet In The Head" and also the man responsible for launching Chow Yun-Fat's movie career. With the success of "Broken Arrow", his second Hollywood feature after "Hard Target", comes the much anticipated television pilot/series of "Once A Thief" and the John Travolta/Nicolas Cage blockbuster "Face/Off". After executive producing Chow Yun-Fat's Hollywood debut "The Replacement Killers", John Woo executive produced fellow Hong Kong director Kirk Wong's Hollywood debut "The Big Hit". Following the success of the "Once A Thief" series, comes the Dolph Lundgren action series "BlackJack" with Mr Woo executive producing and directing the pilot episode. Next up, he will direct the action-comedy "King's Ransom" starring Chow Yun-Fat. Following that he will be helming the much anticipated Mission Impossible 2 with Tom Cruise. And probably the film all John Woo fans have been waiting for, the rumoured sequel to Hard-Boiled.
    John Woo's BLACKJACK
    John Woo's ONCE A THIEF
    Kirk Wong's THE BIG HIT
    THE KILLER (Japanese release) A BETTER TOMORROW (American release) Links to other John Woo sites on the Web Bullet In The Web
    John Woo At Voyager

    Hard Boiled: The Cinema Of John Woo

    The Criterion Collection: Hard-Boiled
    Face/Off Production Details

    Number of bullet hits so far:

    37. John Woo
    Biographie et filmographie d©taill©e, actualit©.
    Bienvenue sur Killerwoo
    le site entièrement consacré à
    John Woo
    Russian English Deutsch
    dernière mise à jour © 2000 [BM.KillerWoo]

    38. Paycheck Di John Woo Con Uma Thurman
    Recensione del film di john woo, a cura di Luca Baroncini.
    il Meglio del web
    di John Woo
    Dall'ennesimo romanzo di Philp K.Dick, l'ultima fatica di John Woo è in realtà un film emzzo suo, visto che è subentrato alla regia a giochi fatti. Ben Affleck se la cava piuttosto bene ma soprattutto John Woo dimostra ancora una volta di saper fare film altamente spettacolari e ritmati.
    Non c'e' un solo attimo noioso dall'inizio alla fine. Peccato soltanto che il film si trasforma in un puro film d'azione, lasciando troppo in ombre le inquietanti tematiche dickiane.
    La Redazione
    Luca Baroncini
    Voto: 6 e 1/2
    Wolf Vai alle recensioni di Centraldocinema

    39. | News : Woo, John
    Film Director john woo Licenses Metroid Game 200404-08 LOS ANGELES - Action movie director john woo wants to bring one of the most famous women in video
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    Last updated: 06:34:54 Friday Aug 26, 2005 Search
    City News Calendar News Guide
  • Coverages
  • People
  • Photos
  • Updated News ... Director Woo, John English GB Film Director John Woo Licenses 'Metroid' Game
    2004-04-08: LOS ANGELES - Action movie director John Woo wants to bring one of the most famous women in video gaming to the big screen, and he plans to spend big bucks to do it.
    John Woo eyes "Paycheck"

    2002-10-27: HOLLYWOOD - Filmmaker John Woo, last in theaters with the Nicolas Cage bomb "Windtalkers," is in talks to direct "Paycheck" for Paramount Pictures.
    Woo plans movie with Cage, Chow Yun-fat

    2002-06-26: HONG KONG - Hollywood director John Woo said Tuesday he plans to ask Nicolas Cage and Chow Yun-fat to star in his next film, which will be about foreign railway workers in the United States during the 19th century. Veteran martial arts director Chang Cheh dies at 79 2002-06-23: HONG KONG - Veteran martial arts filmmaker Chang Cheh , mentor to kung fu film superstar Bruce Lee and Hollywood action director John Woo, has died in a hospital at the age of 79, newspapers reported Sunday.
  • 40. Daily Box Office - Mission: Impossible 2
    Box office data for Mission Impossible 2 since day one. Includes a comparison with the first one and the box office track records of Tom Cruise and john woo.
    Box Office Mojo
    Daily Box Office
    Updated 8/11/00 Gross-to-Date: $212,334,866
    Production Budget: $125 million Box Office Track Records
    Tom Cruise
    Director John Woo May Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Weekend Gross Daily Gross Change Y/L* Theaters / Average Gross-to-date * % Change since yesterday / same day last week. June Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Weekend Gross Daily Gross Change Y/L* Theaters / Average Gross-to-date * % Change since yesterday / same day last week. July Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Weekend Gross Daily Gross Change Y/L* Theaters / Average Gross-to-date N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A * % Change since yesterday / same day last week. August Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Weekend Gross Daily Gross Change Y/L* Theaters / Average Gross-to-date N/A N/A * % Change since yesterday / same day last week. Mission: Impossible vs. Mission: Impossible Rank Title Total Gross / Theaters Opening / % of Total / Theaters / Average Release Mission: Impossible 2 Mission: Impossible May 1996 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Wkd. Gross

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