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  1. Rollo in Switzerland by Jacob Abbott, 2009-04-19
  2. Rollo in the Woods by Jacob Abbott, 2009-04-19
  3. Rollo in Scotland by Jacob Abbott, 2009-04-19
  4. Rollo's Philosophy. [Air] by Jacob Abbott, 2010-08-25
  5. WORLD LITERATURE by Rollo Lyman, Howard Hill Ruth Weeks, 1938-01-01
  6. World Literature - Our Literary Heritage by Ruth Mary; Lyman, Rollo L.; Hill, Howard C. Weeks, 1938
  7. English Literature Our Literary Heritage by Ruth Mary, Rollo L. Lyman, Howard C. Hill Weeks, 1937
  8. Rollo's Museum by Jacob Abbott, 2010-08-25
  9. Rollo's experiments by Jacob Abbott, 1839
  10. Rollo's vacation (Rollo books) by Jacob Abbott, 1839
  11. Rollo at School by Abbott 1803-1879] [Jacob, 1839-01-01
  12. Rollo at work, or, The way for a boy to learn to be industrious (The Rollo series) by Jacob Abbott, 1838
  13. Rollo learning to talk / by the author of "Rollo learning to read" by Jacob Abbott, 1839

81. Wine-devel Mailing List: Using SVK And Subversion To Manage Distributed Branches
From Troy rollo ( Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with SVK and Subversion managing a handful of branches to
Using SVK and Subversion to manage distributed branches to Wine CVS
From: Troy Rollo (
Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 - 20:44:11 CDT
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  • 82. Datenbank
    Translate this page Tony rettet Rüdiger (rollo weeks) das Leben, indem er ihm eine Kuh zum Blutsaugen besorgt. Die beiden werden Freunde. Rüdiger erzählt Tony von einer Legende

    83. UWO Gazette - Volume 94, Issue 34
    Starring Jonathan Lipnicki, rollo weeks, Jim Carter, Richard E. Grant Directed by Uli Edel By Jared Rochwerg Gazette Staff
    Volume 94, Issue 34
    Tuesday, October 31, 2000 ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT
    Bloodsucking good time
    Sequel doesn't stack up Woodstock full of Halloween treats Harvey keeps progressing
    Bloodsucking good time
    Gazette File Photo
    The Little Vampire

    Starring: Jonathan Lipnicki, Rollo Weeks, Jim Carter, Richard E. Grant
    Directed by: Uli Edel
    By Jared Rochwerg
    Gazette Staff
    It just seems natural to release The Little Vampire during the week of Halloween. Unfortunately, it seems the brains behind this film spent a little too much time coming up with great marketing ideas when they could have been improving the script.
    Adapted from the Angela Sommer-Bodenburg's novel of the same name, The Little Vampire is the story of Tony, played by Jerry Maguire 's Jonathan Lipnicki. He moves from America to the Scottish countryside, where his parents (Pamel Gidley and Tommy Hinkley) have relocated so that Tony's dad can construct a golf resort on the estate of the snooty and eccentric Lord McAshton (John Wood).
    Every night in his new house, Tony has horrible nightmares about vampires. He soon becomes absorbed by his dreams and begins studying every book he can find on the subject. He gets teased mercilessly at school about his vampire obsession, especially by Nigel and Flint, Lord McAshton's cruel nephews. Tony is a lovable character who is desperately lonely and in need of a friend in his new home. His adventures begin when he befriends a child vampire named Rudolph (Rollo Weeks), who flies into Tony's window one night, mistaking Tony for one of his own kind. Rudolph flies Tony up into the sky where he meets Rudolph's family, who have spent an eternity seeking an elusive amulet that will help them escape their vampire fate.

    Things change when Tony meets Rudolph (rollo weeks), a young vampire who mistakes Tony rollo weeks plays his new vampire friend who helps Tony with his
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    (About Our Ads)
    (2000) (Jonathan Lipnicki, Richard E. Grant) (PG)
    Blood/Gore Disrespectful/ ...
    Minor Minor Moderate *Moderate Mild Imitative
    ... Profanity Minor None Heavy None Minor Sex/
    Smoking Tense Family ... Violence Minor Mild Mild Mild Moderate
    Drama/Comedy: A young American boy tries to help his new Scottish vampire friend and his family retrieve an amulet that will make them human once again.
    Tony Thompson (JONATHAN LIPNICKI) is a nine-year-old who's moved with his mom, Dottie (PAMELA GIDLEY), and dad, Bob (TOMMY HINKLEY) from San Diego to Scotland where the latter is designing a golf course and convention center for Lord McAshton (JOHN WOOD). Tony isn't happy because he doesn't have any friends, and his parents are worried about the many nightmares he's been having that are always about vampires. To make matters worse, nobody believes his stories about such creatures and even McAshton's two grandsons pick on Tony in school. Things change when Tony meets Rudolph (ROLLO WEEKS), a young vampire who mistakes Tony for one of his own when flying by one night. Weak from a lack of plasmatic nourishment and initially unhappy to have met a human, Rudolph realizes he shares a kindred spirit with Tony and is happy when he finds him a cow to satiate his appetite.

    85. The Understanding Chart Positions
    Post by rollo on Jul 21, 2005, 520pm UK first week sales were 22 500. Post by rollo on Jul 25, 2005, 322pm A modest slip this week. 13 30 - 42

    86. OTM Chart Positions
    Post by rollo on Jul 3, 2005, 537pm Here it is, then UK first week 33 Post by rollo on Jul 10, 2005, 601pm Slipping this week in the UK

    87. The Andar Invasion And The Fall Of Tympania | Things Known
    6 weeks 6 days ago; I may wait another week then. 7 weeks 5 hours ago; I’m working on it— 7 weeks 1 day ago; And still no book 7 weeks 1 day ago
    @import "misc/drupal.css"; @import "modules/taxonomy_context/taxonomy_context.css"; @import "themes/green/style.css";
    things known
    books documents maps ... A Short History of Tympania
    The Andar Invasion and the Fall of Tympania
    In 167, the Kingdom of Tympania, torn by civil strife and weakened by war on several fronts, was invaded by a coalition of Andar tribesmen from the far Twilight led by their Prince of Princes, Rollo. The Andar swept down the Lun Valley, then divided, one group curving Dawn into Chaeronia, the other, led by Rollo, marching through Tyr to Evasendia, where Mentius, claimant to the throne, kept his court. Both Mentius and Laeriolus were killed fighting the invaders, and Evasendia fell to Rollo's forces late that year. Once in possession of Evasendia, Rollo dissolved the Councils and invested Mentius' nine-year-old son, Sarcon II, as the King of Tympania. Tympanian lands were parcelled out to the other Andar Princes throughout Tyr and Chaeronia. Ventria alone resisted the Andar invasion: protected by the mountains of Rhythnor and led by the strong Prince Severa Postuma, the Ventrians repulsed all Andar forays into their lands until, in 172, Rollo and the Prince signed a peace treaty and normalized their borders. Rollo had intended to rule his new kingdom as a feudal monarchy, but once the war was over, his Princes refused to obey his commands. In 177, a rival Andar Lord named Bertol overthrew Rollo, executed the puppet king Sarcon, and took control of Evasendia and its surrounding lands himself. Centralized rule was not to return to Tyr or Chaeronia for another two hundred years.

    88. - Normandy By Norbanus
    The first Duke of Normandy, a wild and halfsavage Northman, named rollo, founded this line. The following week, he married Charles daughter, Giselle.

    89. Faith, Hope Trick Move Supporters Society Ever Nearer Target (30
    rollo grabs Two To Go and condemn former team to cup hammering (28/9/02) A week after looking like he was set to remain at Twerton Park midfielder Gary
    The race to raise £250,000 by 31 December to allow the Bath City Supporters Society to buy back control of the club has moved within just £80,000 of it's target. Through the incredible effort of the organisers of the scheme £170,000 has already been raised and several forthcoming events are set to boost this amount even further. The premiere of world renowned director Ken Loach's new film Sweet Sixteen will take place at The Little Theatre on 10 October with all proceeds to the Society. And a video will released shortly showing some of the clubs greatest moments captured on film. For full details of these events see the pop-up. We're off to the Seasiders as next FA Cup Enemies revealed The draw for the 3rd Qualifying Round has paired City with another Western Division opponent but in the tougher shape of early pacesetters Weston Super Mare. The Woodspring Park based club currently lie second in their league having won seven of their opening eight games. The clash, to be played at Weston on Saturday 12 October, may also see City come face to face with Dean Birkby. The striker made the short switch to Weston after leaving City at the start of this month. Rollo grabs Two To Go and condemn former team to cup hammering City easily progressed into the 3rd Qualifying Round of the FA Cup this afternoon with a 5-0 Twerton Park victory over Merthyr Tydfil. They got off to a perfect start when ex-Merthyr player Jim Rollo headed home a Frankie Bennett cross after just three minutes. And it was Rollo who doubled the lead after 20 minutes, firing home from eight yards. Before the break the tie was effectively over for the Welsh side when Thorne headed the third from a free-kick. This advantage was comfortably defended as City made light work of keeping out a side who had won their previous six matches. The arrival of last seasons top scorer Adrian Foster with 20 minutes remaining lead to City to adding to the tally. First he got onto the end of Paul Milsom's flick from Thorne's long throw and then turned another Thorne header past keeper Cropley to complete the rout. The win leaves City £7,500 the richer and the draw for the next round takes place at 10.30am on Monday.

    90. Faithless / Rollo / Sister Bliss - News
    Dido and her brother rollo have been working on the new Dido album Life For Rent Sister Bliss Deliver Me should be in UK stores next week.
    Faithless / Rollo / Sister Bliss - News
    Sister Bliss
    Tursa Pages
    17/July/2005 Also, Faithless is planning to release a live DVD. Release details unknown so far. 10/July/2005 Last month Dido's "Live At Brixton Academy" was relased on DVD+CD. Pauline Taylor is going on mini-tour in July and will shoot off to New York for 2 months in August. Check for gig details. 28/March/2005 "Forever Faithless - The Greatest Hits Compilation" is announced for release on May/2nd as a standard CD, a limited digipak CD and a DVD video edition, accompanied by the new single "Why Gho? (feat Estelle)". 13/January/2005 Some kind of "best of" album named "Faithless Forever" featuring new tracks is announced for April 2005. Pauline Taylor's delayed 2nd album "A Simple Life" is released and availbale through mailorder. 20/September/2004 The next Faithless single from the 'No Roots' album will be "Miss U Less, See U More". 16/August/2004 End of August Faithless will release a 9-track Instrumental CD album called "Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow", an accompaniment to the hit album 'No Roots' and featuring 2 exclusive recordings. 05/August/2004 The next Faithless single is "I Want More" featuring Nina Simone. Several promos are already available, release is announced for 23/Aug.

    91. The House Of Diabolique - Burkitt's Lymphoma: A Cancer Survivor Story.
    I have just returned from a grueling two week stay in the hospital where I was diagnosed with From rollo Sister Bliss in 1996, here is the wonderful
    Certainly I am not your typical cancer patient, but cancer does not discriminate. I live in New York and keep a webpage dedicated to house music and write a weekly column on the club scene and things related.
    It is my hope that everything I wrote about having Burkitt's Lymphoma help others that might find themselves in the same situation. This is an unfiltered patient perspective.
    On December 10th, 2000, I wrote the following. Little did I know what would happen next. Join us as we thrust into house music... Above you see me as I looked when I died last week. Lying flat on the ground - pale, unconscious, and nearly blood-free. The downside to being human, or at least simulating being human, is that this human body is prone to weakness. It has been ill since last Tuesday and a trip to the doctor only made it worse after she took two tubes of blood from my left arm which were then 'contaminated'. I believe they were dropped and then my blood sizzled through the floor, killing a youngster below. I was forced then to give two more tubes of blood from my right arm. By the time I got home I nearly fainted and then I slept for 15 hours. I'm sure I must have looked like a heroin addict. I have been very weak ever since.

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