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         Wagner Kristina:     more detail
  1. TV Guide July 20-26 TV's Hottest Soap Couples Jack Wagner & Kristina Malandro (General Hospital), Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell (Days of our Lives) by TV Guide, 1985

81. 2001 USMS Short Course Nationals Results W30-34
1134.05 1215.28 1256.36 1336.24 12 wagner, kristina B 30 ARIZ 1351.76 40.06 Debra J 30 LAPS 122.76 40.02 122.76 27 wagner, kristina B 30 ARIZ
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Competition Nationals 2001 Short Course Nationals ... Meet Results / Women 30-34 2001 Short Course National Championships
Women's Results - Age 30-34
Final Results
Training Competition Local Programs ... Media
Revised: Saturday, February 05 2005 6:29:16 AM EST.
Training Articles:

82. Santa Clara Swim Club 2001 USMS Short Course National
Robin B 34 LVM 1254.36 1325.70 11 Leclerc, Estelle 34 SDSM 1330.00 1336.24 12 wagner, kristina B 30 ARIZ 1439.00 1351.76 = 3539 Results Timed
Santa Clara Swim Club 2001 USMS Short Course National Championships George Haines International Swim Center Event 2 Women 1000 Yard Free ================================================================== Name Age Team Seed Finals ================================================================== === 19-24 Results Timed Finals === 1 Pizzo, Michelle A 20 1776 11:30.19 11:45.06 2 Sullivan, Jessica K 24 SCAM 12:25.62 12:09.38 3 Allen, Anne C 23 SDSM 12:25.00 12:30.69 4 Freeland, Andria M 22 UCSB 13:03.03 13:03.68 5 Halton, Jane N 24 UCSB 13:11.50 13:06.71 6 MACHADO, Jennifer A 21 NEM 14:55.00 15:16.83 === 25-29 Results Timed Finals === 1 Stover, Joy E 25 IM 11:52.06 11:09.58 2 McGaughey, Carrie D. 29 MELO 11:55.00 11:48.03 3 Lykins, Melissa L. 26 MVM 12:42.15 12:11.11 4 Strong, Susan D 29 WCM 12:51.14 12:37.27 5 Stroin, Tara K 28 GSM 12:55.25 12:51.51 6 Geary, Heather M 29 WCM 13:00.00 13:05.07 7 Fisher, Carlie M 26 LAPS 13:20.92 13:31.37 8 Yoder, Anna R 25 RMM 13:34.00 13:37.80 Loyd, Cara 26 UNAT 11:52.00 NS === 30-34 Results Timed Finals === 1 Easton, Sandie 31 ARIZ 11:15.42 10:58.74 2 Buys, Jeni E 32 SDSM 11:26.29 11:07.90 3 Cairns, Jane K 30 OSB 10:44.94 11:24.85 4 Sippola, Sari H 32 WHSC 11:46.64 11:36.21 5 Shinn, Michele D 33 SLAM 11:40.00 11:37.98 6 Leahy, Karen R 32 PNA 11:51.50 11:42.07 7 Grant, Susie M 32 MELO 11:45.50 11:50.61 8 Hyland, Kate A 32 WPM 12:39.50 12:11.93 9 Nygren, Mary Ann 33 TVM 12:30.50 12:41.78 10 Barry, Robin B 34 LVM 12:54.36 13:25.70 11 Leclerc, Estelle 34 SDSM 13:30.00 13:36.24 12 Wagner, Kristina B 30 ARIZ 14:39.00 13:51.76 === 35-39 Results Timed Finals === 1 Graner Gallas, Diane 37 SLUG 10:40.00 10:25.07 2 Vidal, Laurie P 38 WCM 10:38.90 10:35.04 3 Hennessey, Lynnette M 36 HHAC 11:40.50 10:58.31 4 Salopek, Marion H 36 RGSC 11:22.06 11:05.20 5 Cook, Mimi M 36 AKMS 11:31.70 11:07.94 6 Smith, Laura K 35 VS 11:54.00 11:13.71 7 Elsbach, Kimberly D 38 RINC 11:25.00 11:22.17 8 Sheeper, Lisa M 37 MELO 11:53.00 11:26.95 9 Smith, Joan A 39 WHAM 11:08.90 11:27.98 10 Watkins, Elizabeth A 35 UTAH 12:40.00 12:09.84 11 Colette, Laura 37 CSPF 12:35.36 13:29.06 12 Schuster, Laura M 35 MVM 12:30.00 13:53.34 13 Kaufmann, Karen E 36 VMST 13:41.83 13:55.82 === 40-44 Results Timed Finals === 1 Curran, Margee M 40 WCM 10:50.70 10:56.20 2 Valach, Janie P 40 WHSC 11:22.95 11:10.80 3 Meyer, Marguerite V 42 TOC 11:38.00 11:16.38 4 Nelson, Judy A 40 RMM 11:25.43 11:22.44 5 Payne, Lori A 41 SLAM 11:30.00 11:34.47 6 Grilli, Tracy L 44 NEM 12:05.55 11:47.41 7 Winslow, Laura H 41 ARIZ 11:45.15 11:58.10 8 Chequer-Pfeiffer, Kar 43 ACM 12:30.01 12:00.00 9 Vatsula, Kathryn 42 CRUZ 12:15.00 12:16.60 10 Miller, Margaret 40 SLUG 13:10.00 12:45.31 11 Davis, Catherine H 41 ACM 13:30.00 13:09.77 === 45-49 Results Timed Finals === 1 Coda, Teresa 46 DAMM 11:50.10 12:00.57 2 Battin, Carolyn H 47 LVM 12:24.09 12:09.85 3 Gundred, Barb L 49 PNA 13:00.00 12:14.15 4 Mattson, Patricia Ski 47 DYNA 12:19.11 12:37.51 5 Braaten, Kitten 45 VMST 12:55.72 12:47.18 6 Vanderfleet-Scott, Ji 46 USF 12:50.50 13:07.74 7 Finch, Merry B 46 YCRC 12:59.80 13:12.21 8 Strauss, Judy 46 MELO 13:57.96 13:59.07 9 James, Katryn S 45 ARIZ 14:15.00 14:02.82 10 Igel, Victoria E 45 LAM 14:00.00 14:09.51 11 Yoder, Margie E 48 RMM 16:30.00 16:33.06 === 50-54 Results Timed Finals === 1 Miller, Celeste 51 SNM 11:54.00 11:41.46 2 Roche, Carolyn M 50 RMM 12:30.00 12:22.74 3 Rainer, Margareta 52 HEL 12:59.00 12:54.70 4 Fouts, Susan J 50 RMM 13:20.00 13:12.04 5 King, Kristina V 53 WCM 13:50.01 13:18.27 6 Guthrie, Sally K 51 MICH 13:54.00 13:35.42 7 Ecker, Kaeti L 54 SLOM 16:20.00 14:29.90 8 Finch, Dale 50 SMMM 15:03.00 14:48.10 9 Murphy, Bonnie R 51 WCM 15:40.00 15:24.41 === 55-59 Results Timed Finals === 1 Pohlmann, Mary M 56 IM 14:19.97 14:25.83 2 Allen, Susan J 56 USF 16:00.00 14:45.72 3 Tyler, Sarah L 56 SNM 17:30.00 15:25.08 4 White, Susan A 58 TCAM 16:44.94 16:47.87 5 Dyck, Grace C 59 ARIZ 17:00.02 16:51.42 6 Carroll, Glenda F 57 TAM 17:25.00 17:20.82 === 60-64 Results Timed Finals === 1 Ramey, Marilyn A 60 HSAM 17:27.06 16:42.70 2 Springer, Susan F 62 STAN 17:05.58 16:49.17 3 Bayly, Helen H 64 ARIZ 20:54.60 20:12.69 === 65-69 Results Timed Finals === 1 Mc Cubbin, Miek 65 SMMM 18:00.00 16:43.83 2 Monroe, Donna 67 WCM 16:16.00 16:46.30 3 Buchannan, Peggy 68 RMM 18:30.18 18:34.65 4 Lehto, Elfriede R 68 HSAM 20:08.00 21:56.66 === 70-74 Results Timed Finals === 1 Gruender, Edie 72 ARIZ 17:17.68 17:13.21 2 Mc Millan, Betty T 72 WCM 18:26.79 18:58.08 3 Reed, Nancy L 73 HSAM 19:30.75 20:15.91 4 Lambertson, Ann M 70 SMMM 32:00.00 20:48.30 5 Knochenhauer, Martha 74 SMMM 23:00.00 22:15.50 === 75-79 Results Timed Finals === 1 Smith, Petey M H 76 NEM 18:00.00 17:45.67 2 Chadwick, Marion K 79 PNA 24:27.00 28:01.27 === 80-84 Results Timed Finals === 1 Simonton, Rita A 82 GWSC 18:55.00 18:36.61 2 Burrill, Billie Ann 80 NEM 22:26.00 20:38.03 3 Brown, Mardie L 84 NEM 23:58.66 22:43.83

83. - Member: Brian Wagner member brian wagner is a Photographer based in provo, ut. Destiny Hood while her mother, kristina Miller,17, washes her car.
Story Photographer Editor Student/Intern Assistant Job/Item
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brian wagner [save as a favorite
Photographer Let me know when this page is updated:
Roger Hood,17, plays with his daughter, Destiny Hood while her mother, Kristina Miller,17, washes her car. Hood confessed that it's hard being a father, though he says he's "happy," about the change in his life. Hood keeps his daughter when Miller works and on Saturdays. brian wagner photographer: daily herald
Address: 1555 N. Freedom Blvd., provo, ut, USA Phone: brian wagner's Message: Currently working towards chasing a dream. Seeking alternative audiences and new forms of communication. Freelance accepted. Thanks for your interest. or call 270.779.9442.
Accepting Freelance: Yes
Last Update: 73 days ago Member Since: 2.21.2003 (Senior Member)

84. Untitled Document
Translate this page Ing. kristina wagner (1970) studierte Maschinenbau an der Universität Stuttgart und ist seit 1997 als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Fraunhofer Institut
Frau Dipl.-Ing. Kristina Wagner (1970) studierte Maschinenbau an der Universität Stuttgart und ist seit 1997 als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO angestellt. 2001 übernahm Frau Wagner die Leitung des Competence Center "Rapid Product Development". Ihre Forschungsschwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen integrierte, virtuelle Produktentwicklung, Entwicklungskooperationen und Wissensmanagement im Engineering.

85. The Anthony Geary Webpage
On kristina wagner. Part of that is because I purposely try to do I had a scene with kristina wagner the other day and I decided Luke was just going to
On Tristan Rogers
"Tristan and I had a special connection that's really unique. When we first met, there was an animosity between us that was realand it worked on the air. Through the years, we somehow were able to put it to rest. We're very similar. We're both Geminis, both outlaws. We both have a lot of disdain for the bullsh**. We're both a little rudewell he's really rude. I aspire to be as rude as Tristan. We're very tight and I trust him implicitly. That Luke and Scorpio connection! I don't think you've seen male friendships that were that complexnot very often anyway. I just wish Scorpio were back. They've never found his body, so I'm always hoping he'll wash up or turn up under some rock."
Soap Opera Magazine , November 19, 1996
On Elizabeth Taylor
"People still see daytime television as the bastard of the industry, but the fact that Elizabeth Taylor chose to come here because she's a fan must mean we're doing something right. It validated General Hospital for me."
People , November 16, 1981
"She worked hard and with humor. She wasn't tap-dancing. She hugged each member of the cast, she knew people's names. She treated me like a total peernot like a clown or a freak."

86. General Hospital Happenings Two
kristina wagner requested to go back on contract to play out an important upcoming story (see kristina wagner go rather than give her a contract.
var nEditorialCatId = 418; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(' Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help General Hospital Happenings Two What's New Join Now Home Page Spoilers ... Tools We would appreciate a link back if you copy and paste our text to other web pages:
General Hospital Happenings

Last update 8-21-05 6am EST The indicates the most recently added items
Check these News pages below for updates,
whenever you see the siren!
Cast Tidbits

GH Star Events

Monaco vs O'Hurley in Another Dance Off!
On Tuesday, Sept. 20th Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley and
their respective partners will compete again. This time in a 90-minute
"dance-off." The live broadcast will air at 8:30pm EST, on ABC. "The dance-off will feature each couple performing several styles of dance Latin, ballroom and freestyle...Our colorful and animated judges will return to give their critiques, but only viewers' votes will count… America will truly decide the winner of the dance-off. Viewers are invited to weigh in with their votes via phones and the internet immediately following the broadcast on the 20th. And unlike the series, they won't

87. Stiftung Für Die Auffindung Von Vermissten Kinder, Per Internet
Translate this page Vergebliche Suche Mehrere Hundert Polizisten suchten nach kristina. Hartmut wagner, Sozialarbeiter der Mobilen Jugendarbeit auf dem Haidach, nach Kristina/Erfolglos.htm
last Update :
Suche nach Kristina
Vermisste Kristina ist tot 23.08.2004 08:52 Uhr
Vergebliche Suche: Mehrere Hundert Polizisten suchten nach Kristina.
Pforzheim FREDI , als sie sie eben in einem Wald bei Pforzheim durchsuchte unweit Polizei versucht, vergebens, die Selbstmordthese in erster Linie zu stellen: Polizei findet Abschiedsbrief
Letzte Zweifel an Kristina Stolps Selbstmord schwinden -
Fundort war nicht durchsucht worden (!) "Eine Schnittstelle" Zudem sei das Gelände an der Wurmberger Straße in einzelne Abschnitte eingeteilt worden; das Gebiet auf der dem Fundort gegenüber liegenden Straßenseite sei abgesucht worden, genau wie ein kleines Waldstück unterhalb. Der Fundort selbst nicht. "Dieser kleine Streifen war eine Schnittstelle", sagt Schick, Das bedeutet: Der Suchbereich der einen Polizeieinheit war dort bereits zu Ende, der Bereich der nächsten Einheit hatte noch nicht angefangen.(!) Ein Ort der Trauer Hartmut Wagner, Sozialarbeiter der Mobilen Jugendarbeit auf dem Haidach, schildert die Betroffenheit unter den jungen Bewohnern des Stadtteils. "Es ist das Thema Nummer 1 im Stadtteil", sagt Wagner. Gemeinsam mit den Jugendlichen und Heranwachsenden will er in den nächsten Tagen überlegen, ob ein zentraler Gedenkort für Kristina im Stadtteil geschaffen werden könne, an dem Blumen und Kerzen an das Schicksal des Mädchens erinnern. Wagner wies darauf hin, dass

88. > Melrose Place > Darsteller
Translate this page Jack wagner wurde am 3. Oktober 1959 als jüngster von 4 Geschwistern in Washington im Während Jack und kristina 1993 heiraten, hieß es für Felicia 1991
Jack Wagner

Marcus Off
Offizielle Webseiten

Darsteller > Jack Wagner (Peter) Kurzbiographie
Die Rolle: Dr. Peter Burns

Als Taylor McBride an den Melrose Place zieht, gerät die Ehe von Amanda und Peter ins Wanken, denn Taylor ist die Schwester von Beth und in ihn verliebt. Nach einem harten Kampf mit Amanda kann sie Peter schließlich in ihr Bett zerren und lässt sich von Kyle scheiden. Doch damit beginnt der Psycho-Terror erst: Peter verlangt von ihr, sich so zu kleiden und zu benehmen, als wäre sie Beth. Taylor spielt das Spiel mit, merkt aber bald, dass es ins Bodenlose ausartet. Sie schmiedet mit Michael den Plan, Peter einzureden, er sei schwer krank. Sie reden Peter ein, er leidet an Epilepsie, was er auch glaubt. Als Peter die Wahrheit erfährt, will er Taylor umbringen, doch sie erzählt ihm, dass sie von ihm schwanger sei. Peter arrangiert eine Hochzeit, doch dabei stellt er sie vor allen Gästen bloß und trennt sich von ihr.
Weitere Darsteller Heather Locklear (Amanda) Linden Ashby (Coop) ... (Jo) Newsletter

89. Fall 2001 Lecture Series For The Senior Capstone Course
wagner College 2004 Wednesday, September 26, 2001 Recent Research Regarding Embryonic Stem Cells (kristina M. Casale)
Biology Faculty
Biology Courses

Math and Science- Websites of Interest


Fall 2001 Lecture Series for the Senior Capstone Course
Recent Advances in Biology
Brian Palestis, Ph.D. and Donald Stearns, Ph.D.
All lectures are held in Spiro Hall, Room 27, 9:10-10:10 am
Wednesday, September 19, 2001:
Physiological Mechanisms of Addiction (Michelle C. Couto)
Friday, September 21, 2001:
Recent Research Regarding the Effects of Cholesterol on Health (Sahani C. Howie)
Monday, September 24, 2001:
Recent Research in the Causes of and Treatment for Parkinson's Disease (Christina O. Morello)
Wednesday, September 26, 2001:
Recent Research Regarding Embryonic Stem Cells (Kristina M. Casale)
Friday, September 28, 2001:
Mechanisms of Action in Gene Therapy (Christina O. Morello)
Monday, October 1, 2001:
Recent Developments in Immunosuppressive Therapy for Organ Transplants(Michelle C. Couto)
Wednesday, October 3, 2001:
Important Functions of Nitric Oxide (NO) and Mechanisms of Action (Sahani C. Howie)
Friday, October 5, 2001:
Microchip Arrays for Identification of Homologous Genes (Christina M. Owens)

90. The Unauthorized Memwahs Of A Flea
The kristina wagner Story. Chapter Two Becoming An Actress Against All Odds! Above kristina in a stage production playing one of the skulls in Hamlet
Home Message Board Main Memwahs Page Contact GENERAL SHMOSPITAL PRESENTS ...
The Unauthorized Memwahs of a Flea The Kristina Wagner Story Chapter Two: Becoming An Actress Against All Odds! Above: Kristina in a stage production playing one of the skulls in "Hamlet" Do you really expect me to think up another caption to put on this side, too? Alright, so I made up all that stuff about murderous rage and intrigue and stuff. I just wanted you to move on to Chapter Two. So sue me! So, little Kristina decided to become an actress, despite heavy opposition from her parents. "We never wanted our little Kristina to become a Hollywood starlet," Mr.Klump told an insider. "We raised her to be a wholesome, sweet, marry-able girl, not some Hollywood Ho who'd sleep her way to the top. But more than anything, we just felt that our little Kristina didn't have much talent. Even her first acting coach tried to discourage her from trying to become an actress!" Click to hear Kristina's acting coach's words of discouragement Yet, despite it all, Kristina persisted. She found herself a new acting coach and made a whole bunch of excuses to her parents when it was time to leave for her acting class.

91. Ablazingly Kristina Wagner
Welcome to the hot new kristina wagner web site, keep this page bookmarked as we will be bringing you news, pictures, and the hottest gossip of your
Ablazingly Kristina Wagner Welcome to the hot new Kristina Wagner web site, keep this page bookmarked as we will be bringing you news, pictures, and the hottest gossip of your favourite celebrities. Meanwhile you can visit these sites to search for more information, news, posters and links on your hot celeb. Your compact source to the news and pictures as it happens. Poster Search Kristina Wagner Altavista Kristina Wagner Search Google Kristina Wagner Links
Google Kristina Wagner Pictures
... Kristina Wagner News Yahoo
fiSearchFormMaxSetId='AX006337'; Ablazingly Games Music Actresses ... TV
Pirates of The Caribbean (Johnny Depp)
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Jessica Simpson - Rolling Stone Cover
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Chalkin, Tanya

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B ... Vicki Zhao

92. Namen- Und Telefonverzeichnis TU Berlin (W...)
Translate this page wagner, Heidrun (7220) IIPW4, 24628. wagner, kristina (3500) P 2-2, 25913. wagner, Prof. Manfred (0334) WF-PTK. wagner, Markus (0230) MA 8-1, 23761
Waack, Katja (4600) UB, Wache, Hans-Martin (0334) WF-PTK, Wachsmuth, Daniel (0230) MA 4-5, Wacker, Dr. Andreas (0233) PN 7-1, Wackerbauer, Prof. Karl (7230) Wagemann, Wagener, Werner (7460) IV F 12, Waggad, Rita (0335) TIB 4/4-1 Wagner, Astrid (0130) TEL 12-1, Wagner, Barbara (7460) IV F 01, Wagner, Egon (7470) IV G 2 PFT 29, Wagner, Gabriele (0335) GG 1, Wagner, Prof. Gert (0830) H 53, Wagner, Heidrun (7220) Wagner, Kristina (3500) P 2-2, Wagner, Prof. Manfred (0334) WF-PTK Wagner, Markus (0230) MA 8-1, Wagner, Susanne (0302) MA 5-11, Wahl, Matthias (6010) PN 6-1, Wahrenburg, Stephan (0330) RDH 9, Walde, Prof. Detlef (0632) ACK 2-1, Waldhubel, Dagmar (7470) PA 33, Ines (0233) PN 7-1, Waldner, Kathrin (0829) H 56, Walf, Fabian (0533) SG 18, Walinschus, Renate (0535) H 66, Walk, Dr. Heike ( ) P 2-2, Walkowiak, Wilfried (0630) TIB 1-B2, Walter, Dr. Dirk (0530) C 2, Walter, Ingo (0340) TIB 4/3-1 Walter, Prof. Monika (0131) TEL 14-3, Walter, Prof. Paul (0134) FR 4-3, Walter, Rosemarie (0733) FR 2-5, Walther, Andrei (0630) TIB 1-B4, Walther, Claus (4600) UB Walther, Guenter (7230) Walther, GV 1 Walther

93. G. Bizet: Carmen - Izvedbe / Performances (premiere: 06. 11. 2003.
s ezona 2004/2005 hnk split izvedbe milko šparemblek : PLESOVI EROSA Premijera / Opening night
kolovoza / August 2004
Tvrðava Gripe / Gripe Fortress Premijera u HNK Split
CNT Split Opening night
milko šparemblek
koreograf / choreographer HNK Split osma izvedba
Glazba / Music
MILKO ŠPAREMBLEK Scenografija / Set deign
NENAD FABIJANIÆ Kostimografija / Costume design
IKA ŠKOMRLJ i ELVIRA ULIP Majstor svjetla / Light SRÐAN BARBARIÆ Majstor tona / Sound MARIJO BAŠIÆ Asistentica koreografa / Choreographer's Assistant SNJEŽANA RADICA Asistent scenografa / Set Designer's Assistant OZREN BAKOTIÆ Inspicijentica / Stage Manager ELZA TUDOR GANÈEVIÆ Uloge Cast Richard Wagner: WESENDONCK LIEDER Ona / She : ALBINA RAHMATULLINA Gost / Guest : LEV ŠAPOŠNIKOV Suprug / Husband : IGOR ROGALJSKI Dama Lady : SNJEŽANA RADICA Carl Orff: TRIUNFO DE APHRODITE Korifeja / Coryphee : BRUNA REIÆ ŠÆEPANOVIÆ Korifej / Corypheus : REMUS DIMACHE Nevjesta / Bride : ELENA NIKOLAEVA Mladoženja / Groom : DANIEL JAGAR Kuma / Maid of Honour : MARIJANA MAREVIÆ MUSLIM Kum / Best Man : LEV ŠAPOŠNIKOV Sestra / Sister : RODIKA NAMOLOSU Brat / Brother : NIKŠA DE MARCHI Obitelj / Family : SANJA NEVEŠÈANIN, NONNA ÈIÈININA, IGOR GLUSHKOV

94. Soap Opera Central - Missing Persons Where Is Felicia?
Now I completly understand why kristina wagner would not sign on. Sorry Ann, But it will never be over for me what they did to kristina wagner. Idiots.

95. 1512004-swinki
wagner, kristina Felicia on General Hospital Source Health Magazine; wagner, Lindsay; Watts, Naomi, Actress, source In Style Magazine; Weaver,
Ekologia, ekologia, ekologia... federacja zielonych Co us³yszelibyœmy od œwiñ w Wigiliê? "Kwik Rozpaczy". Akcja przeciwko przemys³owej hodowli œwiñ. ZAPRASZAM: 15 GRUDNIA godz15.30 Bia³ystok przy Pomniku Pi³sudskiego (skrzy¿owanie ulic Sienkiewicza I Rynek Koœciuszki) "Kwik Rozpaczy" happening Ekologiczny Przeciwko Przemys³owej Hodowli Zwierz¹t rozdawanie ulotek w maskach - strojach zwierz¹t + przes³anie materia³ó w informacyjnych do lokalnych mediów 16.12.2004 r Bia³ystok "Kurier Poranny" (kliknij aby powiêkszyæ) 16.12.2004 r Bia³ystok "Gazeta Wspó³czesna" (kliknij aby powiêkszyæ) 16.12.2004 r Bia³ystok "Gazeta Wyborcza" (kliknij aby powiêkszyæ) ORGANIZATOR AKCJI w Bia³ymstoku: RAFA£ KOSNO STOWARZYSZENIE FEDERACJA ZIELONYCH W BIA£YMSTOKU SIEDZIBA: UL. RUMIANKOWA 14/4, 15 - 665 BIA£YSTOK BIURO: UL. RUMIANKOWA 20, 15 - 665 BIA£YSTOK TEL. (085) 66 11 434, TEL. KOMÓRKOWY 0507 31 99 92 TEL. (085) 66 11 812 ("ZIELONY TELEFON FEDERACJI ZIELONYCH") E- MAIL: strony internetowe

96. Jaime Ray Newman: General Hospital On WCHS-TV8
Jaime Ray Newman is kristina Cassadine on General Hospital. The families of Port Charles bring style and substance to General Hospital.


as Detective Marcus Taggert
as Sonny Corinthos
Jaime Ray Newman
Kristina Cassadine on General Hospital

ABC has not yet provided biographical information about Jaime Ray Newman.
Need to write? Here's where to send mail to Jaime Ray Newman
Also Visit:
Please note, this is a local TV station in Charleston-Huntington, WV. If you live outside the Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia television viewing area , please contact the local TV station in your area.

97. Research Report
wagner Klaus, in research foci (and basic equipmentbased research projects). Algebraic Characterization of Complexity Classes

name index
key word index home: research report
Name index W
Wachinger Burghart in third-party-funded projects: s.o.(see german version) Wack Christiane in third-party-funded projects: Expression of specific opioid receptors on melanoma cells and their biological function Wacker C. in third-party-funded projects: Myocardial perfusion echocardiography in normal subjects and patients with coronary heart disease: comparison with MR-Perfusion measurement. Wacker Matthias in third-party-funded projects: Importance of endogenously formed 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal for carcinogenicity: Detection of DNA-adducts in animals and humans; cancer prevention. Importance of endogenously formed 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal for carcinogenicity: Detection of DNA-adducts in animals and humans; cancer prevention. Wadih Hanna in third-party-funded projects: Biological effects of wear particles on mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) Wadle Elmar in third-party-funded projects: History of German Criminal Law - A Manual Wagner Alexander in research foci (and basic equipment-based research projects): Particle Physics investigates the elementary building blocks of matter andthe fundamental forces in ...

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