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         Von Trier Lars:     more books (67)
  1. Frauenfiguren in den Filmen Lars von Triers: Von Opfern und Tätern (German Edition) by Andrea Schorr, 2009-01-10
  2. Producteur Danois: Lars Von Trier, Gabriel Axel, Jannik Hastrup, John Price, Nicolas Winding Refn, Peter Elfelt, Vibeke Windeløv (French Edition)
  3. Lars von Triers DOGVILLE: ein Fusion Film vs. Brechts episches Theater: Eine Filmanalyse in 13 Kapiteln und einem Prolog (German Edition) by Anneliese Penzendorfer, 2010-01-31
  4. Danish Roman Catholics: Lars Von Trier, Canute Iv of Denmark, Canute Lavard, Poul Helgesen
  5. Der Fall Bess McNiell: Von der Heiligen zur Hure und wieder zurück: Religion und Sex in Lars von Triers 'Breaking the Waves' (German Edition) by Kati Rausch, 2009-08-14
  6. Medien und Medialität des Epischen in Literatur und Film des 20. Jahrhunderts: Bertolt Brecht - Uwe Johnson - Lars von Trier by Lothar van Laak,
  7. Lars von Trier
  8. Slouching Toward Copenhagen: ELIZABETH A. CASTELLI ON LARS VON TRIER'S ANTICHRIST.(Movie review): An article from: Artforum International by Elizabeth A. Castelli, 2009-10-01
  9. Naissance a Copenhague: Niels Bohr, Søren Kierkegaard, Lars Von Trier, Georges Ier de Grèce, Einar Örn Benediktsson, Carl Theodor Dreyer (French Edition)
  10. Films Directed by Lars Von Trier (Study Guide): Antichrist, Dogville, Dancer in the Dark, Manderlay, the Idiots, the Kingdom
  11. Breaking the Waves by Lars Von Trier, 1996-11
  12. Trier über von Trier. Gespräche mit Stig Björkman by Lars von Trier,
  13. Bailar en la oscuridad by Lars Von Trier, 2001-09-30
  14. Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier, 2001-01-01

41. How Can Film Art Proceed? - Festen (Celebration), A Film By Thomas Vinterberg, A
Dogme 95 is a group of Danish directors, preeminently lars von trier and Thomas Vinterberg. To challenge themselves as filmmakers they adopted a set of 10 rules, 'The Vow of Chastity'. Article by Paul Bond.
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How can film art proceed?
Festen (Celebration), a film by Thomas Vinterberg, and the Dogme 95 event at the London Film Festival
By Paul Bond 28 November 1998 A notable feature of the recent 42nd London Film Festival was the cynical response of many contemporary filmmakers to the crisis of artistic vision currently afflicting not just the cinema but all art forms. It was truly depressing to read the catalogue of new British films, for example, desperate to make money at the box-office by saying as little as possible in the 'right' stylistic manner. Rather than the medium being used as a vehicle for artistic expression, cinema is widely seen as a self-perpetuating set of templates for further cinema. The images get shallower each time, but the producers continue to use them until any residual meaning has faded to nothing. Any addressing of serious matters is seen as peripheral to cinema's real purpose, which is making the right moves. I am not necessarily advocating a dogged and relentless realism, nor am I opposed to clever camera-work per se. What I am opposed to is its use as a means of avoiding rather than achieving expression. One of the more interesting events of the festival, therefore, was the appearance of members of the Dogme 95 group to coincide with the screening of the first Dogme-certificated film, Thomas Vinterberg's

42. Bright Lights Film Journal | Interview With Lars Von Trier
A Word with lars von trier at Cannes 2005. On Manderley and more Not larsvon trier, the director of such disturbing films as Europa, Dancer in the Dark
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To be automatically notified when the next issue is posted, join our mailing list home current issue archives ... links At War with Myself A Word with Lars von Trier at Cannes 2005 On Manderley and more By Karin Badt Most directors at Cannes you can meet at their hotels lining the boardwalk, for a Perrier and an interview. Not Lars von Trier, the director of such disturbing films as Europa, Dancer in the Dark , and Dogville . Von Trier had sequestered himself in Antibes, far from the maddening crowds, at the exclusive Hotel Cap perched atop a nature reserve. As my taxi rounded the cliffs, the sky turned gray and mist floated on the waves, rather like the empty landscape of von Trier’s own movie, Breaking the Waves Manderlay , a scathing critique of racism in the United States, takes place on one. Intellectual? Consistent? Ideological? Here too von Trier was a surprise. The von Trier of the Dogme Manifesto, the von Trier who bombasts the world with political statements about the death penalty, about religious and judicial institutions, the von Trier who has been cited to be motivated by a conversion experience to Christianity, came across as a man tortured by his own contradictions. Throughout the interview, he squirmed in his white jacket, as if caught and netted by it, and then apologized sporadically. For what? For being tired of journalists, for rebelling against his parents, and even, when it could not be avoided, for his own film, a film that seemed to have disappointed both himself and the public, for its over-heavy tone.

43. Cinema Truffaut
Fitxa t¨cnica i cr­tica de Carles Ribas, del Cinema Truffaut, d'aquesta pel·l­cula danesa de Jorgen Leth i lars von trier.
de Jorgen Leth i Lars Von Trier.
Lars Von Trier. Fotografia:Dan Holmberg Durada:90' Lars Von Trier i el mirall de les regles Carles Ribas Cinema Truffaut

44. Lars Von Trier Interview - Movie News - Time Out Film
lars von trier interview. Dave Calhoun catches up with the controversial directorat his Danish headquarters.
Film news Lars von Trier interview Dave Calhoun catches up with the controversial director at his Danish headquarters. July 28 2005
Von Trier at his Zentropa Studio 'The Idiots' shocked with its mix of graphic sex and 'spazzing' while 'Dancer in the Dark' and 'Dogville' enraged America, but Lars von Trier's latest film – about slavery – has caused barely a ripple. Has the director lost his touch? Dave Calhoun went to Denmark to hear him hold forth on shooting, lederhosen and 'pissing gnomes'.
I'm talking to Lars von Trier, Denmark's most famous filmmaker, in a wooden cabin on the outskirts of Copenhagen.
We're at Zentropa, the film studio co-founded by von Trier in 1992 on the site of an old military HQ, which explains the conspicuous presence of a US Army tank outside his office – a gift from the US to Denmark after WWII. Zentropa has the air (and, today, the weather) of an alternative, Scandinavian version of Butlins.
A series of low-rise buildings house studio space, editing suites, a film school for teenagers and offices. There are hints of von Trier's eccentric approach to his work everywhere.
One corridor is painted the same shade of green as the Death Row wing of an American prison (a hangover from 'Dancer in the Dark' , in which Bj¶rk ends up facing execution), and each of the corridor's rooms is named after a famous leftist revolutionary: Andreas Baader, Fidel Castro, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky…
The centrepiece of the Zentropa estate (known as 'Filmbuyen' or 'Film Town'; other movie companies live here too) is a large hall known as 'the nursing room'.

45. Dancer In The Dark
Review of the lars von trier movie starring Bjork.
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cast list Bjork Catherine Deneuve directed by Lars von Trier Many people say a film is purely entertainment - that one shouldn't have to think too hard. I partially agree with this viewpoint. However, when a film like Dancer in the Dark comes along, I tend to disagree. The story concerns Bjork, a young mother, who has a low-paid job as a factory worker. She is slowly going blind, and lives as a miser, because she is saving up enough money to pay for an operation that will save him from suffering the same disease. After an argument with a neighbour, she finds herself imprisoned for murder. Nice subject for a musical! The film is a vehicle for Bjork. And Bjork is impressive. Which is just as well, because she is on screen for practically all of the two and a half hours. Von Trier, director of Breaking the Waves, returns to more familiar territory with Dancer In The Dark, yet uses hand-held cameras for much of the film. The only sections using steady cameras are in Bjork's dream musical sequences, which occur as her character tries to escape the torturous world she is living in. Indeed, Cannes Film festival was both applauded and derided when it awarded Best Film and Best Actress award this year.

46. Lars Von Trier Filmography - Time Out
Filmography of lars von trier as Screenwriter, Director, With, Cinematography.
Lars von Trier Screenwriter, Director, With, Cinematography Roles Screenwriter: Dear Wendy

The Five Obstructions

Dancer in the Dark

Director: Dogville
The Five Obstructions

Dancer in the Dark

The Idiots
The Element of Crime
With: The Humiliated Cinematography: The Idiots In the news Aug 5 2005 The co-creator of Dogme discusses the making of his provocative new film. Lars von Trier interview Jul 28 2005 Dave Calhoun catches up with the controversial director at his Danish headquarters. Toronto Film Festival line-up Jun 22 2005 Organisers announce 20 of the best films from festivals around the world to appear at Toronto in September Nicole Kidman to reunite with von Trier May 26 2005 The controversial director plans to cast two stars in the third part of his American trilogy. Cannes 2005 assessed May 23 2005 Time Out considers the films that made Cannes 2005 such a treat. Cannes: Day Eight May 18 2005 Get the Time Out opinion of one of the most controversial films of the festival so far. Lars von Trier delays final part of trilogy May 11 2005 The maverick filmmaker will work on a very different project before completing his series of films on America.

47. Cinema Truffaut
Fitxa t¨cnica i sinopsi d'aquesta pel·l­cula de lars von trier.
Nacionalitat: Dinamarca, 1998.
Lars Von Trier. Durada: Sinopsi: Bailar en la Oscuridad (2000) DIVENDRES DISSABTE DIUMENGE DILLUNS DIMARTS DIMECRES DIJOUS ol original: Dancer in the Dark Nacionalitat: Director: Lars Von Trier. Lars Von Trier Durada: Bjork, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Joel Grey. Sinopsi: Rompiendo las olas (1996) DIVENDRES Breaking the waves Nacionalitat: Dinamarca, 1996. Lars Von Trier. Durada: Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgard, Katrin Cartlidge, Jean-Marc Barr, Adrian Rawlins. Sinopsi: Bailar en la oscuridad Los idiotas Rompiendo las olas Bailar en la oscuridad It's so quite Los idiotas Manel Mir

48. Nous Clàssics / Pel.lícules Emeses / Europa
Sinopsi i fitxa t¨cnica d'aquesta pel·l­cula dirigida per lars von trier i protagonitzada per JeanMarc Barr, Barbara Sukowa, Udo Kier.
dimarts, 2 de maig de 2000
Durada: 110 minuts
professor cinema modern UPF
Peter Aalbafk Jensen, Bo Christensen; 1991
Lars von Trier
Fotografia: Henning Bendtsen, Jean-Paul Meurisse, Edward Klosinsky
Joakim Holbek
Jean-Marc Barr (Leopoldo Kessler)
Barbara Sukowa (Katharina Hartmann)
Udo Kier (Lawrence Hartmann)
Frik Mork (Pater)
Jorgen Reenberg (Max Harmann)

49. Lars Von Trier Pics And Links Offered By
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Lars Von Trier
Home L Born on
April 30, 1956

Danish Buy Lars Von Trier
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50. Dogville
Kritik des Films von lars von trier mit Nicole Kidman.
www. cosmopolis .ch
Nr. 59, Mai 2004
Deutsche Ausgabe
Archiv Kunst Film ... Travel
The Web Dogville
Der Film von Lars von Trier mit Nicole Kidman - Filmkritik

Artikel vom 2. Juni 2004
Lars von Trier gehört zu den kompromisslosesten Regisseuren der Gegenwart. Mit Dogville bewies er dies einmal mehr. Der Film beginnt mit einer Aufsicht auf eine weitgehend leere Studiobühne, auf der unter anderem Häuser und Strassen mit weisser Farbe auf dem Boden eingezeichnet sind. Die Schauspieler bewegen sich in dieser stilisierten Landschaft ungeschützt vor dem Blick von Regisseur, Kamera und Zuschauern. Sie arbeiten fast ohne Requisiten, deuten das Türöffnen zum Beispiel nur an.
Der Film spielt im Städtchen Dogville, irgendwo in den Rocky Mountains, wo die Strassen enden. In der Nähe befindet sich eine verlassene Silbermine. Die Einwohner scheinen ehrliche Landbewohner zu sein, Landeier oder Hinterwäldler, wäre böse Zungen meinen.
In die Geschichte führt uns ein Erzähler ein, im englischen Original gesprochen von John Hurt, einem der besten lebenden Schauspieler überhaupt, den der Schreibende noch lieber vor der Kamera gesehen hätte.
John Hurt begleitet den Zuschauer durch die neun Kapitel, in denen die von der Schwächen der Zivilisation scheinbar noch unberührten Einwohner von Dogville ihr wahre Natur - die Natur des Menschen? - zeigen.

51. Artistic And Intellectual Confusion In Lars Von Trier's The Idiots
The Idiots is the latest film made by Danish director lars von trier in line withthe rules of the Dogma 95 group. The Dogma group was founded in 1995 by a
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Artistic and intellectual confusion in Lars von Trier's The Idiots
By Stefan Steinberg 28 May 1999 Use this version to print The Idiots is the latest film made by Danish director Lars von Trier in line with the rules of the Dogma 95 group. The Dogma group was founded in 1995 by a handful of young Danish directors; its goals were discussed in a WSWS article of 28 November 1998 [ At any rate, von Trier's chastity belt is very much in evidence in The Idiots The Idiots The Idiots Von Trier is honest enough to show that the attempt to establish a sort of commune based on the principle of revealing and releasing the inner idiot fails. Stoffer's demands on the group intensify. He asks them to leave the security of the group and act like idiots in their normal surroundings of work and family. The majority of the group (one explains he is a doctor, another gives lectures on art history) fail at this hurdle. A series of interviews with the actors at the conclusion of the film is interspersed with the action. Most of them declare their disillusionment with the whole project. Some want nothing more to do with the other members of the group. Perhaps von Trier believes in his own small way that in Karen's plight he has found a modern-day equivalent to Joan of Arc. Amongst his own major influences von Trier lists the veteran Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer, who made his famous

52. Medea Di Lars Von Trier 1988 Medea
Recensione del film di lars von trier. A cura di Ludovica Maggi.
il Meglio del web
di Lars von Trier 1988
Medea: Kristen Olesen
Giasone: Udo Kier
Creonte: Henning Jensen
Glauce: Ludmilla Glinska
Fotografia: Sejr Brockmann
Colonna sonora: Joachim Holbek
All’interno del palazzo Medea urla di dolore e di follia, informa la nutrice. Figlia del re di Colchide, ha aiutato Giasone a conquistare il vello d’oro, tradendo così la propria famiglia. Lo ha seguito fino in Grecia, credendo che il suo amore per lei e per i figli avuti da lei sarebbe stato sufficiente a farle dimenticare il disagio della condizione di forestiera. Ma ora Creonte, il re, offre a Giasone il matrimonio con la sua giovane figlia Glauce. Medea minaccia vendetta.
Così, nel 431 a.C., si apriva la Medea di Euripide.
Lars von Trier apre sul mare. La sua resa della Medea non è filologica, come l’aveva immaginata invece Carl Theodor Dreyer , autore della sceneggiatura a cui von Trier si è ispirato per la realizzazione del suo film. Il regno di Creonte è spostato nello Jütland, Medea uccide i suoi figli impiccandoli e non colpendoli con un pugnale, non c’è coro a garantire una percezione collettiva della tragedia di Medea, che in von Trier diventa, più modernamente, del tutto individuale. Lo scontro tra l’istinto e il calcolo, tra l’elemento femminile e quello maschile, tra le ragioni dell’amore e quelle del potere, tra il greco e lo straniero, che tanta letteratura secondaria ha cercato di vedere dietro la storia di Medea, lasciano qui il centro della scena al puro senso del tragico. Assoluto, acronico, eppure tremendamente ancestrale.

53. Lars Von Trier
Jack Stevenson uncovers the manic genius of lars von trier, assessing his life,work, and critical reception. The book follows von trier from his early life
BFI only All Books Journals E-Editions The Press Entire Site
Jack Stevenson
Lars von Trier
BFI World Directors

Publication Date: September 2002 Subjects: Film European Studies Rights: North and South America, Asia (omit India) 232 pages, 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches, 25 b/w photographs, 16 color illustrations
Available Now
Available Now Description Table of Contents About the Author
"Deftly balanced mix of biography and critical commentary." San Francisco Bay Guardian "Engaging . . . approachable . . . as an all-round study, it's hard to imagine how this book could be bettered." Film Review "An enjoyable read which engages well with the facts." Empire DESCRIPTION (back to top) With the international success of Breaking the Waves (1996) and Dancer in the Dark (2000), Lars von Trier has established himself as one of the most provocative and daring film directors working in cinema today. A central figure in the conception of Dogme 95, he made the movement's most controversial film, The Idiots (1998), and has played a leading role in the recent resurgence of Danish cinema. Yet despite his success and notoriety, von Trier remains something of an enigma. Famous for not playing the game, he has been hailed as the new Godard by some and an attention-seeking charlatan by others. Jack Stevenson uncovers the manic genius of Lars von Trier, assessing his life, work, and critical reception. The book follows von Trier from his early life as a troubled son of "cultural radical" parents through to his student days at the Danish Film School, diligently spent making films that were as innovative and disturbing as his later features have proved to be.

54. Danemark
Pr©sentation du cin©ma au Danemark   travers ses films r©cents, et notamment ceux de lars von trier.
Le nouveau cinéma danois actuel Lars von Trier puis le phénomène Dogma ont tour à tour éveillé et titillé la curiosité des cinéphiles sur cette cinématographie qui, à l'instar de celle d'un pays comme la Suède, ne nous était surtout connue que par l'entremise d'un grand nom : pour la Suède, bien sûr Ingmar Bergman, pour le Danemark, Carl Theodor Dreyer, grand cinéaste des années 30, 40 et 50. Bien sûr, le Danemark n'a pas la taille ni la réputation de cinématographies comme celles de l'Italie, de l'Espagne ou de l'Allemagne. Fort de l'onde de choc des films de von Trier et du coup de poing esthétique de Dogma, le cinéma danois atteint actuellement un bel air d'aller et un nouveau dynamisme qui le repositionne dans le peloton de tête des cinématographies nationales. Portrait d'une petite cinématographie en grande forme qui profite allègrement du souffle d'un grand réalisateur : Festen (Fête de famille, Celebration) , Thomas Vinterberg Le film qui a révélé l'esthétique Dogma au monde entier, et le premier à avoir reçu le sceau d'authenticité du groupe. Croisement surprenant entre le cinéma de von Trier et Ingmar Bergman, Festen , plus qu'une curiosité esthétique et un trip intellectuel, est un véritable film d'auteur qui dérange et qui frappe très fort. Le sujet du film - l'inceste - est traité sous toutes ses coutures, révélateur des contradictions, de mensonges et de l'incroyable hypocrisie d'une belle société qui cache sous son beau vernis distingué une horreur sans nom. Le traitement, qui applique à la lettre le voeu de chasteté exigé par Dogma, n'est pas tendre envers le spectateur : caméra nerveuse, sautillante, souvent frénétique et épuisante, au style amateur volontaire et même très travaillé, éclairage le plus souvent déficient (aucun éclairage artificiel), image granuleuse et souvent floue (résultat du transfert de l'image vidéo au format 35mm), cadrage instable sinon incohérent. Résultat ? Une atmosphère unique et inimitable, une urgence et une énergie incroyables, tout cela ajouté à une interprétation foudroyante, un climat anarchique plein d'authenticité et surtout une charge impitoyable contre la figure paternelle.

55. Lars Von Trier
lars von trierDanish director and cofounder of Dogme, lars von trier is a master of the threehour melodrama. lars von trier wreck us first with the devasting
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Lars von Trier
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© Les Films du Losange
Réalisateur, Acteur, Scénariste, Directeur de la photographie danois
Né le 13 Avril 1956 à Copenhague (Danemark)
Actuellement au cinéma dans : Manderlay
Très jeune déjà, Lars Von Trier vénère les films de Carl Theodor Dreyer et d' Andrei Tarkovski . C'est en montrant ses deux courts métrages au Danish Film Institute, The Orchid Gardener et Mantes la bienheureuse qu'il y est accepté comme étudiant en 1978. Il y réalise trois autres courts métrages, Nocturn The Last detail et Images d'une libération
Il réalise par la suite de nombreux clips rock et spots publicitaires. Son premier long métrage, Element of Crime (1984), qui marque sa première collaboration avec le scénariste et compatriote danois Niels Vorsel reçoit plusieurs prix dans différents festivals. Avec

56. 5 Obstructions - Five Obstructions - Film De Lars Von Trier Et Jørgen Leth Avec
Site Officiel du Film de lars von trier et Joergen Leth avec Alexandra Vandernoot, Patrick Bauchau, Joergen Leth, lars von trier. Synopsis, ©quipe du film, dossier de presse, photos.

57. Lars Von Trier Picture From The Movie - Lars Von Trier Movie Stills - Lars Von T
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58. Viceversa Le Onde Del Destino
Il film di lars von trier in una recensione di Nicola Falcinella.
i film
di Lars Von Trier(Danimarca 1996)
con Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgard

nicola falcinella
Per informazioni su Viceversa contattare
Landscape srl

59. Lars Von Trier
With six entries at the Cannes Film Festival thus far, lars von trier has beena Cannes award winner four times. Without question, he is the most intriguing
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Lars von Trier
Edited by Jan Lumholdt
"What's next in line for me is what's next in line for me, and when you've done something, it turns into something else, almost by force."
With six entries at the Cannes Film Festival thus far, Lars von Trier has been a Cannes award winner four times. Without question, he is the most intriguing film director to emerge in Denmark since the days of his great mentor in spirit Carl Theodor Dreyer. A relentless visionary, von Trier (b. 1956) has succeeded not only in realizing his projects but also in managing to gather substantial audiences to his films. Breaking the Waves (1996) made him a well-known figure to American audiences, as did Dancer in the Dark (2000), winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes. His work on the groundbreaking TV series The Kingdom (1994-97) made him a household name in Denmark. He has continued to stir controversy for his polarizing views on the characters and subject matter of his films, as well as for his film technique. Media attention reached its peak when von Trier created Dogme 95, a movement dedicated to the "Vow of Chastity," which strips cinema of its artifice, flash, and polish. Rather than being strident or shrill, however, these collected interviews reveal the Danish filmmaker to be impish, forthright, witty, sometimes infuriating, and deeply committed to the possibilities of cinema. The conversations in this collection trace his development from the structured, image-obsessed formalist of

Recensione del film di lars von trier.
il Meglio del web
IDIOTI (Dogma #2, Idioterne)
DAN 1998 di Lars Von Trier con Bodil Jorgensen, Jens Albinus, Anne Louis Hassing, Troles Lyby.
Roberto Donati Vai a VM18 viaggio nel cinema (semi) invisibile Vai a Speciale LVT

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