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         Vaughan Stevie Ray:     more books (100)
  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan : Lightnin' Blues 1983-1987 2nd Edition [Songbook] by Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1986
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan - iSong CD-ROM by Stevie Ray Vaughan, 2001-02-01
  3. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitars, Stevie Ray Vaughan discography, Jimmie Vaughan, List of amplifiers used by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  4. Vaughan, Stevie Ray (1954-1990): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Jon Klinkowitz, 2000
  5. The Stevie Ray Vaughn Guitar Collection. 24 of Srv's Greatest Songs by Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1996-01-01
  6. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Lightnin' Blues 1983-1987 (Guitar Recorded Versions) by Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1990
  7. Albert King Albums: Born Under a Bad Sign, Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan in Session, Hard Bargain, the Blues Don't Change, Lovejoy
  8. Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan
  9. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire by Joe Nick; Crawford, Bill Patoski, 1993
  10. Guitar World Magazine (April 1999) (Raw & Uncensored - Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Life & Tragic Death of the Man Who Saved the Blues)
  11. Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs: The Sky Is Crying, Come On, Texas Flood, Rude Mood, Testify, Parts I and Ii, Pride and Joy, Lenny, Crossfire, Say What!
  12. Songxpress: Austin Blues Guitar - Vol 1 (SongXpress)
  13. Stevie Ray Vaughan Lightin' Blues 1983 - 1987 by Editor - Fred Sokolow, 1990

41. Harry's Blues Lyrics Online: Stevie Ray Vaughan Page
All his lyrics, many tabs chords, sound clips, bio, recommended listening, reading and viewing.
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songs: lyrics, songs and sound clips!
Index Page
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42. Tangled Up In Blues Stevie Ray Vaughan
Dedication to stevie ray vaughan.
You need a browser capable of rendering frames in order to view this page.

43. MusicAustin: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Spotlighting the music of stevie ray vaughan.
Over 600 individual artist pages and hundreds of music clips.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan's sound clips Most towns have statues honoring statesmen, great authors, city founders and philanthropists. Austin has a statue of blues man Stevie Ray Vaughan. The legendary Austin guitarist died in 1990 at age 35, leaving behind five albums under his own name and several more albums on which he played as a sideman. These albums have been reissued in various ways and combinations since his death. His albums still sell well, his voice still vibrates with heartfelt blues almost daily on Austin radio stations, his guitar blazing and wailing. One of the five albums Stevie Ray Vaughan made was Family Style , made with his older brother Jimmie Vaughan . "Tick Tock" from this album became a poignant hit, released just as Stevie Ray died in a helicopter crash. The Vaughan brothers showed their licks Austin style in such numbers as "Hard to Be," and "Good Texan." SRV's album The Sky is Crying was remastered as a 24 CT gold disc in 1998. It contains such greats as "Little Wing" and "Wham."

44. Calhoun's Stevie Ray Vaughan Links SRV
Links broken down into categories and summarized.
This page is designed for use with a browser that supports frames.Here you will find links to every Stevie Ray Vaughan related web site in existance. There are over 120 links. Catagorized for your protection Go Back to the Start Stevie Ray Sites that are not in English Stevie Ray Tab Sites Calhoun's Picks! ... View Guestbook

45. Pride And Joy - The Stevie Ray Vaughan Archive
It did not take long for stevie ray vaughan the man to be replaced in the public eye This is my tribute to stevie ray vaughan and my gift to his fans.
The Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience
Collector's List


Song List
Site FAQ

"It did not take long for Stevie Ray Vaughan the man to be replaced in the public eye by Stevie Ray Vaughan, the legend. Dying tragically at the age of thirty-five made him an immediate object of worship in the great rock-and-roll tradition. Dying under such tragic circumstances after overcoming his own personal battles with the demons of booze and drugs elevated him to something just short of sainthood." - Joe Nick Patoski and Bill Crawford, Caught in the Crossfire I hear a blues riff in the still of the night.
Is that you little boy blues?
Your cross was found on some faraway hill,
They say where wild flowers grow.
Are you up there somewhere playing your blues?
Oh Lord I think I know . . . - Joe Boy Cook (Stevie Ray's uncle) Stevie Ray Vaughan: October 3, 1954 - August 27, 1990 Thank you for visiting Pride and Joy . This is my tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan and my gift to his fans. The highlight of the site is The Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience , a place where you, the reader, can send in your thoughts and feelings about Stevie Ray. Also, please enjoy the links below.
Texas Flood
Stevie Ray Vaughan FAQ

46. Index
Information about the club including news, anthology, collectibles, and tours.
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47. Stevie Ray Vaughan Discography
stevie ray vaughan Discography compiled by Craig Keyzer Rocky IV, 1985, CBS, 4735 (video, soundtrack only); stevie ray vaughan And Double Trouble, 1985,
The Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience
Collector's List


Song List
Site FAQ

Stevie Ray Vaughan Discography
compiled by Craig Keyzer
(also see VIDEO/LASERDISC section)
Greatest Hits
Sacred Sources 1, Live Forever , 1993, Cohiba, 697 124 004-4 (features Riviera Paradise from Stevie's last show)
In The Beginning , 1992, Epic, EK/ET 53168 (with Jack Newhouse on bass)
The Sky Is Crying , 1991, Epic, EK/ET 47390
In Step , 1989, Epic, OET/EK 45024
Back To The Beach , Various, 1987, Columbia, SC 40892 (with Dick Dale, movie soundtrack)
Live Alive! , 1986, Epic, EGK/EGT 40511 (with Jimmie Vaughan)
Soul To Soul , 1985, Epic, FET/EK 40036
Couldn't Stand The Weather , 1984, Epic, FET/EK 39304 (with Jimmie Vaughan)
Couldn't Stand The Weather , 1984, Epic, 8E8 39609 S1 (with Jimmie Vaughan, picture disc)
Blues Explosion , 1984, Atlantic, 7 80149-1
Texas Flood , 1983, Epic, FET/EK 38734

(also see VIDEO/LASERDISC section)
The Unplugged Collection, Vol. 1 , Various, 1994, Warner Bros., 9 45774-2

48. .............. ________________44 Blues________________ Relaunched____________
TexasbluesCombo aus dem M¼nsterland Wir covern den Blues von stevie ray vaughan und ZZ Top.

49. Tommy Shannon - Official Website
Tommy Shannon Official Website. Tommy Shannon was the bass player with stevie ray vaughan and Double Trouble, along with Chris Layton and Reese Wynans.
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50. Ryan's Music Collection
stevie ray vaughan, Indigenous, and Jimi Hendrix unauthorized live concert recordings up for trade. Video and several audio formats
My Music Collection
Looking for studio recordings or LIVE recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and INDIGENOUS? Then you came to the right place. This page was created to help expand my collection, and at the same time spread the music to others. Here you'll find a detailed account of what I have to offer. If you have SRV, Hendrix or INDIGENOUS audio and/or video, maybe we can do some tradin'. Audio is PREFERED in CDR format, but that doesn't mean I won't except MD or tapes or even DAT if you got 'em. I can provide all formats except DAT!.
Click here
to see PART 1 of my SRV audio.
Click here
to see PART 2 of my SRV audio.
Click here
to see PART 3 of my SRV audio.
Click here
to see my SRV videos.
Click here
to see my Hendrix stuff
Click here
to see Part I of my INDIGENOUS stuff
Click here
to see Part II of my INDIGENOUS stuff
Click HERE
to support INDIGENOUS!

51. Magical Mystery CDR/Tape Trading Page
Trade CDRs of Eric Clapton, Shawn Colvin, and stevie ray vaughan.
I'm Jon and this is my trading list. Hopefully you're here because you want to set up a trade. Please drop me a line because I want to expand my collection too. I'm into lots of different bands as you can see from the list so there's a good chance that we can set something up. So look around and lets get trading! Stuff you need to know before contacting me:
1. Please ask if you have any questions regarding quality, setlists, etc.
2. I cannot copy from cassette to CD, my stereo doesn't have a burner, sorry.
3. When replying please attach the e-mail I sent you so I know which trade you're referring to, I usually have a few trades going at once and it's hard to keep track of them at times.
I DO NOT sell bootlegs   Please do not ask. If money is mentioned you won't get a response.
2. I don't do 2:1 trades either, sorry but I don't have the time.
3. If you ask for a trade please tell me what you are interested in so I know how much to pick from your list.
4. Please attach your list or link to your list when e-mailing me. If I am able to see what you have you have a better chance of getting a reply.

52. Stevie Ray Vaughan
information about and pictures of the late, great stevie ray vaughan. Find our more information on the stevie ray vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
This directory contains information about and pictures of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Find our more information on the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Fund Lyrics to songs Stevie Ray performed Pictures Antone's Home of the Blues ... Stevie Ray Vaughan on the Internet Other Links
Arts Business ... SiteTerrific Web Solutions

53. Blue Stuff - Blues Aus Hannover
Blues from Germany in the tradition of B.B. King, stevie ray vaughan and the Allman Brothers Band. Site includes band and album information, tour dates and sound samples.
Welcome to the homepage of
Liebe Besucher,
Leider existiert die Band "Blue Stuff" Olaf Leinz haben wir beschlossen, das Projekt "Blue Stuff"
"Waiting For The Blues"
bestellt werden!
Dear visitors,
We are sorry to say that this is the end of the band Blue Stuff as you know it. After the decision of our frontman, singer and organ player Olaf Leinz to leave the band we have decided to put the project "Blue Stuff" to a rest for now and to concentrate our energy on other things or maybe musical projects.
Of course our last CD "Waiting For The Blues" is still available and can be ordered directly from us.
We wish to thank everyone who's been keeping the faith with us and visiting our concerts over the last 8 years and wish all of our fans all the best. Who knows, maybe we'll see again some time!
Sie sind Besucher Nummer:
You are visitor number:
since / seit August '99 Mit Urteil vom 12.05.1998 hat das Landgericht Hamburg entschieden, das man durch Anbringung von Links die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf. und die Inhalte der gelinkten Seiten haben. Dehalb distanzieren wir uns hiermit

54. Stevie Ray Vaughan Music Lyrics
(stevie ray vaughan) Caught up in a whirlwind, can t catch my breath. Knee deep in hot water, broke out in cold sweat. Can t catch a turtle,
Stevie Ray Vaughan Lyrics
Mary Had a Little Lamb Tightrope Mary had a Little Lamb
Buddy Guy
Mary had a little lamb
His fleece was black as coal, yeah
An' everywhere the child went
That little lamb was sure to go now.
He followed her to school one day
Which broke the teachers cool
But what a time did they have
That day at school. Tisket! Tasket! baby A green and yellow basket I wrote a letter to by baby And on my way I past it. Express myself.
Tightrope by (Stevie Ray Vaughan) Caught up in a whirlwind, can't catch my breath. Knee deep in hot water, broke out in cold sweat. Can't catch a turtle, in this rat race. Feels like I'm losing ground, at a breakneck pace. Afraid of my own shadow, in the face of grace. Heart full of darkness, spotlight on my face. There was love all around me, but I was looking for revenge. Thank God it never found me, would have been the end. Walkin' the tight rope, steppin on my friends

55. Liz Melendez Home Page
The Atlanta, Georgia based band plays a hybrid of Freddie King, stevie ray vaughan, Eric Clapton, and Carlos Santana. Site offers biographical information, reviews, recordings and a tour schedule.

56. Guitar Studio. Stevie Ray Vaughan - áèîãðàôèÿ
Биография музыканта.


Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan: èòàðû è îáîðóäîâàíèå
Ïåðâûì èíñòðóìåíòîì Ñòèâè áûëà äåøåâåíüêàÿ, "äåòñêàÿ" ìîäåëü "Roy Rogers", êîòîðàÿ, ïî âîñïîìèíàíèÿì åå áûâøåãî âëàäåëüöà, áûëà ñäåëàíà èç êàðòîíà è íå "ñòðîèëà" íè íà îäíîì ëàäó. ×óòü ïîçæå ïîÿâèëàñü ïåðâàÿ íàñòîÿùàÿ ãèòàðà "Gibson Messenger" c óñèëèòåëåì "Silvertone", êîòîðûé âïîñëåäñòâèè Ñòèâè ïîìåíÿë íà àãðåãàò "Fender Champ 600". Ìíîãîå äîñòàâàëîñü "ïî íàñëåäñòâó" îò ñòàðøåãî áðàòà: "Fender Broadcaster" 1952 ãîäà âûïóñêà, íà êîòîðîì Ñòèâè èãðàë íà ïðîòÿæåíèè âñåãî 1966-ãî ãîäà, "Les Paul T.V." 1954-ãî, à òàêæå "Les Paul gold-top" (ãîä âûïóñêà 1952-îé), ïîëó÷åííûå îò Äæèììè â 1968-ì ãîäó. Ðàçóìååòñÿ, ÷òî áóðíàÿ ìóçûêàëüíàÿ äåÿòåëüíîñòü íå ìîãëà íå ñêàçàòüñÿ íà øêîëüíûõ äîñòèæåíèÿõ ìîëîäîãî òåõàññêîãî äàðîâàíèÿ (øêîëà è ãèòàðà, çàìåòèì ñïðàâåäëèâîñòè ðàäè, - çàíÿòèÿ íåñîâìåñòèìûå). Ïîñëå ìóçèöèðîâàíèé, êîòîðûå çàêàí÷èâàëèñü ãëóáîêî çà ïîëíî÷ü, Ñòèâè, óáàþêèâàåìûé ñëàäîñòíûì âîðêîâàíèåì ó÷èòåëåé, ÷àñòåíüêî äðåìàë íà "ãàëåðêå". Øêîëå ïðèøëîñü ñêàçàòü "bye-bye" â 1972-ì ãîäó, è Ñòèâè, ñîáðàâ âåùè÷êè, ïåðåáèðàåòñÿ â Îñòèí - ñòîëèöó Òåõàñà - äëÿ òîãî, ÷òîáû ïîñâÿòèòü ñåáÿ ìóçûêå áåç îñòàòêà. Ïåðâûì, êòî îöåíèë âèðòóîçíóþ èãðó ãèòàðèñòà, ñòàë Äîéëü Áðýìõîëë. Âïîñëåäñòâèè îí ñòàë íå òîëüêî áëèæàéøèì äðóãîì, íî è ñîàâòîðîì ìíîãèõ ïåñåí Ñòèâè. Íî òîãäà, íà çàðå 70-õ, äðóçüÿ èãðàþò âìåñòå â ãðóïïå "Nightcrawllers". Çàòåì ïîïóëÿðíûé îñòèíñêèé ñîñòàâ "The Cobras" ïðåäëîæèë Ñòèâè çàíÿòü âàêàíòíîå ìåñòî ãèòàðèñòà. Îí ïðèíèìàåò ïðåäëîæåíèå è âñþ ñåðåäèíó ñåìèäåñÿòûõ êîëåñèò ñ "Êîáðàìè" ïî áàðàì è çàáåãàëîâêàì Òåõàñà.

57. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Music, News, Videos, Photos, CD, Songs, A
stevie ray vaughan photos, videos, news, reviews and more the complete stevie ray vaughan archive at
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Artist Album Song Other HOME NEWS REVIEWS PHOTOS ... Videos Artist Feed: What's This? The Complete SHORTCUT: /stevierayvaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stevie Ray Vaughan Biography
Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Stevie Ray...

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

All Albums
In Brief: Crow, Wu-Tang
Aug 06, 2004
This Day in Rock
Oct 03, 2000
Seagal Taps BSB, 'N Sync, Britney Camps for Help on Debut Album
Sep 28, 2000
All News

All Photos
Rhapsody gives you access to more than 500,000 songs, for the price of one CD, plus:
Stevie Ray Vaughan Radio
Stevie Ray Vaughan albums and songs Revolution Eric Clapton Give Me That Webbie Rough Justice Rolling Stones Axel F Crazy Frog Just the Girl The Click Five See the Rolling Stone Top 10

58. Vaughan, Stevie Ray
Fanside af Thomas fra S¸nderjylland.
Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitaristen ude til venstre hedder Stevie Ray Vaughan. Han er uden tvivl min favoritguitarist og -musiker nr. 1.
Hvis man er til texas blues, så skal man altså ha´ en CD med ham i sin samling. Jeg har selv en del af slagsen og kan ikke få nok af dem.
Neden under er der et par billeder I kan forstørre ved at dobbeltklikke på dem. Tilbage MP3-smagsprøver. Tightrope - Alpine Valley (aug.1990) Texas Flood - Montreaux Jazz Festival (juli 1982) Skulle du have lyst til at rode lidt mere med Stevie Ray Vaughan, kan du jo kigge ind på Empty Arms (3.22 Mb) Pride and Joy (3.36 Mb) Stevie Ray Vaughan´s grav. ... Stevie Ray Vaughan-bøger. Andre SRV-godter...

59. LaRace's Guitar Tabs
Guitar tabs for Eric Clapton, Santana, stevie ray vaughan.
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LaRace's Guitar Tabs
Welcome to my tab page...I don't have a huge archive, just a some tabs from a few of my fav. take a look around and take what you need...some of the tabs were done by myself, some from others so if you take anything be sure to give them credit...If you would like to add some of your own tabs or make any requests just email me with your tabs or requests and I will be happy to post them if I can...This page is still under heavy construction...So check back from time to time...Also I have just added an Mp3 section so be sure to look out for that..THIS JUST IN...IVE BEEN ABDUCTED BY THE NAVY-guys im sooo sorry i havent been able to update this dumb ass joined the navy...why didnt you guyz stop me...any way i wont be able to update this page for awhile ...but i will still leave the rest of the tabs for you guys that havent seen them...yet...TO BE CONTINUED... Click On An Artist Or Band .

60. Hi-Way 13 Blues Band
A band that plays blues based on stevie ray vaughan, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Freddie King and others mixed with originals. Based in Northern New Jersey. Official web site.

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