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         Tiffany:     more books (102)
  1. Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities by Tiffany Johnson, 2009-06-16
  2. 200 Best Panini Recipes by Tiffany Collins, 2008-08-01
  3. Bejewelled by Tiffany 1837-1987
  4. Tiffany Twisted (Cheek) by Alison Tyler, 2006-07-11
  5. Tiffany Christmas by John Loring, 1996-10-01
  6. Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life: Tools to Connect by Tiffany Snow, 2003-04-24
  7. Louis C Tiffany: Rebel in Glass by Robert Koch, 1988-12-12
  8. The Bishop's Daughter by Tiffany L. Warren, 2009-01-09
  9. The Cats of Tiffany Street (Houghton Mifflin Leveled Library: Little Big Book Plus: Them) by Sarah Hayes, 1996-01
  10. My Father Had a Daughter: Judith Shakespeare's Tale by Grace Tiffany, 2004-08-03
  11. Last Tiffany: A Biography of Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham by Michael John Burlingham, 1989-05
  12. Tiffany at Auction by Alastair Duncan, 1982-12
  13. Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol: Quick reference guide for the 500 calorie and maintenance phase of the HCG Diet Protocol by Tiffany Prinster, Linda Prinster, 2009-06-30
  14. Encyclopedia Of Transcendentalism (Literary Movements) by Tiffany Wayne, 2006-03-30

61. Tiffany Park's Fanfiction
Fiction stories based upon Star Trek TOS and Stargate SG1.
Tiffany Park's Fanfiction
Welcome to my page. The stories listed here are pretty much the sum total of my fanfic output for my whole life, and until now were scattered around in various places. I just thought it might be a good idea to get them all together in one location. Be forewarned: I never met a cliche I didn't like. That said, I hope you enjoy the stories.
Blake's 7

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

Star Trek (The Original Series)

Stargate SG-1
Send me feedback!

Last Updated: July 28, 2005
"Updated" gif courtesy of Spot's Graphics Archive

62. Martijns Tiffany Glas
Informatie en projecten over de tiffany glastechniek.
Tiffany,Tifany ,Tiffanie ,tiffany glass glas,Tiffany raamhanger,raamhangers, Tiffany lamps ,Tiffany lampen Tiffany lamp,hobby,stained,suncatcher Tijdens de vakantie kwam ik glas en lood lampjes tegen,
ik dacht bij mijzelf, dat moet ik ook kunnen.
Ik heb eerst wat informatie gezocht over glas in lood op het internet.
Daarbij kwam ik gelijk informatie tegen over Tiffany.
Bij vergelijking van de twee technieken heb ik gekozen voor Tiffany.
Leek mij eenvoudiger en daarnaast heb je meer mogelijkheden.
Vervolgens heb ik naar informatie gezocht in de Bibliotheek.
Daar vond ik een instructie video waarop
verschillende glasbewerkings methodieken werden uitgelegd,
waaronder glas in lood en tiffany.
Bij het zien van de video kreeg ik al gauw een indruk van de twee stijlen. Daarnaast krijg je op de video te zien wat je zoal nodig hebt. Vervolgens heb ik de basis gereedschappen gekocht om te kunnen beginnen. stained glass hobby copperfoil foil patina lamp lampen patterns leadedlamp tifany mrtmrtmrtmrt 2005-08-19
HOME Nieuw op de site Gastenboek Eigen werk ... Raamhanger I Links Web shops Glas producenten Nederlandse sites Buitenlandse sites Welkom op mijn tiffany site Mijn naam is Martijn Stapel, ik woon in Zwolle en hou mij

63. Morse Museum [Tiffany Chapel For The 1893 Columbian Exposition]
Part of a complex of rooms, the tiffany Chapel dominated the tiffany Studios Following the fair, the chapel was disassembled, returned to tiffany
CHAPEL, c. 1893
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Louis Comfort Tiffany's most impressive achievements were interiors - notably those of his own houses in New York City and on Long Island, the Havemeyer House in New York City and a little chapel he made for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. That chapel, not seen by the general public for more than a century, has been under conservation for two years and is now reassembled at the Morse Museum of American Art. Tiffany enjoyed international acclaim for his work starting with his 1893 chapel and continuing after the turn of the century. Then his reputation waned until the 1950s when it reemerged, but it has grown in recent years largely on the basis of individual objects. Tiffany's general popularity and a rising scholarly interest and opinion of his work made the prospect of rebuilding with original elements one of his greatest interiors, his chapel of 1893, not only exciting but important.

64. Tiffany Eunick
Dedicated to a sixyear-old girl who was beaten to death by her playmate.
Tiffany Eunick Tiffany Eunick In July of 1999, an adorable 6 year old girl, Tiffany Eunick was brutally beat and murdered by her 12 year old "playmate" Lionel Tate. Tiffany, a friendly, intelligent girl with a smile like the sunshine, suffered numerous painful injuries. Some of which were related to those of a car accident. Tiffany's mother, Ms.Deweese, thought she had left Tiffany in a safe place when she allowed her daughter to stay at the home of Kathleen Grossett-Tate. Sadly enough, this was not the case. Little Tiffany died miserably and awfully. Tiffany's autopsy revealed bruises, broken bones, broken rib cage, skull fractures, brain damage, bleeding eyes, among others. How could such gruesome murder take place while a mother- who is a police woman- is inside the home at the time? What was Lionel thinking as he beat this little girl? Did he not know that he was hurting her? No one at any age should be that violent but for a 12 year old, it's more shocking. Remembering Tiffany Tiffany is remember as a precious, energetic child with a lovely personality. Her father could never refuse her smile when she wanted anything. Tiffany had just returned from a church camp five days before her death and was scheduled to visit Disney World for the first time the next day.

65. Welcome To Tiffany-show
tiffany s Show is one of the world s most famous transvestie cabaret show with more than 2000 people every night enjoying or spectacular performances.

66. Tiffany
Short biography and tiffany quotes.
Click on above picture to download full size pic - it's 177K Full Name : Tiffany Darwisch Born October 2nd 1971 in Norwalk, California Height Five Foot Six Colour Of Eyes: Brown Colour Of Hair: Auburn Quotes from Tiff I was addicited to Coca Cola! "When I was younger I used to drink Coke all the time. I would get up, have a glass of Coke, go to school, have another glass of Coke, have some more with my lunch and even during lessons in the afternoon. I found out I was running on Coca Cola. I was addicted! But I'm not going to do the next Coca Cola advert!" I got pelted with bars of chocolate in Japan. "I've done this advert in Japan for Lucky Stick chocolate bars so I've got boxes and boxes of them at home. And every time I perform in Japan I get pelted with the stuff. Fortunately I love it!" I first got drunk when I was eight! "I went to this party with my mum and her friends and I felt like trying everybody's drinks so I did. I was really sick. I went to a roller skating party the next day and every time I tried to skate I felt dizzy and fell over. It was awful" Someone sent me a huge tin of olives "The strangest present I've ever been sent was a huge tine of black olives. I love them. I eat olives like other people eat chips. I think it's the best present I could get."

67. Dale Tiffany
Today, Dale tiffany has become the worldÕs foremost designer and manufacturer of fine art glass lighting and home decor. Using only the highest quality

68. Breakfast At Tiffany's Discussion
Detailed analysis of the plot, theme, setting and characters of the movie, plus links to similar movies. Sign up to be a movie scholar on the site.
Breakfast at Tiffany's Movie Review Book Reviews Movie Reviews Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Dramas
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Starring: Audrey Hepburn,George Peppard
Review Summary Breakfast at Tiffany's is a charming romantic comedy about eccentric New York City call girl Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) and her neighbor, Paul Varjak (George Peppard). Holly's determination to marry a Brazillian millionaire causes much conflict when Paul, a writer who is "sponsored" by an older woman (Patricia Neal) falls in love with her. The romance gets even more complicated when Holly's husband, Doc (Buddy Ebsen) shows up wanting Holly back. This classic romance comedy is based on Truman Capote's novella and is sure to please.
Victoria, Resident Breakfast at Tiffany's Scholar
Breakfast At Tiffany's is a feel good movie about finding oneself and finding romance. This movie lacks action and the ending s inevitable, but the story is cute and sweet, the characters bring out the best in the movie.
michelle, Resident Breakfast at Tiffany's Scholar
Breakfast at Tiffany's is a light hearted feel good movie about new romance and finding one's self. Holly Golightly is trying to run away from her past by changing her name and moving to New York. But when she meets Paul Harvak, a struggling writer who is 'supposedly sponsored' by Patricia Neal, he bring out the truth in her and makes her find her true self. Breakfast at Tiffany's is a great movie for the romantics, but lacks certain action, the movie is basically based around Holly and Paul's love for each other and nothing else. 9/10.

69. Webby Awards
Honored as one of Newsweek s Women Shaping the 21st Century, tiffany Shlain is founder tiffany also creates unique productions in film and theater.
August 22, 2005



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download high resolution jpg
Photo credit: Troy Kendal Press Quote Highlights Speaking Engagements Lecture Topics Tiffany Shlain
Honored as one of Newsweek's "Women Shaping the 21st Century," Tiffany Shlain is founder and chairperson of The Webby Awards, an award-winning filmmaker and the on-air Internet expert for ABC's Good Morning America. Tiffany also creates unique productions in film and theater. She has directed 10 films, including, " ," an official selection at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, which explores the ironies and absurdities of the reproductive rights fight in the United States. Her other projects range from directing the documentary "Less is Moore," a profile of Intel founder Gordon Moore narrated by Harrison Ford, to directing the critically acclaimed theater production starring Tony Award winner Alan Cumming at the SF Opera House. Currently, she is in pre-production for her new film "The Tribe." In addition to her work with filmmaking and The Webby Awards, Tiffany regularly appears on television and radio as an expert commentator on internet issues. She discusses an array of topics from politics and privacy online, to activism and ethical issues.

70. Lighting Incorporated - The Best Online Store For Buying Light Fixtures, Lamps,
Features crystal chandeliers, tiffany style lamps, furniture, mirrors, gas lanterns, wall sconces, and ceiling fans. Includes tips and a FAQ section.
About Us

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We have just upgraded our
Our new search tool allows you to find matching items AND send your "wish list" to us for final order processing. It's simply the best way to search for lighting online!
Lighting Inc. is the premier lighting showroom on the Internet.
High quality products and great prices backed by the service expected from Lighting Inc.

Contains jokes, personal poetry, and pictures.
SB Ladies Must See links by Tinkerbell 311: DrueCrue SoundBreak Postcards!!! J B J O K E S Old Guest Book Entries 1-45 A site for me, about me, and by me........
I'm back. I just wanted to note that a former Sound Breaker is attempting to throw a "Sound Break" New Year's Eve party in L.A. If you want to know more info. or just what is going on, tune into the SB BABBLE Tapioca list. I haven't really updated this site in forever, but I promise, I'm trying to find time. I may be working on her very soon. I'm getting a couple of things done today if at all possible. Lates, Tiffany
I finally added links to the music page. Not all done yet, but I will be within the next few days. I am also trying to create easier navigation here, because I know this jumble is CHAOTIC! I kinda like it that way! But I guess you, the person whose got to figure it all out, doesn't. So, we'll work something out. Don't forget the links at the bottom of the page! Incubus Chat, my funny converations, and Tinkerbell's links as well. Hope you enjoy it all.... Tiffany
I have neglected this site long enough, so I gave a few pages complete make overs to keep it from dying entirely. I hope it is an imporovment. If not, who cares? It's a change at least. I've been up to so much, and expanding my music horizons has definately been involved. I'm am attempting to work on links for the music page, but if I don't do that, I'll just do a make over on that page, too. So, keep your heads up. In one more month, this site will have been up for one year. Wow, time flies. Well guys, don't forget to sign the guestbook to tell me how much you miss me. (PS) All new picture pages!

tiffany Lamps GLASSMART.COM - 888-452-7796Odyssey makes the best molds possible for creating genuine tiffany replicas. Odyssey bases are the best in the business. A bit more expensive than others

73. Stained Glass
Showcases tiffany and art deco inspired panels, lamps, windows and ceilings by Mark and Jeanne Bogenrief.
/* You may give each page an identifying name, server, and channel on the next lines. */var pageName = "Home";/**** DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE! ****/var code = ' '; document.write(' '); document.write('>'); Bogenrief Studios 25 years of Building on the Legacy of Tiffany and the Energy of Art Deco... Mark and Jeanne Bogenrief have moved their world class Stained Glass studio to Sutherland Iowa. Mark and Jeanne have been creating exquisite and highly detailed Works of Art in Glass for over a quarter of a century, Creating Works of Art that truly push the limits of glass, as a medium, even as they are inspired by Antique, Traditional and Historical themes... Sara The images represented on a web site cannot truly convey the power and presence of the works of Art presented at any given time; some of these works contain literally thousands of individual pieces of stained glass. As many of you know, the last year has been an eventful one. The Main Studio has relocated to Sutherland Iowa, with Galleries and Hot Glass operations in Cherokee and Spencer Iowa. For Gallery Hours and information, call 712-446-2094 or send an email to

74. Who Is Tiffany Anthony?
Singer/songwriter. Biography, sounds, art, poetry, albums, and news.
Sorry - this page is gone. Visit my other pages.... A Diamond Image - Discount wedding favors, accessories, decorations, invitations, and more. A Total Image - Affordable web, graphics, and print design. CarbHealth - Support for your low-carb lifestyle. - Directory of wholesale suppliers and products for resellers. SportsYackers - Chat with fellow sports enthusiasts about your favorite teams and players.

75. Nanjing Well-Tek Tiffany Co., Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of stained glass lights, tiffany panels, and associated decorative items. China.

76. Tiffany Mills Company
Mills dancers partner in threedimensional explosions, syncopating space. The tiffany Mills Company strikes a nerve, triggered by instinct, driven out of
www.bartok www.bartok

77. Shiela Dixon :: Stained Glass Artist :: Midlands, UK ::
Specializes in kilnfired work, reproduction tiffany lamps and stained glass windows.
Shiela Dixon Stained Glass Artist
email me
Home Site Map Articles ... About Me Business Software I use Organise to manage my time, customers, orders, invoicing etc.
Please note that I am no longer based at Alby Crafts but have moved to the Midlands.
Stained and Leaded Glass
messageboard . As well as my own windows Tiffany Lamps and a peep at what's on my bench right now, you'll find information about the ancient origins of the craft including details of the techniques of kiln-fired staining and enamelling and a biography of Tiffany with pictures of his work. For further reading I include some book reviews and links
  • Use the site map to help you locate the page that you're looking for
  • If you would like to receive my free newsletter, which contains news as well as a list of new and used books that I have for sale, then please type your email address in the box below and press the button. Your email address will not be passed on to anyone else and only used by me to send my free newsletter.

78. Tiffany Holmes: Main Site
redirecting to http//
redirecting to

79. Welcome To RichardMillerLamps.Com
Specializes in antique student lamps, kerosene oil lighting, tiffany and nontiffany leaded lamps, early gas and electric lighting.

80. "Tiffany Lamps"
Offers tiffanystyle lamps and lighting. Also offers sconces, pendants and accessories.
Your online source for Tiffany style lighting and accessories Call us toll free at 866 737-2868 Tiffany Lamps Tiffany Chandeliers Tiffany Panels Tiffany Pendants ... Site Map Tiffany Renovators offers hundreds of Tiffany lamps , floor lamps and chandeliers. That is all that we sell, so if you are looking for Tiffany Style lighting This is the site to browse, and we promise not to waste your time with other miscellaneous product. With pricing from $30.00 to $1000.00, you will be sure to Find the Tiffany lamp that is in your budget. Wholesale pricing does make a difference and with generous no restock fee return policy , If you should find the same model else where less expensive, we will not only match the price but give you an additional 5% discount. You can be assured that you are making a purchase that is extremely competitive in both the internet and retail. With over 30 years in the retail lighting industry you can feel completely secure that you have chosen an outlet that has a proven track record. The ultimate goal of Tiffany Renovators is that we prefer to assist a customer

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