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         Thomas Danny:     more books (103)
  1. Professional Java Data: RDBMS, JDBC, SQLJ, OODBMS, JNDI, LDAP, Servlets, JSP, WAP, XML, EJBs, CMP2.0, JDO, Transactions, Performance, Scalability, Object and Data Modeling by Thomas Bishop, Glenn E. Mitchell, et all 2001-06
  2. Marilyn Manson Trilogy, Creating an Antichrist (Marilyn Manson Trilogy - Marilyn Manson Murders Series of Books) by Thomas Chi, Pastor Paul Sherman, et all 2007-10-19
  3. English Radio Presenters: Clive Anderson, Chris Tarrant, Ken Livingstone, Brian J. Ford, Danny Baker, Claudia Winkleman, Owen Spencer-Thomas
  4. English Radio Presenters: Clive Anderson, Chris Tarrant, Ken Livingstone, Brian J. Ford, Danny Baker, Claudia Winkleman, Owen Spencer-Thomas
  5. College Golf Coaches: Thomas Trueblood, Buddy Alexander, Mike Small, Danny Mason, Dave Ragan, Joan Joyce, Tim Norris, Jan Dowling, Grier Jones
  6. Tennessee Rhythm Players: Brandon Pollard, Danny Devall, Bobby Rhine, Craig Tomlinson, Thomas Kojo
  7. University of San Diego Alumni: George Thomas Coker, Pat Quinn, Theo Epstein, Danny Tarkanian, Shelley Berkley, Wade Sanders, Jim Parsons
  8. Danny Lyon: Ten Years of Photographs by Thomas H. Garver, 1973-01-01
  9. The Great Recession as Told Through Cartoons (Volume 2) by Thomas J. Powell, 2009-12-30
  10. Studying Marilyn Manson: Groupies, School Violence and Bullying: Marketing Revelations, Christianity, Antichrists and Psychiatrist by Thomas Chi, 2007-11-08
  11. Should the physical education profession lobby to become a "core subject" when No Child Left Behind is amended?(Issues): An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Ryan R. Bradshaw, Danny Gatfield, et all 2006-02-01
  12. Systems Engineering Plan for Surface Navy Theater Air Defense (TAD)- Volume 1: System Requirements Engineering by Peter J. Stafford, Thomas W. Kimbrell, et all 1999
  13. Revisiting the seventies: the third world comes of age.(Recall): An article from: Joint Force Quarterly by Thomas C. Reed, Danny B. Stillman, 2008-10-01
  14. Lessons of East Asia: An Overview of Country Experience (Spanish Edition) by Danny M. Leipziger, Vinod Thomas, 1994-01

101. Generate Vs Garlands @ Garlands Liverpool Saturday 19th June 2004, Jay Brown,
Jay Brown, Neal thomas, Daniel Ellis, Dowdzwell, Chris Cox . Dave Huey, One Read More. No Flyer Available Bumpin Pre Party Mash Up @ The Velvet Lounge

102. :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Blog
The best rebuttal to Bhagwati s argument, by the way, is not thomas Friedman, Dan s stuff is always worth reading. Eugene Volokh
Monday, August 22, 2005
Does China contradict the liberal paradigm, part deux
Following up on my post a few months ago on whether China's economic liberalization will lead to democratization , the Economist asks similar questions about the trajectory of Hu Jintao's government and comes up with the same muddled answer: Mr Hu's (in fact, fairly consistent) conservatism has been evident in his belief that the Communist Party, riddled with corruption and other abuses of power, is quite capable of cleaning up its own act without the need for any checks or balances. This year, for instance, he has ordered millions of party officials to take part in many hours of mind-numbing ideological training designed to tighten party discipline (known as the “education campaign to preserve the advanced nature of Communist Party members”).... Publicly, Mr Hu's comments have been moderate in tone. But he has been tougher at closed-door gatherings, such as during a meeting of the party's Central Committee last September. The plenum was of crucial symbolic importance for Mr Hu. It appointed him as the supreme commander of China's armed forces, thus completing his takeover of the country's three top positions, following his appointment as party leader in November 2002 and president in March 2003. The contents of Mr Hu's maiden speech have not been published in full. In the still secret portion, Mr Hu reportedly railed against “Western hostile forces” and “bourgeois liberalisation”. It was a worrying throwback to the paranoid language that suffused official rhetoric in the wake of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989....

103. The Place Where Souls Are Born (Thomas Keneally)
A Journey to the Southwest Keneally s The Place Where Souls Are Born is, ostensibly, an account of a trip to the American Southwest, a counterclockwise
Danny Yee's Book Reviews
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The Place Where Souls Are Born:
A Journey to the Southwest
Thomas Keneally
A book review by Danny Yee Keneally's The Place Where Souls Are Born is, ostensibly, an account of a trip to the American Southwest, a counter-clockwise circuit through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The focus is on the wilderness areas, the history and the American Indians, with the Anasazi as a kind of keystone. Although entertaining and easy to read, I found it rather unsatisfying. The narrative is vaguely chronological, but contains so many historical and ethnographic digressions and abrupt jumps that one never has the feel of being on a real journey. Keneally is also extremely selective about the way in which he appears in his own narrative: we read about his awe at the immensity of the Colorado canyons, but we never find out how much time he actually spent on his trip; his wife and daughter, who traveled with him throughout the trip, make only cameo appearances; he mentions in passing that he was commissioned to write the book, but doesn't mention whether his trip was paid for or not; and so on. He seems to be trying to combine the authenticity of personal experience with the objectivity of history, while at the same time catering to readers with short attention spans; he is arguably more interested in impressing his audience than in doing justice to his subject material. I suppose that this sort of criticism can be leveled at most travel writing, and perhaps I'm being unreasonably harsh (or perhaps I've just been reading too much postmodern criticism of ethnographic writing). In the end it is a matter of taste: as far as books on the Southwest go, I'd rather read either Tony Hillerman's novels or Edward Spicer's history, and as far as Keneally goes I greatly prefer his novels.

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106. RAB Hall Of Fame: Colonel Ton Parker
Loanne Miller Parker, Colonel Tom Parker s wife (Mrs. thomas A. Parker) By Loanne M Parker. PARKER, who gave up smoking his trademark big Cuban cigars in
This page is sponsored by
Loanne Miller Parker, Colonel Tom Parker's wife (Mrs. Thomas A. Parker)
By Loanne M Parker

who gave up smoking his trademark big Cuban cigars in 1990, had a meteoric rise from being a hobo in the late 1920s to a top show business manager.
Tom Parker was born on June 26, 1909 in Breda, The Netherlands to Adam and Maria VanKuijk who named their fifth child Andreas Cornelius VanKuijk. As a young man Parker immigrated to the United States where he worked on carnivals and served four years in the United States Army.
After his discharge from the army
In late 1940 he became Field Director of the Tampa Humane Society,
a position he held for three years. Tom Parker left the Humane Society to go back into the entertainment field, booking country acts. In 1944 he became the manager of Eddy Arnold and by November 1947 Eddy had been #1 on the country charts for 53 weeks.
When Tom Parker and Eddy Arnold went their separate ways, Tom began booking Hank Snow and in January 1955 became his personal manager. Colonel (as he was now called, having been given an honorary title of "colonel" by several southern governors) began booking Elvis Presley as an opening act on the Hank Snow appearances.
June 6, 1993 at a 70th birthday party given for Virginia Kelley

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