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         Tarantino Quentin:     more books (100)
  1. American Cinematographers: Stanley Kubrick, Man Ray, George Lucas, Steven Soderbergh, Conrad Hall, Quentin Tarantino, Billy Bitzer
  2. Four Rooms: Four Friends Telling Four Stories Making One Film by Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, et all 1995-11
  3. PULP FICTION a Quentin Tanantino Screenplay by Quentin Tarantino, 1994
  4. Natural Born Killers by Quentin Tarantino, 1995
  5. True romance: [screenplay] by Quentin Tarantino, 1991
  6. Pulp Fiction: Das Buch Z. Film by Quentin Tarantino, 1994
  7. Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, 1996
  8. Pulp Fiction (Xerox of Original Manuscript) May 1993 Last Draft by Quentin Tarantino, Roger Roberts Avery, 1993
  9. Malditos bastardos / Inglourious Bastards (Spanish Edition) by Quentin Tarantino, 2009-09-30
  10. PULP FICTION. [Promotional Brochure, Kyoto International Film Festival]. by Quentin. [John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis]. TARANTINO, 1994
  11. Reservoir Dogs & True Romance Screenpl by Quentin Tarantino, 1996
  12. JACKIE BROWN Based on the novel Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard by Quentin. TARANTINO, 1997-01-01
  13. Jackie Brown German Lobby Card Set by Quentin Tarantino, 1997
  14. Pulp Fiction :SPANISH by Quentin Tarantino,

121. The Simpsons Archive: Quentin Tarantino References
quentin tarantino References. Created by Hari Michael Wierny There have been numerous references to the movies of quentin tarantino over the years on
Quentin Tarantino References
Created by Hari Michael Wierny
Contributions from John Cole
Maintained by Mike Powers
There have been numerous references to the movies of Quentin Tarantino over the years on The Simpsons. Being a big Tarantino fan myself, I decided to list the references. The result became larger than I imagined it would have. I'm open to suggestion, and additions are warmly recieved.
Reservoir Dogs
  • ] Mr. Burns and Bart standing off with guns much like a scene in the movie. ] Camera angle when Mr. Burns threatens them with a gun. ] Lawrence Tierney, star of Reservoir Dogs, guest stars in this episode. ] The Itchy and Scratchy episode was "Reservoir Cats" directed by Quentin Tarantino references. ] The warehouse setting was a clone of that in the movie. ] Mr. Blonde (Itchy) tortures Marvin Nash (scratchy) with "Stuck in the Middle With You" playing. ] Scratchy tied up on chair with duct tape over mouth. ] Itchy pours gasoline on Scratchy, and as the camera pans left, cuts his ear off (identical to Reservoir Dogs).
  • Natural Born Killers
    Tarantino wrote this movie.

    122. Everything Tarantino | The Film Works Of Quentin Tarantino
    Daily weblog keeping track of all the news and rumors surrounding writer/director quentin tarantino and his films.
    Sin City DVD Released
    The Sin City DVD is released today.
    You may also want to pick up the soundtrack or the Making of the Movie book.
    Amazon also has a paperback version of the Complete Sin City Library , which is a collection of all 7 volumes of the storyline.
    There are also lots of different Sin City posters to choose from. August 16, 2005
    Category: Sin City
    Comments: 17 ( add yours
    Signed Lunar Park Giveaway
    Our sister site, , is giving away 5 signed copies of Lunar Park
    Lunar Park is Bret Easton Ellis' next novel - it gets released next Tuesday. And if you haven't heard of it till now, here is everything there is to know about Lunar Park August 10, 2005
    Category: Other Stuff
    Comments: 4 ( add yours
    Rodriguez Details Grind House
    Robert Rodriguez talked to MTV about the progress on Grind House . There is a treasure trove of little tidbits planned for this movie in the ariticle - make sure you check it out. The Texas-born filmmaker revealed that he's currently holed up at Tarantino's Los Angeles abode, and they're working both together and separately. "I'm at his house now writing it," Rodriguez said of the film that they expect to shoot "probably in the fall ... They're two different movies, but he reads me stuff and I tell him stuff that I do."

    123. Quentin Tarantino Wants To Tackle James Bond. >> News, weird news, politics, hypocrisy, jokes, dumb quotes, 1880+ jokes, funny pictures, pics, bizarre, strange news, science news, With my full brain Oxycontin free...just to make it fair! Home Submit a Story Weird Only 1800+ Jokes ... Hypocrites is now closed for good as far as updates go. Thank you for your support and help!
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    Rumsfeld, White met to discuss Enron and how to spin it to the press
    White House acknowledges many more contacts with Enron; Bush KNEW Kenny Boy Enron alive and kicking: Senate asks Kenny Boy about role in Bush's policies ... 'Broke' Kenny Boy sells Aspen house for $10 mil, shredded docs extra
    Quentin Tarantino Wants to Tackle James Bond.
    Saturday, 15 May 2004 @ 20:56:54 EDT Direct link to story /more... I hope he sticks to the book which will make it R rated..kaos Reuters. CANNES, France (Reuters) - After four years of filming and editing his "Kill Bill" revenge saga, American director Quentin Tarantino (news) feels like he's climbed a cinematic mountain but instead of a much-desired rest he wants to tackle the Everest of film genres: James Bond. Once Tarantino finishes worldwide promotion for his "Kill Bill - Volume 2" sequel, which stars Uma Thurman (news) as a bride bent on finding the man who tried to kill her, he plans to approach the producers of the big-budget Bond series.

    124. The Tarantino Ring
    quentin tarantino fans can surf from site to site.

    125. Quentin Tarantino - Biografie Rasscass
    Translate this page Kooperation Rasscass Wissen Bildung FOCUS Online in Kooperation mit MSN.

    126. DVD: Pulp Fiction: 2dvd: Special Edition (2002)
    Pulp Fiction 2dvd Special Edition, tarantino,quentindir John Travolta Samuel Jackson Uma Thurman, TOUCHSTONE.;-1;-1;-1&sku=66705

    127. Quentin Tarantino - Vente Et Achat Quentin Tarantino Occasion Ou Neuf - DVD, VHS
    Translate this page quentin tarantino Achat Vente quentin tarantino Occasion au meilleur prix ! 2.5 millions de membres, 9 millions de produits garantis par PriceMinister.
    dvd / vhs : quentin tarantino
    3 055 000 membres 14 527 300 produits en vente page cree 2005 08 22 21:17:02 Tous Supports Tous DVD DVD Zone 2 DVD Zone 1 VHS Code barre / EAN Par Pseudo Tous champs Titre Réalisateur Acteur
    quentin tarantino
    Résultats pour " quentin tarantino " dans DVD / VHS Résultats de recherche en "Vidéo" Afficher tous les résultats Occasion uniquement Neuf uniquement Collection uniquement page 1 / 4 Ne pas afficher les images Vous avez recherché " quentin tarantino " dans la catégorie "Vidéo". Kill Bill Vol. 2 (DVD Zone 2)
    Quentin Tarantino

    Miramax Films Corp.

    Meilleur prix
    ... Conditions générales Achat Vente Garanti - Occasion ou Neuf

    128. Guardian Unlimited Film | Interviews | Saint Quentin
    Where has quentin tarantino, the hero of indie cinema, been for the past six years quentin tarantino describes his muchanticipated new film, Kill Bill,,6737,1054708,00.html
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    Recent features 'I am the only normal director'
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    Sacred cows
    John Robinson on The Devil and Daniel Johnston

    More about Kill Bill: Volume 1
    Saint Quentin Where has Quentin Tarantino, the hero of indie cinema, been for the past six years? Recharging his batteries, performing on stage - and preparing his bloodiest film to date, Kill Bill. He talks to Duncan Campbell Friday October 3, 2003

    129. Sharelook Tarantino, Quentin | österreichische Webkatalog | Suchen Und Finden |
    Translate this page tarantino, quentin - Schnell Suchen und Finden in über 200.000 quentin tarantino Page Biographie, Downloadfotos und Infos zum Kultregisseur.
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  • Tarantino, Quentin - Angebote zum Thema Tarantino, Quentin als Auktion oder Sofortkaufen Tarantino bei Amazon (Y!SM) Sponsored Link (Y!SM) Sponsored Link Tarantino - Fanartikel bei CloseUp (MIVA) Sponsored Link Quentin Tarantino Page Biographie, Downloadfotos und Infos zum Kultregisseur.
  • Tarantino, Quentin - Angebote zum Thema Tarantino, Quentin als Auktion oder Sofortkaufen Tipps Tarantino, Quentin Tarantino, Quentin Tarantino, Quentin Free Counter Internationale Metasuchen: Belgien Deutschland Frankreich Italien ... Niederlande Internationale Webkataloge: Belgien Deutschland Frankreich Italien ... Niederlande Regional: Aachen Berlin Bochum Bonn ... mehr...
  • 130. Bücher, DVD & Mehr Bestellen - GRATIS-EXPRESS Versand
    Translate this page tarantino, quentin Pulp Fiction. 10th Anniversary Companion Book. tarantino, quentin Natural Born Killers Lieferbar innerhalb von ein bis zwei Wochen,

    131. Tarantino, Quentin
    Translate this page Annuaire de sites sur tarantino, quentin. Sites en français consacrés à quentin tarantino .tarantino, quentin, tarantino, quentin, t, réalisateurs.,_quentin.html
    Tarantino, Quentin Navigation : Accueil
    Annuaire de sites francophones sur Internet Navigation : Forum Sonneries Telecharger Annuaire ... Tarantino, Quentin
    Tarantino, Quentin - 2 site(s)
    Sites en fran§ais consacr©s   Quentin Tarantino.
    Quentin Tarantino - Biographie, filmographie, livres consacr©s au r©alisateur et liens. Tarantino's Connection - Biographie, filmographie d©taill©e, sons et extraits de dialogues.
    Accueil Fran§ais Arts Audiovisuel ... Tarantino, Quentin Le plus grand annuaire humain du Web Soumettre Open Directory Project Devenir Editeur Plan annuaire : Achats Actualite Arts Commerce ... iliona

    132. Quentin Tarantino
    Quentin Tarantino France - Accueil Forum Chat Partenaire ... Consulter Superstar Cliquez iCi
    Mini biographie de Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino Lieu: Tennessee, Etats-Unis de "Quint", le forgeron métisse interprété par Burt Reynolds dans la série western "Gunsmoke". Harvey Keitel Michael Madsen , Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth Quentin Tarantino réalise son deuxième film a succès, Pulp Fiction, qui reçoit Palme d'or du festival de Cannes et l'Oscar du meilleur scénario, il reste acteur dans son film, il interprète " Jimmie Dimmick" Quentin Tarantino Robert De Niro Quentin Tarantino U ma Thurman David Carradine Lucy Lui Quentin Tarantino Filmographie Cinema
    Kill Bill 2
    de Quentin Tarantino 2002 Kill Bill de Quentin Tarantino 2000 Little Nicky 1997 Jackie Brown de Quentin Tarantino 1997 Full Tilt Boogie de Sarah Kelly 1996 Girl 6 de Spike Lee 1996 Une nuit en enfer (From Dusk Till Dawn ) de de Robert Rodriguez

    133. Quentin Tarantino
    Translate this page AlloCiné le premier portail cinéma. 50.000 fiches film, 90.000 fiches personnalité, 21.000 bandes-annonces et extraits videos, 350.000 photos,

    134. - Cinéma - Tarantino, Quentin
    Translate this page toute la culture et les loisirs sur Internet. Critiques de films, livres, bandes dessinées, théâtre, expositions, musique.

    135. Stardatenbank
    quentin tarantino (am 27. Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez und quentin tarantino.

    136. Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin Test Und Preisvergleich
    Translate this page Ciao bietet Ihnen umfassende Testberichte und Preisvergleiche zu Pulp Fiction / tarantino, quentin.
    Mitglied werden Login Hilfe Was suchen Sie? in Alle Kategorien Beauty Bürobedarf Ciao Café Computer Elektronik Haushaltsgeräte Health Internet Kameras Musik Reisen Shopping Software Sport Telekommunikation Home Bücher Belletristik Buch zum Film Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin
    Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin
    Bewertet von 4 Ciao-Mitgliedern Bester Preis: EUR 7,91
    Gefunden in: 1 Shop
    document.write(''); document.write('Angebote zu Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin'); Shopping Geld verdienen Preisvergleich Auktionen ... Webtipps
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    9 Bewertungen
    Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin
    Buch, gebundene Ausgabe, Erschienen: 1999 - New ed sofort lieferbar versandkostenfrei EUR 7,91
    Anbieter Bewertung Produktbeschreibung Link Alle Angebote anzeigen 4360 Bewertungen Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin bei eBay Kaufen Sie Pulp Fiction / Tarantino, Quentin bei eBay, der größten Online-Handelsgemeinschaft der Welt. Angebote ab 1 Euro! eBay
    Erfahrungsberichte Bewertung Datum Alle 4 Erfahrungsberichte anzeigen Das neue Testament der Cineasten...

    137. Filme Nach Regisseur - Tarantino, Quentin
    Translate this page Ciao bietet Ihnen umfassende Testberichte und Preisvergleiche zu tarantino, quentin.
    Mitglied werden Login Hilfe Was suchen Sie? in Alle Kategorien Beauty Bürobedarf Ciao Café Computer Elektronik Haushaltsgeräte Health Internet Kameras Musik Reisen Shopping Software Sport Telekommunikation Home Film-Datenbank Filme nach Regisseur
    Filme nach Regisseur Tarantino, Quentin
    Suchergebnisse 1-4 von 4 Bilder
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    vergleichen Four Rooms
    30 Testberichte
    Bester Preis
    EUR 10,99 vergleichen Jackie Brown
    61 Testberichte
    Bester Preis
    EUR 9,99 vergleichen Pulp Fiction
    261 Testberichte
    Angebote bei eBay > Startpreis ab
    EUR 1,00 vergleichen Reservoir Dogs 46 Testberichte Angebote bei eBay > Startpreis ab EUR 1,00 Suchergebnisse 1-4 von 4
    Erfahrungsberichte Bewertung Datum Von bellenden und beißenden Hunden Reservoir Dogs von Realjackass Pro: Schauspieler, Musik, die Machart, Dialoge, Gewalt, schlicht und einfach cool Kontra: Wirklich nichts bedeutendes Ich denke, von Quentin Tarantino sollte jeder schonmal gehört haben, oder? Wenn nicht, würde mich dass doch sehr wundern, da dieser Mann in den letzten Jahren mit Filmen wie der `Kill Bill´ Reihe oder `From Dusk Till Dawn´ schon ziemlich von sich reden ma... Bericht lesen Bewertung: Humor: Spannung: Anspruch: Action: Romantik: Pulp Fiction ist ein Quentin Tarentino muss Pulp Fiction von kerimjj Pro: Sehr schöner Film, DVD hat viele schöne Extras.

    138. Quentin Tarantino - Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill Vol. 2 - Dvd
    quentin tarantino quentin tarantino Kill Bill vol. 2 - dvd . Na njenoj listi je bilo petoro. Sada ih je samo troje. O-Ren Ishii i Vernita Grin su
    Kill Bill vol. 2
    Quentin Tarantino ( Quentin Tarantino - ostali artikli
    In English, please
    En espanol por favor
    "Zivot je cudo"

    Emir Kusturica

    Izdavac: Metro film
    Pronadjite autora, naslov, glumca i sl. (npr: Kusturica)
    Svi artikli CD Knjige DVD Video Casopisi Etno Horoskop Cvece Moda Sportska oprema Multimedija Pokloni Ostalo



    ... Erotski Iznenadjenja i novosti.. Cena: US$ 12.34 Dostupnost: Isporuka u roku od 48 sati direktno iz Beograda. Dostava sirom sveta : u SAD i Kanadi vec za 7 - 10 radnih dana, u Evropi za 4 - 7 radnih dana (avionskom postom). Opis: Na njenoj listi je bilo petoro. Sada ih je samo troje. O-Ren Ishii i Vernita Grin su bile prve, a sada Uma Turman kao Mlada nastavlja svoju osvetu precrtavaljuci sa spiska imena Ele Drajver, Bada i na kraju njen glavni cilj - Bila. Ako trojka prezivelih ubica ne drhti od straha, vreme je da pocnu - jer Mlada dolazi. Ipak, postoji nesto sto ona ne zna - da je njena cerka, za koju je mislila da je izgubila dok je bila u komi, u stvari ziva. Kako ce ovo uticati na njenu osvetu i da li ce mlada uspeti da postigne svoj cilj, da ubije Bila? Bonus crtani film Pokemoni na srpskom jeziku!

    139. - Bücher - Quentin Tarantino - Robert Fischer; Georg Seeßlen; Peter K
    kontakt hilfe start buch ... preis-hits artikel suchen: Titel Autor ISBN profisuche
    Film Bd.1 - Quentin Tarantino
    von Robert Fischer Georg Seeßlen Peter Körte Versandfertig innerhalb von 24 Std.
    • ISBN:
    • Erschienen bei: BERTZ + FISCHER
    • Reihe: Film Bd.1
    • Erscheinungstermin:
    • Einband: gebunden m. 500 Fotos, 16 S. Farbtaf. 22,5 cm
    • Seiten:
    • Gewicht: 910 g

    Weitere Infos...

    Mehr von:
    Drei Filme haben Quentin Tarantino zu einem aufregenden Regisseur der 90er Jahre gemacht. Und mit KILL BILL, dem "coolsten Actionfilm, den Sie je gesehen haben" - so Tarantino selbst über seinen vierten Regiefilm - hat er erneut Publikum wie Kritiker begeistert.
    Nach seinem Debüt mit RESERVOIR DOGS gelang dem Regisseur das Meisterstück, mit einem einzigen Film Kultstatus zu erlangen, wie einst dem jungen Orson Welles: PULP FICTION gilt als einer der Schlüsselfilme der letzten Dekade. Zwischen JACKIE BROWN - einem überraschend ruhigen, gradlinig erzählten Krimi - und der Fertigstellung von KILL BILL lagen dann fünf Jahre - und trotz aller Unkenrufe, dem Meister sei die Luft ausgegangen, hat Tarantino seine Könnerschaft erneut unter Beweis gestellt.

    quentin tarantino. montage. A series of Perfect TV ads featuring Mr. tarantino aired roughly the same time as the Schwarzenegger ads for atthat-time rival
    var rm_host = ""; var rm_section_id = 4826; var rm_iframe_tags = 1; rmShowAd("728x90"); A series of Perfect TV ads featuring Mr. Tarantino aired roughly the same time as the Schwarzenegger ads for at-that-time rival DirecTV. Oscar Winner! Fighting for control
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