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         Takako Matsu:     more detail
  1. In Natural Magazine - October 1996: Takako Matsu, Risa Hirako & More

41. Matsu Takako: Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2003 'second Wave' (CD+DVD)(Limited Edit
matsu takako concert tour 2003 second wave (CD+DVD)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version),Matsu Takako,japanese music,Buy matsu takako concert tour 2003 second
Cart My Account Order Tracking Help ... [Select Your Country/Region] - English Korean Japanese Music Chinese Western Top 100 Music New Releases Pre-Order Pop Charts ... Matsu Takako matsu takako concert tour 2003 'second wave' (CD+DVD)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

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matsu takako concert tour 2003 'second wave' (CD+DVD)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
Matsu Takako

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View all Write a Review ACT NOW! This product is a collectible item of strictly limited stock. Get it now before it's too late! Takako takes on the Live stage! See more product details Product Information Product Title matsu takako concert tour 2003 'second wave' (CD+DVD)(Limited Edition)(Japan Version) Region Code (What is it?)

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43. 松たか子=松隆子 TAKAKO MATSU/日本
The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

44. ?(Takako Matsu)
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MATSU Takako. BMG JAPAN takako matsu I stand alone. =K s=- Long Vacation Dedication Page Matsu Takako-FACE Matsu Takako information Matsu Takako
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46. Winamp Generated PlayList
takako matsu (ªQÇFÆñ¤l) Girl Friend ~Angels of our tim (433) 253. takako matsu (ªQÇFÆñ¤l) takako matsu (ªQÇFÆñ¤l) - Sakura Fairy(live live) (339)
WINAMP playlist tracks in playlist, average track length:
Playlist length: hours minutes seconds
Right-click here to save this HTML file. Playlist files:
    1. 19 - 01-Taisetsuna hito (3:47)
    2. 19 - 02-Ashiato (3:34)
    3. Access - 01-Only the Love Survive (4:15)
    4. AiM - Days ¡Ð·R±¡ÇO¤é±`¡Ð (4:57)
    5. Anzai Hiroko (¦w¦è¼s¤l) - Let You Go (J-POP Ver.) (4:21)
    7. Ayumi Hamasaki - 01-Voyage (5:08)
    8. Ayumi Hamasaki - 03-Independent (Sugiuramn Mix) (5:45)
    9. Ayumi Hamasaki - 04-Voyage (Instrumental) (5:08)
    10. Ayumi Hamasaki - As If... (DJ-TURBO WISH MIX) (2:25) 11. Ayumi Hamasaki - As If... (5:47) 13. Ayumi Hamasaki - Destiny (4:56) 14. Ayumi Hamasaki - Girlish (4:58) 15. Ayumi Hamasaki - Key (Acoustic) (3:34) 16. Bump of Chicken - Harujion (4:36) 17. Cagnet - Close You Are (3:06) 18. Japanese Drama Theme - Love Story (2:52) 19. Can - ³»»ý¿¡ º½³¯Àº (4:02) 20. Chara - Bokuni Utsushite (4:37) 21. Chemistry - Pieces Of A Dream (4:59) 22. Chemistry - You Go Your Way (3:43) 23. Cornelius - Drop (5:06) 24. Country Musume - Koibitowa Kokoro No Ouendan (4:17)

47. Japan Times: Talkin' Bertolt
For the lead role of Grusha, Kushida has cast star actress takako matsu, takako matsu My father is a kabuki actor. Ever since I was a small girl I have

The Japan Times Printer Friendly Articles
Talkin' Bertolt
Squaring the 'Caucasian' circle

Special to The Japan Times
Between his return from the United States after World War II, and his death in 1956, playwright Bertolt Brecht, with his Berliner Ensemble, created one of the finest acting companies in the world one which became a testing-ground for his theatrical exploration and challenged the theatrical conventions of the day. Shosuke Tanihara (left), Takako Matsu (center) and Kazuyoshi Kushida While alerting audiences to the devices of dramatization, Brecht's productions also allowed them to critically distance themselves from the stories being told onstage. He introduced non-naturalistic devices, such as caricatures and direct address, into the acting style of the Berliner Ensemble, and there was interaction with audiences and musicians onstage. These were all parts of a theatrical approach that he described as "the alienation effect." As a committed communist, Brecht invested his theater with Marxist thinking, and his plays can be viewed as parables of a society whose goal is to effect change. In Brecht, there is an underlying seriousness, but his plays also depend a great deal on comedy, and are imbued with a crude bluntness. Now being directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida at The Setagaya Public Theatre, "Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis (The Caucasian Chalk Circle )" opens in a rural village in the Caucasus after World War II.

48. Japan Times: Another Samurai Swinging In Edo's Twilight
News photo. Masatoshi Nagase and takako matsu in Oni no Tsune Kakushi Ken (The Hidden Blade) . By contrast, Kenji Misumi turned his 1962 hit about a

The Japan Times Printer Friendly Articles
Another samurai swinging in Edo's twilight

Oni no Tsume Kakushi Ken Rating: * * * 1/2 (out of 5) Director: Yoji Yamada Running time: 131 minutes Language: Japanese Currently showing [See Japan Times movie listings] Akira Kurosawa never liked to repeat himself. True, "Yojimbo" (1961) and "Tsubaki Sanjuro" (1962) were strikingly similar in the way the crafty samurai hero (played in both films by Toshiro Mifune) outwitted his enemies but Kurosawa made "Yojimbo" from an original script, while "Tsubaki Sanjuro" was based on a novel by Shugoro Yamamoto. Also, after these box-office successes, he put Mifune's samurai his most popular creation into permanent storage. Masatoshi Nagase and Takako Matsu in "Oni no Tsune Kakushi Ken (The Hidden Blade)" By contrast, Kenji Misumi turned his 1962 hit about a blind swordsman, "Zatoichi Monogatari," into a series that lasted 26 episodes, one featuring a showdown between Zatoichi and Yojimbo (which Kurosawa had nothing to do with whatsoever). Though a declared disciple of Kurosawa and corecipient of the first-ever Akira Kurosawa Award for career achievement at this year's Tokyo International Film Festival Yoji Yamada is more in the spin-it-out-forever mold of Misumi. Best known for the 48 films in his "Tora-san" series about a wandering peddler who is forever falling in love, Yamada has directed or scripted several other series in his four-decade-long career, including the "Tsuribaka Nisshi (Free and Easy)" series about a fishing-crazy salaryman, now in its 15th installment.

49. Asian Entertainment Forum! -> Takako Matsu Second Wave DVD
Outline · Standard · Linear+. takako matsu Second Wave DVD. Track this topic Email this topic Print this topic

50. [KFCC] April Story Review
Date reviewed, 06/09/2002. Producer, Hidemi Satani. Director, Shunji Iwai. Cast takako matsu, Kahori Fujii, Kazuhiko Kato, Seiichi Tanabe
This site is in no way affiliated with Kentucky Fried Chicken"...
April Story Country :
Japan Year: Genre: Drama Format: DVD Running Time: Distributor: SRE Corporation Date reviewed: Producer: Hidemi Satani Director: Shunji Iwai
Takako Matsu, Kahori Fujii, Kazuhiko Kato, Seiichi Tanabe
Story: Uzuki Nireno has left Hokkaido, her small rural home in the very north of Japan, to pursue her studies at a University in Western Tokyo. Even though her transition to city life is hard, she begins to get use to her new situation. Even with her very shy nature she manages to meet some new friends and finally join a fishing club. But what is the real reason why Nireno absolutely wanted to be admitted to this particular University? Does the floppy-haired young man who works at the local book store has something to do with her decision? Review: As much as it can surprise you with the great scenery or by his cheerful story, April Story is a really beautiful movie that has a lot to offer. Maybe those who cant live without bloody action will probably have a good sleep but if you are attracted by this kind of movie, be sure to not miss it.

51. Takako Matsu - Everything On Takako Matsu (bio, Last News, Photo
Includes biography, career events, last news and rumours, photo gallery, filmography, fan mail and links to fan sites.

52. Boku Ga Boku - KimuraMatsu Dorama Zone
Casts SMAP, Ryoko Hirosue, Tsuruta Mayu, Asaka Seto, takako matsu, Tsuruta Mayu, takako matsu, Asaka Seto, Honami Suzuki, Ryoko Hirosue and 5 members
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Search: Lycos Tripod Dating Search Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Boku ga Boku De Aru Tame ni Info
Casts : SMAP, Ryoko Hirosue, Tsuruta Mayu, Asaka Seto, Takako Matsu, Honami Suzuki, etc.
Themesong : "Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni" by Yutaka Ozaki
Sub-themesong : "Fire in the Sky" by Cagnet
Broadcasted in Japan : January 3rd, 1997 - 9:03 to 11:30 PM - 1 episode special - Fuji TV Opinions
This is a New Year Drama Special and it bore great casts!! Tsuruta Mayu, Takako Matsu, Asaka Seto, Honami Suzuki, Ryoko Hirosue and 5 members of SMAP(Nakai, Kimura, Tsuyoshi, Goro, Shingo)!! The story is very well-written too! Tells the story of 5 high school bestfriends, but they're not the same persons anymore after 6 years. this drama, Kimura and Matsu were not being paired at all. Kimura paired with Mayu, while Matsu paired with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.
I love the subplots!!^O^ The main plot may centers around Naruse who accidentally falls in love with Riki's girlfriend, and how this affected their friendship. And later, also when one of them dies, and how it will affect the other 4's lifes. These are the plots and scenes I loooove ranked from the plot I love the most!!!^_^ 2. Riki(Kimura) and his father. This is a very, very touching subplot!! Riki despise his own father, coz he's only a farmer and in his opinion, his parents are good for nothing. Although, Riki's father hears all these, but he's still come back to see his son and give Riki something his mother made for him with one hand, b'coz her left part of body is paralyzed. His father already told him to go home, coz his mother is sick, but Riki just ignores him =(

53. SMAPxSMAP 7 April 1997 - KimuraMatsu Dorama Zone
Episode SMAPxSMAP dengan bintang tamu takako matsu kali ini, Waktu Nakai memanggil bintang tamunya keluar, takako matsu muncul dari balik pintu dan
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Search: Lycos Tripod Dating Search Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next SMAPxSMAP 7 April 1997 Episode SMAPxSMAP dengan bintang tamu Takako Matsu kali ini, tayang pas jaman2nya setelah Long Vacation dan sebelum Love Generation.
Cuman mau nambahin sekedar info aja, semua anggota SMAP disini lagi cho kakkoooiii semua!!!^_~ Tampang dan hairstyle-nya lagi keliatan bagus semua! Rambut Nakai di-cat coklat dan keliatan keren(tumben =P), Goro juga bagus rambutnya gak dimacem2in, Tsuyoshi keliatan cakep pula disini dengan rambut cepak, Shingo juga rambutnya masih cepak dan masih item, kakkoi!!^^ Sedangkan, Takuya dengan rambut gondrongnya diiket...kalo suka tampang Takuya di GIFT, pasti kamu bakal suka penampilan dia disini^^ Sebelum report SxS-nya dimulai, gue jelasin dulu karakter2/sifat2 sebenarnya dari para idola2 Jepang anggota SMAP ini. Soalnya, kadang2 suka ada 'intern joke' yg kalo elo gak tau sifat asli mereka, elo bakal gak ngerti lucunya dimana. Dan sifat2 ini gak maen2 loh, emang sifat asli mereka kayak gitu, mau percaya atau enggak ^_~ Nakai Masahiro(1972)
Paling demen ngomong, ngomong, daaaan ngomong. Bakat bgt jadi MC! Sering ngegodain temen2nya. Best dancer! Worst singer!>_

54. Nihon-fr > Musique > J-Music
More results from Japan TV Series Maiko Amemiya (takako matsu) 24 ?, Starring Tomoko Yamakuchi, Takuya Kimura, takako matsu

La chanteuse Ayumi Hamasaki Takako Matsu ayu ready ? Fuji TV
Michiko Shimizu
(43 ans).
Takako Ashita, Haru ga Kitara et Ashita ni Kuchizuke wo
Source : Sankei Sports
News suivante :
OLIVIA remonte le temps

Artistes ( 2 éléments ) Ayumi Hamasaki News ( 150 éléments ) MY STORY, le nouvel albm d'Ayu About you, nouvelle chanson d'Ayu Ayu fait trembler avex ! Quand Ayu rencontre Andy Warhol et Picasso ... News officielles sur un nouveau single d'Ayu! ... 140 éléments restants. Articles et dossiers ( 8 éléments ) Article : Comment Avex traite avec ses remixeurs... Biographie : Ayumi HAMASAKI Critiques et avis ( 56 éléments ) CAROLS / Ayumi Hamasaki par Joey INSPIRE / Ayumi Hamasaki par Joey Moments / Ayumi Hamasaki par Joey A museum ~30th single collection live~ par Joey ... forgiveness / Ayumi Hamasaki par Joey ... 46 éléments restants. [Archives Ayumi Hamasaki] IDENTIFICATION Mot de passe perdu RECHERCHER NETWORK GENERAL J-MUSIC K-MUSIC PARTENAIRES DEADLY FROZEN JPOPDB JPOPFRANCE V-STUFF ... ZONEMETAL PUBLICITE STATISTIQUES

55. 21stars Stars
Name takako matsu Total Images 96 Total Size 3.22M. gallery01 gallery02 gallery03 gallery04 gallery05 gallery06 gallery07 gallery08.

56. 21stars Stars
Name takako matsu Total Images 100 Total Size 3.27M. gallery01 gallery02 gallery03 gallery04 gallery05 gallery06 gallery07 gallery08 gallery09.

57. DoramaLover - VCD - Patungan - Omiai Kekkon
Nakatani Setsuko (takako matsu) keluar dr pekerjaannya sbg pramugari utk menikah this is the first time i ve watched takako matsu. and i love her since
Home VCD Apa Itu Patungan VCD yang Disub Pilih VCD yang kamu cari Best Seller DoramaLover VCD Terbaru [3 bulan terakhir] Original Box Patungan Member Bakal Ada di DL Pernah Diputer di TV Indo Patungan Nge-sub ke teks Indo: Omiai Kekkon OMIAI KEKKON : PATUNGAN UDAH DITUTUP Details
Judul lain: Arranged Marriage
Tayang di Jepang: FujiTV 2000 January 11 - March 21
Durasi: 8 VCD, 10 episode
Pemeran : MMatsu Takako, Yusuke Santamaria, Kubozuka Yosuke, Sato Tamao, Kawahara Ayako, Imai Masayuki, Shimizu Shogo, Judy Ong, Ishida Ayumi, Tayama Ryosei
Theme Song : Matsu Takako "Sakura no ame, itsuka", Yaen featuring CA "First Impression" Omiai Kekkon

Official webnya
Sinopsis per episodenya

Lirik lagunya

Ada komiknya loh!
Kualitas VCD masternya: Peserta patungan: 01. Irmin #356: Lunas 100% 02. Fen Tih #656: Lunas 100% 03. Terry #1003: Lunas 100% 04. Herti #1333: Lunas 100% 05. Theza #1162: Lunas 100% 06. Ivy #376: Lunas 100%. 07. Joice #1034: Lunas 100%

58. - VCD Judul L
Terjemahan teks Inggris Pemeran Takuya Kimura , Tomoko Yamaguchi , takako matsu Terjemahan teks Inggris Pemeran Takuya Kimura , takako matsu
CD Soundtrack Clip Dorama Download List VCD Dapetin special promo, kesempatan menang undian dll dengan jadi member DL. Mau tau caranya? Gampang! Simak cara jadi member DL Buat dapetin info VCD terbaru, Home VCD Dorama Pilih VCD yang kamu cari Best Seller DoramaLover VCD Terbaru [3 bulan terakhir] Original Box Patungan Member Bakal Ada di DL Pernah Diputer di TV Indo A B C D ... Lain Judul L - TV Series LxIxVxE
Jumlah : 12 VCD [ tamat ]
Terjemahan : teks Inggris
Pemeran : Imai Eriko , Fujiwara Tetsuya Long Vacation
Jumlah : 13 VCD [ tamat ]
Terjemahan : teks Inggris
Pemeran : Takuya Kimura , Tomoko Yamaguchi , Takako Matsu Let's Go to School
Judul lain: Gakkou e ikkou
Pemeran : Asano Yuko, Kase Taisho
Status: belum tersedia, masih dihunting.

59. Title Matsu

60. ÊÒÃÐá¹.¤ÍÁ - äÁèäÃéÊÒÃÐ
, takako matsu. Posted Comments. No comments.......Only Members can rate this Picture! You can Register Here, takako matsu.

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