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1. Kitty Swink - Memory Alpha
Kitty Swink is the wife of Armin Shimerman. She appeared on her husband s series, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, twice. Her first appearance was as the Bajoran
Kitty Swink
From Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference.
As Luaran Kitty Swink is the wife of Armin Shimerman . She appeared on her husband's series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , twice. Her first appearance was as the Bajoran Minister Rozahn in " Sanctuary ." Her second appearance was as the Vorta Luaran in " Tacking Into the Wind ". She provided the voice of Luaran in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen Retrieved from " Categories Performers DS9 performers Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

2. CelebrityFiles S Swink, Kitty
S Swink, Kitty (1) Kitty Swink P.O.V. Promotions - "Minister Rozan" of Star Trek DS9 and the Senator on Babylon 5.

3. Celebrity Guru Links S/Swink, Kitty
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4. P.O.V. Promotions Clients - "Kitty Swink"
KITTY SWINK Minister Rozan of Star Trek DS9 and the Senator on Babylon 5. In both cases, she is a lady with an attitude. Swink played Rozan
KITTY SWINK: "Minister Rozan" of Star Trek: DS9 and the Senator on Babylon 5
In both cases, she is a lady with an attitude. Swink played Rozan, the unmoving Bajoran minister in the Deep Space Nine episode "Sanctuary". In the third season opener of Babylon 5, she played the pivotal role of the Senator, out to bring about the downfall of the station Babylon 5.
Swink was a regular on the daytime soaps Santa Barbara and The Young and the Restless and has guest starred on the shows Model Inc., Designing Women, Something Is Out There, Life Stories, and others. She has starred with TNG alumni Denise Crosby in the play Last Summer at Blue Fish Cove.
And while Swink is a devout feminist, her husband plays Star Trek's biggest chauvinist; she is married to Armin Shimerman, "Quark" of Deep Space Nine. Contact:
P.O.V. Promotions
26 Dogwood Street
Jersey City, NJ 07305 USA


5. Directory Vaionline Siti_Mondiali/Arts/Celebrities/S/Swink
in questa categoria in tutti siti mondiali Home Siti_Mondiali Arts Celebrities S Swink _Kitty

6. P.O.V. Promotions - Actors And Performers Available For Speaking Engagements & G
Louise Fletcher Louise Fletcher Star Trek DS9, Carel Struycken Carel Struycken Star Trek DS9, TNG, Kitty swink kitty Swink Babylon 5, ST DS9
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Jimmy Doohan
Star Trek
Walter Koenig
Star Trek
Armin Shimerman
Star Trek: DS9
Nicholas Brendon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Robin Sachs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Galaxy Quest Rene Auberjonois Star Trek: DS9 Will Smith Comedian John Fealey Comedian Noel Britten Comedian Louise Fletcher Star Trek: DS9 Carel Struycken Star Trek: DS9, TNG Kitty Swink Babylon 5, ST: DS9 Marc Alaimo Star Trek: DS9, TNG Jeffrey Combs ST: DS9, Genre SF Casey Biggs Star Trek: DS9 Jerry Doyle Babylon 5 Stephen Furst Babylon 5 Karen Westerfield Award Winning Makeup Artist Star Trek, The Grinch, Baywatch Contact:
P.O.V. Promotions 26 Dogwood Street Jersey City, NJ 07305 USA
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7. Top Arts Celebrities S Swink, Kitty
Top Arts Celebrities S Swink, Kitty. Related Categories Top/Arts/Television/Programs/Science Fiction and Fantasy/S/Star Trek/Deep Space Nine

8. The New York Times > Movies > People > Kitty Swink
Kitty Swink, Patty Hearst, Dance til Dawn, In the Mood, Like Father, Like Son.

9. Celebrities S Swink Kitty Web Resources Directory
Celebrities S swink kitty page is for info only. On Web Resources Directory topics include Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, Home, Kids and

10. Swink, Kitty - Hotel Resource Book Store
Swink, Kitty Hotel Resource Book Store Store Home / VHS / Actors Actresses / ( S ) / Swink, Kitty. Hotel Industry Books search Books

11. Kitty Swink
Kitty Swink posters, filmography, news, and forum.
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13. SALE!!! Swink, Kitty
Swink, Kitty

14. Swink, Kitty - Product Guide
Swink, Kitty Product Guide Home / VHS / Actors Actresses / ( S ) / Swink, Kitty Search Books, Music, DVD

15. Sanctuary - Memory Alpha
kitty swink, who portrays the character of Minister Rozahn, is Armin Shimerman s wife. Andrew Koenig, who plays Tumak, is Walter Koenig s son.
From Memory Alpha, the free Star Trek reference.
Series: Season: Original Airdate: Production Number: Year: Stardate: Story by: Gabe Essoe Kelley Miles Teleplay by: Frederick Rappaport Directed by: Les Landau A group of refugees come through the wormhole in search of Kentanna, their fabled homeworld. Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Summary
2 Background Information

3 Links and References

3.1 Regular Cast
Background Information

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Kitty Swink
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    18. Kitty Swink Movies -'s Kitty Swink Movie Catalog
    If you are a kitty swink fan you will find a rich catalog of kitty swink movies right All of our kitty swink VHS Movies are offered at discount prices.
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    Kitty Swink Movies on VHS from
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Ep. 30 on VHS With Kitty Swink
    "Sanctuary" The space station becomes the reluctant new home of refugees fleeing a war-ravaged world. What is Commander Sisko to do with them all? Package includes a lift-and-remove collectors photo. Aired Nov (More Info...)

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    19. The "Star Trek" Canon Concordance: Actors - S - CIA
    Joel Gul Jasad Yog; Swift, Joan Aurelan; swink, kitty Rozahn; Symonds, Robert Vedek Porta; Synder, John Aaron Conor; Szarabajka, Keith Teero
    Cinematic Intelligence Agency Box office Cinemas Contact us DVD and VHS ... Star trek
    The Star trek canon concordance
    Actors: S is for Stolli

    20. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Sanctuary - CIA
    Vedek Sorad; kitty swink Rozahn; Gabe Essoe Storywriter; Kelley Miles Storywriter; Frederick Rappaport Screenwriter; Les Landau Director
    Cinematic Intelligence Agency Box office Cinemas Contact us DVD and VHS ... 1 surveillance images are loading at the bottom of the page
    Star trek: Deep Space Nine 2.15b - Sanctuary
    Stardate 47341.7
    When a ramshackle alien vessel is detected making its way through the wormhole, the ship's four passengers are transported to DS9. The humanoid aliens, led by a female named Haneek (Deborah May), are unable to communicate with the crew since the universal translator has trouble with their language, but they instinctively trust Kira (Nana Visitor). Because of this, she leads the group to the Infirmary, reassures them as Bashir (Siddig el Fadil) treats their wounds and shows them to their quarters. There, the translator begins making sense of Haneek's words and Kira discovers that Haneek's people, the Skrreeans, need help immediately. With Kira's encouragement, Haneek communicates that there are three million of them on the other side of the wormhole who must be brought through.
    Persons of interest
    • Avery Brooks ... Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko

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