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         Storm T J:     more books (47)
  1. Waste Not, Want Not: Why We Will Never Win Another War!! by J. T. Storm, 2009-05-21
  2. The Great Storm: The Hurricane Diary of J. T. King, Galveston, Texas, 1900 (Modern Southeast Asia) by Lisa Waller Rogers, 2010-09-01
  3. STORM SURGE by T. J. Macgregor, 1993-09-08
  4. Characteristics of particles sampled in southern Taiwan during the Asian dust storm periods in 2000 and 2001 [An article from: Atmospheric Environment] by S.-J. Chen, L.-T. Hsieh, et all 2004-11-01
  5. The role of severe storms in soil erosion: a problem needing consideration.: An article from: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation by W.E. Larson, M.J. Lindstrom, et all 1997-03-01
  6. The impact of land cover change on storms in the Sydney Basin, Australia [An article from: Global and Planetary Change] by A.F. Gero, A.J. Pitman, et all 2006-11-01
  7. Two stage biological treatment of a diazo reactive textile dye and the fate of the dye metabolites [An article from: Chemosphere] by J.A. Libra, M. Borchert, et all 2004-07-01
  8. Effects of investigator disturbance on hatching success and nest-site fidelity in a long-lived seabird, Leach's storm-petrel [An article from: Biological Conservation] by A.L. Blackmer, J.T. Ackerman, et all 2004-03-01
  9. Spy Anthology Presents: Deadly Storm by J.T. Farrar, 2005-10-03
  10. Integrating legacy components into a software system for storm sewer simulation [An article from: Environmental Modelling and Software] by S.S. Lin, S.H. Hsieh, et all 2006-08-01
  11. Pellucid Lunacy by Michael Bailey, 2010-10-21
  12. GREAT FRENCH DETECTIVE STORIES: The Little Old Man of Batignolles; The Mysterious Railway Passenger; Drops That Trickle Away; The Mystery of the Four Husbands; Storm over the Channel; The Amethyst Fly; Watch the Red Balloons; The Lady of the Museums by T. J. (editor) (Emile Gaboriau; Maurice Leblanc; Gaston Leroux; Georges Simenon; Jacques Decrest; Pierre Very; Jype Carraud; Leo Malet; Eugene-Francois Vidocq) Hale, 1983
  13. Storm Surge by T J. Macgregor, 1994-01-01
  14. Estimating water loss and direct runoff from storm rainfall by the use of the infiltrometer (Open-file report) by J. T Limerinos, 1973

121. Into The Storm's Eye
This into the storm s eye response of light forces is the revolutionary vision R. Steeb, TJ Herbert, Mark R. Lees, S. Eisenhard and Angela B. Stich,
Into the Storm's Eye:
New Roles (and New Technologies) for Rapid Reaction Forces
In planning for the future, the military is staking a great deal on revolutionary advances in technology to allow small forces to do the work of large armies. If they are right, the future face of battle will be unrecognizable by today's standards. The following article attempts to make concrete and vivid what has been endlessly discussed in the abstract as the "revolution in military affairs." The scenario, which conveniently casts Iraq as the villain, should be taken as nothing more than stage settinga device for putting us into the picture. This "into the storm's eye" response of light forces is the revolutionary vision of a growing cadre of military and civilian defense planners. The concept centers on the idea that small, highly mobile forces can get into action quickly, employ sophisticated surveillance and targeting systems to gain a comprehensive picture of the battlefield, then call in annihilating fire from safely distant arsenal ships, tactical missile launchers and aircraft. Small, rapid reaction forces already exist, of course, and have been deployed in many special operations. The 82nd Airborne Division Ready Brigade is a well-known example. But as it is currently armed and equipped, the 82nd could not survive, much less successfully carry out, the hypothetical mission described in the above scenario. Its direct-fire, mostly line-of-sight weapons are not effective enough to stop a massed tank attack.

122. SKYWARN National Home Page
A resource for storm spotters and storm chasers. Features organizational information, storm spotter guide and message board.
//Top Nav Bar I v2.1- By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. //Modified by Dynamic Drive for various improvements //Visit for this script var keepstatic=0 //specify whether menu should stay static (works only in IE4+) var menucolor="#000000" //specify menu color var submenuwidth=150 //specify sub menus' width
SPC Activity Chart
Showing a 1 hour radar loop, the current Day1 convective outlook, and all active watches/warnings (updated every 15 min.) - click on the image to go to the SPC Hourly Mesoscale Analysis site Watch boxes in RED are Tornado Watches Watch boxes in BLUE are Severe TS Watches National Watches, Warnings and Advisories
All map data provided by NOAA and the NWS NWS WSR-88 Weather Radar Sites Click on any red "pushpin" on the map to open a new window with the current radar images for that site Todays forcast for:
Java not enabled, you must turn on Java to view this information Never use information provided on this or any other web site for the protection of life or property. When severe storms are occurring in, or threaten your location, tune to your local NOAA NWS
weather station or a local radio or tv broadcaster in your area for immediate weather information.

123. West Texas Connection Newsletter JULY-AUGUST 1997 The WTC
While TJ was chasing a storm in the area of Hobbs last spring he got his first chance to use his ham radio to talk directly with his fellow meteorologists
N5KOA West Texas Connection Newsletter JULY-AUGUST 1997 The WTC Newsletter is available on a bi-monthly basis for a subscription/donation of $12 per year. Subscribers also receive new maps of the system twice a year. Send $12 to: WTC, P.O. Box 7033, Odessa, TX 79760 After postage, all money goes toward maintenance of the West Texas Connection. Editor - Les Blalock, N5KOA email: HAPPY JULY 4th! WTC Sunday Morning Net The WTC Sunday Morning Net meets at 0900 (Central) every Sunday morning. The net is informal and open to all. Check in for local ham news and events. WTC News The Connection now has its own web page. The URL is: The site includes a map, a list of frequencies, descriptions of all WTC sites and all back issues of the WTC Newsletter. There are also links to send comments, articles, etc. via email to any of the WTC directors. We plan to add pictures so you can see the actual sites, too! Thanks to Apex 2000 for providing the site space. Please consider them if you're in the market for a good, fast Internet Provider. Mark, N5SOR reports that the Marathon site is now up and running on solar power. Although there is a minor problem with battery charging at the site, coverage is outstanding and should extend the Connection into the Big Bend National Park area. Fred, KC5BNS reports that the equipment has been acquired for the new Lamesa site and installation should take place in July or August. Plans call for the antennas to be oriented to the north with the hope of extending coverage throughout Dawson County and close to Lubbock. Rod, N5XXO finally got tired of driving out to the Odessa hub site in the middle of the night when lightening storms crackled about. No, he hasn't threatened to quit going out. He installed a battery back-up to keep it on the air when commercial power is lost. A record number of check-ins was counted on May 18th. 42 check-ins made it into the record book. We appreciate everyone's support. Skywarn The Skywarn net was activated on the Connection about noon on Sunday, June 8th. The entire area of West Texas appeared to be under heavy clouds but severe storms were isolated pretty much to rural areas. A tornado warning was issued for the area south of Bakersfield and a couple other cells received scrutiny. Fred, KC5BNS, and Tom, KC5ETW responded to the callout to act as net control operators. (Robert, N5RKN, had conveniently placed himself out of town.) Fred and Tom were later relieved from their post by Rick, WB5MPX. Also, during the same weather event, spotters from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area were making use of the Connection. Sam, K5KJ, from Garland, Texas was chasing the Bakersfield storm (among others). Sam has been storm chasing for more than 20 years and offers spotter training material for sale. Sam has many neat photos and even some videos on his web page at As a matter of fact, Skwarn nets were very common in May and June so the Connection has been well used this past couple of months. After all, it is that time of the year. Thanks to all the spotters and control operators for making themselves available. It's Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Spy Plane! As reported on the June 13th edition of Newsline, a C-130 plane being used to search for drug traffic along the Texas- Mexico border has caused some interference for ham radio operators. Radio emissions from the government plane have caused problems for the TexNET packet network because 9600 baud packet links have been particularly susceptible to the RF. Comments from Connection users during the same time period also indicate interference may have affected some voice repeaters. Midland NW Service Office Staff In West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, we're very lucky to have some special hams. Currently four meteorologists at the Midland NWS office have amateur licenses and, in this edition of the WTC Newsletter, you get to meet some of them - up close and personal. T.J. Turnage, KC5NHZ earned his license in March 1996 at Midland. A Forecaster at the Midland NWS office, he first became interested in ham radio as it is used in the Skywarn program. While T.J. was chasing a storm in the area of Hobbs last spring he got his first chance to use his ham radio to talk directly with his fellow meteorologists at Midland. He says it was great to have that ability even though it became short- lived in that particular event; the Hobbs repeater went down during the chase. Fortunately, the loss of one repeater does not mean the loss of all communications for hams and T.J. had other repeaters available for communications. T.J. was raised in Ames, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State there. He is a member of the American Meteorological Society, the National Geographic Society and the Soaring Society of America. (The soaring and flying lessons that T.J. is taking offer the possibility of a whole story in itself. From my own clandestine sources, I hear T.J. has had some interesting, if not terrifying, experiences along those lines.) T.J. is single, 29 years old and has plenty of interests and energy to keep him busy when he's not trying to prognosticate or prestidigitate the weather. He enjoys photography, running, weight lifting and tennis. T.J. also plays in the group Street Machine. This band plays classic rock with an attitude that makes you smile. (They're very good. I caught them at Music City Mall in Odessa.) Robert "Bob" Boyd, KC5ZJO was licensed in March this year and says he, too, got an amateur license primarily to assist with Skywarn. He's already found that being a ham allows him to better confirm information from spotters and to have direct communications with his fellow weather service personnel when he's out chasing storms himself. Just a couple of weeks after getting a handi-talkie, while out mobile and under and electrically active storm, Bob was shocked - no, not surprised, SHOCKED! Many of us have had similar experiences in not only electrical storms but also sandstorms. Bob disconnected his handi from the external antenna and used the "rubber duck" until the storm calmed down. Since becoming licensed, Bob has used the West Texas Connection quite a bit and has found it useful in covering the large area of NWS responsibility in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. Verification of a severe thunderstorm in Mitchell County or local reports near the office are equally available now via ham radio. Bob Boyd considers Hampton, Virginia his hometown and has met a few people on the radio while visiting there. Many of you have probably met Bob, either on the air or at one of the area hamfests. He began making hamfests even before getting his license. He's also present at many area spotter training sessions. Bob is a member of the American Meteorological Society and received a Bachelor Degree of Physical Science in 1983. He says he's always had an interest in radio, and even worked at the his college radio station and another broadcast station while living in southeast Virginia in the early 80's. John Pendergrast, KC5SVA, got his amateur license in February 1996. He's 33 years old, single and brings another amateur radio license to the Midland NWS office. John says, "I have listened to DX on the shortwave bands since I was in high school and I've wanted to get an amateur license since then; however, my real motivation came after locating to West Texas and seeing the importance of Skywarn to the severe weather operations at NWSO MAF." He would like to get into packet and also buy a home weather station in the near future. He's an apartment dweller now and says, "I'm kinda limited. My lease says NO YAGIS ALLOWED." Another goal is to upgrade to General before he turns 40 years old. (Smart move, John - the mind goes quickly after that.) John grew up in Orlando, Florida and enjoys in-line skating (that's another thing you better enjoy before you turn 40, John), golf, hiking and camping, History Aviation and, of course storm chasing. He also likes transmitting rf into the ground - metal detecting. When asked how a ham license has helped off or on the job, John says it has helped when he gets to go out spotting off duty because he no longer has to find a pay phone or use a cellular phone. And, he says, it's also helpful to be able to converse with spotters in the field directly from the office. "I want to thank all the folks who volunteer their time, and in some cases, personal funds in keeping the WTC maintained and who also help to run the Skywarn Net" - John, KC5SVA. West Texas Connection P.O. Box 7033 Odessa, TX 79761 Ray Fagen, KC5JHC, is the Meteorologist-In-Charge of the NWS office at Midland. Ray was licensed in August, 1994 and uses his operating privileges mostly for weather spotting activity. In the next issue of the WTC Newsletter we'll learn more about Ray. His staff speaks highly of him and he was cited as one of the primary factors in motivating T.J., John, and Robert to get licensed. Until next time.... 73 de

124. - Storm Floods Creeks, Closes Roads In N. California - Jan. 2, 2004
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Autos SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters Your E-mail Alerts RSS ... Contact Us SEARCH Web
Storm floods creeks, closes roads in N. California
Northern California residents wade in a flooded waterway. On the right a home is safeguarded against storm damage. Story Tools VIDEO A storm sent the San Lorenzo River steadily rising flooding homes and lapping at others in Santa Cruz, California.
RELATED National Weather Service Intellicast University of Michigan weather program YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) A winter storm flooded creeks, closed highways and delayed a passenger train for hours in northern California before moving on, and forecasters warned that more storms were likely. In coastal Oregon, close to 25,000 customers lost power Friday morning, and a 14-mile stretch of Interstate 5 closed briefly just north of Grants Pass. "The snow was coming down faster than our plows could keep up," said Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Jared Castle.

125. OFFOFFOFF Film Review THE BACKYARD Documentary Movie About Extreme Backyard Wres
Jennifer Choinsk, Cindy Bradshaw, TJ Watson, Kristin Kowallek, Andre Jones, Mike Hughes and family, Tj storm, The Gladiator, The Gump, Daddy Wigga,
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  • Catalina Sandino Moreno ADVERTISEMENT REVIEW: THE BACKYARD Bo and Justin Gates act out their family psychological traumas with the help of a barbed-wire ring and their taunting mom. A world of hurt The amazing documentary "The Backyard" is a mind-pounding look at teenagers across America and abroad who imitate pro wrestling in their backyards. By JOSHUA TANZER
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    Please check your membership card and see if you need to renew. Renewing costs you only a mere $10 and you will receive 4 nifty Nudge cards for your personal use. Click here to get the order form and mail in your renewal today. August 16th, 2005 GenCon is fast approaching. The guild has two more cards that are going to be released there: Rune of Purity (as card that allows healing spells to cure poison) and the Runestone (a magical storage device similar to a Wizard's Spellbook). We will also have more Runes of Fortitude and Runes of Chaining which we sold out of at Origins. Here are the printable forms of the Card Errata and the current Guild Rules July 19th, 2005 Origins was great and the new Runes seemed to be a big success as I completely sold out of them in two days. I will have more of them at GenCon, so until then I cannot process any orders for them until after August. Card Clarification
    • Form Enhancements - Make it Independent cannot be used in conjunction with Form Enhancement cards. Make it Independent functions just like Swift Shift.

    127. SurferMag Message Boards: Wildcoast TJ/SD Water Quality Report
    Wildcoast TJ/SD Water Quality Report 730332 05/04/05 0503 AM border). In the Colonias, the streets are the storm drains and guttersso sewage

    128. Movie/Video Review: The Ice Storm
    Usersubmitted reviews of the film.
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    Other Reviewer Directory Become a Reviewer Take our survey Contact Us Movie/Video Review The Ice Storm
    out of 4 Starring: Kevin Kline Joan Allen Director: Ang Lee Rated: R RunTime: 112 Minutes Release Date: September Genre: Drama Buy this DVD Buy this Video ... *Also starring: Courtney Peldon, Henry Czerny, Adam Hann-Byrd, David Krumholtz Tobey Maguire Christina Ricci , Jamey Sheridan, Elijah Wood Sigourney Weaver Reviewer Roundup Steve Rhodes review follows Walter Frith read the review Edward Johnson-Ott read the review Andrew Hicks read the review Jerry Saravia read the review Review by Steve Rhodes It's frequently the small details that make the difference between a good picture and an outstanding one. Director Ang Lee (SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN, and THE WEDDING BANQUET) is a master at the minutia of story telling. In THE ICE STORM, set in an unhappy period of the early 1970s when the sexual revolution and the Watergate scandal were both in full swing, Lee uses close-ups of a metaphor-laden metal ice tray to tell the story. The adults in the film, and to lesser extent the teenagers, are as cold to each other as ice, and each will be broken in many ways before their melancholy story ends.

    129. Document Listing
    The owner of the tugs TJ Hooper and Montrose has also instituted limitation TJ Hooper and Montrose, were negligent in not anticipating the storm which
    Main Menu Last Form Document List ] [Full View] [ KWIC View Prev Next Help
    Document 18 of 22.
    District Court, S.D. New York
    53 F.2d 107; 1931 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 1744

    OPINION: [*108] COXE, District Judge.
    These cases grow out of the foundering of the coal barges Northern 17 and Northern 30 in a storm off the New Jersey coast in March, 1928. Libels have been filed by the owners of the coal on the two barges for cargo loss against the barge owner. The owner of the tugs T. J. Hooper and Montrose has also instituted limitation proceedings, in which it seeks to be relieved from liability, and, at the same time, denies fault. In these limitation proceedings, the barge owner has answered, asserting negligent towage by the tugs, and claiming for the value of the barges. The cargo owners have also answered, alleging negligent towage, and contesting the right to limit. The cases have all been tried together as one action.
    On March 7, 1928, the tug T. J. Hooper

    130. - Scores Killed By Philippines Storm - November 7, 2001

    CNN TV what's on
    show transcripts

    CNN Headline News

    CNN International

    EDITIONS Asia Europe
    ... set your edition Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese Time, Inc. People Fortune EW InStyle Business 2.0
    Scores killed by Philippines storm
    The Philippines has been hit by at least 14 severe storms so far this year MANILA, Philippines At least 68 people were killed and dozens more were missing from flash floods and landslides caused by a tropical storm that swamped the Philippines. Tropical storm Lingling brought heavy rains that dislodged volcanic boulders and sent them crashing into villages Wednesday. . Hardest hit was Camiguin, an island province known for its beach resorts, where Gov. Pedro Romualdo told Associated Press news agency that 51 bodies had been brought to a gymnasium in the town of Mahinog. Fifty-seven other people were missing, he said. Camiguin, about 440 miles southeast of Manila, normally escapes the worst of the typhoon season that batters the northern Philippines every year. But on Wednesday, a four-hour deluge in the pre-dawn darkness took residents by surprise. COUNTRY PROFILE At a glance: Philippines Provided by

    131. American Eagle Studios News And Events
    John s own little film, La Vie d un Chien, has been taking all the film festivals by storm. TJ Sullivan is behind bars in this superbly done flick.
    American Eagle Studios News and Events
    Premiering Sunday, August 7, 2005 and moving to its regular timeslot beginning Tuesday, August 9!

    We've been working with Edelman Productions since January on the M3 Series for the History Channel (check the History Channel website for programming info). Look for the following AE Actors and episodes:
    • Jim Rufini / Warden Simmons
    • Trent Anderson / Old Man Methvin
    • Patrick Maloney / Guard
    • Eliot Fintushel / Ted Hinton
    The Doolittle Raiders
    • John White / Jimmy Doolittle
    • James Ferguson / Breamer
    • Scott Phillips / Cole
    • Tom Veirs / Adm. Halsey
    • Anthony Angel / Japanese Citizen
    • Joseph Huang / Japanese Soldier
    • Patrick Maloney / Walter Dornberger
    • Karl Mossberger / Scientist at Lift-off
    • Amiee Conn / Female Party Guest
    • Jenifer Coté / Nurse on Street
    • Liz Jahren / Constance Babington Smith
    • Rachael Virzi / Back Room Girl
    • Stan Jefferson / Gestapo Agent
    • Tim Long / German Policeman
    • Jeff Coté / Rocket Technician
    • Chris Schloemp / Scientist 1
    Gary Powers Story
    • Joe Winkler / Col. Shelton
    • Karl Mossberger / KGB Agent on Bridge
    • Jim DePriest / Rudolf Abel
    • Jim Rufini / East German Ambassador
    • Edward McCloud / U2 Pilot
    • Nick Coté / Lie Detector Operator
    • Andrew Shovlovsky / Interrogator
    • Fred DeRuvo / Cmd Center BG
    • Edward McCloud / McMaster
    • Tim Long / Tank Driver Skogg
    • Brandon Little / Tank Driver 2
    • Karl Mossberger / War Room Participant
    • Brian Shears / Harry Vokes, Tunnel Rat

    132. Storm News And Archives
    A chronologically organized list of links to reports on and photos of individual tornado and other severe weather events.
    STORM NEWS and Archives
    This page contains an index to storm chase, severe weather, tornado reports and images of current and past storm events that are organized by year, month and day in reverse chronological order. I plan to make this list as comprehensive as possible to include as many storm reports as I can find on the web. If you know of a page that should be added to the list or if you find a broken link, please notify me via e-mail at . Be sure to include the word LINK in the subject line of your message. Storm News and Archives Contents
    Last revised: August 13, 2005 1950 and before Other Sources for information on Historical Weather Events Page title and background credit This site is sponsored by The Storm Shop Other sources for current and historical data:

    133. Untitled Document
    Below are the TJ congregations we have heard from and their updates Congregations along the coastal region, where the eye of the storm came ashore,

    Updates on the impact of Hurricanes Frances and Ivan
    The Mountain Chattanooga (TN) Asheville (NC) Black Mountain (NC) ... Midsouth District
    Hello TJ District UUs! Folks in the Thomas Jefferson District and the UU community continentally are reaching out to offer shelter and help in the wake of the devastation caused by hurricanes Ivan and Frances. In an effort to keep everyone posted we have compiled updates on our congregations for you. This information will eventually be sent out on our master data base. But you are receiving it as part of an initial mailing to TJD ministers and presidents of boards. So we ask that you please forward this message to your congregational members. Sincerely, Myrtle Hepler, TJD President and Qiyamah A. Rahman, TJ District Executive Qiyamah A. Rahman, District Executive and Myrtle Hepler, District President Thomas Jefferson District/UUA

    134. T.J. Duckett Pictures And The Best Sites At Celebrity Link
    The best TJ Duckett sites and pictures. Here you can find all the information you need about TJ Duckett. Sports storm TJ Duckett
    T.J. Duckett
    Date of Birth
    February 17, 1981

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    Find T.J. Duckett Pictures Auctions Fan Mail Address T.J. Duckett fun Do a Love Match Search for more Report dead/changed Site Home ... T Links Sports Storm: T.J. Duckett NetVision Privacy Statement Contents Home New Additions Write to any Celebrity Top 30 ... Feedback Other Sites Celebrity Site of the Day Celebrity Search

    135. CNN - Dennis Does More Damage As Storm Than As Hurricane - September 2, 1999

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    Dennis does more damage as storm than as hurricane
    Wind and waves flung dunes onto the main highway of Hatteras Island, North Carolina, immobilizing abandoned vehicles in sand DENNIS INFORMATION: 8 a.m. EDT, Friday POSITION:
    33.1 N, 74.0 W, about 175 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina MOVEMENT: Drifting southward WIND SPEED: 60 mph Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 115 miles TROPICAL STORM WARNING: In effect from Cape Lookout, North Carolina, to Oregon Inlet, North Carolina STORM NAVIGATOR Track Dennis with these weather maps ALSO: Get E-mail notification about the storm Navigate the eye of a hurricane Hurricane Categories CNN: Storm Center ... Latest warnings/forecasts MESSAGE BOARD: Nature's wrath: Hurricane Dennis VIDEO CNN's Charles Zewe shows flooding caused by Dennis. (September 1)

    136. T.J. Houshmandzadeh Pictures And The Best Sites At Celebrity Link
    The best TJ Houshmandzadeh sites and pictures. Here you can find all the information you need about TJ Houshmandzadeh. Sports storm TJ Houshmandzadeh
    T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    Date of Birth
    September 26, 1977

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    137. Fiji Extends High Alert Storm Warning

    138. DVD Verdict Review - Urban Menace
    Fast forward, and we meet King (TJ storm), a gangbanger looking to ditch the hard-core street scene and take his family as far away from the ghetto.
    Reviews Upcoming Releases Discussion Boards Staff Dossiers ... Random Case Number 3865: Small Claims Court URBAN MENACE
    Studio Home Entertainment
    // 1999 // 73 Minutes // Rated R
    Reviewed by Judge David Johnson // January 22nd, 2004
    View Judge Johnson's Dossier

    E-mail Judge Johnson

    Buy the DVD at Amazon

    The Charge "Hey, I'm bored. Let's film some rappers scowling!" The Case I'm currently looking for a strong enough antiseptic to wash the taste of Urban Menace out of my mouth. An amateurish foray, this is, filmed with awful stock and acted with the flair of wild inexperience. Snoop Dogg plays the mysterious ex-priest known as Caleb, crusading through the inner city doing his pious part of slaughtering gang-bangers. This storyline really doesn't surface, however, until two-thirds into the movie, but that's not saying much as the entire flick is 73 minutes long, with nearly 15 minutes of that taken up by opening and closing credits! Really, all in all there are like four or five scenes total in the film. And the majority of the movie is one extended chase scene, with everything filmed in an abandoned warehouse. No, seriously, like

    139. - New Storm Approaches Taiwan After Deadly Typhoon - November 5, 2000
    weather Editions myCNN Video ... Feedback
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    More than 11,000 killed in India quake

    Israelis, Palestinians make final push before Israeli election

    Davos protesters face tear gas
    MORE ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/16 DJIA NAS SPORTS Jordan says farewell for the third time ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES:
    New storm approaches Taiwan after deadly typhoon
    TAIPEI, Taiwan (Reuters) Weather forecasters warned Taiwan residents to prepare for torrential rains that could trigger landslides, just days after the worst typhoon in five years battered the island killing at least 62 people. The Central Weather Bureau said on Sunday it was not clear whether the new storm, which killed at least 24 in the Philippines and was moving through the South China Sea, would directly hit Taiwan or head for Hong Kong.

    140. Papers Published In Refereed Journals
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    Papers published in refereed journals
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