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         Stewart Martha:     more books (102)
  1. Parties and Projects for the Holidays by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 2000-09-12
  2. Classic Crafts and Recipes Inspired by the Songs of Christmas by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 2002-08-27
  3. Classic Crafts and Recipes for the Holidays: Christmas with Martha Stewart Living by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 2001-09-11
  4. The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business by Martha Stewart, 2005-10-11
  5. Martha Stewart's Quick Cook Menus by Martha Stewart, 1992-05-30
  6. Handmade Christmas: The Best of Martha Stewart Living by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 1995-09-11
  7. Being Martha: The Inside Story of Martha Stewart and Her Amazing Life by Lloyd Allen, 2006-01-23
  8. Martha Inc.: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia by Christopher M. Byron, 2002-04
  9. Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 2001-08-28
  10. Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living Series) by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 1999-03-16
  11. Desserts (Best of Martha Stewart Living) by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 1998-11-17
  12. Decorating for the Holidays (Christmas with Martha Stewart Living) by Martha Stewart, 1997
  13. Martha Stewarts Quick Cook by MARTHA STEWART, 1993-07-15
  14. Martha Stewart Living Annual Recipes 2002 by Editors of Martha Stewart Living, 2001-12

41. Martha Stewart Cancels 'Early Show' Appearance

42. Forbes 400 Richest In America 2001
381, stewart, martha track this person Track This Person 60 , self made Source media/entertainment, media Net Worth $650 mil down Hometown Westport, CT

43. Martha Stewart Error Page
The recipe serves 6 and uses tequila, cinnamon and coffee liqueur, and 4 whole eggs.

44. This Site Is Under Construction
Latest news about the fallen but once againg popular lifestyle and homestyle maven martha stewart. News is continually updated from thousands of sources
This Site is Under Construction.
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45. The Next Martha Stewart?
Washington Post article about the TV doit-yourself decorator. By Annie Groer.

46. Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
martha stewart, martha stewart Living Omnimedia martha stewart Who but martha stewart could face a room full of Wall Street analysts and describe her
Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Who but Martha Stewart could face a room full of Wall Street analysts and describe her company as ''vivacious''? But don't be fooled by Stewart's warm and fuzzy approach to numbers. The doyenne of all things domestic had plenty of good news to share at the recent meeting outlining the accomplishments of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia ( MSO ). Revenues were expected to climb 20% in 2000. And while other media companies' shares fell an average of 20% for the year, Martha Stewart stock was holding steady.
Stewart, founder and CEO, has a simple sense of mission for her company. ''We are the leading authority for the home,'' she says. But that can be a pretty broad mandate. More than a year after going public, her company is expanding its reach well beyond the garden and kitchen. Her recent holiday TV special featured singer Tony Bennett. Back in August, Stewart, 59, traveled to Alaska's Yukon, strapped on a pair of crampons, and with cameras rolling went ice climbing. She also went dog sledding with a top musher. Of course, being Martha, she took time out to make sourdough waffles, using a recipe dating from Alaska's Gold Rush. Footage of the trip aired on her daily TV show.
Meanwhile, Stewart is continuing to develop more magazine and TV specials. She shows no signs of slowing as she cooks, plants, and mushes her way to media moguldom.

47. Martha Stewart Error Page
Wedding gifts and online registry. Shower, wedding and anniversary gifts encompass their merchandise selection.

48. Business 2.0 - Web Guide - Stewart, Martha -e1 Major Advertiser s Drop From martha stewart Living As martha stewart s lawyers prepared to hand over email and phone records.,17811,7358,00.html
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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Links 1-11 of 11 Major Advertiser's Drop From Martha Stewart Living

"For one branding expert, something historic is happening to one of the marketing world's biggest names." (8/25/03) CNN/Money: Martha Indicted, Resigns "Martha Stewart resigned ... just hours after a federal indictment accused her and her former stockbroker of lying to investigatorsw ho were probing her profitable sale of ImClone Systems stock." (6/4/03) Entertainment Weekly: Stock Responses "Martha speaks! In her first interview since her stock-trading scandal broke last June, Stewart blasts the press but gives a pass to late-night comics." (2/9/03) Fortune: Designing Her Defense "Martha Stewart, one tough cookie, tries to hold her ground in court and at her company." (6/9/03) Mercury News: Prosecutors Weigh Charges Against Martha Stewart "Manhattan U.S. Attorney Jim Comey is considering several charges - including securities fraud, obstruction of justice and lying to an FBI agent. ..." (2/6/03)

49. - Star Witness In Martha Stewart Case - Feb. 10, 2004
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Star witness in Martha Stewart case
How should the jury evaluate insider trading testimony in the absence of such charges?
By Jonna M. Spilbor
FindLaw Columnist
Special to
Story Tools (FindLaw) Most newly anointed brokers begin their Wall Street careers at the bottom of the totem pole often doing little more than catering to the administrative needs of their superiors. They'll fetch the coffee, take a message and occasionally, make a trade. When Douglas Faneuil began working as a broker's assistant at Merrill Lynch, he was so wet behind the ears, you could have wrung him out. Faneuil even referred to himself as "Baby". But now "Baby" says he grew up fast too fast. Why? Because the broker he assisted was Peter Bacanovic. And one of Bacanovic's clients was Martha Stewart. Still in his twenties, and no longer working on Wall Street, "Baby" is the key government witness in the case against domestic-diva-turned-defendant Stewart and her broker, Bacanovic. Indeed, in the end, the entire case is likely to boil down to a credibility contest: The word of the business-savvy Stewart and Bacanovic against the word of the fresh-faced Faneuil. After all, the rest of the evidence against Stewart and Bacanovic is circumstantial. And though Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum has remarked that this circumstantial evidence is "strong," Faneuil's testimony, as direct evidence, is bound to be stronger. But only if the jury believes it.

50. SEC Charges Martha Stewart, Broker Peter Bacanovic With Illegal Insider Trading;
Complaint alleges that stewart committed illegal insider trading when she sold stock of ImClone Systems after receiving an unlawful tip from Bacanovic and subsequently both lied during investigation.SEC
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SEC Charges Martha Stewart, Broker Peter Bacanovic with Illegal Insider Trading
Washington, D.C., June 4, 2003 The Commission seeks, among other relief, an order requiring Stewart and Bacanovic to disgorge the losses Stewart avoided through her unlawful trades, plus civil monetary penalties. The Commission also seeks an order barring Stewart from acting as a director of, and limiting her activities as an officer of, any public company. Stewart has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Stephen M. Cutler, the SEC's Director of Enforcement, said: "It is fundamentally unfair for someone to have an edge on the market just because she has a stockbroker who is willing to break the rules and give her an illegal tip. It's worse still when the individual engaging in the insider trading is the Chairman and CEO of a public company." Wayne M. Carlin, Regional Director of the Commission's Northeast Regional Office, said: "The Commission simply cannot allow corporate executives or industry professionals to profit illegally from their access to nonpublic information. The coordinated action announced today by the U.S. Attorney's Office shows that the consequences for those individuals will be even greater if we uncover evidence that they obstructed our investigation." The Commission alleges that, during the morning of Dec. 27, 2001, Bacanovic instructed his assistant, Douglas Faneuil, to tell Stewart that Waksal and his daughter were selling all the ImClone stock held in their Merrill Lynch accounts. During a subsequent telephone call, Faneuil conveyed that information to Stewart, who promptly instructed Faneuil to sell all 3,928 shares of her ImClone stock. The next day, Dec. 28, 2001, ImClone announced that the FDA had decided not to accept ImClone's Erbitux application for filing. By the close of the next trading day, Monday, Dec. 31, 2001, the price of ImClone stock dropped 16% to $46 per share. By selling when she did, Stewart avoided losses of $45,673.

51. Business 2.0 - Web Guide - Stewart, Martha: Background Articles -e1 martha stewart Dishing with Synergy s True Believer Kmart Corp., depending heavily on martha stewart products to help it climb out of,17811,72027,00.html
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Stewart, Martha: Background Articles
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Business 2.0: Martha Stewart's Recipe for Disaster

"Martha's stock-trading scandal shows what can go wrong when a company's intellectual assets get too concentrated." (7/3/02)
BusinessWeek: Martha Inc.

"While she is famed for esoteric tips such as how to make tinsel teardrops, Stewart's biggest lesson may be in how to build a true multimedia empire." (1/17/00)
eCompany Now: e-Business the Martha Stewart Way
"Her site has succeeded thanks to smart hires, savvy dealmaking, and an exacting leader. (That would be Martha.)" (1/01) Martha Stewart: Dishing with Synergy's True Believer "Ensconced in her new multimedia home, the happy homemaker talks about who gets it, the future of e-commerce and why her company could be the next Conde Nast." (4/18/01) The Bull in Martha's China Shop

52. Martha Stewart Error Page
Features articles about flower meanings, seasonal availability by variety, bouquet selections, the hiring of a professional florist and DIY projects.

53. For Women, About Women, And Rejoicing Women Everywhere!
Articles, polls and readers' thoughts on topics including beauty, health, relationships, parenting, single life, entertainment and martha stewart Living . Also features quizzes, messageboard and horoscopes. Site Map Lifted Hearts Our webBooks ... Breaking Up Net
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54. Save Martha: For Martha Stewart Fans
Dedicated to helping save martha from the media onslaught concerning her stock market activities. Features news.

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M. Diddy Star Store
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The Martha Stewart Scandal: A Tempest in a Cuisinart...
Sign the petition: Ask President Bush to Pardon Martha Gallup Poll: Americans are sticking by Martha Stewart ... Diva promises TV show humor Coming in 2006: Being Martha Being Martha Finally, the perfect antidote to all those unauthorized biographies by people who neither know (nor care) about telling the complete story of Martha Stewart. Lloyd Allen, a longtime neighbor and friend of Martha's in Westport, Connecticut, has been hard at work on his latest book. Being Martha s slated for release in March of 2006, two years after Martha heard her sentence in a Manhattan Courtroom. We hear many of Martha's friends and family members gave Lloyd the inside information he needed to tell the complete story, not based on tabloid rumors but on facts and personal accounts. This just might be the kind of insider information that gets the story right. If you can't wait until March, try

55. .................................This Site Is A Parody
A parody of the site with martha stewart's proclamation of innocence.
OK. I have taken down this parody site. Sorry, I got bored with it. In the meantime, please check out the links below: Deutschland Elektronik .com
President Clinton's New Autobiography

size=4>Uber Electronics (USA)

Haushalt Produkt

56. Save Martha! Inside
Ever wonder why martha stewartÂ’s collective ventures are so often referred to The martha stewart Cookbook * martha stewartÂ’s Quick Cook * Healthy Quick
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By Andrew Ritchie
Ever wonder why Martha Stewart’s collective ventures are so often referred to as an "Empire?" Read on and you’ll see that the word "Empire" may, in fact, be descriptively inadequate!
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia delivers how-to content and products through four major mediums: Publishing, Television, Internet/Direct Commerce and Merchandising. There are eight core content components in the Martha Stewart Living "how-to" mandate, with merchandising sold through the company to compliment these informative categories: Home, Cooking and Entertaining, Gardening, Crafts, Holiday, Keeping, Weddings, and Baby & Kids.
In 1997, Martha Stewart repurchased her company, Martha Stewart Enterprises, from Time Warner Inc. and rechristened it Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. In 1999, Martha took the company public, one of the most successful IPOs in recent history, making Martha a billionaire and giving her company enormous prestige. Below is an analytical breakdown of the four major divisions of the company as it exists today.

57. Jerry S. Hayes
Offering an expansive selection of unique examples of vintage majolica for sale. We also offer books on majolica, as seen on martha stewart Living. Our site also includes upcoming antiques show appearances. Jerry S. Hayes Majolica Specialist
Colorful and whimsical, the delightful pottery known as majolica has been a popular decorating accessory since it was first produced in the middle of the nineteenth century. My name is Jerry S. Hayes and I have been a trusted majolica specialist and premier source of the very best examples of vintage Victorian majolica since 1983. I have an extensive inventory and years of expertise and have been featured on such nationally televised programs as HGTV's At The Auction and Martha Stewart Living . English, American, or Continental...Palissy Ware, Massier, or George Jones...Bringing the joy of majolica to your decor is very easy. Simply by clicking on the Majolica Selection link, you are sure to find just the right piece in a vast and ever-changing inventory. Lecturing and exhibiting at select antiques shows throughout the United States, I have prepared a current schedule of appearances that can be found on the Calendar link.

58. Stewart, Martha (
2003, Jun 5, martha stewart was indicted for securities fraud and resigned 2004, Mar 6, martha stewart revealed that she was distressed to have been
Stewart, Martha Sources
Events Related To Stewart, Martha
Week of
Jul 2 Federal prosecutors said they had widened their insider trading investigation of Martha Stewart to include obstruction of justice. Week of
Jul 9 The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 80,000 Martha Stewart potpourri pots. Week of
Sep 17 The House Energy and Commerce Committee decided not to subpoena Martha Stewart about her suspiciously well-timed trade of ImClone stock. Jun 5 Martha Stewart was indicted for securities fraud and resigned as CEO of her company. [San Francisco Chronicle] Mar 6 Martha Stewart revealed that she was "distressed" to have been convicted for lying about an improper stock trade that saved her about $45,000. Stewart's television show was withdrawn by WCBS, and there was speculation that her company might not be able to survive its association with a convicted felon. [New York Times] Jul 17 Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison [Associated Press] Sep 15 Martha Stewart asked for permission to begin her five-month prison sentence early instead of waiting for her appeal. Stewart said she would be sad to miss the holiday season but that it was time to reclaim her "good life. I must return to my

59. - If Martha Stewart Pleads Guilty, What Sentence Might She Receive? - Ju
The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
If Martha Stewart pleads guilty, what sentence might she receive?
Mark H. Allenbaugh
FindLaw Columnist
Special to
Story Tools FINDLAW
Select a topic Autos Bankruptcy Consumer Criminal Law Divorce Employment Estate Planning Family Immigration Landlord-Tenant Personal Injury Taxes Legal commentary from FindLaw's Writ LAW DICTIONARY (FindLaw) Last week, domestic doyenne Martha Stewart finally was indicted. She now faces one count of conspiracy, two counts of making false statements to government investigators, one count of obstruction of justice, and, most seriously of all, one count of securities fraud. All of the charges relate to her controversial 2001 sale of stock in ImClone, the company then run by her friend Sam Waksal. Waksal has pleaded guilty to insider trading during the same time period and is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. Not since the O.J. Simpson murder trial has a prominent, influential, A-list celebrity been charged with a serious felony. Moreover, unlike Simpson, Stewart faces federal, not state, prosecution. At the federal level, celebrity prosecutions for serious criminal offenses are quite rare, and sentencings for such offenses are unheard of. Stewart has vowed to fight the charges, and declared her innocence. But given the amount of jail time she is facing, she may well change her mind about insisting on going to trial.

60. Search Results For Martha Stewart Living Magazine - Wal-mart
Search results for martha stewart Living Magazine Wal-mart.

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