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  1. OK Weekly Magazine Larry Birkhead & Howard Stern September 17, 2007 Issue (Kate Walsh Wedding, Paris Hilton, Zac Efron) by OK Weekly, 2007
  2. Thor, Vol. 3 by Dan Jurgens, Kurt Busiek, et all 2010-06-30

141. Sorry, Howard Stern – Good-bye TIVO By Mike Rogers
Sirius is going to pay howard stern $500 million dollars over the span of fiveyears. Great deal for howard stern? Most definitely.

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by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers
by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers Over the next ten to twenty years there will be a revolution in broadcasting so drastic that I believe TV sets will virtually disappear in American homes within the next 25 years. The in-home AM/FM radio is already going the way of the 1950's short-wave, and within 15 years will become a curiosity. After being slapped with several serious fines amounting to over $2.5 million dollars over the last ten years for profanity from the Nanny state under the guise of the FCC, Howard Stern is boasting that he will take his act to the future of radio broadcasting: Satellite radio and move to Sirius Satellite Radio beginning in January of 2006. Sirius is going to pay Howard Stern $500 million dollars over the span of five years. Great deal for Howard Stern? Most definitely. Good deal for Sirius Satellite Radio? Well, desperate people will do desperate things. But most of you folks already know this story. It's what Howard doesn't know (and that includes most people) that's going to hurt. The future of broadcasting is definitely not in satellites. not have a monthly charge like TIVO does and the units will sell for approximately the same price. With TIVO charging about $12 per month for use of their product, it is easy to see how TIVO will go the way of the Beta video once HDD DVD comes on the market.

142. -- Howard Stern To Join Sirius Satellite Radio
NEW YORK (AP) Topranked shock jock howard stern said Wednesday that he willabandon his syndicated morning radio show to join Sirius satellite radio in
Special Report: Space Age Communication and You

Howard Stern to Join Sirius Satellite Radio
By Larry McShane

Associated Press
posted: 06 October 2004
02:00 pm ET
NEW YORK (AP) Top-ranked shock jock Howard Stern said Wednesday that he will abandon his syndicated morning radio show to join Sirius satellite radio in 15 months, freeing him from government regulators and allowing him to "bring my fans my show my way." "I've decided what my future is," Stern told his millions of listeners in announcing his five-year, multimillion-dollar contract. "It's not this kind of radio any more." Stern, who battled for years with the FCC and conservative critics over his salacious show's content, will move to the national distributor of commercial-free music and sport programming when his contract with Infinity Broadcasting expires in 15 months. The deal will allow him to reach every market in the country. "I'm tired of the censorship," said Stern, whose show was dropped by media conglomerate Clear Channel Communications in April after the Federal Communications Commission proposed a $495,000 fine against it for comments made by Stern. Clear Channel reached a record $1.75 million settlement with the FCC in June to settle complaints against Stern and other radio personalities.

143. TV Barn On Demand To Carry Howard Stern
The rumors that howard stern will bring the TV version of his syndicated radio E! announced recently it was discontinuing “The howard stern Show,” and a

144. BuzzMachine... By Jeff Jarvis
stern Hi, Michael, how are you? Powell Hi, howard, how are you? OwensAwright, on that note, howard, let me go stern Ronn, take a good look at
BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis

October 26, 2004 The Daily Stern: Howard Stern v. Michael Powell
: Michael Powell appeared on my Ronn Owens ' KGO Radio show in San Francisco and Howard Stern called in to give him a proper piece of his mind. Many good readers sent me a link to the stream but because they said it would go down Wednesday, I transcribed the entire Stern/Powell segment. Stories here here , and here Stern went after Powell for getting his job because of his father. Powell whined "unfair." Stern said, no, it's fair and relevant because broadcasters who've devoted their lives to this industry now answer to this First Amendment hypocrite. Stern pushed Powell on fining him and Viacom over Jackson but not fining Oprah Winfrey because she's beloved. Powell denied saying that (his aid did say it) and said the Winfrey case is still open. Stern called the fines and the FCC's holding station renewals hostage "racketeering." At the end, Powell admitted as the conversation continued without Stern that there's worse on other stations. My old friend Ronn (I used to appear on his air once a month when I worked in San Francisco) blew it by cutting Stern off at the end to get to commercials. This was news and they should have gone at it for the rest of the show. The transcript:

145. Radio Jock Howard Stern In TV Pact With In Demand - News -
People; stern, howard on Wednesday said it obtained the right to air a videoversion of popular shock jock howard stern s ribald radio broadcast.
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    Moviesline [LatelineNews: 2005-8-4] NEW YORK - In Demand Network, a provider of video-on-demand programming to cable TV systems, on Wednesday said it obtained the right to air a video version of popular shock jock Howard Stern's ribald radio broadcast. Under the exclusive three-year deal, In Demand will produce and televise Stern's show, beginning with his remaining shows while he is still broadcasting on Viacom Inc. Infinity radio system, and continuing with those filmed once the show moves in January to Sirius Satellite Radio . Viewers will have to pay a monthly fee to their cable operator to watch the shows. Financial terms were not disclosed.
  • 146. The Atlantic Online | June 2004 | Kerry’s Secret Weapon? | Ross Douthat
    The idea of howard stern as presidential kingmaker may seem absurd on its face.But stern has successfully dabbled in politics before.
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    The Atlantic Monthly.
    From the archives: "Air Pollution" (May 2004) FCC fines for indecency and obscenity. By Matthew Quirk. From Atlantic Unbound "Fashion Police" (February 6, 2004) Fashion Police. By Sage Stossel. Also by Ross Douthat: "Primary Sources" (September 2005) Terrorism tallies; do good grades cost minority kids popularity?; the long-term benefits of nonviolence; why athletes should wear red. "Primary Sources" (July/August 2005) A liberal's case for the death penalty; can Iraq stop worrying about Iran?; bottomless appetites; congressional cheats. "The Apocalypse, Rated PG" (May 2005) Can a socially conservative Christian Republican succeed in Hollywood? Philip Anschutz is betting he can. The Agenda Politics Hundreds of thousands of swing-state radio listeners may turn the unlikely Howard Stern into a presidential kingmaker by Ross Douthat hough much has been made of the recent debut of Al Franken as a liberal talk-radio host, the most important political voice on talk radio this year may turn out to be not Franken but the usually apolitical "shock jock" Howard Stern. Recent months have not been kind to Stern, who found himself a target of the backlash against indecency that followed the baring of Janet Jackson's nipple during the Super Bowl halftime show. In February the radio behemoth Clear Channel Communications dropped him from six of its affiliates for being "vulgar, offensive and insulting." The following month the FCC slapped him with a $27,500 fine for his on-air discussions of sexual techniques such as the "nasty Sanchez" and the "blumpkin" (don't ask). As Congress considers raising obscenity fines as high as $500,000, Stern is contemplating a move to satellite radio, where the FCC couldn't touch him.

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    148. Meet Other Howard Stern Fans In Your Area! -
    Meet other local howard stern Fans to mobilize in defense of howard s right toFree Speech Be notified when new howard stern Meetup Groups start nearby!
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    United Howard Stern Meetup Day
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    149. Howard Stern Divorce News
    News on howard stern s Breakup with Alison. About two weeks ago we repliedto howard stern s attorneys, explaining that we have removed advertising from
    Free Sex Stories Masturbation Anal Sex Yes! ... Viagra Howard Stern Divorce Note: this site is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Stern. It is a journalistic site protected by the First Amendment. Howard's Girlfriend
    As Howard's regular listeners know, he has a new girlfriend. Her name is Beth Ostrosky and here's her picture, taken at a basketball game: Levitra Angie
    I can't believe Howard is already two-timing Robin: It may have started out as a silly on-air flirtation, but Howard Stern and Angie Everhart seem to have blossomed into something more serious. "They have been going out," Everhart's rep, Shari Goldberg, confirms to us. "I don't know about Howard, but she's not seeing anyone else."
    Who We Are, a news and information site, is part of the Sex Reporter network. Our other sites include: Sex Reporter - Sex news updated daily
    Lets Masturbate
    - Masturbation hints and tips Howard and Robin!
    I always knew he'd end up with a black woman named Robin: The shock jock, who last October split with his long-suffering wife Alison, is “hot and heavy” with Robin Givens, ex-wife of Mike Tyson and the host of the show “Forgive or Forget,” says a source close to the show.

    150. Howard Stern Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Fart (NY Rock)
    Today s print media are a mindless flock of sheep and howard stern is currentlytheir shepherd. Everywhere you turn, stern s picture graces one magazine

    151. Howard
    howard has a foulmouthed guest.
    Cheney's Curse - More on Dubya's foul mouth - More cartoons

    152. New York Daily News - Politics - Stern Rallies Listeners To Kerry Cause
    has an unlikely weapon in his bid to win the White House shock jock Howardstern. stern has been rallying listeners to vote for Kerry as he routinely
    var MenuLinkedBy='AllWebMenus [2]', awmBN='528'; awmAltUrl=''; Current Archive
    Stern rallies listeners to Kerry Sen. John Kerry has an unlikely weapon in his bid to win the White House - shock jock Howard Stern. Stern has been rallying listeners to vote for Kerry as he routinely rails on his show against President Bush and the Federal Communications Commission's indecency crackdown. Now, a new poll says Stern - with an estimated weekly audience of 8.5 million - could be Kerry's key to getting crucial swing voters on his bandwagon. The survey, for the New Democrat Network, found Stern's listeners include 17% of likely voters, with a quarter being swing voters sought by both parties. "This means that 4% of likely voters this fall are swing voters who listen to Howard Stern, showing Stern's potential impact on the race," the group said in statement yesterday. The poll shows that Stern's fans in general support Kerry, by a margin of 53% to 43%. In the 18 battleground states - including Arizona, Ohio, Colorado, West Virginia and Florida - Stern listeners go for Kerry by a margin of 59% to 37%. A whopping 34% of his faithful are independents. Stern launched a "jihad" to defeat Bush after the FCC began assessing massive fines against stations that carry the jock.

    153. Broadcasting & Cable: The Business Of Television
    Broadcasting Cable is the leading voice of the television industry serving thebroadcast, cable and syndication communities.

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