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         Spacey Kevin:     more books (35)
  2. Looking Closer: Kevin Spacey, the first 50 years by Robin Tamblyn, 2010-02-16
  3. Films Directed by Kevin Spacey (Study Guide): Beyond the Sea, Albino Alligator
  4. Juilliard School People: Juilliard School Alumni, Juilliard School Faculty, Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, Christopher Reeve
  5. Biography Magazine February 2003 - Kevin Spacey - Black Entertainers - Christiane Amanpour
  6. En el pabellon de la muerte. (En Proyeccion).(produccion de la pelicula sobre la pena capital The Life of David Gale)(participacion del actor Kevin Spacey ): An article from: Semana by Sindy M. Ortega, 2003-02-23
  7. American Beauty (Film): Sam Mendes, Alan Ball (screenwriter), Kevin Spacey, Midlife crisis, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Mena Suvari, Chris Cooper (actor), DreamWorks, Spec script, Burbank, California
  8. New Jersey Democrats: Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Spacey, Jon Corzine, Jim Mcgreevey, Bob Menendez, Cory Booker
  9. People From Essex County, New Jersey: Grover Cleveland, Buzz Aldrin, Kevin Spacey, Janis Ian, Richard Wilbur, Lauryn Hill, Christopher Durang
  10. People Associated With London South Bank University: Kevin Spacey
  11. Golden Orange Honorary Award Winners: Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Spacey, Norman Jewison, Maximilian Schell, Mickey Rourke, Helen Mirren
  12. Kevin Spacey
  13. A Moon For The Misbegotten (The Old Vic)
  14. A Twist of Lemmon: A Tribute to My Father by Chris Lemmon, 2006-04-13

81. Kevin Spacey Pics And Links Offered By
Here you can find links for and pictures of kevin spacey.
Kevin Spacey
Home K next sites Born on
July 26, 1959

American Buy Kevin Spacey
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Kevin Spacey Fun Games Love Match Listed in Kevin Spacey pics all Kevin Spacey pics enlarge buy enlarge ... buy Links Simply Spacey Celebrity Site of the Day on 12/19/98 The Kevin Spacey fansite Celebrity Site of the Day on 7/1/03 Kevin Spacey Celebrity Wonder: Kevin Spacey - Die deutsche Kevin Spacey Fanpage Kevin Spacey at ... Privacy Statement Contents Home New Top 25 Contact any Celebrity ... Contact Recommended Sites Celebrity Site of the Day Celebrity Search ...

82. Movie Spoiler For The Film - American Beauty
The ending of the film American Beauty starring kevin spacey and Annette Bening.
Soundtrack #1 Soundtrack #2 Awards Edition
DVD HOME Back to SPOILERS! AMERICAN BEAUTY This is a story of a marriage that has gone bad... real bad. Kevin Spacey is married to Annette Bening. She is an aspiring real estate agent that falls for the area's top agent - The King. They flirt with each other and end up in bed together. Spacey is an advertising salesman that is in a mid life crisis from hell. He quits his job, obsesses about his daughters best friend (the school slut), buys the "muscle car" he has wanted since high school, and is actually okay with the fact that his wife is sleeping with "The King" The new neighbors have a son that reintroduces Spacey to the world of pot. Spacey is now content to be an out of work, pot smoking, muscle car driving , teen sex craved old man. This infuriates Annette Bening so much that she actually buys a gun and thinks about killing him. Meanwhile, the father of Spacey's drug connection (his neighbor) sees a drug deal going down in Spacey's garage. Unfortunately, his vision is obscured and instead, thinks that his son is giving Spacey a blow job. (He decides that this is how his son has so much money) He kicks his son out of the house, and then confronts Spacey. In a very strange scene, he breaks down crying on Spacey's shoulder, then out of the blue, raises his head and kisses Spacey, smack on the lips. Spacey tells him he's not into that and the neighbor leaves.

83. Spacey, Kevin
kevin spacey. OSCAR • GLOBE • SATELLITE • GUILD • FENNECUS • APEX. kevin spacey. Actor In A Leading Role American Beauty 1999. Actor In A Supporting Role
Kevin Spacey

American Beauty

Actor In A Supporting Role
The Usual Suspects

Kevin Spacey
GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Actor In A Leading Role - Drama

American Beauty

The Shipping News

Actor In A Leading Role - Musical Or Comedy
Beyond the Sea
Actor In A Supporting Role The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Actor In A Leading Role - Drama American Beauty Kevin Spacey OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX S.A.G. Award - Male Actor In A Leading Role American Beauty S.A.G. Award - Male Actor In A Supporting Role The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Actor In A Leading Role American Beauty Actor In A Supporting Role The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Actor In A Leading Role - Comedy American Beauty Actor In A Supporting Role - Action/Mystery/Thriller Outbreak The Usual Suspects

84. Hideout - Cultura Dell'immagine E Della Parola
Recensione del film di Alan Parker, con kevin spacey e Kate Winslet a cura di Fabia Abati.

85. Guide To New & Upcoming Movies, DVD Releases, Movie Showtimes, Ticke
kevin spacey Wikiquotekevin spacey (born July 26, 1959) American actor; born kevin Fowler. Wikipedia Wikipedia has an article about. kevin spacey
Showtimes by ZIP Code
Showtimes by Movie Title
Select a Movie THIS WEEK The 40-Year-Old... Red Eye Valiant Supercross Sympathy for Mr.... LAST WEEK Deuce Bigalow:... Four Brothers The Skeleton Key The Great Raid Pretty Persuasion Asylum Grizzly Man War of the Worlds ALL MOVIES PLAYING
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Nominations are in; now it's your turn. Latest Review: Valiant Plus, a real-life Aquaman , Ewan gets butt-naked (again), Keira kicks tail and more. Get all the top talk in the Bin. Red Eye 's Rachel McAdams Owen went after her in Wedding Crashers Now Playing on CineQuiz! 40-Year-Old Virgin : Steve Carell can't get no satisfaction. Screening Room. Launch CineQuiz Screening Room Launch CineQuiz Screening Room ... Elijah Beaten Bloody! Frodo fights in an exclusive Green Street Hooligans scene.

86.    KEVIN MEDIA   »  Coming Soon!!
THE NEW kevin spacey SITE WILL BE ONLINE IN THE NEXT WEEKS ! COME BACK SOON !! Host Contact. Listed at

87. Superman Homepage
Parker Posey and kevin spacey Filming in Narrabeen (July 25th 2005) I hope these are pics of kevin spacey and Parker Posey blowing off steam between

88. Deep Discount DVD
Search by Actor Results for spacey, kevin Displaying 1 5 of 17 Results. Starring TEMPLE BLACK, SHIRLEY , WOODS, JAMES , spacey, kevin

kevin spacey interviewed for The Shipping News. Includes photos from the film.,1259,---10158,00.html

Movie News Kevin Spacey Reports on 'The Shipping News' Fri, Dec 21, 2001, 06:12 PM PT By Brandon Gray
"There's some foreign substance in my wine," Kevin Spacey observes as he sticks his finger in his glass to get at whatever it is. It's an early Sunday afternoon in Beverly Hills, Calif. and the 42-year-old actor who makes his home in New York is in town to promote "The Shipping News," the adaptation of the best-selling, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by E. Annie Proulx. Though the wine is white, Spacey is decked out in a black jacket and shirt, unbuttoned at the top. He rests his hand on his thigh and his elbow on the table. He often holds his other hand on his chin and mouth, sometimes using it to rub his right eye. "I read the book about six years ago and wanted to do it then," Spacey tells . "I was informed that at the time it was a film that John Travolta was going to do. And I did what I've always done, which is that I just tracked it and bided my time, and eventually it managed to come around." Spacey stars as Quoyle, a sad sack ink setter at a New York newspaper who gets swept off his feet by a party girl (Cate Blanchett). They marry, have a daughter, but she brazenly and frequently cheats on him and then leaves him, dying in a car accident. Then in the midst of his mourning, his aunt (Judi Dench) comes into his life and together with his daughter they move to Newfoundland, where his ancestors came from. Though the land be harsh and the water aversive to him, Quoyle starts a new life, becoming a reporter at the local newspaper

90. Kevin Spacey Picture From The Movie - Kevin Spacey Movie Stills - Kevin Spacey P
Movie stills of kevin spacey kevin spacey picture and list of the web greatest kevin spacey pics sites.
Search All Movie Photo for movie stills. Fast and accurate! Input celebrity name or movie title, e.g.: Kevin Spacey. Powered by Google Homepage Movie Wallpaper Moono ... Free Online Greetings Browse movie stills by star's first name:
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Browse movie stills by movie title. Over 1,000 movie listed. Click here If you want red-carpet celebrity photos, try our which has over 50,000 pictures. Movie reviews can be found at , and to greet your friends and family, try . All for free. OVER 1,000 DESKTOP WALLPAPERS ARE HERE! Kevin Spacey Picture from the Movie
Click here for all Kevin Spacey picture.

Or browse below for Kevin Spacey pics categorized by movie title 1995 The Usual Suspects 1998 A Bug's Life 1998 Hurlyburly

91. Kevin Spacey Interview Regarding His Lead Role In "The Shipping News"
Bonnie Churchill interview with kevin spacey on his latest film The Shipping News .


Music / Performing Arts

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Pop culture made easy.
By Jeremy Dauber
  • Red Eye (PG-13) Valiant (G) The Great Raid (R) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) Dark Water (PG-13) Bewitched (PG-13) Batman Begins (PG-13) Howl's Moving Castle (PG) Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) Kings and Queen (NR) Brothers (R) Kingdom of Heaven (R) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (PG) The Interpreter (PG-13) House of D (PG-13) Sahara (PG-13) Fever Pitch (PG-13) Guess who? (PG-13) Melinda and Melinda (PG-13) The Upside of Anger (R) The Jacket (R) Downfall (R) The Wedding Date (PG-13) Assault on Precinct 13 (R) The Aviator (PG-13) Million Dollar Baby (PG-13) Ocean's Twelve (PG-13) Closer (R) House of Flying Daggers (PG-13) The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (PG) Finding Neverland (PG) The Polar Express (G) The Incredibles (PG) Ray (PG-13) Enduring Love (R) Sideways (R) Being Julia (R) Team America: World Police (R) Stage Beauty (R) (R) The Motorcycle Diaries (R) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (PG) Vanity Fair (PG-13) Bright Young Things (R) The Manchurian Candidate (R) Arthur (PG-13) Before Sunset (R) Spider-Man 2 (PG-13) Fahrenheit 9/11 (R) The Terminal (PG-13) The Stepford Wives (PG-13) Napoleon Dynamite (PG) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PG) The Day After Tomorrow (PG-13) Saved!
  • 92. Criminal Grace (of Kevin Spacey)
    Excellent fansite with articles, gallery and news.
    about this site Welcome to an improved version of the old Criminal Grace of Kevin Spacey, now known only as criminal grace ! I'm constantly trying to update the site, and a new layout will be published as soon as my busy schedule allows. Surfing the Net for KS sites I came to discover that quite few sites are nowadays updated regularly, which is why I try to focus on my news section, simply called as recent . I'm also very proud of my gallery and articles collection. Biography and films aren't bad, either. I need your help ! Find out more site guide looking for... go to news and this site's update info recent biography, trivia, awards listing biography career and films information films the man in his own (and others') words articles photographs gallery something else? try your luck with exit This image will lead you back here. recent bio films articles ...

    93. Kevin Spacey
    Video and DVD release dates for upcoming movies plus news, rumors and celebrity information. Want to know when the latest box office smash is coming to
    VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Sunday, Aug 21 Kevin Spacey Age: Born: July 26, 1959
    South Orange, New Jersey
    Did You Know?
    • Kevin was once expelled from a military academy for throwing a tire at a classmate.
    • Spacey is his mother's maiden name.
    • Quote (on American Beauty): "I read the screenplay and nearly fell out of bed. I thought I better meet him quick before someone else read it."
    • Kevin is very active with Greenwich House, whose efforts help abused children.
    • Kevin graduated co-valedictorian with his classmate, Mare Winningham.
    Actor Credits
  • Superman Returns
  • Edison
  • Long Day's Journey Into Night
  • Beyond the Sea ...
  • Heartburn Director Credits
  • Beyond the Sea
  • Albino Alligator See Star Profiles Witches of the Caribbean
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  • 94. Portraits Of An Enigma: A Kevin Spacey Gallery
    1,712 photos! News and other kevin spacey links.
    May 28, 2002: I realize that many of the newer pages are not working right now. The problem seems to be with Topcities. They sent me an email saying that since the bandwidth was too high, they would have to shut down the site until the next month. In the meantime, I can't even try moving the site somewhere else because all the HTML I had written was saved at the site, not on my hard drive. Hopefully those pages will return sometime soon and I can copy and save them and move them to a more stable server.
    Some of the .wav files still don't work but I'm working on them. :)
    August 7, 2002 The official site for "The Life of David Gale" is now online at . Not much there right now except for 2 pictures and a synopsis, but check back for updates and release information. November 8, 2001 - The Shipping News full trailer available!! Click here to view! To save, hit the right mouse key and select Save Target As. Quicktime, 9.5 MB. August 29, 2001 Kevin is on the cover of Maxim Fashion . He has a 6 page interview with 3 full-page photos. A great find, if you can get it.

    95. Actor: Kevin Spacey [The Movie Times]
    Biography, Filmography with total domestic gross of each movie, links to related sites, and more.
    Last Update 3.16.02 Actor Pages: Adam Sandler Alec Baldwin Alan Rickman Al Pacino Anthony Hopkins Arn. Schwarzenegger Ben Affleck Billy Dee Williams Bill Paxton Bill Murray Bill Pullman Billy Zane Brad Pitt Brendan Fraser Bruce Willis Christopher Lloyd Chris O'Donnell Christian Slater Clint Eastwood Cuba Gooding Jr. Danny DeVito Danny Glover Dan Aykroyd Daniel Stern Denzel Wahington Dustin Hoffman Eddie Murphy Ed Harris Ewan McGregor Gabriel Byrne George Clooney Gene Hackman Gary Sinise Harrison Ford Hugh Grant Jeff Daniels Johnny Depp Josh Hartnett John Travolta John Malkovich James Earl Jones Jeff Goldblum Jim Carrey Jeremy Irons Jack Nicholson Joe Pesci Judge Reinhold Kevin Bacon Kevin Costner Keanu Reeves Kurt Russell Kevin Spacey Laurence Fishburne Leonardo DiCaprio Liam Neeson Macaulay Culkin Mark Hamill Matt Damon Mark Wahlberg Matthew Broderick Matthew McConaughey Mel Gibson Michael Douglas Michael Keaton Mike Myers Morgan Freeman Michael J. Fox Nicolas Cage Pierce Brosnan Ralph Fiennes Richard Dreyfuss Richard Gere Rick Moranis Robert De Niro Robin Williams Rupert Everett Russell Crowe Sean Connery Samuel L. Jackson

    96. A List: A Tribute To Kevin Spacey
    A very nicely designed website for kevin spacey with interesting guotes, photos and personal insight.
    A list: a tribute to Kevin Spacey Artist


    ... sign the guestbook

    97. Albino - Vente Et Achat Albino Occasion Ou Neuf - DVD, VHS, Jeux Vidéo, Console
    spacey, kevin Dvdy Meilleur prix 3,88 € - Economisez 82%
    3 055 000 membres 14 527 300 produits en vente page cree 2005 08 22 05:43:14 Tous produits Livres et BD Musique DVD VHS Jeux Vidéo Consoles Accessoires Téléphones mobiles Téléphones fixes PDA Calculatrices Informatique Image - Son Enfants, jeux, jouets Auto Code barre / Ref. Pseudo vendeur
    Résultats pour " albino Résultats de recherche Vous avez recherché " albino Les 5 premiers résultats dans la catégorie "DVD / VHS" Albino Alligator (DVD Zone 2)
    Spacey, Kevin

    Motion Picture Of America

    Meilleur prix
    ... "DVD / VHS" Les 5 premiers résultats dans la catégorie "Musique" Scarred (CD Album)
    Albino Violet


    Meilleur prix

    Aucun vendeur ne propose encore cet article. Vous pouvez : Vendre le vôtre Faire un souhait Voir tous les résultats dans "Musique" Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Les 5 premiers résultats dans la catégorie "Livres / BD" Humblement Votre (Livre) Luciani Albino Meilleur prix Nombre d'articles : ... "Livres / BD" Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Aucun résultat dans la catégorie Aucun résultat dans la catégorie "Auto" Pour faire une recherche dans la catégorie "Voyages" cliquez ici pour retrouver le moteur spécial Voyage (séjours, hôtels ou vols).

    98. A Spacey Dream
    Dedicated to kevin spacey with pictures and all other kinds of information.
    htmlAdWH('93212816', '728', '90'); Main My First Home Page A Spacey Dream Click on the picture to enter. Next Site Skip Next Next 5 Join ... Site page created with Easy Designer

    99. Kevin Spacey: The Spaceman Cometh!
    A site dedicated to kevin spacey and the characters he has played. Includes news, interviews, pictures, photo caption contest and fun questionnaires.

    100. The Male Celebrity Archives Kevin Spacey
    Picture gallery of kevin spacey.
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    Updated: 30 Mar 2005 Name: Kevin Spacey
    Occupation: Actor
    Bio: As enigmatic as he is talented, Kevin Spacey has always kept the details of his private life closely... [ more
    Pictures: There are 26 pictures of Kevin Spacey in our archive. Links: Web pages about Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey Celebrity Shop VHS DVD Music Books ... Books Featured Links for Kevin Spacey find cheap hotel reservations here! Created by

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