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         Sondheim Stephen:     more books (100)
  4. Sunday In The Park With George (Applause Musical Library) by Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine, 2000-05-01
  5. Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim Hugh Wheeler, 1979
  6. Sunday in the park with George: A musical by Stephen Sondheim, 1986
  7. Sunday in the Park With George: Vocal Selections by Stephen Sondheim, 1998-05
  9. Sunday in the Park With George: Vocal Score by Stephen Sondheim, 1999-11
  10. Sondheim's Broadway Musicals (The Michigan American Music Series) by Stephen 0 Banfield, 1994-02-01
  11. Send in the Clowns (Jazz Band)
  12. Stephen Sondheim: A Life by Meryle Secrest, 1999-08-19
  13. Sondheim : A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (Vocal Selections) (Essential Box Sets) by Stephen Sondheim, 1997-11
  14. Anyone Can Whistle: A Musical Fable (A Carl Peek book) by Arthur Laurents, Stephen Sondheim, 1976

61. Stephen Sondheim And Co-creator Settle Lawsuit Against Over Musical

62. Who's Who In Musicals: So-Su
sondheim, stephen Composer, lyricist b. March 22, 1930 (New York City) stephen sondheim provided lyrics only for Styne s most acclaimed work, History of Musicals
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John Kenrick at Who's Who in Musicals: So-Su by John Kenrick Sondheim , Stephen Composer, lyricist b. March 22, 1930 (New York City) Protégé of Oscar Hammerstein II, Sondheim got his start writing the music and lyrics for Saturday Night , a charming project which was filed away after the unexpected death of its producer. He next wrote the lyrics for Leonard Bernstein 's West Side Story (1957) and Jule Styne 's Gypsy (1959). Had Sondheim never worked on another score, these two classics would have guaranteed him a place in theatrical history. Luckily, they were just the beginning of a brilliant career. Sondheim's lyrics for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1962) got a warmer critical response than his melodies, and the failure of Anyone Can Whistle Do I Hear A Waltz?

63. > Sondheim, Stephen
The stephen sondheim Collection sondheim, stephen DVDBox This 6-DVD collection contains Sunday in the Park with George, Into the Woods, Passion, Follies,

64. - Putting It Together Since 1994.
Information on the original Broadway production of stephen sondheim's Company .

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Sondheim collaborated with George Furth (book) and Harold Prince (director) to create Company , the first of the Sondheim/Prince shows that were to lay the foundation for the post-Golden Age Broadway musicals. Company was the first non-linear, "concept," musical. Set firmly in, and often about, New York, Company follows five married, once married, or soon to be married couples and their mutual friend, Robert, a 35 year old bachelor who has been unable to connect in a long-term relationship. The relationships are presented in a series of vignettes, primarily through Bobby's eyes, so that we see the less than ideal aspects of commitment. However, it is obvious to the audience that the committed are happy. Eventually, Bobby learns that while relationships aren't perfect, they are a necessary part of "Being Alive." Includes the songs "Getting Married Today," "The Ladies Who Lunch," and "Being Alive."
Show Data
Original Broadway Production Info: Opened April 26, 1970

65. > Sondheim, Stephen
sondheim, stephen Audio CD Songs from sondheim s forays into cinema and sondheim, stephen Audio CD Recorded at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, California.

66. - Putting It Together Since 1994.
Information on the original Broadway production.

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Based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet , this musical with book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein, and choreography by Jerome Robbins was breakthrough for the Broadway theatre for many reasons. Like On Your Toes and Oklahoma! , it contributed to the pioneering use of dance in musicals as a major story-telling device. Unlike the predecessors, its score juxtaposed many styles for a much more dissonant and vibrant, and the subject itself involved more somber issues than tackled on Broadway. The show concerned rival gangs, one of Puerto Rican immigrants, the other of second- and third- generation Polish-Americans, and their reactions when Tony, the ex- leader of the Jets (the Polish-Americans), falls in love with Maria, the sister of Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks (the Puerto Rican immigrants). Includes the songs "Tonight," "Maria," and "Something's Coming."
Original Production
Opened September 26, 1957 at the Winter Garden Theatre
Ran for 732 performances
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Arthur Laurents
Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins
Produced by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince

67. Celebrating Sondheim
Print resources on stephen sondheim are vast. Here is a short list of books, print articles, sheet music, and scripts, as well as books generally related to
Print resources on Stephen Sondheim are vast. Here is a short list of books print articles sheet music , and scripts , as well as books generally related to musical theatre Books on Sondheim Banfield, Stephen. Sondheim's Broadway Musicals . Ann Arbor MI: University of Michigan Press, 1993. Garebian, Keith. The Making of West Side Story . ECW Press, 1995. Goodhart, Sandor (ed). Reading Stephen Sondheim: A Collection of Critical Essays . New York: Garland Pub., 2000. Gordon, Joanne (ed). Stephen Sondheim, A Casebook . New York: Garland Publishing, 1997.
Gordon, Joanne. Art Isn't Easy: The Theater of Stephen Sondheim . New York: Da Capo Press, 1992. Gottfried, Martin. Sondheim . New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2000. Minkoff, George Robert and J.D. McClatchy (eds). The Poetry of Song: Five Tributes to Stephen Sondheim . Poetry Society of America, 1992. Secrest, Meryle.

68. - Putting It Together Since 1994.
Offers articles, show data, original Broadway production and cast information, original London production, cast and musical additions information, and awards.

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Into the Woods blends various familiar fairy tales with an original story of a childless Baker and his Wife, who catalyze the action of the story by attempting to reverse a curse on their family in order to have a child. Act Two, however, deals with the consequences that traditional fairy tales conveniently ignore. What does one do with a dead Giant in the back yard? Does marrying a Prince really lead to a happy and fulfilling life? Is carving up the wolf the solution? Is the Giant always wrong? In Act Two, all the characters must deal with what happens AFTER "Happily Ever After". As they face a genuine threat to their community, they realize that all actions have consequences, and their lives are inescapably interdependent, but also that that interdependence is their greatest strength. June Abernathy Show Data
Original Broadway Production: Opened November 5, 1987 Ran 764 Performances Theatre Martin Beck Theatre Music Stephen Sondheim Lyrics Stephen Sondheim Book James Lapine Producer Heidi Landesman Rocco Landesman Rick Steiner M. Anthony Fisher

69. ARTSEDGE: Sondheim: Secret Metaphors
Share with students the following statement by stephen sondheim In every show, The critic Martin Gottfried comments that stephen sondheim is a
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Sondheim: Secret Metaphors
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One of the most compelling aspects of Sondheim's work is his experimentation with diverse structural designs. His genius in design is especially evident in the provocative ways he constructs nonlinear structural frames that still achieve organic unity, and thus singularity in artistic impact. What does all of the above mean? And how does Sondheim achieve it? These questions will be explored in this lesson.

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Information on the original Broadway production of stephen sondheim's 'Sweeney Todd.'

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Based on Christopher Bond's retelling of the Victorian pennydreadful The String of Pearls , (which was itself a retelling of a British myth, possibly rooted in truth) this musical (with a book by Hugh Wheeler) tells the tale of Sweeney Todd, a murderous barber, and his partner in crime, Nellie Lovett, a baker who disposes of the bodies by baking them into her pies. Meanwhile, Anthony Hope, a sailor who saved Todd's life, falls in love with Todd's estranged daughter, Johanna, who is being brought up as the ward of the twisted Judge Turpin. Includes the songs "Not While I'm Around," "Pretty Women," and "A Little Priest."
Show Data Original Broadway Production Info: Opened ................... March 1, 1979 Closed ................... June 29, 1980 Ran ................... 558 Performances Theatre .................... Uri Theatre Music ................. Stephen Sondheim Lyrics ................ Stephen Sondheim Book ..................... Hugh Wheeler .... Based on a book by Christopher Bond Producer .................. Richard Barr ....................... Charles Woodward ........................... Robert Fryer ....................... Mary Lea Johnson ........................ Martin Richards Director ................. Harold Prince Choreography .............. Larry Fuller Set Designer ................ Eugene Lee Costumes Designer ........... Franne Lee Lighting Designer ....... Ken Billington Musical Direction ....... Paul Gemignani Orchestrations ......... Jonathan Tunick

71. Creative Quotations From Stephen Sondheim (1930-____)
sondheim, stephen MusicWeb Encyclopaedia of Popular MusicMusicWeb Encylopaedia of Popular Music edited by Donald Clarke formerly the Penguin Encyclopaedia of Popular Music.
Home Search Indexes E-books ... creative
Creative Quotations from . . . Stephen Sondheim
1930-) born on Mar 22 US "composer, lyricist". "His brilliance in matching words and music in dramatic situations broke new ground for Broadway musical theatre in "West Side Story."" Search millions of documents for Stephen Sondheim
Fishing For Creativity
Creative Perfumes The concerts you enjoy together
Neighbors you annoy together
Children you destroy together
That make marriage a joy
I prefer neurotic people. I like to hear rumblings beneath the surface. One difference between poetry and lyrics is that lyrics sort of fade into the background. They fade on the page and live on the stage when set to music. "Musical comedies aren't written, they are rewritten." The fact is popular art dates. It grows quaint. How many people feel strongly about Gilbert and Sullivan today compared to those who felt strongly in 1890?
Published Sources for the above Quotations:
F: ""The Little Things You Do Together," in Company, 1970." R: "In "Newsweek," 23 Apr 1973."

72. Candide - A Musical By Lillian Hellman, Richard Wilbur, And Leonard Bernstein
A brief history and synopsis of the musical by Lillian Hellman, Richard Wilbur, Leonard Bernstein, Hugh Wheeler, and stephen sondheim, plus links to purchase cast albums and sheet music.
Home Theatre Links Advertise Here Email Us Candide Book: Lillian Hellman (revised by Hugh Wheeler) Lyrics: Richard Wilbur (revised by Stephen Sondheim) Music: Leonard Bernstein B ASED on Voltaire 's satirical masterpiece, CANDIDE tells the story a young man, Candide, who is determined to follow his instructor's creed of mindless optimism. Even after being banished from his homeland, captured by Bulgarians, beaten and left for dead by the Spanish Inquisition, robbed of everything he owns, and torn repeatedly from the woman he loves, Candide still clings to the philosophy that everything is for the best in this, "the best of all possible worlds." He and his friends eventually find themselves in a cave in Turkestan, seeking guidance from the Wisest Man in the Worlda ghost from their past who has a surprising revelation for them! CANDIDE

73. Assassins - A Musical By Stephen Sondheim And John Weidman
Brief history and synopsis of the Broadway musical by stephen sondheim, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Assassins Book: John Weidman The idea for Assassins first planted itself in Stephen Sondheim's mind when he was serving on a panel at Stuart Ostrow's Musical Theater Lab and read a play by a young playwright named Charles Gilbert. Gilbert had submitted a script about a fictional presidential assassin, and although Sondheim found the play itself problematic, he was fascinated by the peripheral material Gilbert had compiledletters and anecdotes from actual assassins. Several years later, after obtaining permission from Gilbert, Sondheim decided to tackle the project along with John Weidman, a lyricist whom he had previously collaborated with on Pacific Overtures Originally, Sondheim and Weidman intended to explore the lives of assassins throughout history beginning with Brutus and Julius Caesar , but they soon realized this was far too broad a topic and decided to limit themselves to assassins who had attempted to kill the President of the United States. As the project developed, their task soon became clearto dramatize the unpopular thesis that the most notorious killers in our culture are as much a product of that culture as the famous leaders they attempt to murder. The musical comes into sharp focus as we are transported to the Texas School Book Depository, November 22, 1963, where Lee Harvey Oswald, lonely and distraught, prepares to take his own life. That is, until Booth and the other assassins arrive and attempt to transform him into their avenging angel. Oswald, they believe, is their savior. He can justify their actions and secure for them all a place in history. Kennedy's assassination will be a watershed eventa crucial test against which all other acts of political violence will be measured. They feel this final act, if successful, will somehow legitimize their senseless lives. As the play builds to a climax, the assassins chant:

74. Sondheim, Stephen
stephen sondheim. 2 Nominations. Original Song Dick Tracy Sooner Or Later (I Always Get My Man) 1990 Dick Tracy What Can You Lose? 1990.
Stephen Sondheim 2 Nominations Original Song
Dick Tracy
"Sooner Or Later (I Always Get My Man)" 1990
Dick Tracy
"What Can You Lose?" 1990

75. Gypsy - A Musical By Jule Styne, Stephen Sondheim And Arthur Laurents
Brief history of the musical by Jule Styne, stephen sondheim and Arthur Laurents, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Gypsy Music: Jule Styne Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim Book: Arthur Laurents Based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous burlesque stripper, Gypsy tells the story of Rose, an overbearing stage mother who is determined to break into the big time by pushing the vaudeville career of her younger daughter June. However, unwilling to tolerate her mother's manipulations, June elopes with a dancer. Rose then turns all of her attention on her older and less talented daughter Louise. Eventually Rose's dreams come to fruition when she successfully transforms Louise into a famous burlesque stripper known as Gypsy Rose Lee. No sooner has she succeeded, however, than Rose suffers a mental breakdown, realizing that she is no longer needed in her daughter's career. Directed by the legendary Jerome Robbins, the original production featured Ethel Merman who gave the performance of a lifetime as Rose. It was the last stage role Miss Merman would create, and many of the songs from the show ("Some People" and "Everything's Coming Up Roses") have come to be counted among her biggest hits. Gypsy opened at the Broadway Theatre on May 21, 1959 and closed on March 25, 1961 after 702 performances. It was made into a motion picture starring Natalie Wood and Rosalind Russell in 1963 and a TV movie starring Bette Midler in 1993. A Broadway revival was staged in 1974 with Angela Lansbury and again in 1989 with Tyne Daley.

76. A Little Night Music - A Musical By Stephen Sondheim And Hugh Wheeler
Brief history and synopsis of the musical by stephen sondheim and Hugh Wheeler, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Home Theatre Links Advertise Here Email Us A Little Night Music Book: Hugh Wheeler B ASED on the Ingmar Bergman film Smiles of a Summer Night , Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music Sondheim's score contains two interesting innovations. First, it is composed entirely in 3/4 time, or multiples thereof. The composer explains his reasoning for this choice, "In Night Music I put everything in some form of triple time so that the whole score would feel vaguely like a long waltz with scherzi in between so that no song would seem to have come from another texture." [ ] As a result, the entire score maintains a strong sense of unity, with each song contributing to the total mood and feel of the show. The second innovation Sondheim introduces in this musical is a quintet which opens the show and reappears throughout the evening, serving much like a Greek chorus. A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC was originally produced at the Shubert Theatre, New York, on February 25, 1973, with Glynis Johns as "Desirée," Len Cariou as "Fredrik," Hermione Gingold as "Madame Armfeldt," Victoria Mallory as "Anne," Patricia Elliott as "Charlotte," and Laurence Guittard as "Carl-Magnus." The show went on to win Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Music and Lyrics (Stephen Sondheim), Best Book (Hugh Wheeler), Best Actress in a Musical (Glynis Johns), and Best Supporting Actress in a Musical (Patricia Elliott).

77. Pacific Overtures - A Musical By Stephen Sondheim And John Weidman
Brief history of the musical by stephen sondheim and John Weidman, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Pacific Overtures Book: John Weidman Pacific Overtures tells the story of Japan's emergence from a small country content in its isolation from the rest of the world to its current position at the the forefront of international politics. The play spans almost 120 years, beginning with Comm. Matthew Perry's initial confrontation with the "Floating Kingdom" in 1853. It chronicles the sacrifices the Japanese people had to make in their social order, customs and dress in order to achieve their current affluence. The style of the musical is based on the ancient form of Japanese theatre known as Kabuki, and unlike previous Broadway musicals which had only attempted to capture the flavor of the East, Stephen Sondheim's score is an accurate recreation of Oriental music. Pacific Overtures opened at the Winter Garden on January 11, 1976 under the direction of Harold Prince. The production ran for 193 performances and went on to win Tony Awards for "Best Costume Design" and "Best Scenic Design." The original cast included Mako, Soon-Teck Oh, Yuki Shimoda, Sab Shimono and Isao Sato.

78. Company (Company) [Sondheim, Stephen] At - Sheet Music For Musicia
Search Results There are 1 titles that match your search term Company (Company) sondheim, stephen as a Song. Sorted by. Closest Matches, Bestsellers all

79. Sunday In The Park With George - A Musical By Stephen Sondheim And James Lapine
Brief history and synopsis of the musical by stephen sondheim and James Lapine, plus links to cast albums and sheet music.
Sunday in the Park With George Book: James Lapine Inspired by the art of Georges Seurat, the nineteenth-century pointilliste painter, specifically a painting entitled "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte," Sunday in the Park With George In Act Two, we jump to 1984 where another George, the grandson of the daughter Dot bore to George in Act One, has been commissioned to create a piece of mechanical performance art to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his great-grandfather's painting. This present-day George, however, is at a creative impasse. After completing his seventh "chromolume," he has begun to question whether he is finished as an artistthat is, until he receives an unexpected visit from the ghost of his great-grandmother who has a special message for him. Sunday in the Park With George was originally staged as a Playwrights Horizons workshop production in July of 1983. It then opened at the Booth Theatre on May 2, 1984, with a cast that featured Mandy Patinkin (George) and Bernadette Peters (Dot/Marie). This production ran for 604 performances and went on to win Sondheim and Lapine the 1985 Pulitzer Prize for drama.

80. The Ladies Who Lunch (Company) [Sondheim, Stephen] At - Sheet Musi
Search Results There are 1 titles that match your search term The Ladies Who Lunch (Company) sondheim, stephen as a Song.

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