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         Smith Kevin Tod:     more detail

1. The Incredible Kevin Tod Smith
The Incredible Kevin Tod Smith. March 1963 February 2002 The Kevin Smith Trust Fund Page is finally up.

2. Kevin Smith Tribute
Lucy's Reaction To Kevin's Passing . Creation Entertainment Kevin Smith Tribute Page . Kiwi Xenites have created a Kevin Tod Smith Tribute

3. Kiari's KEVIN SMITH Corner In Memory
Kevin Tod Smith site with images, links, fiction, art

4. Kevin Tod Smith - 1963 - 2002
Kevin Tod Smith 1963 2002. The world has lost a shining star.

5. KatGyrl 's Kevin Smith Resources // Farewell Kev, We'll Never
Kevin Tod Smith 1963 2002 Article Memorial Service Article Private Funeral Article The Accident Michael Hurst Says Farewell Lucy

6. Sura's Kevin Smith Page
Kevin Tod Smith. March 1963 February 2002 "Now you fly in peace, I hope, my friend." The passing of Kevin Smith has saddened us all.

7. The Bards Band Homepage
A wonderful website tribute for New Zealander Kevin Tod Smith featuring dozens of articles, convention photos, and thousands of images. This is the

8. Xena Online Resources Ares
Categories In Memoriam Kevin Tod Smith (31) Kevin Tod Smith - Ares, Iphicles, John Lawless, and a host of other unforgetable characters.

9. Xena Online Resources: Ares : In Memoriam - Kevin Tod Smith
Kevin Tod Smith, 1963 2002. We miss you, Kevin. Kevin Tod Smith - Ares,Iphicles, John Lawless, and a host of other unforgetable characters.
Ares : In Memoriam - Kevin Tod Smith
Kevin Tod Smith - Ares, Iphicles, John Lawless, and a host of other unforgetable characters. We miss you Kevin.
Ares : In Memoriam - Kevin Tod Smith
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10. Kevin Smith (II)
Kevin Smith (II) Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites

11. Kevin Smith An Australian Celebration
Australian tribute to Kiwi actor/singer Kevin Smith. Contains extensive article archive, image galleries, con pictures and relevant links.

12. Smith Kevin Tod
Here you would fin links to smith kevin tod, picture, smith kevin tod wallpaper, smith kevin tod wallpaper, smith kevin tod video is also available,
Site Updated on: 17-Dec-2004 - 06:36:13
Celebrities Directory
S :: Smith Kevin Tod
Smith Kevin Tod desktop wallpapers
Celebrity Wallpapers thousands available ready for download, Smith Kevin Tod...
Devoted to Smithy
A site honoring Kiwi actor Kevin Smith, best known for his role as Ares on Hercules and Xena. Come see what else he's done. ...
KatGyrl®'s Kevin Smith Resources
Directory of Kevin Smith/Ares content on the internet. ...
Kevin Smith - an Australian Perspective
Australian tribute to Kiwi actor/singer Kevin Smith. Contains extensive article archive, image galleries, con pictures and relevant links. ...
Kevin Smith: OuterSpice
The War God's finishing school with pictures, a quiz, and fan fiction. ...
Kiari's Kevin Smith Corner
Dedicated to New Zealand actor Kevin Smith, with images, links, news, and convention reports. ...
Sura's Kevin Smith Page
Dedicated to NZ actor Kevin Smith, image, sounds, convention pictures, articles and fan fiction. ...
The Bards Band Homepage
Images of Kevin Smith and the Bard's band performing at various convention cabarets. ...
The Incredible Kevin Tod Smith
Contains large picture archive, list of Kevin's appearances in Hercules and Xena with synopsis, other roles, and live appearances. ...

13. Celebrites Et Stars: Trouvez Tout! 8000 Celebrites 40 000 Photos, Sites, Discuss
Smith Kerr Smith Kevin smith kevin tod Smith Kim Smith Lauren Lee Smith Maggie Smith Rex Smith Riley Smith Shawnee
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  • 15. The Incredible Kevin Tod Smith
    Contains large picture archive, list of kevin s appearances in Hercules and Xenawith synopsis, other roles, and live appearances.
    The Incredible Kevin Tod Smith
    March 1963 - February 2002
    The Kevin Smith Trust Fund Page
    is finally up. Visit it to help out Kevin's family or just to remember. The world lost a wonderful human being in Kevin. He was a loving family man, genuine, gracious, humble, kind, talented, funny, and always willing to do anything for a good cause. I've never met anyone quite like him, and am honored to have gotten the chance. I believe if he had been given more time, the entire world would've eventually known who he was. But even though he left us too soon, he touched many people. And he won't be forgotten. Goodbye to a dear man.
    Links and Articles
    The Kevin Smith Trust Fund Page Theatresports Kevin Smith Memorial Page Farewell to a Friend Michael Hurst Tribute CreatiVideos Kevin Smith Tribute Videos ... Creation Entertainment's Tribute
    Kevin's appearance in the SciFi 2-hour movie Riverworld was shown in March (and probably will be again in the future). He played a character (who was not in the books) named Valdemar. Unfortunately, his time on screen was short, and his voice was DUBBED! It's tragic. Check out this unofficial Riverworld site for more info. I taped the movie and hope to eventually have screen captures of it.

    16. Xpose, May 2000 Kevin Smith Interview
    kevin smith, aka Ares of Hercules The Legendary Journeys, Xena Warrior Back to my kevin tod smith page Back to my Xena/Hercules Hunks Main Page
    Xpose, Issue #45, May 2000
    KEVIN Smith, aka Ares of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules fame, spends a good while chatting before taking to the stage at a typically well-attended Herc/Xena con in New York City. "There are only a few shows that get the convention treatment, so it's a little strange. For me, it's actually many things. It's great that people care enough to come out and support us. I've done enough of the conventions now that I'm starting to see the same faces at them. And I think, 'My God, this is the length of the country.' I've covered the length and breadth of America and many of these fans have, too. "So I am very mindful of people's commitment to the show and to us, the actors and producers. I don't take it for granted. The fans are great. Back home, people seem to want to know more about the inner workings of the show. 'How do you do that?' In the States, probably because they've had the show longer and they're more aware of the mechanics of a tel-evision show, they're more interested in me as a person, in what I do outside of the show. They want to know about what else I've done, about what I like, about my family. "For me," he continues, "curiosity was the motivating factor in first doing the conventions. Now there is another dimension to it for me, the musical side of it. We've got a band, Joel Tobeck and I. We rehearse on different sides of the world and we come together, have a bit of a knockaround and perform at night. It's just a lot of fun. It's fun for us and it's fun for the fans. They get to see a different side of us and what it is we can do. I said to Joel today, 'We are playing New York. It's just a trip.' I used to do only one convention a year. I've done a few more than that lately - I think four or five of them since September - and it's been fun, but I never want to cheapen the experience for the fans or myself by doing too many of them. I want to keep the convention experience fresh for myself and the fans."

    17. Kiari's KEVIN SMITH Corner... In Memory
    kevin tod smith site with images, links, fiction, art. If you re looking forkevin smith the American director, head out to The View Askewniverse.
    MENU - IMAGES LINKS CONVENTIONS FICTION ... sign -guestbook- view contact Kiari's KEVIN SMITH CORNER Kiari's Kevin Smith Corner
    gracing cyberspace since 1997
    Kevin Tod Smith
    Ares may have been bad to the bone, but Kevin was sweet to the core. At least from this gal's perspective. I will remember him as a warm, gracious, and generous soul who gave time to his fans. He not only shared his wonderful talent with us, but he allowed us peeks into his family life during his times on stage at the conventions. He wasn't just an actor- he was a father, a husband, a friend, a family man. I will miss his presence in this world. But when I think about heaven, I'll think about that angel with a smile. To Kevin's family, especially Sue and the boys, I want to thank you for allowing us the chance to know Kevin. He gave so much in so many ways, but because of you he kept his sweetness and generosity. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Kevin, thank you so very much for gracing us with your talent, your graciousness, and your warmth. I will remember you in smiles and laughter and sometimes with the rain. I will celebrate the life you had and always keep a special place in my heart. I might not have known you, but you touched my life with the light of your soul.

    18. Kiari's KEVIN SMITH Corner
    kevin tod smith site with images, links, fiction, art. I do not intend toinfringe on any right held by Mr. kevin smith, his management, or associated
    MENU - IMAGES LINKS CONVENTIONS FICTION ... sign -guestbook- view contact HOME KEVIN SMITH Links Kevin sites have come and gone, some of them regretfully so. Here are some that have stuck around through the years. A few of them still get updated and others merely serve as remembrances... If you'd like to use a banner or button to link back to this site, check out my BANNERS page. :) FANSITES

    19. Kevin Tod Smith - 1963 - 2002
    A fan site dedicated to these two actors. Includes episode screen captures, presskit and convention photos, sound and Real Audio files, and movies.
    Kevin Tod Smith
    The world has lost a shining star. Words cannot describe the sadness we are all feeling over the passing of this wonderful man. I was out of town when this happened, but was fortunate enough to be with fellow fans at the time - it helped having a shoulder to cry on.
    I think Michael Hurst conveys my feelings the best, in the following excerpts from an article in the New Zealand Herald on February 23, 2002.
    "His life was a "larger than life" kind of life. Of all the actors in Hercules and Xena, he was the only one who resembled his action figure.
    This is the hardest thing, the fact that we want more of him. We want the fulfillment of all that promise but must be content with only the idea.
    He was a family man, a sporting man, a playful man, and a thinking man.
    His smile was, and will always be, a beacon in the dark because I think he knew instinctively that heart was the first thing and that everyone else followed." I had the pleasure of working with Beth Gern on Kevin's fan club doing the newsletter, and also had the good fortune of meeting him several times and spending time with him. Memories of seeing him in person for the first time at Warriorcon . . . singing Karaoke on stage with him in Orlando . . . will stay with me forever.

    20. Kevin Tod Smith - Kevin Tod Smith, Photo Gallery, Actors, Links
    Links to kevin tod smith s picture galleries, biography, filmography, trivia,wallpapers, screensavers and more, interviews and more.

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