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  1. The Three Stooges Members: Curly Howard, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Ted Healy, Joe Besser, Shemp Howard, Emil Sitka, Curly Joe Derita, Joe Palma
  2. People From Johnstown, Pennsylvania: Joe Pass, Steve Ditko, John Murtha, Michael Novak, Geroy Simon, Carroll Baker, John Walker, Emil Sitka
  3. A journey to Alaska in the year 1868: Being a diary of the late Emil Teichmann, by Emil Teichmann, 1925

21. Opera Directory
Simpson, Ashlee Sinatra, Frank Singer, Lori Sinise, Gary Sirtis, Marina Sisto, Jeremy sitka, emil Sizemore, Tom Skelton, Red Skelton, Roy

22. Emil Sitka: Tombstone Tributes
emil sitka, long time foil of The Three Stooges, was the only actor to work with all four sets of Stooges and actually became a Stooge in the 1970s
Emil Sitka
by: Joe Wallison
Emil Sitka, long time foil of The Three Stooges, was the only actor to work with all four sets of Stooges and actually became a Stooge in the 1970s replacing Larry Fine.
He appeared in three burlesque Western comedies with Shemp Howard as the third stooge: Merry Mavericks The Tooth Will Out , 1951, and Shot in the Frontier
Sitka's next Western encounter with the Stooges was the 1965 feature film, The Outlaws is Coming! with Curly-Joe De Rita. In it, Sitka remarkably played three roles: the newspaper editor who sends the Stooges out West to save the buffalo; the son of the Indian chief who wants to burn the Stooges at the stake; and the cavalry colonel who arrives too late... since the Stooges have already saved the West.
Sitka was set to make his debut as a Stooge with Moe and Curly-Joe in the 1975 Western spoof, Blazing Stewardesses , starring Yvonne De Carlo, Bob Livingston and Don "Red" Barry. During production of the film, Moe Howard died, and the Stooges were replaced by the Ritz Brothers. Wildest Westerns is published by Wildest Westerns Publishing
1146 N. Central Ave., #316; Glendale, CA. 91202.

23. Dead Or Alive? - These Names Begin With S
Simmons, JK, He plays Dr. emil Skoda o sitka, emil, 01/16/1998, Character actor in many T Skelton, Red, 09/17/1997, Comedian and clown,

24. Cast Credits For Emil Sitka Born 1914-12-22 Johnstown, PA Birth
Birth Name emil Josef sitka, Died 199801-16 Camarillo, CA (cause complications from stroke). His father was Josef sitka (b. in Poland; occupation coal

25. WHO DONE IT? Featuring Moe, Larry And Shemp
At the beginning of the gunfight near the end, actor emil sitka accidentally trips over someone else s foot and hurts himself. Character breaking

26. MSN - Movies Emil Sitka
American character actor emil sitka spent many years as a comic foil for the Three Stooges, first appearing with the Stooges in HalfWits Holiday.

27. Moe Howard's Biography
On one occasion during the Hanukkah/ Christmas season, Moe went grocery shopping for emil sitka and his family of seven and delivered the groceries himself.
Moe Howard
(June 19, 1897 - May 4, 1975)
Moe Howard, the irascible one with the world-famous bangs, was born on June 19, 1897, in Bensonhurst, New York, a small Jewish community on the outskirts of Brooklyn. His real name was Moses Horwitz (only later did he adopt the name Harry), son of real estate entrepreneur Jennie Horwitz and clothing cutter Solomon Horwitz. Moe was the fourth eldest of the five Howard brothers, all but two, Jack and Irving, having entered show business. Throughout Moe's career, columnists the world over tried to find words to describe his unusual haircut; buster brown, spittoon, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl and Beatle were but a few. His hair color changed with the years from black in his youth to reddish-brown when he dyed it) to silver-white (its final natural color) during the seventies. He had a marvelous mop of hair until the day he died, but during grammar school days it was the bane of his existence. He was constantly taunted by his class mates over his head of shoulder-length curls-which his mother adored, having always wanted a girl. One day, tired of fighting with his school chums, Moe grabbed a pair of shears and hacked off the curls that encircled his freckled face; the resulting hairstyle was a raggedy version of the one that became his trademark. Moe was an extremely bright child and at a very young age displayed an ability to quickly memorize anything. This ability carried over into later life, making him a quick study during his acting career. Brother Jack reminisced about his youth and his love for books: I had many Horatio Alger books and it was Moe's greatest pleasure to read them. They started his imaginative mind working and gave him ideas by the dozen. I think they were instrumental in putting thoughts into his head-to become a person of good character and to become successful."

28. Movies Unlimited: Browse By Categories
It s Shemp Howard and Stooges regular emil sitka in uproarious shorts from The everpopular emil sitka, known as The Fourth Stooge, is featured in Stooges,

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Emil Sitka
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  • 30. AFN | EMIL NOTTI
    emil was born in 1933 in Koyukuk, an Athabaskan village where the Yukon and the graduating class from Mt. Edgecumbe boarding school in sitka, Alaska.

    Honoring Our People

    Emil Notti
    Emil was born in 1933 in Koyukuk, an Athabaskan village where the Yukon and the Koyukuk rivers meet. He attended the Bureau of Indian Affairs school through the second grade. Emil left school to trap with his family for two years. He then entered the Ruby Territorial School in fifth grade and attended boarding school in Eklutna through the eighth grade. Emil was among the students in the first four-year graduating class from Mt. Edgecumbe boarding school in Sitka, Alaska. Emil, a Korean War veteran, served in the Navy for four years. He graduated from Northrup University in California with a Bachelor of Science degree. Shortly after receiving his degree, Emil returned to Alaska. After working a year for the FAA, Emil began his efforts to improve the welfare of Alaska Native people. He became involved with the Alaska land claims issue after working for the Deputy Commissioner of Health and Welfare on the Human Rights Commission. Concurrently, Emil was the President of the Cook Inlet Native Association. In his role as president, Emil sought to make Alaska Natives full participants in the new state by achieving a just land claims settlement, and improving education, health care, and economic opportunities. In 1966, Emil wrote a letter calling for a statewide meeting of Alaska Native associations and organizations. The letter was disseminated throughout the state in Howard Rock's newspaper, the Tundra Times. The meeting led to the formation of the Alaska Federation of Natives. Emil proceeded over the first meeting, and was voted the first AFN president. As president, he devoted his time to advocating the land claims issue throughout the United States. When AFN succeeded in achieving the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement, Emil drew up the boundaries of what was to become the 12 Alaska State Regional Corporations using geographical, language, and cultural lines.

    31. The Four Word Film Review
    Films linked with emil sitka . Matches 1 to 19 out of 19. Order by, Film Name Film Year, Show. All, Reviewed only, Unreviewed only, Flagged only

    32. Christine McIntyre Links
    Christine McIntyre and emil sitka from FUELIN AROUND Saxon sitka, emil s son, has been maintaining a terrific website (and related newsletter)
    document.isTrellix = 1; Portraits and Headshots Biography Filmography Backstage/Everyday ... Christine Photo-Ads, P.7 Christine McIntyre Links Christine McIntyre FAQ's Contact Me (Bill Telfer, your host) Acknowledgments Home Christine McIntyre Christine McIntyre Links page last updated:
    It is very difficult to imagine a Columbia Shorts Department without the presense of people like Christine McIntyre and Emil Sitka. The two of them were mainstays in those two-reelers and not only ended up onscreen together often, but they were great friends as well. Saxon Sitka, Emil's son, has been maintaining a terrific website (and related newsletter) dedicated to his father for quite some time. So if you feel you don't know anything about the man they called The Fourth Stooge , you have a treat in store: Emil Sitka - The Fourth Stooge
    Greg Hilbrich, collector/aficionado/expert of non-Stooge Columbia shorts, has been a valuable friend to this site from its early months. If not for him, I might not otherwise have been able to view many, many of the comedy two-reelers in which Christine appeared during her stay at Columbia and this has aided my research immensely. Greg has started a website (called "Half-Way to Hollywood") devoted to his interest . And, given the amount of emails I get on the subject, he is not the only one

    33. 6th Page Of Photo-ads Of Actress Christine McIntyre
    From L to R, emil sitka (as the eccentric Mr. Lark ), Christine (as Myrtle Lark s private Christine playing the guitar, emil sitka, and Joe DeRita,
    Portraits and Headshots Biography Filmography Backstage/Everyday ... Christine Photo-Ads, P.6 Christine Photo-Ads, P.7 Christine McIntyre Links Christine McIntyre FAQ's Contact Me (Bill Telfer, your host) Acknowledgments ... Home Christine Photo-Ads, P.7 page last updated: 10/6/2003
    In this ad cut for THE GENTLEMAN FROM TEXAS (1946) we see Christine (as "Flo Vickert") and Johnny Mack Brown (as "Johnny Macklin"). Note that the ad lists the name of (not "Christine McIntyre") actress Claudia Drake who would be considered the actual female lead in this film. Chris may not have had the biggest woman's role (unusual for her in a JMB feature), but her character does play a very pivotal part in the plot. By the way, for you western fans out there, this movie does contain a really great fistfight at the climax between Johnny Mack and not-pictured villain Tristram Coffin:
    (Courtesy of Les Adams)
    This is a publicity photo featuring Christine and Curly Howard in the 1945 short THREE PESTS IN A MESS. It is too bad that Christine didn't get to work with Curly more even though she is only involved in an early subplot as a con-girl, she strikes up a lively and playful onscreen relationship with Curly, every bit as unique as the interplay she developed with Shemp Howard in many more films:
    (Courtesy of Saxon Sitka)
    This one-sheet for 1945's THE MAYOR'S HUSBAND, a Hugh Herbert short, features L to R in the foreground Christine (as a "gun moll"), Hugh (as the "Husband" of the title), and actress Isabel Withers (as "The Mayor"). The photographer in the upper right is actor Robert B. Williams (not to be confused with

    34. ShowBIZ Data: Film Credits For Emil Sitka
    Network. Representation. emil sitka Film Credits. Acted in 48 pictures. CAST MEMBER OF, Pulp Fiction, (1994). Nutt House, The, (1992). Intruder, (1988), Emil/Sitka,_Emil
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    Main Details:

    Emil Sitka
    Film Credits
    Acted in 48 pictures. CAST MEMBER OF Pulp Fiction Nutt House, The Intruder Watermelon Man ... Wireless

    35. Karen's Web Page
    My closest friends are Cheryl Charles who is now living is sitka, emil Mike from home, and my mom. I enjoy. going on picnics while boating and
    Karen Okitkun's RAHI Web Page
    Hi! I'm Karen Rose from Kotlik, Alaska which is located at the mouth of the Yukon River. I have attended Mt. Edgecumbe High School at Sitka for three and a half years and decided to graduate at home this past May. My parents are Peter and Gabina and my younger sibs are Joel, Tiffany, and Sharon. My closest friends are Cheryl Charles who is now living is Sitka, Emil Mike from home, and my mom. I enjoy:
    • going on picnics while boating and snow-machining with family spending time with younger cousins taking walks and hanging with friends going to the movies and shopping talking on the phone listening to music (of course!)
    I am planning on attending college next year at UAF or APU and majoring in elementary education. My goal in ten years is to be teaching at home and hopefully be raising a family. RAHI is one of my favorite times of my life, and I'm sure it will be a blast for students attending in the upcoming years. To those students coming here,"Make the right choices, do those papers, and have all the fun you can have!" To contact me by e-mail use:

    36. Obituary Index
    sitka, emil, 27356i. Skaff George T., 246-58. Skala, Lilia, 236-59i. Skeen, Charlie, 285-55. Sklena, Vincent, 303-61. Skelton, Red, 269-57i index/s.shtml

    Complied by Harris Lentz III
    and the staff of Classic Images.
    (Key to index: Example: (Abba, Marta, 158-59) A Marta Abba obituary appeared in Classic Images #158, on page 59.) Some page numbers are followed by an (i) meaning that the obituary was accompanied by a picture. Price and availability of back issues. S Sabbatini, Enrico, 283-55 Sadoff, Fred, 229-58 Sagan, Carl, 260-58 Sagendorf, Bud, 235-59 Sahakian, Jack Leon, 247-59. Sahm, Doug, 295-64 Salarez, Gilberto Martinez, 262-55 Salazar, Abel, 247-59. Salkind, Alexander, 263-57 Salkow, Sidney, 306-61 Salter, Hans, 232-58 Saltzman, Harry, 235-59 Samarth, Shobhana, 297-62 Sampson, Caleb, 279-57 Sanchez, Cuco, 305-57 Sanders, Lawrence, 274-55 Sanders, Steve, 278-56 Santacroce, Mary Nell, 286-56 Santa Cruz, Abel, 239-59 Santi, Lionello, 248-59 Santon, Penny, 294-C53i Saperstein, Henry G., 278-56 plus Sapphire, 257-59 Sargent, Dick, 231-58i Sarrachino, Ernest, 282-56 Sato, Hajime, 248-59

    37. Sitka NHP: Administrative History (Bibliography)
    Andrews, CL sitka, The Chief Factory of the Russian American Company. Teichmann, emil A Journey to Alaska in the Year 1868 Being a Diary of the Late
    Sitka Administrative History
    Albright, Horace M. Origins of National Park Service Administration of Historic Sites Andrews, C.L. Sitka, The Chief Factory of the Russian American Company . Third edition. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1945. The Story of Alaska . Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1938. The Story of Sitka Antonson, Joan M. and William S. Hanable. Alaska's Heritage . Alaska Historical Commission Studies in History No. 133. Anchorage: The Alaska Historical Society for the Alaska Historical Commission, 1986. Atwood, Evangeline and DeArmond, Robert N. Who's Who in Alaskan Politics Bancroft, Hubert Howe. History of Alaska, 1730-1885 . Darien, Connecticut: Hafner Publishing Company, 1970. Colby, Merle. A Guide to AlaskaLast American Frontier . New York: ?, 1939. Coontz, Robert E. From the Mississippi to the Sea . Philadelphia: Dorrance and Company, Inc., 1930. DeArmond, R.N., editor. Early Visitors to Southeastern Alaska . Anchorage: Alaska Northwest Publishing Company, 1978. Lady Franklin Visits Sitka, Alaska 1870, the Journal of Sophia Cracroft Sir John Franklin's Niece

    38. Sitka NHP: Administrative History (Endnotes)
    DeArmond, Robert, sitka s Past Indian River Park Kept Free of Private Teichmann, emil, A Journey to Alaska in the Year 1868 Being a Diary of the Late
    Sitka Administrative History
    Chapter 1
    1. Orth, Donald J., Dictionary of Alaska Place Names, Geological Survey Professional Paper 567 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of the Interior, 1967, rev. 1971): 880; Roppel, Pat, editor, Sitka and Its Ocean World, Alaska Geographic 9 (2) (Anchorage: Alaska Geographic Society, 1982): 13ff.; Roppel, Pat, editor, SoutheastAlaska's Panhandle, Alaska Geographic 5 (2) (Anchorage: Alaska Geographic Society, 1978): 103-117. 2. Roppel, 1982: 21-42. 3. Harrison, Benjamin A., "Proclamation," June 21, 1890. 4. Knapp, Lyman E., November 25, 1889, to John W. Noble, in Governors Chronological File, Alaska Territorial Government Microfilm, Roll No. 1, Call No. 80-12, in University of Alaska, Anchorage, Archives. 5. DeArmond, Robert, Sitka's Past: Indian River Park Kept Free of Private Enterprise," in The Daily Sitka Sentinel, March 24, 1987: 5. 7. Henry E. Haydon, O.W. Farenholt U.S. Navy [sic], John G. Brady, Commissioners, March 31, 1890, report transmitted by letter of Henry E. Haydon, April 1, 1890, in RG 101, Office of the District and Territorial Governors, Series 445, District Governors Letters Received, Box 44, in Alaska State Archives. 8. Noble, John W., Secretary of the Interior, June 9, 1890, to President Benjamin A. Harrison, in RG 49, Records of the Bureau of Land Management (Box 6), General Land Office, Division "K," Abandoned Military Reservations File, National Archives.

    39. Sitka, Alaska Links
    sitka Rotary Club Local chapter, emil sitka Biography Biography of historical figure. sitka Spruce Alaska s State Tree Interesting facts about the sitka
    Free Phone: 1-866-976-8800
    Sitka Alaska Links
    S itka has all the best Alaska has to offer, and is easily accessible by regularly scheduled commercial airline flights ( Alaska Airlines ). Mild weather and outstanding scenery, thousands of islands. A multitude of bays and streams offer unlimited fishing and exploring opportunities. Mid-September through October is an excellent time to fish the streams with light gear for Silver and Dolly Varden . This is an exciting trip and its not uncommon to hook 25-50 salmon in a day. This is a great adventure - see the whales, porpoises, otters and eagles. We are greatly blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.This is truly God's country and we are eager to share it with you! A range of accommodation options is available to suit the most discerning traveler. Stay in our Lodge , or we will make reservations for you at an Hotel or . Accommodations are limited, so if the earlier you make reservations, the better. Sitka Come visit us in Sitka-by-the-Sea, said to be the most beautiful of all southeast Alaska towns. Learn about it's culture, it's people, travel opportunities, chat

    40. Current Reports From The City And Borough Of Sitka
    Welcome to the official website of the City and Borough of sitka, Alaska. emil Biography Interesting biography on historical figure; sitka Lutheran
    Quicklinks: Select Link Alaska Day Assembly Assembly Meetings Animal Control Building Dept. Centennial Hall City Reports Department Pages Electric FERC Relicensing Harbor Human Resources Jobs Library Links Planning Public Forms Public Works RecycleSITKA Sales Tax Sitka Charter Sitka E-Gov Sitka Fire Dept. Sitka General Code Sitka Police Dept. Staff Directory City Page Sitka E-Gov Human Resources City Staff Directory ... Links Get PDF Reader:
    Community Links

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