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         Short Martin:     more books (100)
  1. The Kray's Lieutenant by Albert Donoghue, Martin Short, 1996-01-12
  2. Lundy by Martin Short, 1992-05-21
  3. La Sonadora/ The Dreamer (Best Seller-Biblioteca Gustavo Martin Garzo) (Spanish Edition) by Gustavo Martin Garzo, 2003-01-31
  4. Blake's Classic True Crime Compendium 2 (Blake's True Crime Library) by Tim Brown, Paul Cheston, et all 2004-07-01
  5. The Fall of Scotland Yard by Barry Cox, John Shirley and Martin Short, 1977-08-25
  6. Informer: Life in the Shadows as an Undercover Agent by Ron Farebrother, Martin Short, 1997-03-20
  7. Crime Inc. by Martin Short, 1990-06-15
  8. The Kurds by Martin; McDermott, Anthony Short, 1975
  9. Murder Inc.: The Story of Organised Crime by Martin Short, 2003-07-14
  10. Selections from Dreamsongs 1: Fan Fiction and Sci-Fi from Martin's Early Years: Unabridged Selections by George R.R. Martin, 2007-10-30
  11. Cocktocock One Offs by Martin Finn, 2005-11-21
  12. The Enforcer: Secrets of My Life with the Krays by Albert Donoghue, Martin Short, 2002-08-01
  13. The Survivor: Blue Murder, Bent Cops, Vengeance, Vendetta in 1960s Gangland by Jimmy Evans, Martin Short, 2002-10-01
  14. Gog and Magog: A Novel (Martin Buber Library) by Martin Buber, Ludwig Lewisohn, 1999-03

61. Martin Kleinman, London UK. Rants & Trivial Mutterings From Inside Martin Kleinm
Mindless Rants and Raves from inside martin's brain! Essays and short texts on current affairs miscellaneous items. vers 2.0 Home Rants Other Stuff Links ... Email Welcome to the minimalist version of my Martin Kleinman site. Please read a rant or two....
other stuff
too! Enjoy, and feel free to submit something, cheers, Martin Kleinman :)

62. BRAVO > Inside The Actors Studio > Featured Guests > Martin Short > Library

63. Mosso - Emotional Engineering
(1972 ) short film scores, music for theatre, and other projects.

64. IGN: Interview: Martin Short
May 6, 2005 When we asked martin short what he thought Jiminy Glick might A surprisingly straightforward martin short joined press for a recent press Xbox GameCube PC Games ... My Wishlist Search Hot Stuff
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Undiscovered Clips SECTIONS MOVIES CHANNELS Insider Members Games Entertainment IGN Services GET GAMES Compare Prices PARTNERS Saturn Guide to Extreme Games IGN Entertainment FilmForce ... Boards News Reviews Previews Features Interview: Martin Short The man behind the Glick talks to IGN FilmForce. by Jeff Otto May 6, 2005 - When we asked Martin Short what he thought Jiminy Glick might ask Martin Short in an interview, Short playfully replied, "What happened?" Prior to creating the popular Jiminy Glick character, this probably would have been a pretty good question for Short. After stealing scenes for years on SCTV and Saturday Night Live , Short embarked on a feature film career that was pretty short-lived. Three Amigos Three Fugitives and Innerspace were minor hits, but by the mid-90's, the talented comedian had almost completely vanished, turning up only to play small parts in mediocre movies.
In 2001, Short resurfaced with a character that looked and sounded so different from Short, many never even realized it was him. Jiminy Glick was a moronic celebrity interviewer with an apparent glandular disability. Short wore a convincing fat suit and full face make-up to play the character, adding a squeaky voice that got very high (when excited) and very low (when serious). Glick was based on some journalists Short had met in his time, an ill-prepared celebrity sycophant whose questions ranged from the bizarre to the inappropriate to complete non sequiturs.

65. Golf Humor,Wall Of Balls
Robert martin's humourous golf book.

66. Martin Wesley-Smith, Biography : Australian Music Centre
(1945 ), Adelaide, Australia. Picture, short biography, list of works and recordings.
Martin Wesley-Smith
Martin Wesley-Smith maintains his own web site at He can be contacted by email at
Born in Adelaide in 1945, Martin Wesley-Smith has eclectic tastes and interests. Thus his output includes children's songs, educational pieces, chamber, choral and orchestral works, music for film and revue, musical comedy, music theatre, and environmental events. His main interest, however, is in choral music, computer music and multimedia. Wesley-Smith studied composition at Adelaide University, later obtaining his D.Phil from York University, England. He taught composition and electronic music at the Sydney Conservatorium, where he developed extensive facilities for the composition of electronic music. He has received several awards and had many international performances of his work, such as at the 1983 Paris International Rostrum; and Snark-Hunting Many of his works show a political concern, such as

67. NPR : Actor And Comedian Martin Short
His TV series, Primetime Glick, spoofed celebrity talk shows. short played Jiminy Glick, the obese, selfabsorbed, misinformed host of the fictitious talk

68. Canadian Music Centre - Radio CMC
(19391993) short biography from the Canadian Music centre.
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69. Opera Directory
Jello s martin short Page. Filmography, biography, information, and links. Simply short. Fansite dedicated to the actor featuring news and image gallery.

70. Spiritualism In The Victorian Era
short article on Victorian Spiritualism by Glenn Everett, Associate Professor of English, University of Tennessee at martin from the Victorian Web.

71. Martin Short Tickets - Tickets For Martin Short
For a martin short Schedule go to martin short Schedule. Our dedicated team of martin short ticket specialists will source your tickets through our state
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72. Martin Frank: Mary Knew (Study)
A short story by martin Frank.
Martin Frank
That Arun was an average boy, and she knew that boys were humans too; she knew that he was a Brahmin, and she knew that it meant nothing, that being a Brahmin was just a foul trick played by some people on others. She knew all this; she knew and had read it in American novels, that women had to assert their equality. In her uncle's home she was expected to serve as her younger cousin's maid; if her uncle's wife and her not married aunt served him, how could she do otherwise? She'd like to talk with a boy at length, to find out what was different in being a boy, but it was impossible, whenever she had the chance to talk with a male it was in a predefined setting, where real topics could not be addressed. About Arun she knew a lot from her friends. He was a preferred subject. His beauty, his being, probably, a future Carnatic music star, his relationship with the foreigner which smacked of the illicit, the base desires allowed to men, expected of them. Was he interested in women, too much, or not at all? Arun was Hari's brother, the charmer's, the most entertaining person in the university, friend of Vijay, the arbiter of elegance, the person who decided whether you were part or not of it.

73. Martin Short: A Who2 Profile
Comedian martin short became a star in the 1980s on the television comedy shows SCTV and Saturday Night Live, known for his broad, physical comedy and
MARTIN SHORT Actor Comedian Comedian Martin Short became a star in the 1980s on the television comedy shows SCTV and Saturday Night Live , known for his broad, physical comedy and dead-on impersonations (including one of Katharine Hepburn ). His early movie roles included Three Amigos (1986, with fellow SNL comedians Chevy Chase and Steve Martin Innerspace (1987) and Clifford (1994), but Short's great television work never seemed to translate onto the big screen. During the '90s he returned to television in short-lived series and guest appearances and appeared in occasional comedy roles in the movies (including 1996's Mars Attacks and 1999's Mumford ). On his 1999 talk show he occasionally appeared in heavy makeup as Jiminy Glick, a Hollywood reporter who is at turns obsequious and dismissive during celebrity interviews. Short then developed the character for Comedy Central's series Primetime Glick , which debuted in 2001. Martin Short on NPR
2002 radio interview, mostly about Jiminy Glick After SCTV
Summarized episode guide for Primetime Glick Long On Talent
Fan tribute with photos, interviews and filmography

74. BBC - Comedy - Paul Merton Profile
A short biography of the comedian whose real life name is 'Paul martin'.
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22nd August 2005
Text only
Disgusted, he says "please cancel my hotdog..."
BBC Homepage

Comedy Guide to Comedy ... Quizzes More on BBC7 Comedy Radio 4 Comedy Comedy on h2g2 BBC THREE ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Paul Merton When he joined Equity, Paul changed his surname from Martin to Merton, after the area where he grew up. Despite first coming to public attention as a team captain on Have I Got News For You , Merton was already a successful comedy writer, and a regular at The Comedy Store As a sketch writer Merton excelled, especially on Sticky Moments With Julian Clary . Improvised comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway also provided a platform for his razor sharp spontaneous wit. Despite a bemused reception, two series of Paul Merton - The Series offered an inspired mixture of surreal stories and ingenious sight gags. Very much in the spirit of Spike Milligan’s Q , it was inventive without resorting to coarse language and violent slapstick. His talent for improvisation, however, continues to serve him well as host of

75. Bluegrass And Swing Music Magazine
A short interview conducted by Jim Moss.
"Scroll Down"
Photo by Tom Tworek

A short interview with Jimmy Martin
conducted by Jim Moss 7-27-99:
Part 1 (more to follow)
Please understand that Jimmy Martin is a larger than life personality, a fact that
is apparent from the minute he picks up the phone. Jimmy Martin shouts all of
his words at you. It is somewhat like interviewing Foghorn Leghorn. I called
Jimmy in the early morning before he had a chance to get involved with
anything... around the house... like chores.. I think Jimmy Martin is a REAL Bluegrass Personality of Colossal Proportions. He is from the old school and has no problem speaking his point of view. Although I felt that at any point Jimmy could have become angry with my questions, I was constantly aware that I was talking to the person who had created much of the hardest sounding Bluegrass ever written. This is a guy who makes no compromises. I have found something interesting happening. Some people, upon their first reading of this interview, reacted to things that they thought Jimmy had said, but had not. This is quite interesting. JM

76. Short Ends: Ricky Martin Saves Arabs From Stereotypes : Defamer
LA is the world s cultural capital. Defamer is the gossip rag it deserves.
Short Ends: Ricky Martin Saves Arabs From Stereotypes
READ MORE: Jude Law Scientology kevin federline ricky martin ...
less than the Father of the Year
is shut out.
An investigation is underway.
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77. Martin Luther King, Jr. -
A short biography and printable coloring page. is a user-supported site.
As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.
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(Already a member? Click here.
Black History Calendar
All About Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
, was a great man who worked for racial equality in the United States of America. He was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. Both his father and grandfather were ministers. His mother was a schoolteacher who taught him how to read before he went to school. Young Martin was an excellent student in school. After graduating from college and getting married, Dr. King became a minister and moved to Alabama. During the 1950's, Dr. King became active in the movement for civil rights and racial equality. He participated in the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott and many other peaceful demonstrations that protested the unfair treatment of African-Americans. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. Commemorating the life of a tremendously important leader, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day each year in January.

78. UA Physics Department - Graduate Students O - S
No Image of short, martin Available short, martin PAS 376 520621-6818, Sing, David Sing, David
Owen, Douglas

Pan, Hui
Perrodin, Delphine

PAS 358
Prescher, Martin Rakreungdet, Worawarong

OPTI 570
Rockefeller, Gabriel PAS 439 Saga, Dawn Steward 442 Sayanagi, Kunio Office 1: SS 523B, 520-626-2689 Office 2: PAS 510, 520-621-2107 Schroedter, Martin PAS 463 Schwarz, Gregory PAS 243 Sharma, Menika PAS 473 Sharma, Sanjib PAS 358 Sheng, Yuan PAS 463 Shorb, Dan PAS 463 Short, Martin PAS 376 Sing, David PAS 473 Steinke, Steven

79. ST MARTIN - LoveToKnow Article On ST MARTIN
short biography in the 1911 Encyclop¦dia Britannica. Some scanner errors.
MARTIN, ST See A. Dupuy, Geschichte des heiligen Martins (Schaff hausen, 1855); J. G. Cazenove in Diet. chr. biog. iii. 838. SIR WILLIAM FANSHAWE MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN To properly cite this ST MARTIN article in your work, copy the complete reference below: "ST MARTIN." LoveToKnow 1911 Online Encyclopedia.
Links to this article are encouraged. Please use the following format:
See: ST MARTIN at LoveToKnow.

80. Martin Niemöller
short biographical note.
Martin Niem ller
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
, the son of a pastor, was born in Lippstadt, Germany , on 14th January, 1892. At the age of eighteen became an officer-cadet in the German Navy was assigned to the training vessel Hertha and eventually graduated to the battleship Thuringen By the time the First World War began in 1914, had reached the rank of Sub-Lieutenant. It was decided that the Thuringen was too old and was retired from active service. was now assigned to a mine-laying submarine (U73). This was followed by spells as an officer on the U39 and the U151. In 1918 took command of the UC67. Later that year he was responsible for laying mines off Marseilles. This operation resulted in sinking three enemy ships totalling 17,000 tons. By the end of the war was seen as one of Germany's most successful U-boat captains and was awarded the Iron Cross (first class).

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