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  1. People From Zhongshan: Sun Yat-Sen, Yang Ti-Liang, Charmaine Sheh, Candy Lo, Kenix Kwok, Roger Kwok, Louis Koo, Heather Fong, Melissa Ng
  2. Tvb Actors: Sammi Cheng, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Bernice Liu, Kevin Cheng, Michelle Yim, Charmaine Sheh, Ron Ng, Lydia Shum, Michael Tse

1. Charmaine Sheh Si Man Rulz
/ Starblvd/ HongKongWomen/ Charmaine Sheh/ charmaine rulz 4eva 281 Please feel free to have your say! To enter click the image below

2. Charmaineshehworld
Welcome to Charmaine Sheh World.I would like to tell you more about my favorite actress of all time charmaine Sheh.Charmaine become an actress

3. Charmaine Shehs Paradise
This page is dedicated to my all time favorite actress of TVB, Charmaine Sheh. After watching her second series Flying Fox Snowy Mountain.

4. Charmaine Sheh Discussion Forum - Message Index
Charmaine Sheh Discussion Forum Hong Kong Stars Discussion Forums

5. Charmaine Sheh See Man
Your email address See Photo Gallery. Name Charmaine Sheh See Man. Vietnamese Xa` Thi Ma.n. Birth date May 28, 1975

6. ©ú¬P: ­»´ä¤k©ú¬P: Êe¸Ö°Ò - Stars: Female: Sheh Charmaine By ²K
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  • Charmaine Sheh's Home; Êe¸Ö°Ò¼Ö¶é - Êe¸Ö°ÒªºÂ²¤¶¡Aºë¬ü¬Û¤ù¡A¬P¤§¸ôµ¥¡C
  • Charmaine Sheh; Êe¸Ö°Ò - Êe¸Ö°Ò­Ó¤HÀɮסA¬Û¤ùµ¥¡CCharmaine Sheh's profile and photos.
  • Charmaine Fantasy - ¦³Êe¸Ö°Ò­Ó¤H¸ê®Æ, ¹Ï¤ù, ºt¥X¸ê®Æ¤Î¾À¯È¡C
  • Charmaine-Zone - ´£¨ÑªüÊeÀɮסB·s»D¡BÂø»x¡Bºt¥X¼@¶°/¹q¼v¤º®e¡B¬Û¤ù¡B¹q¶l¡B¾À¯È¡B©M¨ä¥L¦³öªüÊeªº¸ê®Æ¡C
  • - ¦³·Ó¤ù¤Î²¤¶¡C
  • More than Perfect - Charmaine Sheh - ¦³Êe¸Ö°Ò­Ó¤HÀÉ®×, Âø»x®ø®§, ¬Û¤ù, °Q½×°Ï©M¯d¨¥ªO¡C
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  • 7. Charmaine Sheh's Home
    Charmaine Sheh's Home. Enter Charmaine Sheh's Home

    8. - Charmaine_Sheh's Personal Page
    Charmaine_sheh FAVORITE LINKS Miss Hong kong disscussion forum My voting station TVB PICTURE GALLERY

    9. AsianFanatics Forum > Charmaine Sheh
    Charmaine Sheh, Michelle Ye and Moses Chan were among the artistes who took Beauty and cutie Charmaine Sheh was born in the year of the rabbit and her
    Help Search Member List Calendar Full Version: Charmaine Sheh AsianFanatics Forum HK Entertainment Center Hong Kong Idols ... Hong Kong Female Artists Pages: Jan 13 2004 5 23 AM
    English Name: Charmaine Sheh See Man
    Chinese Nickname : Ah Sheh
    Viet Name: Xa Thi Man
    Date Of Birth : 5/28/1975
    Age: 28 years old
    Zodiac : Rabbit
    Star Sign : Germine
    Height : 5'5"
    Vision : Normal Family Members : Mother and a brother Habit Before Going To Sleep : Talking on the telephone Education Level : Graduate of Tertiary Institution Favourite Season : Autumn Favourite Movies : Meaningful Types Favourite Singer : Leslie Cheung Favoutite Actress : Cheung Man Yuk Leisure Activity : Watch VCD Favourite Brands : Too many Favourite Tourist : Attraction Rome Place Wanted To Go : Greece Favourite Animal : Dogs Most Afraid Insects : Mosquitoes Favourite Colours : Anything apart from Orange and brown Most Loved Person : Mother Most Dislike People : Selfish, no manners Favourite Fruit : Mangoesteen Most Resisted Food : Chilly stuff Ideal Partner : Brainy, or likes to think Favoutite Cartoon Character : Road Runner Most Excitied Experience : Miss Hong Kong Thing wanted to do most : Travel around earth Types of magazine read : Too many Goals : To be a successful business/working woman DRAMAS Detective Investigation Files IV (1998) Time Out (1999) Crimson Sabre (2000) Return Of The Cuckoo (2000) Country Spirit (2001) Seven Sisters (2001) A Herbalist Affair (2001) The White Flame (2002) A Witness To A Prosecution II (2002) Perish in the Name of Love (2002)

    10. Http// - [Charmaine Sheh Fanlisting]
    http// Charmaine Sheh Fanlisting

    11. Charmaine And Sunny Discussion Forum
    Charmaine and Sunny Discussion Forum Post a Message Charmaine Sheh Garden

    12. Beststar Sheh, Charmaine
    Sheh, Charmaine (Sheh, Charmaine)

    13. Sheh Charmaine
    AsianFanatics Forum What show do u like Charmaine Sheh in? sheh charmaine 明星 香港女明星 佘詩曼 Stars Female sheh charmaine by 添達 .
    Sheh Charmaine
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    Hi, welcome to our new site! Alot of hard work went into the new site to give fans the best tools for creating a fun online community experience. Please feel free to explore the new site, tell your friends about it, post news and images as well as your personal thoughts to Sheh Charmaine Forum , meet new people and above all have a good time! :) PS: For those interested, we'll be electing community moderators amongst the most active new members of the community in the upcoming months ...
    Charmaine Sheh's Home
    top Information consisting of news, articles, and a forum, as well as photographs, and desktop downloads. English and Chinese translations.
    Surf Sheh Charmaine Top Sites
    明星: 香港女明星: 佘詩曼- Stars: Female: Sheh Charmaine by 添達 ...

    The Optimistic Charmaine Sheh International Fanclub

    Colorful: Charmaine Sheh Fanlisting

    Sheh, Charmaine - Star-Salon - M-salon -
    Charmaine Sheh Discussion Forum - Message Index
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    14. ·s¼Wºô­¶2
    Astro Making Your Life RicherSoon after, FAY meets FUNG`s daughter MIU YUK LAN (sheh charmaine) and a villagegirl LIP SONG CHING (Tang Lai Ming, Joyce). They both end up falling in

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    15. Astro :: Making Your Life Richer
    Stars Sonja Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung Sze Ki. Soon after, FAY meetsFUNG`s daughter MIU YUK LAN (sheh charmaine) and a village girl LIP SONG
    Search: Programme Entire Website Browse through the available list of Must-Watch shows of the week on all Astro channels. Channel icons will only appear when a programme highlight is available. Don't forget, you can also sign up for an Email Reminder if you sign in!
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    How do I send and receive SMS mails via Astro DMT? Click here to find out what you could do with your e-pass account! Must-watch shows of the month on Astro. Channel icons will only appear when a programme highlight is available on that channel. Wah Lai Toi Channel Beauties and the City
    6-Aug-2005 2:00:00 PM Eight women find themselves single in fast and furious Hong Kong and form a club of sorts to air their problems and discuss their feelings.
    Starring: Carina Lau, Athena Chu, Yoyo Mung, Pinky Cheung Reminder: N/A Blade Heart: Episode 7
    9-Aug-2005 9:30:00 PM
    Starring: Adam Cheng Siu Chow, Liza Wang Ming Chun, Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung Sze Ki

    16. Charmaine Sheh Si Man Rulz
    Re Who thinks Charmaine Sheh is cuter than Sonija Kwok? sheh charmaine nsteven ma 4ever - (No Author), Oct/9/2003 141254 -06 CST
    Starblvd/ HongKongWomen/ Charmaine Sheh/ charmaine rulz 4eva [371]
    Please feel free to have your say! To enter click the image below
    Perish In The Name Of Love? (No Author), Apr/19/2005 22:01:43 [-06 CST]
    can I have the website to some of her main homepage
    Lillian, Apr/18/2005 20:49:15 [-06 CST]
    Who is Charmaine current boyfriend? [R] (No Author), Oct/28/2004 22:08:13 [-06 CST]

    17. Strike At Heart Complete Collection Hong Kong TV Drama VCD Movies, Buy Cheap H
    Disc Format, VCD. Video Format, NTSC/Color Fullscreen. Disc , 10 discs. Cast,Mak Tak Chung, Au Kam Tong Stephen, Shek Sau, sheh charmaine

    18. Highlights
    Lung sets up a marriage for his missing son with Fang (sheh charmaine), who worksas a ferry lady. Fang has conflicts with the Koo s family.
    Country Spirit
    Starting from 16 August Monday to Friday 11:00pm Koo Sai Lung (Chun Pui) is the manager of a wine factory. He adopts his ex-girlfriend's illegitimate son, Shung (Lam Ka Tung), out of kindness. Shung is cheerful and tolerates any kind of abuse. Lung's younger sister, Yiu (Tang Shui Man), loves Shung. However, she cannot forget her former love Kou (Tsang Wai Kuen), who is dead. Lung's only son, San (Ma Tak Chung, Joe) serves in the army. The family has not heard from him for a long time and assumes that he is dead. Lung sets up a marriage for his missing son with Fang (Sheh Charmaine), who works as a ferry lady. Fang has conflicts with the Koo's family. Shung reminds her how to behave and helps her become more mature. Shung becomes a student of Cheung (Yuen Wah) on wine brewing. Cheung lost his wife early in their marriage. He and Yiu soon develop into an argumentative couple. Lung has a stroke. The whole family is falling apart. With Shung's help, Fang takes up the responsibility of managing both the family and the factory. When their love starts sparkling, San suddenly comes home¡K Cast: Lam Ka Tung, Sheh Charmaine, Tang Shui Man, Yuen Wah, Chun Pui, Chan Sau Chu

    19. Scorpio East Entertainment
    Casting MAK TAK CHUNG, AU KAM TONG, SHEK SAU, sheh charmaine Story Internalstrike between apprentices to the same clique. Bring on an ultimate fight.
    Company Profile
    Contact Us

    Title: Revolving Doors Of Vengence
    Release Date: 29th Aug 2005
    No. of Episodes:
    Ng Cheuk Hai, Ma Tak Chung, Keung Tai Wai, Kwok Ho Ying.
    Story: Life is full of the unexpected. The hearts of people are unpredictable. Unsettling disturbances can occupy a whole hotel. With English Subtitle Title: Yummy Yummy
    Release Date: 9th Aug 2005
    No. of Episodes:
    Cheng Kelvin, Lam Raymond, Sheh Charmaine, Yeung Yi, Yeo Chee Leong, Chia Wan EE Story: The first join production between Hong Kong and Singapore TV crew. A cooking competition has unexpectedly created friendships between Hong Kong people ang Singaporean. With English Subtitle Title: Healing Hands Release Date: 6th Aug 2005 No. of Episodes:

    20. Cpop Chinese HK Pop Music Video Forum And Download Site With Chinese Music MP3
    Does anyone have Perish in the Name of Love by sheh charmaine and Steven Ma?Thanks in advance! Back to top. View user s profile Send private message
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