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         Shatner William:     more books (105)
  1. Law of War by William Shatner, 2001-02-01
  2. Tek Net by William Shatner, 1999-03-01
  3. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy by Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, 1993-12-01
  4. Preserver (Star Trek) by William Shatner, 2000-07-01
  5. William Shatner's Tekworld by Ron Goulart, 1994-02
  7. ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS - Special Edition Spotlight on William Shatner by Hise James Van (Editor), 1984
  9. Captain's Log: William Shatner's Personal Account of the Making of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Lisabeth Shatner, William Shatner, 1989-07-01
  10. William Shatner Presents: Tek War Volume 2 by Scott Davis, Lipe Oliveira, 2011-02-08
  11. Star Trek Memories by William Shatner with Chris Kreski, 1996
  12. Avenger (Star Trek) by William Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, et all 1998-05-01
  13. Man o' War by William Shatner, 1997-06-01
  14. Believe by William Shatner, Michael Tobias, 1992-06-01

41. MusicMoz - Bands And Artists: S: Shatner, William
william shatner. Band/Artist Logo. Years. 1931 . From. Canada Albums. The Transformed Man, 1968. william shatner Live! 1977. External Resources,_William/
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Canadian entertainer best known for his portrayal of Captain James Kirk on the 1960s science fiction television series Star Trek
The Transformed Man William Shatner Live!
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42. - Review: William Shatner, Techno-idiot - Nov. 20, 2002
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Review: William Shatner, techno-idiot
By L.D. Meagher
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(CNN) Captain Kirk has a secret. As he stands on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise and orders all manner of 23rd-century technology against whatever is threatening the Federation this week, he is faking it. In truth, the man who wears Kirk's face is completely at sea when faced with anything more complicated than a toaster. "Heeeeeeeeelllllllllpppp!" Shatner confesses in "Star Trek: I'm Working on That." "That's generally my first reaction when digital technology and I come face-to-interface. Well, truthfully, I don't usually scream out loud. It's more like a muffled whimper. But no matter how much I hide my sniveling, I am certain others around me notice the symptoms of the digiphobia that afflicts me. I break out into a cold sweat. My eyes grow big and white. My hands fumble for a book or newspaper, something ... old-fashioned." Despite this infirmity (or because of it), Shatner sees himself as the perfect guide for a journey into the technological future. His latest non-fiction book raises the question: How close is the world of today to the world envisioned by the creators of "Star Trek"?

43. MusicMoz - Bands And Artists: S: Shatner, William: Discography: Transformed Man,
Top » Bands and Artists » S » shatner, william » Discography » Transformed Man, The. The Transformed man. Cover Art. Released, 1968. Formats, LP,_William/Discography/Transformed
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44. William Shatner, Resurrected

45. Lisabeth Shatner, William Shatner, Star Trek
While science fiction superstars like william shatner have endured much for their art, their sacrifice was a conscious decision - they knew at some level Latest News Commentary Letters to the Editor ... Atlanta SF Calendar Institutional Member of SFWA All original content is John C. Snider unless otherwise indicated. No duplication without express written permission. April 2002 Interview: Lisabeth Shatner by John C. Snider Many fans of movies and television have difficulty empathizing with how fame and fortune can affect the actors who have "made it." Loss of privacy, type-casting and incessant lampooning by critics and comedians have driven many an actor to depression, drug-addiction or eventual obscurity. While science fiction super-stars like William Shatner have endured much for their art, their sacrifice was a conscious decision - they knew at some level what acting could lead to. But what about their families - particularly their children? The children of famous people are thrust into a limelight they had no part in creating. They can be the objects of undue adulation or unfair ridicule. No one knows this better than Lisabeth Shatner. She has borne the burden (and shared the joys) of being "Captain Kirk's daughter" for nearly four decades. She has embraced the good, the bad and the ugly (but mostly the good) that

46. CNN - William Shatner Finds Wife Dead In Swimming Pool - August 10, 1999

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William Shatner finds wife dead in swimming pool
Nerine Kidd and Bill Shatner are pictured here in a 1997 photo. They were married later that year. August 10, 1999

Web posted at: 4:48 a.m. EDT (0848 GMT)
LOS ANGELES (CNN) Actor William Shatner found his wife Nerine Kidd, 40, floating dead in the pool at their Hollywood Hills home late Monday night, police have confirmed to CNN. Officer Barbara Carranza of the Los Angeles Police Department said Shatner made the discovery at 10 p.m. Pacific time (1 a.m. EDT). The cause of death is being investigated by the Los Angeles Corner's office. According to Carranza, Shatner came home and upon finding his wife in the pool, immediately called police. He was told to try to resuscitate her. When paramedics arrived at the scene around 10:30 p.m., Kidd was lying by the side of the pool. The paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene.

47. Alibris: William Shatner
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my email address unsubscribe here your shopping cart order status wish list ... help browse BOOKS Your search: Books Author: Shatner, William (59 matching titles) Narrow your results by: Audiobook Fiction Nonfiction Eligible for FREE shipping Narrow results by title Narrow results by author Narrow results by subject Narrow results by keyword Narrow results by publisher or refine further Sometimes it pays off to expand your search to view all available copies of books matching your search terms. Page of 3 sort results by Top-Selling Used Price New Price Title Author Captain's Blood more books like this by Shatner, William, and Reeves-Stevens, Judith The now-retired James T. Kirk is asked to investigate the the death of Spock, apparently assassinated at a Romulan peace rally. Given clandestine assistance by Captain Will Riker and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Kirk finds himself facing an seemingly unstoppable enemy. Original.

48. Untitled Document
Based on a book written by william shatner where the Romulan Empire forge an alliance with the Borg.

49. Lyrics And MP3 Downloads - Shatner, William
Artist shatner, william. Download Songs by shatner, william For Free at Real Rhapsody shatner, william Downloads at Real Rhapsody Song Lyrics Archive ARTISTS - A B C D ...
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Album: Has Been (2004)
Artist: Shatner, William
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    Choose from over 100,000 artists and 1 million songs. Shatner, William
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  • 50. Biography
    Complete biography with filmography, related people and related information and links.

    51. Babylon 5: The Complete First Season (DVD)
    John C. Snider reviews the documentary video for Latest News Commentary Letters to the Editor ... Atlanta SF Calendar Institutional Member of SFWA All original content is John C. Snider unless otherwise indicated. No duplication without express written permission. DVD Review: William Shatner's Spplat Attack Available December 10, 2002 80 minutes Not Rated (some strong language) Starring William Shatner, Mancow, Tom Kaye Retail Price: $19.95 ISBN: B000077VQE Released by Creative Light Entertainment Review by John C. Snider What happens when 1,500 rabid Star Trek and paintball fanatics converge for the largest paintball war in history? Well, it ain't pretty, that's for sure - but it's a heckuva lotta fun! And it's all captured on film in William Shatner's Spplat Attack!

    52. Fade To Black-On Line Magazine
    Casey Kasem, william shatner and others.

    53. Books By Shatner,
    Books by shatner, william, by shatner, william ISBN 0061051187 Trade Cloth Cover English. Step Into Chaos. by shatner, william ISBN 0061052760, William
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    Shatner,William Ddpa 600402004
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    Books and Related Products Beyond The Stars by Shatner, William Step Into Chaos by Shatner, William Delta Search by Shatner, William In Alien Hands by Shatner, William Step Into Chaos: Quest For Tomorrow by Shatner, William Tek Money by Shatner, William Tek Net by Shatner, William Law Of War by Shatner, William Tek Secret by Shatner, William Tek Power by Shatner, William Tek Money by Shatner, William Man O War by Shatner, William Tek Kill by Shatner, William Tek Net by Shatner, William Teklords by Shatner, William Teklab by Shatner, William Tekwar by Shatner, William Star Trek: Spectre by Shatner, William Spectre by Shatner, William Dark Victory by Shatner, William Dark Victory by Shatner, William Preserver by Shatner, William Get A Life by Shatner, William

    54. Star Trek: Captain's Peril By William Shatner With Judith And Garfield Reeves-St
    Book review of Star Trek Captain's Peril by william shatner with Judith and Garfield ReevesStevens.
    Your browser does not support script advertise. EUROPE'S MOST VISITED SF/F WEB SITE Star Trek: Captain's Peril by William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Check out website(s):

    'It's worse than that he's still alive...Jim'
    C aptain Kirk is alive and well and churning out books. Apparently a bit miffed at being killed off in 'Star Trek: Generations', Mr Shatner has co-written, with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, three books already about the reincarnated Captain.
    In this new book, 'The Captain' takes the other Captain, Jean Luc Picard, to Bajor for a vacation. Kirk's idea of a vacation involves orbital skydiving through Bajor's atmosphere. This is very nearly fatal as he unfortunately bought the suits from Quark on Deep Space Nine. Alone with Picard in the Bajorian desert, Kirk starts to reminisce about an incident in the early months of his command of the Enterprise when Spock has decided to ask for a transfer. Getting to their intended destination they find that there has been a murder and as the sole representatives of Starfleet are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.
    So a little bit of action wrapped up with Agatha Christie's 'Death on the Nile' then. Kirk is still very much the action hero albeit with a few more aches and pains. Shatner is happy to acknowledge the passage of time even if he is not ready to relinquish the reins of command.

    william shatner s new album Has Been, produced by Ben Folds.

    56. The Star Trek Explorer --- William Shatner Biography
    William Shatner
    His duty was to go where no man had gone before - he was Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and he is Canadian actor William Shatner. Although he his often viewed as an American television icon, Will Shatner in fact hails from Montreal, Quebec. Born on March 22, 1931, he attended Verdun high school and then moved on to McGill University where he studied commerce. In 1956 he moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting. Shatner made a name for himself on American television, appearing on a myriad of shows. Some were successful while others weren't; however, those that were successes scored big. The first series was the short lived: For the People . The next year saw him appear on a unique new series named Star Trek , which lasted for three years, from 1966 to 1969. At the time the series was deemed a failure and Shatner moved on. He gave Star Trek another try in 1973, this time as a voice on the animated series, but the show survived only one year. Shatner left Star Trek behind and moved on to other exploits. The Barbary Coast was the next television show in line for Will but the program only lasted from 1975 to 1976. In 1979, Shatner once more turned to Star Trek, this time in the form of

    57. Movie Review For William Shatner's Spplat Attack - 2002-12-09
    Filmhobbit reviews the documentary and includes photos of the event.

    58. Shatner, William Books At The Best Price
    Buy shatner, william books from the best shops. Click on the products or use the search form below to find the best prices for all books.
    Search all categories Books Electronics Household Appliances Kelkoo For Business Music Travel Home Books Browse by Author S
    Shatner, William
    Browse by Author : Shatner, William (1-25 of 30) Star Trek: Dark Victory Author(s) : Shatner, William
    This sequel to "Spectre" matches Captain Kirk against the deadliest adversary he has had to face - himself. Beyond the Stars Author(s) : Shatner, William
    A man who has altered his own future finds himself aboard a planet-sized starship that has been sabotaged by aliens and is descending into chaos. Captain's Peril, The Author(s) : Shatner, William
    Captains Kirk and Picard face danger together in this instalment from William Shatner's series. Star Trek: Preserver Author(s) : Shatner, William
    In the mirror universe, Kirk is determined to save his dying wife using whatever means possible. His alter ego, the tyrannical Emperor Tiberius hopes to... Star Trek Odyssey Author(s) : Shatner, William
    This omnibus consists of three William Shatner novels: "The Ashes of Eden", "The Return" and "Avenger". Tekwar Author(s) : Shatner, William

    59. Celebrity Rants
    Audio clips of bloopers by Jim Backus, Casey Casem, Leonard Nimoy, william shatner, and Orson Welles.
    Jim Backus Steve Ballmer 1 Steve Ballmer 2 Marlon Brando Tom Brokaw Mariah Carey Ray Charles Bill Clinton 1 Bill Clinton 2 Kurt Cobain Howard Cosell David Duchovny Gennifer Flowers Zsa Zsa Gabor Judy Garland 1 Judy Garland 2 Houston DJ Michael Jackson 1 Michael Jackson 2 Casey Kasem Bobby Knight Ray Kroc Tommy Lasorda Madonna Leonard Nimoy Ozzy Osbourne Jack Palance Ross Perot Elvis Presley 1 Elvis Presley 2 Roseanne Diana Ross A. Schwarzenegger Bill Shatner 1 Bill Shatner 2 Frank Sinatra Britney Spears Mike Tyson Jack Wagner John Wayne Jack Webb Orson Welles 1 Orson Welles 2 Barry White Brian Wilson
    David Duchovny's sex act slip!

    60. William Shatner
    Biography, filmography, and television appearances.
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    Date of birth (location)
    22 March
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    During the filming of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) a fire broke out on the studio lot... (show more)
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