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         Ryder Winona:     more books (49)
  1. Winona Ryder: The Biography by Nigel Goodall, 1998-12
  2. The Winona Ryder Scrapbook
  3. Winona Ryder by Dave Thompson, 1997-02
  4. Winona Ryder (Real-Life Reader Biography) by Valerie Menard, 2000-11
  5. Winona Ryder by Us Magazine, 1997-09-01
  6. Winona Ryder (Who's Hot!) by Evan Keith, 1992-09
  7. Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In: Appreciations, Castigations, and Reminiscences by Ram Dass, Andrew Weil, Allen Ginsberg, Winona Ryder, William Burroughs, ... Huston Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, and Others
  8. Rolling Stone Magazine March 10, 1994 Issue No.677 Winona Ryder Cover by Jann S. (Managing Editor) Wenner, 1994
  9. Rolling Stone Magazine May 16, 1991 Issue 604 Winona Ryder Cover by Jann S. (Managing Editor) Wenner, 1991
  10. Winona's Search for Sanity.(Winona Ryder)(Brief Article): An article from: New York Times Upfront by Jennet Conant, 1999-12-13
  11. Ryder, Winona (1971): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by S.K. Bane, 2000
  12. Actors From Minnesota: Prince, Judy Garland, Winona Ryder, Jesse Ventura, Jessica Lange, Mike Farrell, Kevin Sorbo, Lew Ayres, Richard Dix
  13. Thieves: Theft, Winona Ryder, Marc Dutroux, John Edward Robinson, Fritz Haarmann, John Christie, Malcolm Hardee, Charles Sobhraj, Fred West
  14. Romanian-American Jews: Elie Wiesel, Naomi Wolf, Art Garfunkel, Winona Ryder, Solomon Schechter, Harvey Keitel, Vladimir Tismaneanu

141. RivalQuest Celebrity - Winona Ryder Pictures, Posters, Biography, Pics, Filmogra
Five pictures galleries and some vital statistics.

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Nicole Kidman

Biographical Information Nick Name: Noni Height: 5' 4" Birthplace: Winona, Minnesota, USA Date of Birth: October 29, 1971 Husband/Partner: Still Dating Contact Info: Click here Personal Quote: Smokes a pack and a half of cigarettes a day!

She was born in Winona, Minnesota and her hippy parents named her after the place that she
was born. Both of her parents were more interested in the political debates of the late sixties
and early seventies then the drug scene, but you wouldn't know that from Winona's present day

142. - Winona Ryder
Includes vital statistics and a collection of 110+ thumbnailed images.
Home A B C ... All Full Name:
Winona Laura Horowitz

Winona, MN
American Conservatory Theatre
111 lbs. Career Start: Lucas Email Address: N/A Mailing Address: C/O ICM 8942 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Picture Gallery 1 of 5 Other Celebrities Mel Gibson Heather Graham Seth Green All material on this site is licensed for use by UGO Networks, Inc.

143. Winona Ryder : Alle Bilder Zu Winona Ryder, Filme Zu Winona Ryder, Infos Zu Wino
Translate this page alle Bilder zu winona ryder, Filme zu winona ryder, Infos zu winona ryder.,,a_Winona Ryder/alle-Bi

144. Winona Ryder Image Gallery 1; Winona Ryder A.k.a. Winona Laura Horowitz : Celebr
A gallery of pictures. Also includes basic information about the actress and her career.
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Winona Ryder Image Gallery
Image Gallery 1 of 70 [833 Pics] Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Last Gallery The Comic book guy bust Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Last Gallery
Winona Ryder Selected Trivia
A Beverly Hills judge has reduced the criminal charges against her from felonies to misdemeanors. Her defense attorney Mark Geragos, who failed to clear Ryder's name of shoplifting charges at Los Angeles boutique Sak's Fifth Avenue last year, failed to invite her to his Christmas bash Sources close to the legal eagle cite Ryder's guilty verdict as the reason Geragos is trying to distance himself from her. Was commended by a judge for abiding by the rules of her probation in a shoplifting case. Ryder has taken to wearing a bracelet honoring three convicted murderers -Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Miskelley, aka The Memphis Three- that she's convinced are innocent. More Winona Ryder trivia ...
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Edward Scissorhands
27"x41" Poster

145. Winona Ryder : Alle Bilder Zu Winona Ryder, Filme Zu Winona Ryder, Infos Zu Wino
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146. Ryder, Winona
Actor winona ryder. winona ryder. 10/29/1971. winona, MN, USA. Elfin and extremely talented American actress who started well but somehow seems
Winona Ryder Winona, MN, USA Elfin and extremely talented American actress who started well but somehow seems difficult to cast these days, pity. Beth Carr Age of Innocence May Welland Alien 4: Ressurection Annalee Call Autumn in New York Charlotte Fielding Beetlejuice Lydia Boys Patty Vare Bram Stoker's Dracula Mina Celebrity Crucible Abigail Williams Edward Scissorhands Kim Girl, Interrupted Susanna Kaysen Great Balls of Fire! Myra Gale Lewis Heart is Deceitful Above All Things Psychologist Heathers Veronica Home Is Where the Heart Is House of the Spirits How to Make an American Quilt Finn Dodd Little Women Jo March Looking For Richard Lady Anne Lost Souls Maya Larkin Lucas Rina Mermaids Charlotte Flax Night on Earth Corky Reality Bites Lelaina Pierce Scanner Darkly Square Dance Gema Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael Dinky Bossetti
Strangers with Candy The Last Temptation of Blank Fran
Actors R Index

147. Winona Ryder
Translate this page winona ryder. winona ryder. Su nombre real es winona Laura Horowitz,y nació el 29 de octubre de winona ryder. ¿En qué película te ha gustado más winona?
Alojamiento ofrecido por el Grupo HispaVista HispaVista
Winona Ryder en español
Su nombre real es Winona Laura Horowitz,y nació el 29 de octubre de 1971 en Winona, Minnesota, USA.Se supone que su nombre está inspirado en su lugar de nacimiento. Mide 1,63 cm de estatura,es hija de Michael y Cindy Horowitz,también tiene tres hermanos,Sunyata,Jubal y Yuri.Estudió en Petaluma High School y en el conservatorio americano de teatro. Su carrera como actriz empieza cuando debuta en Lucas, excelente película según mi criterio,en la que comparte protagonismo con Charlie Sheen,Corey Haim,Kerri Green y otros tantos conocidos actores,pero de toda su carrera filmográfica,que no es poca,en la película que más me ha gustado es en Edward Scissorhands,que en su día fue calificada por una de las mejores producciones del cine fantástico,una gran obra dirigida por el maestro Tim Burton.Cabe destacar que en el rodaje de esta película Winona empezó su relación con el protagonista,Johny Deep,como curiosamente en la película sucedía entre sus personajes. Winona ha coincidido muchas veces con actores bastante populares,en Square Dance con Rob Lowe,en Beetlejuice con Michael Keaton,Alec Baldwin y Geena Davis,en Heathers con Christian Slater y Shannen Doherty,en Great Balls of Fire! con Dennis Quaid,en Bram Stoker's Dracula con Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins y Keanu Reeves,en The Age of Innocence con Michelle Pfeiffer,en The House of the Spirits con Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Antonio Banderas y Vanessa Redgrave,en Little Women,con Susan Sarandon, Claire Danes,Kirsten Dunst, en Reality Bites con Ethan Hawke,en Alien: Resurrection con la conocida Sigourney Weaver,en Celebrity con Leonardo DiCaprio y Kenneth Branagh,en fin que Winona se ha codeado siempre con buenos actores y ha interpretado buenos papeles,es una actriz que tiene muchos proyectos y un buen futuro,empezó en los 80,sigue en los 90 y tiene previsto interpretar papeles para el 2000(ver filmografía).

148. Ace Quality Photos: Winona Ryder Introduction
Includes picture galleries, filmography and biography.
Winona Ryder
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Other Celebrities
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Salma Hayek Introduction
Winona Ryder has built up a reputation for being the actress to call on for difficult roles. Her ability to see beyond the surface and to create characters that others couldn't was built through a life spent outside of the mainstream. Winona Laura Horowitz was born on October 29th, 1971 in Winona, Minnesota. She was named after the town she was born in by her hippy parents (Cindy and Michael). After Alien 4: Resurrection, Winona retreated from the Hollywood limelight... more Contact Webmaster

149. Ryder, Winona
Translate this page Annuaire de sites sur ryder, winona. Sites en français consacrés à winona ryder .ryder, winona, films, ryder, winona, r, acteurs et actrices.,_winona.html
Ryder, Winona Navigation : Accueil
Annuaire de sites francophones sur Internet Navigation : Forum Sonneries Telecharger Annuaire ... Ryder, Winona
Ryder, Winona - 2 site(s)
Sites en fran§ais consacr©s   Winona Ryder.
The Winona Connection - Biographie, filmographie, actualit© et photos. Winona Ryder zone - Pr©sentation, filmographie, photos et liens.
Accueil Fran§ais Arts Audiovisuel ... Ryder, Winona Le plus grand annuaire humain du Web Soumettre Open Directory Project Devenir Editeur Plan annuaire : Achats Actualite Arts Commerce ... iliona

150. Filme Nach Schauspielerin - Ryder, Winona
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151. Univision: Bram Stoker's Dracula [P&S/WS]
Translate this page Actores Gary Oldman, winona ryder, winona ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves, Richard E. Grant, Sadie Frost Director Francis Ford Coppola Clasificada R

152. Winona Ryder Pictures, Picture Gallery, Pics, Picture, Photos, Pic At
winona ryder pictures, picture gallery and celebrity cards.
Winona Ryder pictures, picture gallery, celebrity greeting cards, photos, pics, snaps, high quality pictures, rare pictures. Home
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153. Winona Ryder
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Winona Ryder
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© Columbia TriStar Films
Actrice, Producteur exécutif américaine
Née le 29 Octobre 1971 à Winona, Minnesota (Etats-Unis)
Actuellement au cinéma dans : Le Livre de Jérémie Edward aux mains d'argent Beetlejuice
Remarquée dès l'âge de treize ans lors d'une représentation de l'American Conservatory Theatre à San Francisco, Winona Ryder effectue ses débuts sur grand écran deux ans plus tard dans le drame Lucas (1986) aux cotés de Charlie Sheen . Ce sont cependant ses prestations sous la direction de Tim Burton , dans Beetlejuice (1988) et Edward aux mains d'argent (1990), qui placent la jeune actrice au premier rang des comédiennes hollywoodiennes.
Nommée au Golden Globe du Meilleur second rôle féminin pour Les Deux sirènes (1990), Winona Ryder tente cependant de s'affranchir de son image de faire-valoir féminin. Elle choisit ainsi des projets plus risqués tels que

154. Crowds: Agoraphobia: An Alphabet
Friendly neighbors. They re in a coven. ryder, winona Ultimate method actress. See Kleptomania. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
Agoraphobia: An Alphabet
R is for
Rand, Ayn.
(1905-1982) The thinking girl's Danielle Steele, usually read by male M.B.A.'s. Russian-born novelist who appeared as an extra in Cecil B. DeMille's King of Kings (1927) and then went on to write large and eventful books such as The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957); the use of recurrent initials for her main characters led many to believe that the author's thought was a systematic one, an illusion furthered by her founding of a school of philosophy. The central tenet of Objectivism may be paraphrased as "But enough about me-what do you think of me?" and flourishes at the University of Chicago. Her final wish was that she be commemorated under a large dollar sign.
1965 movie directed by Roman Polanski starring Catherine Deneuve as a manicurist who carries a rabbit head in her purse. Her London flat has elastic walls, and the lack of central air conditioning sends her, during the sticky English summer of love, into a frenzy of interior re-decoration.
Rosemary's Baby
(1968), dir. Roman Polansky. Mia Farrow stars in this harrowing tale of the difficulties of finding decent housing in New York. (see

155. Winona Ryder Images Gallery,winona Ryder,winona Ryder Actress
Collection of some selective pictures of the Actress winona ryder.
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157. Winona Ryder @ Filmbug
winona ryder More Posters Photos winona ryder is one of Hollywood s most respected actors. She has received two Academy Award(R) nominations.
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Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder Winona Ryder is one of Hollywood's most respected actors. She has received two Academy Award(R) nominations. As Jo in Gillian Armstrong 's highly acclaimed version of the Louisa May Alcott classic Little Women, Ryder received a nomination for Best Actress. The year prior, she starred in Martin Scorsese 's The Age of Innocence and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her critically acclaimed performance also earned her a Golden Globe and National Board of Review Award. Her first Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress was for Mermaids in 1990. Named for her birthplace, Winona, Minnesota, Ryder grew up in Petaluma, California and began her career at age 13 when she was spotted by a talent agent during a performance at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre. Her subsequent screen test led to her motion picture debut in Lucas in 1986. While her talent was clear from the beginning, it was Heathers that put Ryder in a class by herself. Directed by Michael Lehman, the film became a cult classic among young adults. Ryder constantly challenges herself as an actress, moving from contemporary to period to futuristic pieces. She has completed over 20 feature films, working with such acclaimed directors as

158. Winona Ryder Online
winona ryder Online The best online source of information about winona ryder and her career.
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News Winona is featured in this months issue of InStyle magazine, and also in the latest issue of Allure. Angelina Jolie from the film Girl, Interrupted has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress catagory. Winona Ryder Online is Back. This website was created in the Fall of 1997 and has been neglected ever since. That is, untill now. As one of my many, many millenium resolutions I decided I should start paying some attention to my rusty web-authoring abilities. So I got back on the internet, I was so excited that I completley forgot why I got away from the whole webpage design thing in the first place, HTML is sooooo fuckin tedious! I mean, christ my head hurts after coding this index page! But enough bitchin, WRO is back for the new millenium... and it's here to stay. I won't be offering pictures or clips, just loads of information! I Guarantee the most up to date WR news on the entire net! So stay tuned!!

159. Gothamist: Winona Ryder: Free Pass To Rock Celebrity
2003_7_winonaryder.jpg It s good to know that winona ryder is basically like the Welcome Wagon Perhaps, but I still haven t had sex with winona ryder.
more Austin Boston Chicago London ... Washington DC document.getElementById(base + curr).style.display= "";
July 29, 2003
Winona Ryder: Free Pass to Rock Celebrity
It's good to know that Winona Ryder is basically like the Welcome Wagon for any semi-cute up-and-coming would-be rocker - at least someone is looking out for the lads. That's why she was the focus of a VH1 All Access: Winona Rules! Truly, it makes sense for Winona to be featured, because as Courtney Love says, as quoted on the show's site, "You’re no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona!” The A List describes Winona as such: "Hopping from musician to actor to musician with all the agility and speed of a starved hyena targeting a limping Thompson's gazelle" and proposes a partial list of her exploits - Ryan Adams, Dodi al Fayeed, Beck, Bono, Ed Burns, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Evan Dando, Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., David Duchovny, Adam Duritz, Jakob Dylan, Everlast, Jimmy Fallon, Dave Grohl, Corey Haim, Chris Isaak, Courtney Love, Brittany Murphy, Chris Noth, Dave Pirner, Charlie Sheen, Christian Slater, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Westerberg, Bruce Willis, and Pete Yorn. Maybe in the next A List update, they will include her latest, Conner Oberst

160. Arts & Entertainment | My Winona
winona ryder listens to the verdict in her shoplifting trial at the Beverly 7, 2002 I could hardly even recognize the winona ryder who arrived at the


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  • Winona Ryder listens to the verdict in her shoplifting trial at the Beverly Hills Municipal Court Wednesday. My Winona What became of you, O alterna-hipster movie goddess of the bygone slacker era? A Winona boy laments his fallen idol. By Andrew Leonard I could hardly even recognize the Winona Ryder who arrived at the Beverly Hills courtroom on Monday, two days before a jury of not-quite-her-peers found her guilty of grand theft and vandalism. Who was that overly made-up hussy, dressed to the nines in her beige outfit and matching accessories? That wasn't the Winona I fell in love with, the ghost-befriending clad-in-black proto-goth of "Beetlejuice"; the loner outcast high school girl and mass murderer of "Heathers." These are sad days for a Winona boy. Not that there haven't been a lot of sad days for us already. Some might even argue that the trail of tears started as far back as 1994's "Reality Bites," and that the sorry sight of Winona shoplifting at Saks is just the last mote of tragedy confirming, once and for all, that those halcyon days of the late '80s, when we were all slackers searching for our Winona, are gone forever.

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