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         Ryder Winona:     more books (49)
  1. Winona Ryder: The Biography by Nigel Goodall, 1998-12
  2. The Winona Ryder Scrapbook
  3. Winona Ryder by Dave Thompson, 1997-02
  4. Winona Ryder (Real-Life Reader Biography) by Valerie Menard, 2000-11
  5. Winona Ryder by Us Magazine, 1997-09-01
  6. Winona Ryder (Who's Hot!) by Evan Keith, 1992-09
  7. Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In: Appreciations, Castigations, and Reminiscences by Ram Dass, Andrew Weil, Allen Ginsberg, Winona Ryder, William Burroughs, ... Huston Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, and Others
  8. Rolling Stone Magazine March 10, 1994 Issue No.677 Winona Ryder Cover by Jann S. (Managing Editor) Wenner, 1994
  9. Rolling Stone Magazine May 16, 1991 Issue 604 Winona Ryder Cover by Jann S. (Managing Editor) Wenner, 1991
  10. Winona's Search for Sanity.(Winona Ryder)(Brief Article): An article from: New York Times Upfront by Jennet Conant, 1999-12-13
  11. Ryder, Winona (1971): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by S.K. Bane, 2000
  12. Actors From Minnesota: Prince, Judy Garland, Winona Ryder, Jesse Ventura, Jessica Lange, Mike Farrell, Kevin Sorbo, Lew Ayres, Richard Dix
  13. Thieves: Theft, Winona Ryder, Marc Dutroux, John Edward Robinson, Fritz Haarmann, John Christie, Malcolm Hardee, Charles Sobhraj, Fred West
  14. Romanian-American Jews: Elie Wiesel, Naomi Wolf, Art Garfunkel, Winona Ryder, Solomon Schechter, Harvey Keitel, Vladimir Tismaneanu

101. FilmUP - Personaggi / Filmografia: Winona Ryder
Profilo biografico dell'attrice, filmografia completa corredata da schede tecniche sui film e galleria fotografica.

Leonardo HomePage Elenco alfabetico
Winona Ryder
ALL'ANAGRAFE: Winona Laura Horowitz
LUOGO DI NASCITA: Winona, Minnesota, Stati Uniti
PROFESSIONE: Attrice, Produttrice
A scanner darkly - Donna Ingannevole è il cuore più di ogni altra cosa Psicologa The day my god died - Narratrice Simone Mr. Deeds Babe Lost Souls - La profezia Maya Larkin Autumn in New York Charlotte Fielding Ragazze interrotte Susanna Kaysen Essere John Malkovich Se stessa Celebrity - Nola Alien 4 - La clonazione Analee Call La seduzione del male - Abigail 'Abby' Williams Riccardo III - un uomo, un re Lady Anne Boys - Patty Vare Gli anni dei ricordi - Finn Dodd Giovani, carini e disoccupati Lelaina Pierce Piccole donne - Josephine 'Jo' March L'età dell'innocenza May Welland La Casa degli Spiriti Blanca Dracula Mina Murray/Elisabeta Taxisti di notte - Los Angeles, New York, Parigi, Roma, Helsinki - Corky Sirene Charlotte Flax Roxy - Il ritorno di una stella - Dinky Bossetti Edward mani di forbice Kim Boggs Great balls of fire - Vampate di fuoco - Myra Gale Lewis Schegge di follia - Veronica Sawyer 1969: i giorni della rabbia - Beth Beetlejuice - Spiritello porcello - Lydia Deitz Square Dance - Gemma Lucas - Rina PRODUTTRICE: Ragazze interrotte

102. Winona Ryder Biography
Tiscali film brings you the top interviews with the biggest stars in Hollywood.
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29 October 1971 Where: Winona, Minnesota, USA Awards: Nominated 2 Oscars, 1 BAFTA, won 1 Golden Globe Height: Filmography: Complete List
The star of some of the great cult hits of the last 15 years, Winona Ryder has forged a place in the heart of the liberal intelligentsia, as well as somehow retaining her status as teen heroine. Deliberately steering herself away from no-brain blockbusters, she has constantly sought to challenge herself as a professional and thus, like her more provocative peer Jennifer Jason Leigh, remains consistently worth watching.
She was born Winona Laura Horowitz on October 29th, 1971, Winona being the name of her hometown in Minnesota. Her father, Michael, was an atheist, writer and editor, who worked as an archivist for psychedelic guru Dr Timothy Leary (Winona's godfather) and ran a bookstore named Flashback. Her mother, Cindy, a Buddhist, was also a writer and editor, and later produced educational videos. Deeply involved in the counter-culture, the couple were friends of Allen Ginsberg and amongst their editing works included Shaman Woman Mainline Lady, an anthology of classic writings on drug experiences, including a piece by (amazingly) Louisa May Alcott. Cindy had two children by a previous marriage - daughter Sunyata and son Jubal - then had Winona and another son, Yuri, with Michael. They would marry when Winona was 12.

103. The Smoking Gun: Archive
This is the criminal complaint filed today (February 1) charging actress winona ryder with four felonies stemming from her December 12 shoplifting bust at
This is the criminal complaint filed today (February 1) charging actress Winona Ryder with four felonies stemming from her December 12 shoplifting bust at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Ryder, 30, was hit with one count each of grand theft, burglary, vandalism, and possession of a controlled substance, which Los Angeles prosecutors identified as the painkiller Oxycodone. Investigators have charged that Ryder used a pair of scissors to cut the security tags off Saks merchandise worth more than $4000. She is scheduled to be arraigned on February 8. (5 pages) Join TSG's mailing list
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104. Shoppers Urge Judge To 'Free Winona'

105. Relationships With Winona Ryder
Analyze your relationships with winona ryder in mathematical terms - for presence and strength of mutual passion, intimacy, commitment and synergy.
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Relationships with Winona Ryder
What Winona Ryder and you have going Buy Winona Ryder Posters Analyze your relationships with Winona Ryder - in mathematical terms - for presence and strength of mutual passion, intimacy, commitment and synergy.
Introducing Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder (born Winona Laura Horowitz) is an American actress born to Michael and Cindy Horowitz. Cindy Horowitz (nee 'Palmer') was a W.A.S.B. (White Anglo-Saxon Buddhist) while Michael Horowitz was of Russian and Romanian Jewish descent. His family's original name had been 'Tomchin’ but they had been wrongly assigned the name 'Horowitz' by U.S. immigration officials at Ellis Island. Winona Ryder was named after the town in Minnesota where she was born. Notable family friends included her godfather Timothy Leary and Beat poet Allen Ginsberg.
When she was seven years old she and her family resided at a commune in Elk, California, where they lived with seven other families on a 300-acre (1.2 km²) plot of land. As the area had no electricity Ryder took to reading, particularly appreciating the novel Catcher in the Rye. Her mother did however show her some films on a screen in the barn, which perhaps lead her to develop an interest in what would later make up her career. At age 10 the family moved again to Petaluma, California. She was harassed her first week of junior high school there when a group of bullies mistook her for a feminine, scrawny boy. This led her to be schooled at home that year, but she also spent time attending the American Conservatory Theater in nearby San Francisco, where she started taking acting lessons.

106. Actress Winona Ryder To Finally Get Day In Court

107. CBS News | Rough Day For Winona Ryder | June 4, 2002 01:06:20
Rough Day For winona ryder. winona ryder is escorted through a crowd of journalists as she makes her way into winona ryder Charged With 4 Felonies
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Rough Day For Winona Ryder
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 4, 2002
Winona Ryder is escorted through a crowd of journalists as she makes her way into Los Angeles County Superior Court in Beverly Hills. (AP)
Defense attorney Mark Geragos says he and a sheriff's deputy talked Ryder into going to the hospital for treatment even though the actress initially declined, saying she wanted to finish the hearing.
Ryder holds a bandage to her right elbow as she leaves the courthouse. (REUTERS)
(CBS) A preliminary hearing into shoplifting charges against Winona Ryder that began with an irked judge ordering the Oscar-nominated actress to appear in court was cut short on Monday when she apparently broke her arm during a media crush.
In a bizarre twist to a strange day, Ryder's lawyer told Superior Court Judge Elden Fox that his famous client could not go on with the hearing, which had already been postponed four times, because she needed immediate medical attention.
Attorney Mark Geragos told Fox that Ryder, in trying to return to court amid a crush of television cameras and reporters, was struck on her right elbow - which was still sensitive from a previous injury - by a piece of equipment.

108. - Injury Delays Ryder's Court Hearing - June 4, 2002



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Injury delays Ryder's court hearing
Lawyer says actress fractured right elbow
Ryder winces as the deputy escorting her is hit in the head by a television camera. BEVERLY HILLS, California (CNN) A hearing to determine whether Winona Ryder will stand trial on shoplifting and drug possession charges was delayed until Thursday after the actress apparently was injured when she was jostled while entering the courthouse Monday. Ryder and a bailiff were jostled as they squeezed through a crowd of reporters and camera crews following a recess. The bailiff was hit on the head by a TV camera. Both were taken to see a doctor afterward. Ryder was holding a bandage on her right elbow as she was driven away. Her lawyer, Mark Geragos, told CNN's "Larry King Live" the 30-year-old actress suffered "a fracture on the elbow area" in the crush, which Geragos described as a "rugby scrum."

109. TodoCine: Winona Ryder
Biograf­a, filmograf­a, nominaciones a premios e im¡genes.
CINE Estrenos Cartelera Cine en casa Noticias ... Recomendaciones DVD Novedades Recomendaciones Premios Los Oscar Los Goya Secciones Curiosidades Gazapos Citas Lo mejor del cine ... Enlaces Servicios Hablamos Teleaviso Postales de cine Juegos Puzzles WINONA RYDER
Nombre real: Winona Laura Horowitz Fecha de nacimiento: Lugar de nacimiento: Winona, Minessota EE.UU. Lucas (Lucas) (1986)
Square Dance (Square Dance) (1986)

Bitelchus (Beetlejuice) (1988)

Gran bola de fuego (Great Balls of Fire!) (1989)

Gran bola de fuego (Great Balls of Fire!) (1989)
Sirenas (Mermaids) (1991)

Noche en la Tierra (Night on Earth) (1991)
La edad de la inocencia (The age of innocence) (1992)

Mujercitas (Little women) (1994)

Bocados de realidad (Reality Bites) (1994)
Boys (Boys) (1995) Amores que nunca se olvidan (How to Make an American Quilt) (1995) Donde reside el amor (How to make an American quilt) (1995) Las brujas de Salem (The Crucible) (1996) El crisol (The crucible) (1996) Looking for Richard (Looking for Richard) (1996) Celebrity (Celebrity) (1998) Inocencia interrumpida (Girl, interrupted) (1999) Nominaciones: Oscar. Mejor actriz de reparto 1993

110. CBS News | Ryder Addicted To Pain Killers? | December 9, 2002 08:52:46
winona ryder reacts to a prosecutor s comments during sentencing. (CBS) In a threeyear period winona ryder filled 37 prescriptions from 20 doctors
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Ryder Addicted To Pain Killers?
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec. 7, 2002
Community Service For Winona
Winona Ryder reacts to a prosecutor's comments during sentencing. (CBS)
"While the defendant may have had reason in the past that necessitated her use of opiate pain killers, it would appear . . . the defendant is addicted to pain medication"
Ryder's probation report
(CBS) In a three-year period Winona Ryder filled 37 prescriptions from 20 doctors under a half-dozen aliases, according to a probation report that concluded the actress is apparently addicted to pain killers.
The report was released Friday after Ryder received a probationary sentence for stealing and vandalizing merchandise at a Saks Fifth Avenue store in December 2001. It paints a picture of the actress "doctor shopping" to obtain prescription medicines. Ryder was not convicted of any drug charges and defense attorney Mark Geragos emphasized she had prescriptions for eight medications found on her when she was arrested. Geragos, who tried to keep the report sealed, told the judge Ryder has a "pain-management" problem. The probation report suggests a different scenario.

Fan site with photos, biography, filmography, articles, interviews, and links.
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112. Winona Ryder Fanatics [+] AllStarz.Org/~Winona
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113. Winona Ryder - The Spanish Fan
Noticias, biograf­a, fotos, filmograf­a, entrevistas, descargas y enlaces.
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114. Ryder, Winona
Actress winona ryder Box office info on all her movies, links, pictures, Drama winona ryder A filmography and vital stats of actress winona ryder.,_Winona/
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Top Arts Celebrities R / Ryder, Winona
My Tribute to Winona Ryder!
You will find pics, info, links, and a lot more! Stop by to visit the most beautiful woman in the world!
Actress Winona Ryder
Box office info on all her movies, links, pictures, message area, and more. Part of the top 20 actresses site.
Drama: Winona Ryder
A filmography and vital stats of actress Winona Ryder. Winona Ryder
Detailed biography and filmography.
For Love of Noni
A Winona Ryder fan site, featuring the latest news, photos and lots of info about her upcoming movies.
Winona Ryder - Product of the 60's
photos,biography and filmography Information. Winona Ryder

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115. Ryder Defense Calls Disgruntled Ex-Saks Worker

116. Jury In Winona Ryder Trial Includes Producer

117. Allexperts Ryder, Winona Q&A
Allexperts ryder, winona Q A. Category ryder, winona, Sort By. None, Knowledge, Timeliness, Clarity, Politeness, Prestige, Questions Asked

118. Intolerable Genocidio - Daddyweb
Pel­culas, noticias, biograf­a, foro, galer­a de fotos, con actualizaci³n frecuente.

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ESTE PEQUEÑO LUGAR DE INTERNET SE SOLIDARIZA CON EL INOCENTE PUEBLO IRAQUÍ, PERMANECIENDO CERRADO ANTE EL PRIMER GENOCIDIO DE ESTE NUEVO SIGLO. La página que quiero dedicar a Winona Ryder no quiero que incluya textos e imágenes con violencia implícita, de todas maneras, si quieres saber lo que ha pasado en Irak, y consultar detalladamente lo que pienso sobre este Genocidio, solo tienes que pinchar en el énlace. Winona no se merece que en su home de una página personal de un fan aparezcan "trofeos" de guerra. LA GUERRA EN IRAK

119. - Ryder Not Expected To Testify - Nov. 4, 2002
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Ryder not expected to testify
Former Saks Fifth Avenue employee Michael Shoar Story Tools
VIDEO Watch the security surveillance tape that shows Winona Ryder's movements in a Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue store. (October 30)
RELATED On trial, in style
A look at the Robert Blake, Winona Ryder cases
People v. Ryder (FindLaw, PDF) All about Winona LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) Winona Ryder is not expected to testify in her own defense when her shoplifting trial resumes Monday, according to her attorney. Mark Geragos, Ryder's defense attorney, told CNN he would consider the option but felt that he had produced reasonable doubt and doing so would be unnecessary. The case could go to the jury as early as Monday following closing arguments. Geragos called several witnesses Friday who discounted previous claims about a videotape showing the actress cutting security tags off several items of clothing. Ryder, 31, is accused of stealing more than $5,500 in merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills last December.

120. Stardatenbank
Translate this page Kurzerhand hilft er sich mit einem Star aus der Konserve winona ryder als digital zum Leben erweckte Filmdarstellerin, die vom Publikum als realer

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