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21. Wade J. Robson--A True Prodigy
A fan site with profile, news, and photos.
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Wade J. RobsonA True Prodigy
I have moved my site to To go to my new site location Click here

22. ::: Wade Robson Fans :::
A wade robson Site made by the fans for the fans. wade robson plus special guest choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson from MTV s Making The Band 3 will be
Magazines Articles
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Contact Info
Master Class Journal
Wade Fans
Fan Forum Fan Chat Room Wade in Review Fan Art Links Concert Sitings Contact Wade Contact Us Our Mission FAQ Game Room Wade News Newsletter Archive Website Updates Quotes From Wade Quotes About Wade Magazines Articles Online Mentions TV Appearances Wade Robson Project WRP Wrap-Up WRP Pix WRP Media WRP Winner WRP Contestants WRP Steps WRP News News from Pop Starz! WADE ROBSON plus special guest choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson from MTV's Making The Band 3 will be here May 7th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Location: The Westin Diplomat 3555 South Ocean Drive Hollywood, FL 33019 Register Today! Go to OR call for more info at (561)997-1188 view flyer Check out Pop Starz latest in Hip Hop classes Watch for Exact Satelitte Commercial Jul 26, 2004

23. ::: Wade Robson Fans ::: The Wade Robson Project
A wade robson Site made by the fans for the fans. Superchoreographer wade robson has masterminded moves for Britney Spears and *NSYNC.
Super-choreographer Wade Robson has masterminded moves for Britney Spears and *NSYNC. Now his sights are set on finding the best amateur dancer in Americawho will moonwalk away with $100,000 from Juice Batteries, a $10,000 wardrobe provided by Union Bay and the dance opportunity of a lifetime. Contestants
Tyler Banks Launch Website
David J. Moore Launch Website
Blyss Launch Website
Melinda Launch Website Twitch
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Phlex See Bio Spark See Bio Credits:

24. H O O K E D - A Wade Robson Fanlisting!

25. - Onair - Wade Robson - Season1
wade robson Hooked Up One Dancer with $100000 Superchoreographer wade robson has masterminded moves for Britney Spears and *NSYNC."mtv"; var if_nt_userName_flash = "null"; Today's Lineup


... MTV
Live finale show Monday at 6:00 p.m. ET/PT, 5:00 p.m CT. Check the Weekly Schedule for all air times.
Wade Robson Project
Winner's Bio Contestant Bios Wade Robson Bio ...

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Wade Robson Hooked Up One Dancer with $100,000
Super-choreographer Wade Robson has masterminded moves for Britney Spears and *NSYNC. He set his sights on finding the best amateur dancer in Americathe person to moonwalk away with $100,000 from Juice Batteries, a $10,000 wardrobe provided by Union Bay, and the dance opportunity of a lifetime. With the help of your votes, he found the dancer with the best moves in the country. That dancer's name is Tyler Banks.  
And the winner is...Tyler Banks. From *NSYNC "Pop" to poppin' and lockin' this white boy has everything it takes to beat the best. Tyler's Member Profile Tyler's Bio Grand Finale Dance Clip Winning Moment ... Highlight Photos Check out the elite crew of semi-finalists. Twelve stunning dancers with more flavor in their pinky toes than in your entire body. See all Semi-Finalists See Semi-Finalists' Bios and Videos Find Out More About Wade Robson Wade Works with Britney ... Royally Stewed (Ep.8)

26. - News - Wade Robson Archive
Hives, Daniel Bedingfield More. 11.26.2003 For The Record Quick News On wade robson And Michael Jackson, Da Band, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton More"mtv"; var if_nt_userName_flash = "null"; Today's Lineup


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Wade Robson
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27. Wade Robson Pictures And The Best Sites At Celebrity Link
The best wade robson sites and pictures. Here you can find all the information you need about wade robson.
Wade Robson
Date of Birth
September 17, 1982

Buy Wade Robson
Photos and Posters

Contact Info


Find Wade Robson

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28. Wade J. Robson
Best Celebrity Sites Complete Web Directorywade J. robson A True Prodigy - A fan site with profile, news, and photos. wade robson s Home Page - Official site for this, Wade J.

robsonS MUM UPSET WITH SHOWER STORY Dancer wade robson s mother has spoken out in defence of MICHAEL JACKSON, after a former Neverland maid testified she mum upset with s
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document.write(''); Dancer WADE ROBSON 's mother has spoken out in defence of MICHAEL JACKSON , after a former Neverland maid testified she saw the King of Pop showering with the young choreographer. BIANCA FRANCIA told the court in Santa Maria, California she had witnessed an eight-year-old Robson and Jackson naked together in the shower, when she was called to testify against the pop star in his ongoing child molestation trial. But Robson's angry mother JOY ROBSON insists it never happened. She fumes, "She (Francia) is such a liar. Everyone at Neverland knew there was a rule no one could go into Jackson's bedroom when he was in there." Robson's mother even testified before a Grand Jury last year (04), explaining, "I trust Michael implicitly. I would never let anything bad happen to my son." Robson, now 22, has choreographed routines for BRITNEY SPEARS and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE among others.

30. : Wade Robson, EXTRA Has The Hottest Entertainment Online! Stop In F
EXTRA has the hottest entertainment online! Stop in for the best news, movies, TV, celebrities more.
Thursday, August 28, 2003 Wade Robson
He's the guru behind Britney's gyrations and the man with all the moves for NSYNC. Wade Robson is a choreographer, dancer, and music producer, but he's also been center stage since he was six. Now the kid who began by doing moves for Michael is giving others a chance to hit superstardom with his own show on MTV. And Wade is reaching his dreams. He says, "I had a couple of opportunities, doors that were opened to me. But I want to be that person for somebody else."
One contestant on the show says, "I've been waiting for something like this." Another adds, "I want to be on tour with a pop star."
But the routine is rigorous. Eighty unknowns from across the country will be whittled down to one lucky winner, who will walk away with $100,000 and the chance to hit the road with a recording star. On contestant says, "That's my dream, my aspirations, my goal."
And while judge Jessica Simpson is ecstatic to work with the famous foot-stepper, she's not happy it is her job to give these hopefuls the boot. She says, "He's one of the best choreographers in the business and he's an amazing dancer. I'm the one who has to eliminate, so that's not my personality at all. Hopefully I don't lose fans."
Don't worry Jessica; it looks like these dancers are too busy busting a move. Wade's show premieres Monday afternoon on MTV.

31. MTVe.COM | Wade Robson, wade robson Project, wade robson. Britney Spears and *NSYNC have a lot to thank wade robson for when it comes to their dancing prowess.

32. MTVe.COM | Wade Robson Biograpy, wade robson Project, wade robson biograpy.

33. - Wade Robson I Shared Michael Jackson's Bed - Pictures Pic
wade robson I shared Michael Jackson s bed Nov2003. AUSTRALIAN wade robson, one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood, yesterday said he had shared
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GOSSIP! Wade Robson: "I shared Michael Jackson's bed"
Nov-2003 AUSTRALIAN Wade Robson, one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood, yesterday said he had shared a bed with Michael Jackson. The Brisbane dancer, who has a hit TV show in the US and a three-movie directing deal with Disney, said he visited Jackson several times at Neverland Ranch in California. Now 21, Robson says it was an innocent relationship that began when he was five that never involved any sort of abuse. "I never had that experience and I hope that it never happened to anybody else," he said. Jackson, arrested and booked on suspicion of child molestation last week, faces years in jail if convicted. Robson met the entertainer in 1987 after winning a Jackson dance-impersonation contest. Over the years, Robson said Jackson bought him instruments and encouraged him in their friendship that, according to the 187cm rising star, was always "creatively based".

34. Who's Who Person
5/5 First Defense Witness wade J. robson Jackson s attorneys opened their defense by calling dancer and aspiring film director wade J. robson,
Witness Testimony




5/5: First Defense Witness: Wade J. Robson
Robson arrives at the courthouse, May 5, 2005. (Photo: AP/Pool )
Jackson's attorneys opened their defense by calling dancer and aspiring film director Wade J. Robson, who said he has known Jackson since age 5 and stayed at Neverland more than 20 times. He slept in Jackson's bedroom on all but three or four of those visits, he said.
Robson, 22, said his overnight visits involved talking, watching movies, playing video games and pillow fights. But he said Jackson never touched him in a sexual way.
"I'm telling you, nothing happened," Robson said. Asked if something might have happened while he was asleep, Robson said, "I think something like that would wake me up." Testifying for the prosecution earlier in the trial, a former Jackson maid, whose son got a multimillion-dollar settlement from Jackson in the 1990s, said she once saw Jackson showering with Robson. Robson said he had never showered with the singer. In cross-examination, prosecutor Ron Zonen suggested that when Robson said Jackson never molested him, "What you're really telling us is that nothing happened when you were awake."

35. Jackson's Defense Starts Shakily With Guests' Testimony About Bed-sharing - Cour
defense attorney Thomas Mesereau asked wade robson, a 22year-old wade robson, now 22, testified that he slept in Michael Jackson s bed many times as a

Updated May 6, 2005, 11:28 a.m. ET
Jackson's defense starts shakily with guests' testimony about bed-sharing Michael Jackson appeared at court in Cinco de Mayo-appropriate attire as his defense began. By Lisa Sweetingham
Court TV SANTA MARIA, Calif. "Did Mr. Jackson ever molest you at any time?" defense attorney Thomas Mesereau asked Wade Robson, a 22-year-old choreographer for pop stars such as Britney Spears and *NSYNC. "Absolutely not," Robson said. "Did Mr. Jackson ever touch you in a sexual way?" Story continues advertisement
"Never, no," Robson replied. Robson brought his fiancée to court Thursday, holding her close as he entered the courtroom. But the soft-spoken witness's voice cracked at times and he appeared to grow more uncomfortable during prosecutor Ronald Zonen's rapid-fire cross-examination. Wade Robson, now 22, testified that he slept in Michael Jackson's bed many times as a child. "The first time you slept with Michael Jackson, you were seven years old, is that correct?' Zonen asked during cross-examination. "I slept in the same bed," Robson said defensively, confirming that he shared Jackson's bed 15 to 20 times from the ages of 7 to 13, and he likened the arrangement to sleeping in the bedroom of a best friend.

36. Sleepovers At Jackson Home Were Innocent Fun, According To Boys' Relatives - Cou
Karlee Barnes and Chantal robson, sisters to Brett and wade, robson said the family met Jackson in 1987 after wade won a dance contest in Australia.

Updated May 6, 2005, 7:08 p.m. ET
Sleepovers at Jackson home were innocent fun, according to boys' relatives Michael Jackson let children watch movies, play and sleep in his bedroom, according to witnesses. By Lisa Sweetingham
Court TV SANTA MARIA, Calif. "I've known Michael for a long time. I've spent many hours talking to him about everything. I trust him. I trust him with my children," said Joy Robson, the mother of 22-year-old Wade Robson , a choreographer who denied Thursday that he showered naked with Jackson, as a prosecution witness claimed. Robson said she, Wade, and 10-year-old daughter Chantal, stayed at Jackson's Neverland ranch in 1990 and have visited about four times a year ever since. She said she let Wade, who was then 7, and Chantal sleep in Jackson's bedroom from the first visit. Story continues advertisement
"You have no idea, once you left that room, what went on, do you? No personal knowledge?" District Attorney Thomas Sneddon asked the witness during cross-examination. "I know what my son tells me," Robson replied.

37. The Wade Robson Project
My name is wade robson, welcome to The wade robson Project. wade robson Yo girl that was hot. That was totally hot, but I thought you could ve maybe

03a: Jack Black / John Mayer

The Wade Robson Project
Wade.....Seth Meyers
Boogie.....Finesse Mitchell
Amber Lynn.....Maya Rudolph
Katanya.....Amy Poehler
Sparkle.....Jack Black
: Three new dancers, only two will advance; tonight on The Project.
[Wade enters and dances] Wade Robson : Woo, waz crackin' ya'll? My name is Wade Robson, welcome to The Wade Robson Project. Yo, I dunno about you, but I'm feelin good. I'm feelin like, I dunno, maybe...[Does dance] [Crowd cheers] Wade Robson : Woo, yeah, yeah. [Awkward pause] Yo, we got some dope dancers for ya'll man. Ya'll gotta get ready to go off because, I dunno maybe their gonna be like...[Does dance again] [No response from audience] Wade Robson : Nothin? Alright. No? Cool. Got it, fair enough. Alright, but before we get started, lemme introduce you to my main man, he's my dog, my dirty, I'm talkin' about Boogie ya'll. He's the hizzle and he's in my nizzle! Boogie : Yo, what did I tell you about that man? You can't say that word. Wade Robson : Can't say "nizzle" got it.

38. Wade Robson
I Love . . . . . wade robson !! Robson.html
I Love . . . . . Wade Robson !!

39. Teenspeak - Arts And Pleasure - Wade Rocks The Pop Scene
At the age of 18, wade robson has already done more than most people dream about doing in a lifetime. His insight into the music world has commanded the
Wade Rocks The Pop Scene
by Rachel Stockman
Born with a "gifted talent," Wade seems to have the ability to predict just what is happening in the "popular" industry, and he admits that some of what's happening is not all good. He says, "Before you had your Princes and your Madonnas and your Michael Jackson superstars...but it's hard to do that now. Musically, the thing that has been bothering me is that a record label will find their artist, and then, the first thing they will do is go to every huge producer. This is fine, but each producer is going to do what they do, so this album becomes this conglomeration of all of these producers' visions of the artist, and it's no longer the artist's vision anymore."

40. - Information On Wade Robson Project, The
You re probably here because you want to vote for wade robson Project, wade robson Project, The (2003) Date added to database 9/07/2003

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