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         Rickles Don:     more books (17)
  1. Rickles' Book: A Memoir by Don Rickles, 2008-06-03
  2. Snappy Comebacks to Stop Hecklers by Don A. Rickles, 1998-11
  3. Rickles' Book: A Memoir (Thorndike Press Large Print Biography Series) by Don Rickles, 2007-10-03
  4. Rickles' Letters by Don Rickles, 2010-11-15
  5. DON RICKLES - "HELLO DUMMY!" vinyl lp. by DON RICKLES, 1968
  6. Run Silent, Run Deep: Edward L. Beach, Jr, Robert Wise, Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden, Don Rickles, Franz Waxman
  7. People From Jackson Heights, Queens: Howard Stern, Don Rickles, Lucy Liu, Eddie August Schneider, Jackson Heights, Queens, Robert P. Casey
  8. Playboy June 2007-Argues Kristine (Playmate of the Year Winner: Sara Jean, 20Q Don Rickles)
  9. Rolling Stone September 18 2008 What's So Funny (David Letterman, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Larry David, Robin Williams, Don Rickles, Sarah Silverman & 45 More) (#1061)
  10. Rickles' A Memoir by Don with David Ritz Rickles, 2007
  11. Playboy June 2007 Kristine from Apprentice (20 Q with Don Rickles, Playmate of the Year 2007 Sara Jean Underwood) by Hugh Hefner, 2007
  12. New Yorker August 2, 2004 Richard Ford Fiction, Don Rickles Profile, Poems by Gary Snyder and Jack Gilbert
  13. TV Guide 1977 Back Issue Don Rickles & Peter Isacksen CPO Sharkey Cover July 9-15 cover by Gene Trindl by T.V. Guide, 1977
  14. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, #139 (Featuring DON Rickles) by DC COMICS, 1971

1. Don Rickles
His credits include The Don Rickles Show, CPO Sharkey, The Big Show, Foulups, Bleeps and Blunders, Two Top Bananas, Don Rickles on the Loose

2. The Hockey Puck!
If you are looking for that certified genuine autograph, you'll find it here. Contact Don Rickles Official addresses and information.

3. More Information On Don Rickles
Information on Don Rickles playig in Las Vegas.

4. Don Rickles Biography Biloxi One
Rickles and Don Adams reteamed for a Showtime special, "Two Top Bananas." In 1986, Rickles starred in another Showtime special, "Don Rickles

5. Don Rickles - TV Tome
TV Tome is your guide to Don Rickles. Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and more.

6. Don Rickles Don Rickles Links Don Rickles Sites Image Gallery Don
Don rickles don Rickles links Don Rickles sites Picture gallery and related links

7. Webum Arts People R Rickles, Don
Webum directory page about Arts, People, R, Rickles, Don

8. Don Rickles
Don Rickles Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites.
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Don Rickles
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Date of birth (location)
8 May
New York, New York, USA
Mini biography
After the golden era of Hollywood, one man is still living to tell his... (show more)
Photo Gallery IMDbPro Professional Details Filmography as: Actor Himself Archive Footage Notable TV Guest Appearances Actor - filmography
In Production
  • The Catch (2006) (TV) filming
    The Wool Cap
    (2004) (TV) .... Ira Toy Story Racer (2001) (VG) (voice) .... Mr. Potato Head
    Toy Story 2
    (1999) (voice) .... Mr. Potato Head Toy Story 2 (1999/II) (VG) .... Mr. Potato Head Dennis the Menace Strikes Again! (1998) (V) .... Mr. George Wilson Dirty Work (1998) .... Mr. Hamilton
    ... aka Sale boulot (Canada: French title) Quest for Camelot (1998) (voice) .... Cornwall, Two-Headed Dragon
  • 9. Webum Arts People R Rickles, Don Movies
    Webum directory page about Arts, People, R, Rickles, Don, Movies

    10. ABC News Don Rickles To Do More Shows In Las Vegas
    Don Rickles to Do More Shows in Las Vegas

    ARTS AND PEOPLE DON RICKLES. Directory Home. Mizmoz. Music News. Festivals. Music Equipment. Arts And People Don Rickles. Hartke 210TP Bass

    12. Don Rickles
    Don Rickles was the performer among bigname Hollywood stars, and they flocked by Don Rickles appears opposite Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Casino,
    rotten Library Biographies Entertainers ... Comic
    Don Rickles
    Comedians who dabble in racist humor are few and far between. Lenny Bruce was successful, Andrew Dice Clay was not. Political correctness has smothered the life out of American comedy, but racial humorist Don Rickles refuses to make it a rally. He appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson nearly 100 times, toting an aggressive arsenal of ad-libbed jokes which ridiculed blacks, homosexuals, Mexicans, women, and uptight Republicans. "God put us on this earth to laugh. We're human beings. Jew, gentile, Irish, Negro, Puerto Rican. Laugh at bigotry. Bigots and morons and dummies. People say, 'how can you make fun of religion?' Why not? What's to fear?" December, 1957. It's two o'clock in the morning. A not-so-famous Rickles is onstage at The Sahara Lounge in Las Vegas, doing his act. He's singled out a lone Mexican sitting up front. "I'm a Jew, and you're a Mexican," Rickles begins. "I say this from heart: A Negro can move into my neighborhood, you can't." Ten minutes later, he's targeting Canadians, Arabs, Germans, Poles and Jews. The laughter is slow to ripple, largely liquor-induced. "Excuse me sir, what is your nationality? I know, it's a big word. Lady, you here on vacation? And you're sitting next to the Mexican? You've taken your shots? I don't know what this is all about, you annoying woman. Get a job at a fruit stand. Didn't I see you during the war hanging around the embarkation point in a torn sweater? You gotta be a Jew, lady - it's 105 degrees in here and you're the only one with a mink stole. If it weren't for the Mexicans, we wouldn't have filth."

    13. Don Rickles
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    14. Funny Man Don Rickles
    Don Rickles talks about his career, growing up and how he spends his time.
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    Funny Man Don Rickles
    From Diana Saenger
    Your Guide to Classic Movies
    FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! In a phone interview Rickles said comedy was something that came easy and early in his life. "I was the kid that got up in front of aunts and uncles and told a story, had the lead in the synagogue plays, and was president of drama society in high school. I liked being funny." Rickles was born in New York City on May 8, 1926. He attended Newton High School in Elmhurst, Long Island. His father Max was in the clothing and insurance business, and his mother was a housewife. "We weren't rich, but my parents were very well known because they had such wonderful personalities. People loved to be in their company," Rickles said. "I got my strong personality from them."

    15. Don Rickles
    Don Rickles. Don Rickles AKA Donald Jay Rickles. Born 8May-1926 Birthplace New York City. Gender Male Religion Jewish Ethnicity White
    This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Don Rickles AKA Donald Jay Rickles Born: 8-May-1926
    Birthplace: New York City
    Gender: Male
    Religion: Jewish
    Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Comic , Actor Level of fame: Famous
    Executive summary: King of the Insult Military service: (WWII) Wife: Barbara Sklar (m. 1965, two children)
    Friars Club

    The Aristocrats (Jan-2005)
    Himself Toy Story 2 (13-Nov-1999) [VOICE] Dennis the Menace Strikes Again (14-Jul-1998) Dirty Work (12-Jun-1998) Quest for Camelot (15-May-1998) [VOICE] Casino (22-Nov-1995) Toy Story (22-Nov-1995) [VOICE] Innocent Blood (25-Sep-1992) Kelly's Heroes (23-Jun-1970) Beach Blanket Bingo (14-Apr-1965) Bikini Beach (22-Jul-1964) ... Run Silent Run Deep (27-Mar-1958) Rotten Library Page: Don Rickles Do you know something we don't? Submit a correction or make a comment about this profile

    16. Rickles Don
    Celebrity Wallpapers, rickles don desktop wallpapers. Celebrity Wallpapers thousands available ready for download, rickles don pic, Don Rickles
    Site Updated on: 17-Dec-2004 - 06:31:11
    Celebrities Directory
    R :: Rickles Don Rickles Don: Movies
    Rickles Don desktop wallpapers
    Celebrity Wallpapers thousands available ready for download, Rickles Don...
    Don Rickles
    The King of Insult. ...
    Hockey Puck
    Articles, movie and television listings, pictures, and even upcoming appearances. ...
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    17. The New York Times > Movies > People > Don Rickles
    Don Rickles, The Aristocrats, The Wool Cap, Toy Story 2, Dirty Work, Dennis the Menace Strikes Again, Toy Story, Casino, Innocent Blood, Keaton s Cop,

    18. Don Rickles
    Don Rickles is one of the 20th Century s most famous funnymen. Don Rickles was born in New York City. As a teenager, he performed in high school plays
    Browse by Category Comedians Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 ... Category 7 Search
    National Archives 2004-05-04 Jana 2003-05-15 Peter Cetera 2002-09-01 James Brown 2001-10-10 Temptations ... Comedians Category 2
    Don Rickles
    To book Don Rickles - Click Here Tell A Friend about Don Rickles Add Don Rickles to MyAEC Print Don Rickles Promo ... Customer Reviews Don Rickles is one of the 20th Century's most famous funnymen. For almost 40 years he has appeared in top showrooms in Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. He is regarded among the world's top entertainers. Rickles is also highly visible on TV, as well as in motion pictures, including appearances in Universal Pictures' "Casino," directed by Martin Scorsese, appearing with Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci, "Toy Story," a revolutionary computer animated feature, for Walt Disney Pictures, and the now cult classic, “Kelly’s Heroes,” as well as early career roles in “Run Silent, Run Deep” and “Rat Race.” He is also seen in the mega-hit “Toy Story 2.” Additionally, he has starred in live stage productions and, along the way, has had two best-selling comedy albums. A small step forward in Rickles ' career occurred in 1957 at a small Hollywood nightclub. One night, Frank Sinatra wandered in. Rickles, still "unknown," eyed Sinatra and said, "I just saw your movie, 'The Pride and the Passion,' and I want to tell you, the cannon was great." And, "Make yourself at home, Frank. Hit somebody."

    19. Don Rickles
    Don Rickles posters, filmography, news, and forum.
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    20. Entertainment Events
    Don rickles don Rickles Website http// Don Rickles Event Calendar. DATE, VENUE, Detail. Oct 20 to Oct 23, Stardust Theater, 8 pm

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