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  1. The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament Translated Out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to Be Read in Churches. King James Version by World Bible Publishers, King James, et all 1980
  2. Music To Read James Bond By - Vinyl Record
  3. The future of rail and water transportation; letter of James J. Hill, read at The-Lakes-to-the-Gulf deep waterway association convention, Chicago, Illinois, October 7th-9th, 1908 by James Jerome Hill, 2010-08-01
  4. An essay on the simony and sacrilege of the bishops of Ireland. Together with some proposals for redress of the same, ... by James Read, D.D. by James Read, 2010-05-28
  5. People From Haydock: Edmund Arrowsmith, Harry Jones, Tony Read, James Twiss, Harry Gee, Cliff Birkett
  6. Remarks on the antiquity and the different modes of brick and stone buildings in England. By Mr. James Essex, of Cambridge. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, Dec. 8, &c. 1774. by James Essex, 2010-06-10
  7. Pop Goes The Weasel by James Patterson [Audiobook Read by Keith David and Roger Rees] by James Patterson, 1999
  8. Come Read With Me by James M. Abraham by James M. Abraham, 2005
  9. Recent economic developments in the Punjab. A paper read by Sir James Wilson ... to the Royal Econom by James Wilson, 2009-10-24
  10. James Read: Building Material Merchant by Jesse Rainsford Sprague, 2010-09-10
  11. Analysis of a course of lectures on mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, spherics, and astronomy. Read by James Ferguson, F.R.S. The fifth edition. by James Ferguson, 2010-06-10
  12. Some observations on Lincoln Cathedral. By Mr. James Essex, of Cambridge. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, March 16, 1775. by James Essex, 2010-06-10
  13. Listen & Read James Joyce's Dubliners (The Dover Audio Thrift Classics Series) by James Joyce, 1996-04-15
  14. TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC: OUR HEROINE, Read By the Author JAMES MICHENER (LP Record Audio book) by James A. Michener, 1980

81. Why I Read The Authorized King James Version
The Authorized King james text has faithfully served the body of Christ for almost 400 The Bible is not supposed to read like a fairy talePeter said,
"I am the LORD, I change not."
Malachi 3:6
God is unchangeable. God's word is unchangeable too. In Matthew 24:35, the Lord Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Why then are we so ready to accept changes to God's word in the form of different Bible versions? The Authorized King James text has faithfully served the body of Christ for almost 400 years. During this time, and during its translation, Satan has viciously and relentlessly attacked it. I now hear Christians attacking it too! I've heard preachers and lay people say things like, "it's too hard to read" or "it doesn't properly reflect the true meaning of the original Greek". The issue about the original Greek sets my teeth on edgewhich Greek? There are Greek manuscripts galore, including the corrupted manuscripts that the Roman Catholic religion uses. The snide remarks and attacks against this utterly reliable text are unfounded. We must remember that the Bible is a spiritual book and is understandable to those who are led by God's Spirit. It is not possible for the natural man to understand it [I Corinthians 2:14], hence paraphrasing or simplifying it will do no good. The Bible is not supposed to read like a fairy talePeter said, "for we have not followed cunningly devised fables" [II Peter 1:16]. The words of the Authorized King James are not laborious to me, they are beautiful and full of God's power. Even the world knows itthe Authorized King James has been listed on Norton Anthology's list of "the world's best literature" for decades.

82. The Authorized King James Version (KJV) Of 1611
My Testimony Why I read the Authorized King james Version of 1611 . The Hymnal Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus Christ
The Holy Bible
Authorized King James Version (KJV) of 1611.
KJV, Authorized King James Version, Holy Bible, 1611, King James Bible, King James Version, AKJV
The Word of God is foundational to everything that pertaineth to life and godlinessit is also the standard by which we shall all be judged. Handle it carefully. On this site we have some very interesting information on King James , the King who commissioned the translation of the Authorized King James Version (KJV) of 1611. We Christians would do well to take heed to King James' comment on Christian conduct: "Holiness [is] the first and most requisite quality of a Christian (as proceeding from true fear and knowledge of God)." I've finally uploaded the entire King James Bible. Blessed be the Name of the Lord forever and ever. [Thank you, O God, for preserving Thy Word in accordance with Thy blessed promise.]
The Authorized
King James Version (KJV) of 1611 KJV Epistle Dedicatory KJV Translators to the Reader Download the Authorized King James Version (KJV) of 1611 Why I Only Read the Authorized King James Version (KJV) of 1611 Old Testament
New Testament

This is an
King James Version
of 1611 ONLY Site KJV KJV KJV KJV KJV KJV KJV Vigor and strength rest in the King James Bible Ecclesiastes 8:4 says

83. David Corn
But as I watched the proceedings on CSPAN 3 and saw james Marcinkowski, I read part of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on prewar

84. Apple IPod Photo (30GB) Intro - Apple IPod Photo (30GB) Review - MP3 Players - C
Reviewed by james Kim. Edited by Jasmine France. Reviewed March 25, 2005. Editors rating. Excellent A good player with some drawbacks (read more)
triggerParms["cpp_4"] = "refererUrl:" + cppUrlPatch (""); CNET tech sites: Product reviews Shop Tech news Downloads ... Peripherals SEARCH Back to School Buying Guide
James Kim
Senior editor
MP3 and digital music
Meet the editors

85. Zeus CMD - Design And Development Tutorials
This is the website of Grant james (ZEUS) This website is dedicated to bring you tutorials on c++, java, You can read about the new technology here.
Users Currently Online: 3
Latest News

... Search Recent Tutorials C / C++ Constructors

Access Spec.
Welcome to Zeus CMD
19 August
OpenGL Realistic Nature Scene Demo have released a realistic nature scene demo . Several textures and a pixel shader are used to create the diverse terrain. A helpful whitepaper is included that explains all of these techniques in detail.
16 August
Quake 3 Source Code to be Released
John Carmack, at the end of the QuakeCon Keynote address, made an announcement saying that the Quake 3 sourcecode will be released shortly.
2006 IGF Competition
The 2006 Independent Games Festival (IGF) competition is now open for submission. The eighth annual competition will feature the largest grand prize to date and a new modding competition.
8 August
DirectX 9.0 SDK Update for August 2005
The DirectX 9.0 SDK Update for August has been released. "The SDK August 2005 Update download contains the tools needed to build cutting-edge, media-rich, interactive applications. It includes run-times, headers and libraries, samples, documentation, utilities, and support for C++, and Managed Code development."
Read more here
3 August
SUSE Professional becomes Open Source
"Novell is renaming SUSE Professional and releasing it as 100% open source. Novell spokesman and director of public relations Bruce Lowry says his company is "pushing" to make SUSE Linux available to anyone who wants it. According to sources close to the company, SUSE Professional is to be rebranded as OpenSUSE."

86. James Dobson - The Religious Right's New Kingmaker. By Michael Crowley
james Dean What would he have grown up to be? posted May 19, 2005 John Swansburg Join the Fray, our reader discussion forum POST A MESSAGE read MESSAGES
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assessment Taking stock of people and ideas in the news.
James Dobson

The religious right's new kingmaker.
By Michael Crowley
Posted Friday, Nov. 12, 2004, at 12:00 PM PT
Although the notion that the religious right's "moral values" determined the 2004 election has been roundly debunked (for example, here and here ), perception is reality in politics—and the indelible perception in Washington is now that George W. Bush owes his evangelical Christian base big-time. One corollary to this idea is that no one helped Bush win more than Dr. James Dobson. Forget Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, who in their dotage have marginalized themselves with gaffes (this week Robertson referred to potential Supreme Court nominee Miguel Estrada as "Erik Estrada"). Forget Ralph Reed, now enriching himself as a lobbyist-operative, leaving the Christian Coalition a shell of its former self. Forget Gary Bauer, now known chiefly as a failed presidential candidate who tumbled off a stage while flipping pancakes. Dobson is now America's most influential evangelical leader, with a following reportedly greater than that of either Falwell or Robertson at his peak. Dobson earned the title. He proselytized hard for Bush this last year, organizing huge stadium rallies and using his radio program to warn his 7 million American listeners that not to vote would be a sin. Dobson may have delivered Bush his victories in Ohio and Florida.

87. Jim West :: A Spokesman-Review Investigative Report
read what s being written about Jim West in other media. The SpokesmanReview ran a lengthy statement by Spokane Mayor james West on Tuesday s op-ed

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Home delivery Online Subscription Login Profile ... Read today's e-paper Sunday, August 21, 2005 A SPOKESMAN-REVIEW INVESTIGATIVE REPORT West lawyers make final pitch in recall fight; FBI seizes West's home computers; council to take over investigation disturbing connections emerge; West urges justices to toss recall; recall would require special election ; proposed West recall goes to court Aug. 24; fact-checking recent claims by West; editorial: West has to face certain questions ; Mayor says recall based on false allegations ; Editor Steve Smith answered reader questions on June 23. See previous chats on May 9 and May 17
West tied to sex abuse in '70s, using office to lure young men
About these stories A note to readers from Editor Steven A. Smith. Also see this timeline of the newspaper's investigation of the story.

88. :: Home :: Where Ideas Come To Die
read The Rest of “Gundam SEED Phase 4145 Review”. Posted by james on Mon, Jul 18th, 2005 @ 014551 ? gundam ? opinion ? Link ? No Comments ? No
Where Ideas Come To Die
While reading the latest Slactivist post on Left Behind I read the following comment: As someone who read far too much as a child, I've thought a lot about the main characters and the, in gaming parlance, NPCs of the world. I realized that I am an NPC, and that's fine with me. Because, see, NPCs have choices. Where the hero has to suffer and save the world and live happily ever after, the NPC can do whatever he likes. He can pursue happiness, or he can choose not to. If he doesn't save the world or do anything big and spectacular, that's not a failure. He can be perfectly happy without it. After reading that, being who I am doesn't seem so bad. Posted by James on Wed, Aug 17th, 2005 @ 18:24:53 ∆ personal Link No Comments No Trackbacks ...
The iBook
I like the iBook. It's finally forced me to fix the wireless in the house so the signal isn't killed by a series of walls. So net everywhere. Posted by James on Mon, Aug 15th, 2005 @ 23:49:06 ∆ personal Link No Comments No Trackbacks ...
Birthday Haul
So for my birthday I ended up using money given to me to purchase an Apple iBook. I can now compute in bed. I also picked up an XM radio and stuff so I can listen to Ron and Fez when they move on over. Posted by James on Tue, Aug 9th, 2005 @ 08:50:39 ∆

89. James Murray, Lexicographer
james Murray is one of Harlish Goop s heroes, and when you read his essay you ll see why he calls Murray the greatest dictionary maker who ever lived .
James Murray
[ Issue 8 ]
James Murray and the Oxford English Dictionary
James Murray is one of Harlish Goop's heroes, and when you read his essay you'll see why he calls Murray "the greatest dictionary maker who ever lived".
By the time he died, what unexpectedly turned out to be his life’s work had become (and remains) the pre-eminent accomplishment of English language lexicography — honoured as the supreme authority, held in awe, and loved the world over A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop
Permit me to introduce one of my heroes – Sir James Murray. James who? James Augustus Henry Murray, who lived from 7 February 1837 until 26 July 1915. And? You’ve heard of Samuel Johnson and his Dictionary ? Well, James Murray was a far more talented dictionary maker, despite his obscurity when compared with the fame of Dr. Johnson. Indeed, in all likelihood Murray was the greatest dictionary maker who ever lived. You see, by the time he died, what unexpectedly turned out to be his life’s work had become (and remains) the pre-eminent accomplishment of English language lexicography – honoured as the supreme authority, held in awe, and loved the world over — from the Netherlands to the United States, from Japan to South Africa, from Australia to Barbados. For James Murray was the planner, standard setter, layout designer, principal inspiration and Editor-in-chief of the magnificent Oxford English Dictionary When I was at high school in the 1950s, it was

90. RUSSELL JAMES - Hard Boiled Crime Writer
Russell james is a writer every American hardboiled fan should be reading To read NO ONE GETS HURT, all you have to do is click - here.
Welcome to the dark world of Russell James
"Russell James is a writer every American hard-boiled fan should be reading"
says Gary Lovisi, editor of Hardboiled magazine.
Russell James pages:
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... Discover the Secrets of Crime Writing
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When you've finally extracted every drop of juice from my site, try one of these: Go shopping at Books Online or at Amazon or at Tangled Web Two specialist crime bookshops: Murder One Crime In Store British Crime Writing sites:
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  • SODA CREEK (books for mystery fans)
    -Russell James-
    "the Godfather of British Noir" (says IAN RANKIN)
    "the great unknown talent of British crime fiction" (says GQ Magazine)
    Take a moment or two to buzz around my crime writing pages!
  • 91. DeveloperWorks Blogs James Snell
    james Snell is a member of the IBM s Software Standards Strategy Group As you read over the policy below, remember that while the final draft was

    92. U.S. House Judiciary Committee
    House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. james Sensenbrenner, Jr. (RWis. House Seal Documents in Demand button to read complete list. Eagle Image
    This script is intended to be used to naviagation, Use the text on the footer, if not using javascript. This script is intended to be used to launch a printer friendly version of the page for printing. This script is intended to be used to launch a printer friendly version of the page for printing. The Committee Chairman Committee History Ranking Democratic Member 109th Committee Oversight Plan FY 2006 Committee Views and Estimates Committee Internship Program Full Committee Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property Immigration, Border Security, and Claims Commercial and Administrative Law Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Constitution Full Committee Task Force on Antitrust Committee Members Daily 109th Committee Action Legislative Hearings Oversight Hearings Bills Legislative Reports Legislative Committee Calendar Summary of Activities 108th Congress Press Releases Procedure Documents Committee Amendments GAO Reports USA Patriot Act Email / Contact Info. Report Waste, Fraud and Abuse Request Committee Publications This site requires a Javascript compliant browser to operate optimally.

    93. Welcome To Saint James Church, Charleston, South Carolina
    Saint james Church, Episcopal, james Island, Charleston, SC Proclaiming God s we have and read about the Ministries where you can serve and be served.

    View Full Calendar

    Worship Schedule

    View The M.E.N.U.

    General Inquiries
    Website Submissions

    Sunday, 8/21/2005
    8:00 am Rite I Worship

    9:30 am Sunday School for all

    10:30 am Worship Services

    6:00 pm Senior High Youth Group
    Monday, 8/22/2005 6:30 pm Monday Men's Supper Tuesday, 8/23/2005 6:00 am Prayer Time in Chapel 9:00 am Staff Meeting 6:30 pm Sr. High Guys Wednesday, 8/24/2005 10:00 am Holy Communion 10:30 am Rector's Bible Study 5:30 pm Jr. High Youth Group 6:30 pm Sr. High Small Group 7:30 pm Choir Practice Thursday, 8/25/2005 11:00 am Intercessory Prayer Group 12:00 pm Men's Bible Study Lunch 6:00 pm Praise Team Practice Friday, 8/26/2005 7:00 am Men's Breakfast 9:30 am Women's Bible Study Sunday, 8/28/2005 8:00 am Rite I Worship 9:30 am Sunday School for all 10:30 am Worship Services 6:00 pm Senior High Youth Group Monday, 8/29/2005 6:30 pm Monday Men's Supper Tuesday, 8/30/2005 6:00 am Prayer Time in Chapel 9:00 am Staff Meeting 6:30 pm Sr. High Guys Wednesday, 8/31/2005 10:00 am Holy Communion 10:30 am Rector's Bible Study 5:30 pm Jr. High Youth Group 6:30 pm Sr. High Small Group 7:30 pm Choir Practice Thursday, 9/1/2005

    94. James Baker's Double Life
    Click here to read documents detailing james Baker s conflict of interest. When President Bush appointed former Secretary of State james Baker III as

    95. King James Bible FREE King James Version Of The Bible With The Apocrypha For FRE
    KING james VERSION OF THE BIBLE NEW read THE BIBLE ONE 15 MINUTE SECTION A DAY And be done in a year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
    KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE INTRODUCTION: My name is Don Lemmon. Why do I own this site? The reason is 2-fold. One, I wanted to read the Bible in a format that didn't bore me or tire the eyes. And secondly, I got it to get people off my back about having bikini clad men and women in my fitness ads. How is that for honesty? Do I believe in God or the Bible? I do not know if there is a God but I would like to think there is. The problem is, religion ruins whatever concept there might be of God. Do you dress up for church? Why? Are you snubbed if you do not? Does your preacher dress up in gold, does his wife wear so much perfume that she stinks? Why is that? I am certain if there is a God that they want a level playing ground, not what we see today in the arrogance of segregated religions. So take it for what this is worth, read the "Good Book" and see what is in it that can make you a better person but not one like the evangelists you see on TV, ok? ARTICLE SUBMITTED BY READER: (Note that I am not posting this because I agree or disagree. I get just as much mail whether I post pro-Christian or anti-Chirstian articles. I simply think it is wise to know how all parties think. Stop looking down your noses and think about the things written here. Can you make changes that you know are right or are you more interested in pointing your finger?)

    96. GoldMoney - Founder's Commentary
    james Turk. james Turk Founder of GoldMoney read bio. 3 August 2005 — GoldMoney Alert from james Turk Dollar Drops to a 6Week Low
    James Turk
    Founder of GoldMoney
    read bio

    Dollar Drops to a 6-Week Low

    Gold Breaks Out Against the British Pound

    Think Twice About the Stock Market
    enter your e-mail

    Just published Printer-friendly version Dollar Drops to a 6-Week Low The US dollar, as measured by the Dollar Index, dropped 0.9% today to close at a new 6-week low. This action suggests that the 8-month old bear market rally in the dollar may finally be ending. As we can see on the above chart, the bear market rally has taken the form of a 'rising-wedge' formation. The Dollar Index is now resting on the uptrend line that marks its advance since early this year. If the dollar breaks below this uptrend line, the probabilities will then suggest that the dollar's bear market rally has ended. It is logical that the dollar's bear market rally will end sooner, rather than later. After all, nothing has been done to correct the unsustainable imbalances that prevail – the huge federal government budget deficits, the huge trade deficits, runaway government spending, the growing mountain of debt, etc. All of these problems are relentlessly eroding the purchasing power of the dollar. Renewed uncertainty about the dollar is bullish for gold, which now appears poised for a major rally. Gold is above its 200-day moving average and today climbed back above the long-term resistance line at $432. I still expect gold to trade this year above $500 per ounce ($16.08 per goldgram).

    97. James S. Robbins On Joseph Wilson & Niger On National Review Online
    read Jim Robbins s chapter, Bin Laden s War, in this new collection Terrorism and CounterTerrorism. Buy it through NR
    cddcodebase = "/";cddcodebase454632 = "/";

    E-mail Author

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    October 01, 2003, 8:38 a.m.
    The Honorable Mr. Wilson
    Frog-marching into the history books.
    I n 1981, Seyni Kountche, president of Niger, said that his country would "sell uranium even to the devil." He made good on his word, doing business with both Libya and Iraq, and funneling billions in profits into private slush funds to prop up his corrupt regime. A 1993 IAEA report on the Iraqi nuclear program listed 580 tons of natural uranium in Iraq, some of it originating from Niger. Ancient history? Well maybe. (I've certainly written about it before .) But it is useful to remind people, in an age of short-attention spans, that Niger and Iraq were part of a nuclear family dating back to the 1970s.
    New York Times last July, "current government officials, former government officials, people associated with the country's uranium business. It did not take long to conclude that it was highly doubtful that any such transaction had ever taken place." It is unclear with whom Wilson met. No Nigerien officials have admitted to attending those meetings. El Hadj Habibou Allele, who runs COMINAK, the major uranium-mining concern, stated he was never contacted. For their part, the staff at the Gawaeye thought Wilson was a nice guy, and they nicknamed him "Bill Clinton" after his former employer. New York Times piece, this very narrow finding has been taken as proof that Iraq never even tried to obtain uranium. That was not the question Wilson was sent to Niger to answer, and his investigation certainly never came close to being that thorough. Yet the press reflexively cites this brief visit as the basis for the definitive answer on the entire Niger uranium controversy. Wilson's purported influence has been inflated to the point where otherwise sensible people (and some not-so) are alleging that the inner circles of the White House had to resort to felonious leaking to discredit him.

    98. James Glaser
    Columns by james Glaser. We all have read about, and seen the photos of America s new age torture techniques, where we use sexual humiliation to get
    James Glaser click to view larger version
    Welcome to James Glaser's Web Site! Four Political Columns (Monday Through Thursday), Plus
    Friday's Weekend Column On Life In Northern Minnesota. Introduction
    Auction Time Is Here by James Glaser

    August 19, 2005 Actually the auction starts Saturday morning at 10, but until that time I will be working on getting everything set up. Today I got the three big trailers set where they will be easiest to load. Not that long ago, auctioneers used hay wagons to set everything on. Today they use very long snowmobile trailers. They make sense, because they are lower to the ground and it is easier for the people to see everything. I'll have the three trailers filled, plus furniture and art work on the ground, and some big tools will be on my workshop deck. Friday morning I will have 10 neighbors helping me. I have just about everything sorted and in boxes. Now we have to take everything out of my boxes and put everything in "flats." Flats are short cardboard boxes that cases of canned pop or beer come in. This way, things don't get buried in the box, and people can see everything that is up for bid. Usually you don't bid on the whole box, as the auctioneer's helper holds up one or a few items at a time, so people can bid. If there is a box filled with lets say fruit jars, then you might bid on it all. The way we are setting this up, is that everything that relates, will be together. All the glass ware and dishes will be on one part of the trailer and all the tools in another. That way if you are there to bid on one type of thing, you don't have to wait as each object is piece mealed out.

    99. All About The World Of Agent James Bond 007
    Your online source for everything james Bond. Exclusive to Agent james Bond (read More Bulletin Score 0)
    SEARCH THE WEB TOPICS ALLTOPICS Exclusive to Agent James Bond Informtion About Bond Gaming James Bond Related Literary News James Bond Related Movie News What Is New In The World Of Bond Create MI6 Login
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    We have caught 7 shameful hackers. NukeSentinel™ 2.1.2 Make Us Your Homepage With Google Web Search! MI6 Standard Equipment Gaming News : Sean Connery Returns Posted by webmaster on Friday, May 06 @ 03:56:32 EDT (144 reads) Topic - Informtion About Bond Gaming gregthebunny writes "The new james bond game From Russia With Love looks really sweet, and features Sean Connery as bond. HOW GREAT IS THAT? I have not heard much but i hope u at least have a little intrest check it out online and find us all some good news." Read More... Gaming News Members Comments : Are you rich? Posted by webmaster on Friday, March 04 @ 21:59:14 EST (127 reads) Topic - What Is New In The World Of Bond You think you have it bad.

    100. Apple Matters | What's Next In The ILife Suite?
    I dare you to write comments in tact! Heh, seriously, the… (read more) Good iApp ideas james, but not sure they all fit in iLife, which is a suite of
    Last Comment
    (read more)
    Recent Articles
    Most Commented
    Users with Most Comments

    Latest Joy of Tech!
    What's Next In The iLife Suite?
    by James R. Stoup
    Aug 01, 2005 Animator ~ A very simple program that allows the user to create basic animation in the style of say Pixar. Now everyone will be able to create their own talking fish or courageous toys. This would be a very cool piece of software to add to their stable. Additionally it could be billed as a low cost way to make your own animated films (in conjunction with iMovie and iDVD). iBrush Site Builder ~ This is the one I think is most likely to make it to market. An easy to use website creator that would fill the void between free stripped down site creators and programs like Dreamweaver. I am sure that lots of people would like to make their own sites but have no idea how. If they use a free site builder from one hosting site they might be unaware of how to move those pages to a new site. Likewise Dreamweaver and Indesign might be out of their budget. So, Apple enters with an easy to use website design program that seamlessly integrates photos from iPhoto, movies from iMovie and sounds from GarageBand, sounds like we might have a winner.

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