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         Powell Dick:     more books (108)
  1. Screen Actors Guild Third Annual Ball Signed Program, Clark Gable, Bela Lugosi, etc. by Clark Gable; Bela Lugosi; Dick Powell; Donald Kirke; Alice Faye; Edward Arnold;, 1936-01-01
  2. TV Double Feature - Four Star Playhouse - The Bomb/Go Ahead & Jump
  3. Zane Grey's Stories of The West (Nevada) by Dick Powell, 1959
  4. "The Man on the Flying Trapeze"...from 20 nMillion Sweethearts Warner Bros. Picture (Sheet Music) by Ted (Arr. by) Eastwood, 1934-01-01
  5. Screen Guide Magazine December 1940 (Lana Turner cover) by Ann Miller, Hedy Lamarr, et all 1940
  6. New York Titans (Afl) Players: Wayne Fontes, Don Maynard, Ernie Barnes, Dave Rice, Dick Felt, Art Powell, Alex Kroll, Al Dorow, Butch Songin
  7. Photograph Signed By Dick Powell by Dick Powell, 1970-01-01
  8. I'm Sitting High on a Hill Top "Thanks a Million" (Cover Photo: Dick Powell, Fred Allen, Paul Whitman, Ann Dvorak) by Gus Kahn, Arthur Johnston, 1935
  9. Without Let or Hindrance by Dick Powell, 1999-03-30
  10. Tecnicas de presentacion : guía de dibujo y presentación de proyectos y diseños by Dick Powell, 1986
  11. Catching Lake Powell fish with Dick Gasaway by Dick Gasaway, 1986
  12. The New Dick Powell Dance Folio No. 2 [Songbook] by Dick Powell, 1935

81. Dick Powell @ Filmbug
dick powell (November 14, 1904 January 2, 1963) was a singer, actor, producer, Tell us what you think of dick powell in the Filmbug forum
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Dick Powell
Dick Powell (November 14, 1904 - January 2, 1963) was a singer, actor, producer, and director. Born in Mountain View, Arkansas, Powell started his entertainment career as a singer. He was signed by Warner Bros. in 1932 and made his film debut as a singing bandleader in Blessed Event. He went on to star as a boyish crooner in movies such as 42nd Street, Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933, Flirtation Walk, and On the Avenue, often appearing opposite Ruby Keeler In 1944 he abruptly switched to noir detective roles, first starring as Philip Marlowe in Murder, My Sweet. He became a popular tough-guy lead, appearing in movies such as Cornered, Johnny O'Clock, and The Tall Target. Even when he appeared in lighter fare such as The Reformer and the Redhead and Mrs. Mike, he never sang in his later roles. From 1949 until 1953 Powell played the lead role in the NBC radio theater production Richard Diamond, Private Detective. His character in the 30 minute weekly was a likeable private detective with a quick wit. In the 1950s Powell produced and directed several B-movies and was one of the founders of Four Star Television, appearing in and supervising several shows for that company.

82. Dick Cheney’s Song Of America
dick Cheney’s Song of America In late June, Wolfowitz, powell, and Cheney presented their plan to the president, and within as few weeks Bush was
NEWS YOU WON'T FIND ON CNN Dick Cheney’s Song of America The Plan is for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful. By David Armstrong Harper's Magazine Oct 2002 , Vol. 305, Issue 1829 Few writers are more ambitious than the writers of government policy papers, and few policy papers are more ambitious than Dick Cheney’s masterwork. It has taken several forms over the last decade and is in fact the product of several ghostwriters (notably Paul Wolfowitz and Colin Powell), but Cheney has been consistent in his dedication to the ideas in the documents that bear his name, and he has maintained a close association with the ideologues behind them. Let us, therefore, call Cheney the author, and this series of documents the Plan. The Plan was published in unclassified form most recently under the title of Defense Strategy for the 1990s , (pdf) as Cheney ended his term as secretary of defense under the elder George Bush in early 1993, but it is, like “Leaves of Grass,” a perpetually evolving work. It was the controversial Defense Planning Guidance draft of 1992 – from which Cheney, unconvincingly, tried to distance himself – and it was the somewhat less aggressive revised draft of that same year. This June it was a presidential lecture in the form of a commencement address at West Point, and in July it was leaked to the press as yet another Defense Planning Guidance (this time under the pen name of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld). It will take its ultimate form, though, as America’s new national security strategy – and Cheney et al. will experience what few writers have even dared dream: their words will become our reality.

83. Review Of "In The Navy" (DVD Edition), Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dick P
The actual story belongs to dick powell, who plays a radio crooner who has ditched fame and fawning fans for the sailor s life, while an ambitious female
movie review of Abbott and Costello's "In the Navy" (DVD edition)
In The Navy, starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Dick Powell, The Andrews Sisters, Shemp Howard
In the Navy (Style A) Buy From Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's follow up after the amazing success of Buck Privates was In the Navy which actually did better than Buck Privates. Like their previous film, Shemp Howard and the Andrews Sisters provide a comic foil and musical interludes, respectively. In a nutshell, Abbott and Costello join the Navy, get involved in a romantic subplot with Dick Powell, and do some of their most famous routines, including a version of the con artist shell game using lemons , and Lou demonstrating his clownish math skills by trying to prove that 28 divided by 7 equals 13 this bit alone is worth the price of admission. I rate it 4 clowns on a 5-clown scale.
Editorial Reviews of In the Navy, courtesy
After the huge success of Buck Privates (cleverly referenced in a spoofing credits sequence)

Buy the DVD ENEMY BELOW PG 1957 by MITCHUM, ROBERT CURD JURGENS DAVID HEDISON dick powellDIR at Looking for the latest MITCHUM,

85. Fluorine Group, Professor Dick Powell
Research in fluorine chemistry at The University of Manchester, UMIST, Manchester.
Current Members

A K Brisdon

C Carr
Search only in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Professor Dick Powell
School of Chemistry
Tel.: 0161 200 4450
Related Web pages:
Until 1998, research associate for fluorine chemistry at ICI responsible for new fluorine-containing products, including the HFC refrigerants [1], their chemistry [2,3] and other applications [4], heat pump fluids, reactions in liquid hydrogen fluoride, fluorinated surface active agents and anaesthetics and related work in metal reagents as fluorinating agents.[5,6]
Research Interests:
The industrial applications of fluorochemicals.
The development of new refrigerants.
New, selective fluorinating-agents. Improved methods of electrochemical fluorination. Reagents for introducing fluorinated groups into organic molecules. Applying thermal plasmas to fluorine chemistry. Using the new HFC refrigerants as reagents in chemical synthesis. Environmental control of fluorochemicals. Research in the some of these areas is currently supported by industrial companies. When appropriate intellectual property has been secured results will be published in the academic literature.

86. Richard Diamond
dick powell was known as a song and dance man until his rebirth as a movie tough guy in Producer dick powell Starring dick powell as RICHARD DIAMOND
Richard Diamond
Created by Blake Edwards
Dick Powell was known as a song and dance man until his rebirth as a movie tough guy in Murder My Sweet , where he played Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe . He then appeared in a string of crime and detective flicks, and eventually parlayed it into a successful radio show. Powell played RICHARD DIAMOND , "radio's singing gumshoe", an ex-OSS man turned New York City private detective who was tough when he needed to be, but tried to have a little fun while on the job. He often closed the show with a song to his uptown girlfriend, Helen. The show was a hit, the first of many for writer/director Blake Edwards, who went on to create Peter Gunn and the Pink Panther movies. When that upstart new medium television beckoned, deciding at this point he was too busy (or a bit long in the tooth) to star, Powell became a producer , formed Four Star Productions, and unleashed Richard Diamond, Private Detective on the world, with newcomer David Meyer (who changed his name to Janssen, at Powell's suggestion) as Diamond (pictured). He remained in New York, but the former OSS operative became the former cop. He remained in New York for two seasons, but the third season began with Diamond moving to Los Angles where he gets a girlfriend, Karen (Barbara Bain), a spiffy car with a phone in it, and an answering service, run by Sam (played by Mary Tyler Moore's legs). And what LA gumshoe needs is an eccentric fading movie star as a client. In this case, former film queen Laura Renault (Hillary Brooke) filled the bill.

87. Business & Management Speakers: Richard Seymour & Dick Powell - The London Speak
Speakers from The London Speaker Bureau Uk motivational speakers, UK speakers, Global Speakers, professional speakers, guest speakers, conference speakers

88. - Powell: Iraq Action 'was Fully Justified' - Oct. 11, 2003
Vice President dick Cheney is one of several administration figures defending powell said his article made the case clearly, I think, that Iraq was in
The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Newsletters CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Powell: Iraq action 'was fully justified'
Administration makes push to answer critics of war
Vice President Dick Cheney is one of several administration figures defending the invasion of Iraq. Story Tools VIDEO CNN's Dan Lothian on the pressure other Democratic candidates put on Wesley Clark in Thursday's debate.
Although many Iraqis are happy Saddam is gone, many feel their lives were better before the war.
President Bush's Iraq public relations offensive draws criticism.
RELATED Today in Iraq: Two U.S. troops die in Iraqi ambush
The Morning Grind: Teamsters are in it for Gephardt's long haul
Bush marks six months
SPECIAL REPORT Timeline: A new government Flash: Government structure Chart: Iraq's National Assembly Interactive: Iraq's population Coalition Casualties Special Report YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Iraq Military Dick Cheney or Create your own Manage alerts What is this? WASHINGTON (CNN) The Bush administration launched its new effort to reach out to the American people about Iraq this week because "it was important to remind" them that the U.S.-led war "was fully justified," Secretary of State Colin Powell said Friday.

89. Dick Powell Discography
dick powell discography and artist resources. dick powell Discography. 1995 In Hollywood (1933-1935) 2000 - Lullaby of Broadway 2000 Powell/
Home Music News
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Dick Powell Discography In Hollywood (1933-1935)
Lullaby of Broadway [2000]

The Man from 42nd Street
Resources Artist's Music Artist's Memorabilia Music Downloads MP3 Players ... Satellite Radio Comments:

90. Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock, Quilcene And Brinnon And West Jefferson County
longtime film star (previous honorees have included Tony Curtis, Eva Marie Saint, Patricia Neal, Shirley Knight, Peter Fonda, Jane powell, dick Moore).
Port Ludlow, Quilcene, Brinnon, Port Hadlock, West Jefferson County, Kalaloch, Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal
Below are events being held in the Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock, Quilcene/Brinnon and West Jefferson County for the next year. If you have an event to submit please let us know . If you would like to search for events for the entire Olympic Peninsula visit
Rothschild House Museum
Monday July 25, 2005
Step back to the 1800's as you enter the historic Rothschild House State Park. The Rothschild House remains much the same as it was over a hundred years ago. Enjoy a picnic in the garden with its amazing view over downtown Port Townsend and the bay. Location:

Open M-S 11-4, Sundays 1-4
Monday July 25, 2005
to: Friday, September 30, 2005 Fred Orr Memorial Softball Tournament Saturday July 30, 2005 He was our town Santa and dedicated to the community. This tournament attracts teams from across the state, the Northwest and British Columbia. Location: Duncan Fields (360) 374-5412 ext. 263

91. Dick Powell Photo Gallery
dick powell classic film star photos. dick powell 2 dick powell 3 dick powell 4. dick powell Site Pages. dick powell Photo Gallery. Other Sites
Fabulous Forties Femme Fatales
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Losing The War

Poker Movies
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Dick Powell
Dick Powell
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Dick Powell
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Dick Powell Photo Gallery
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IMDb Dick Powell

92. USA TV - The Dick Powell Show To Doogie Howser MD
THE dick powell SHOW. NBC/Four Star / 59x60me / 1961-63. Anthology series of dramas introduced by dick powell. powell also appeared in many of the shows
SEARCH BROWSE THE SHOP CONTACT Home ... Features MEMORABLE TV TV's Greatest Hits TV UK TV USA TV Australia ... ITC Action advertisement
buyselltix have all your ticket needs.. through them you can Purchase Concert Tickets Purchase Broadway Tickets , and even sports Baseball and NBA tickets MEMORABLE MUSIC The Hall of Fame The Album Archive Classic Albums Lyrics ... Articles MORE STUFF Video Finder Links Search T H E T V U S A G U I D E Brought to you in association with Memorable To Go - The Only Place to buy your DVD's VHS and CD's. The Dick Powell Show to Doogie Howser M.D TV USA Previous Next THE DICK POWELL SHOW NBC/Four Star / 59x60m-e / 1961-63 Anthology series of dramas introduced by Dick Powell. Powell also appeared in many of the shows himself. A high calibre of talent(in front and behind the screen) graced the show. DICK VAN DYKE CBS / 1x60m-e / 1969 Special comedy variety one off in which Dick was joined by his brother Jerry, comedian Carl Reiner and the French Composer Michel Legrand. Highlights included a take off of Marcel Marceau, an Ages of Man and songs including Riding High and I Love a Banjo.

93. SecDef Histories - Richard Cheney
Richard B. (dick) Cheney of Wyoming. Cheney, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, On the important problem of arms control, Cheney and General powell tried to
Richard B. Cheney
March 21, 1989- January 20, 1993
17th Secretary of Defense
Bush Administration
President George Bush initially chose former Texas Sen. John G. Tower to be his secretary of defense. When the Senate in March 1989 rejected his nomination, Bush selected Rep. Richard B. (Dick) Cheney of Wyoming. Cheney, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on 30 January 1941, attended Yale University, Casper College, and the University of Wyoming, where he earned B.A. (1965) and M.A. (1966) degrees. He went on to further graduate study in political science at the University of Wisconsin, and moved to Washington as a congressional fellow for the 1968-69 year. Cheney entered federal service in 1969 as a special assistant to the director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. In 1971 he became a White House staff assistant, and soon moved on to become assistant director of the Cost of Living Council, where he stayed until 1973. After a year in private business, he returned to the White House to become deputy assistant to President Gerald Ford (1974-75) and then White House chief of staff (1975-77). In November 1978 Cheney, a Republican, won election as Wyoming's representative at large in the House of Representatives. Reelected for five additional terms, he served several years on the House Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Budget Subcommittee. In December 1988 House Republicans chose him to serve as whip in the incoming 101st Congress. Less than a week after Bush nominated him, the Senate confirmed Cheney as secretary of defense; he entered office on 21 March 1989.

94. Lying In Ponds: Richard Cohen
Condi Rice, Colin powell, dick Cheney, Cheney, Bolton, administration, Bolton, 3 March 2005, 890, 47, 1R+ Colin powell 9R Bush, Bush, Bush,
lying in ponds The absurdity of partisanship Home About Philosophy Methods ... FAQ
Richard Cohen
Washington Post
Columns Words Normalized Median Partisanship Index Normalized Total Partisanship Index Normalized Combined Partisanship Index Democratic Index Republican Index Positive Index Negative Index Neutral Index
Partisan References
Type Number All References Positive Democratic Clinton(9), Democrats(7), Bill Clinton(7), Cutler(5), Morris(4), FDR(3), Lloyd Cutler(3), D-(3), Dick Durbin(3), Durbin(3), Democrat(2), Barney Frank(2), Frank, Charles S. Robb, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Biden, Kennedy, congressional Democrats, LBJ, JFK, Senate Democrats, Mark Warner, Dick Morris, Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Rooseveltian, John Kerry, Hillary Negative Democratic Clinton(9), Democratic Party(5), Democrats(5), Kennedy, The Clintons, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Robert McNamara, Bill Clinton, Durbin, Strom Thurmond, Lyndon Johnson, Johnsonian, Johnson, president of the United States Neutral Democratic Kennedy(9), Clinton(7), Democrats(5), Durbin(5), Democratic(4), Hillary Clinton(4), Bill Clinton(2), Democrat(2), Franklin D. Roosevelt(2), Spitzer(2), John Kerry(2), Senate Democrats(2), Eliot Spitzer, Roosevelt, Sarbanes, Dean Acheson, Madeleine Albright, Ted Kennedy, Clinton administration, Edward Kennedy, the president, Mr. President, Al Gore, John F. Kennedy, Dick Durbin, administration, Hillary, president, the Clintons, Democratic Party

95. Dick Powell | DVD | Unilibro Italia
dick powell ,War Collection Monsterbox (10 dick powell. Powell&idaff=0

96. Dick Powell - Box Office Data Movie Star
dick powell Box office data, movie news, film analysis, cast, director, posters, books.
Search News Latest News Coming Soon Theater Count Oscars The Movies Daily Chart Weekend Chart Chart Archive Movie Archive ... Posters International World Chart News Records The People Star Archive Records Directors Popular The Speculation HSX Analysis The Site Forums Site Map Links About Us ...
Buy Posters at
Sunday, August 14, 2005
Dick Powell
The Numbers Links
Number 44 on the Top 100 Stars of the 1930s list
External Links
Celebrity-Link Dick Powell at Celebrity Link IMDb Biography, full filmography etc.
Released Movie Name Role 1st weekend US Gross Worldwide Gross 42nd Street Billy Lawler Total Grosses Average Gross Average Opening Weekend
Data provided by The Numbers
For comments or corrections, please email us at

- Masthead by Gravit8

97. Tricky Dick
When Dubya picked dick Cheney as his running mate, the little screen was awash To take just one example, on page 452 of his memoirs powell describes his

98. The Dick Powell Show
Main Title and End Credits Theme dick powell Show Theme . aka dick powell Theme vocal title aka More Then Love (Theme from The dick powell

You can make a difference...
The Dick Powell Show (dramatic anthology)
(NBC Primetime, 1961 - 1963)
Opening Billboard Theme: "Dick's Whistle"
Opening Teaser Theme: "Nervous"
Main Title and End Credits Theme: "Dick Powell Show Theme"
You too can get involved...
Return to the 1950s TV Series Title Page

99. DVDs Directed By Powell, Dick @ MovieStars
New Zealand s biggest range of anime, art house, music, television and DVD movies.



Art House

Boxed Sets
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Powell, Dick
Hunters, The
DVD Movies 20th Century Fox Our price: NZ$ Out now: Usually ships within 2-10 days.
Enemy Below, The
DVD Movies Fox Home Entertainment Our price: NZ$ Out now: Usually ships within 2-10 days. Previous Next Showing products 1 to 2 of 2 total, sorted by featured products alphabetically, A-Z alphabetically, Z-A by price, low to high by price, high to low by release date, old to new by release date, new to old All Actors only Directors only Top Gun The Sopranos Season 5 (6 Disc Box Set) Entrapment Conagher ... Last Stand At Saber River All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. Home New Releases Coming Soon Your Account ... Help Desk "MovieStars" and the MovieStars logo are trademarks of Virtual Stores (NZ) Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Virtual Stores sites: MovieStars DVDs

100. Powell's Books - Author Interviews: Alice McDermott, Alice Sebold, Annie Leibovi
powell s Books is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. We carry an extensive collection of out of print rare, and technical titles
@import url(/css/global.css); @import url(/css/secondary.css); Skip navigation items, $0.00 Read our interview with John Irving and save 30% on Until I Find You Chuck Klosterman and save 30% on his latest, Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story
Neil Gaiman

"It was all the most fun I've had writing a novel ," Neil Gaiman says of Anansi Boys , "except for the four months in the middle, when not a word got written. Which was, perhaps, the least fun I've ever had writing a novel ." Gaiman discusses his inspiration for Anansi Boys , the afterlife of Sandman , what separates comedy from horror, why authors should be like otters, and more. John Irving
A Prayer for Owen Meany
The World According to Garp The Cider House Rules (novel and Oscar-winning screenplay )... Now

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