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         Poulos Jim:     more detail
  1. Existing building commissioning.: An article from: ASHRAE Journal by Jim Poulos, 2007-09-01
  2. Ride the Pinup Express by Jim Poulos, 2009-01-01
  3. New York: A Look Back, Images from 1910-1920 by Jim Poulos, 2009-01-01

1. Poulos Jim
Celebrity Wallpapers, poulos jim desktop wallpapers. Celebrity Wallpapers thousandsavailable ready for download, poulos jim Jim Poulos, Jim Polous,
Site Updated on: 17-Dec-2004 - 06:35:41
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P :: Poulos Jim
Poulos Jim desktop wallpapers
Celebrity Wallpapers thousands available ready for download, Poulos Jim... - The Official Site
official site for Broadway actor Jim Poulos ...
The First Unofficial Jim Poulos Site
Dedicated to the actor Jim Poulos, best known for his roles in Rent and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer on Broadway ...
the Jimblog
all Jim Poulos-related news, up to the minute! ...
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5. The First Unofficial JIM POULOS **SHRINE**, Apparently ;)
Dedicated to the actor jim poulos, best known for his roles in Rent and TheAdventures of Tom Sawyer on Broadway.
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"...He must have in all his contracts that his character must have a scene where he gets to jump onto furniture, because this makes five shows now where he does that..." Ari it's been three years since this site opened! we've got 28,000 hits here check out *what's new* ~~> for the latest on NEW stuff on the site and the new OFFICIAL SITE:) ...
*No Frames*

We Miss You Jim!!!
...a new section dedicated to Jim's last show in RENT is up!
...also, for the ever elusive JimFan (and anyone else who's interested), if you go to the old guestbook, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and type in the number i think you'll be happy:) hope this helps...
btw...the easiest way to get to this page is just by clicking: no memory skills required;)

var code = ' '; document.write(code); Go here to get all your favorite CDs!!

6. - The Official Website
official site for Broadway actor jim poulos



7. The FIRST Unofficial JIM POULOS Site!
The first unofficial website dedicated to a very talented and sweet Mark Cohen jim poulos in the hit musical RENT on Broadway.
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"...maybe it's a Poulos thing..." ~Anonymous :)
Jim Poulos!
What's new
write Jim

Thank YOU!

This is the first (unofficial) web page dedicated to my favorite Renter:
Jim Poulos!!
plays Mark Cohen in the hit Broadway musical RENT at the Nederlander Theater and does so wonderfully, i might add!
according to Playbill: thrilled to be making his Broadway debut in RENT . Regional: GeVa Theater, Utah Shakespeare, Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Sacramento Music Circus, PCPA Theaterfest. Roles include: Al Joad in The Grapes Of Wrath , Jack in Into The Woods , Malcolm in Macbeth , Peter in Jesus Christ Superstar and Jean-Michel in La Cage aux Folles . Much love and thanks to Mom, Dad, the Gates gang and Frankie, and, as always to his fiancé, Lis, for her love and support.
...more to come...
fan pic page!
Jim in the news!
Jim wav's! ...and...hey there all you Jim fans!

8. Poulos, Jim
The First Unofficial jim poulos Site dedicated to the awesome actor jim poulos,currently playing Mark Cohen in the hit musical Rent on Broadway,_Jim/
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Top Arts Celebrities P / Poulos, Jim RENT
The First Unofficial Jim Poulos Site
dedicated to the awesome actor Jim Poulos, currently playing Mark Cohen in the hit musical Rent on Broadway

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all jim poulosrelated news, up to the minute!
"To those who say that our City will never be the same, I say you are right. It will be better." - Mayor Giuliani Sunday, August 21, 2005
Maybe, if you're quick like Mrs. B, you'll have already noticed the new pictures from Jim on his website without me having to tell you. Just maybe!
I'm really annoyed right now because my VCR just ate what is probably my favorite movie ever, and George Lucas refuses to release the version that I first saw in 1980 onto DVD. ARGH!
Friday, August 19, 2005
If you mosey on down to Jim's site , in the fan pics you'll find a new (well, not new but still new-to-you) picture of Jim with Sophie after a performance as Seymour.
(Or you can just click here
We're all very jealous of Sophie because she got to be an extra in the RENT movie!
Thursday, August 18, 2005
Still from last week, a picture of the understudy board in the lobby, taken after the show at lightning speed because I had drunk too much water beforehand.(Plus, there was this huge sign that said "NO PICTURE TAKING" which made me nervous - ironic, really, if you think about it).
And one last picture , at Sandy's request.

10. Best Celebrity Sites Complete Web Directory
The First Unofficial jim poulos Site Dedicated to the actor jim poulos, bestknown for his roles in Rent and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer on Broadway,_Jim/
Bookmark this site now! This directory alone has over 50,000 celebrity sites catalogued... you won't need another! Select one of the following links to Best Celebrity Sites featured reviewed listings:
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11. Opera Directory
official site for Broadway actor jim poulos. The First Unofficial jim poulos Site.Dedicated to the actor jim poulos, best known for his roles in Rent and

12. TC 1
Members and Corresponding Members In Attendance Klas Haglid, jim poulos, Due to recent potential conflict of interest by jim poulos, jim will need to
TC 7.8 Committee Meeting Notes ASHRAE Summer 2004 Meeting – Nashville, Tennessee Monday – June 28, 2004, 2:15 - 4:15 PM, Presidential Boardroom A Draft 10/4/04 I. General A. Chairman Klas Haglid called the meeting to order at 2:32 pm. B. Meeting Attendance Members and Corresponding Members In Attendance: Klas Haglid, Jim Poulos, Matt Mullen, , John Schonder, Michaela Martin, Alex Sleiman, Jim Earley (Georgia Power), Bill Thomaston (Alabama Gas) Members not in attendance: Bruce Lindsay, Wayne Webster, Richard Jones, Kirk Bond Wayne Robertson Roll Call/Quorum – no quorum as only 4 of 8 voting members present C. Agenda Review D. Anaheim, California Meeting Minutes Approval – deferred to a lack of quorum II. Chair’s Report (K. Haglid) A. Announcements: TC/TG Chairs Meeting, etc. Pat Hughes will be taking over for Wayne Reedy as Research Liason. Mandatory Webmaster training will be held at Orlando. Klas will tell Terry Cornell. B. Action Item Review RTAR work statement III. Subcommittee Reports A. Handbook (John Shonder) May 15, 2005 draft of handbook chapter rewrite due to be followed by a year of review before publication.

13. TC 1
Terry Cornell, jim poulos, Bill Thomaston, Carl Hiller, Klas Haglid, Fromjim poulos. Re Forum 8 – Methods for Estimating Maintenance Costs
TC 1.8 Research/Program/Handbook Subcommittee Meeting Agenda Sunday January 14, 2002, 2:15 – 4:15 PM, Atlantic City, Caesars/Zeus Room
Call to Order, Welcome, Introductions
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Terry Cornell. All persons present were introduced and the Chair reviewed the agenda.
Meeting Attendance
Voting Members: Terry Cornell, Jim Poulos, Bill Thomaston, Carl Hiller, Klas Haglid, Alex Sleiman and Nance Lovvorn Corresponding Members: Bruce Lindsay, Matt Mullen, J.B. Sing, Barry Bridges and Wayne Webster Visitors: John Shonder, Mike Chapman, James Persaud, Kristin Heinemeier, Melissa Madgett and Jim Mangini Quorum Check: 7 out of 9 voting members present
Cincinnati Meeting Minutes Approval
The minutes from the Cincinnati meeting were approved as submitted (motion made by Klas Haglid, seconded by B. Thomaston).
Handbook (B. Thomaston)
Revised Chapter on Owning and Operating Costs will be incorporated into the 2003 HVAC Applications Handbook - Final Date for changes March 23rd Revisions proposed prior to and during the Handbook Subcommittee Meeting include the following: Revisions proposed during previous cycle (K. Haglid, T. Cornell, M. Mullen)

14. Haze Gray & Underway Mystery Picture #92 Answer
Correct answers were received from Jörg Bihlmayr, George Sprague, Kurt Greiner,jim McDonald, Christopher poulos, James T. Flynn, Jr., William J. Cooke,
Haze Gray Mystery Picture #92 Answer
Can You Identify This Ship?
This is the Indian Navy destroyer Delhi Delhi is the lead ship of a class of three 6,700 ton destroyers (two in service, one still under construction), the largest warships ever built in India. Their construction has been very protracted - Delhi was 10 years from keel laying to commissioning - but they quite modern and capable ships. Their armament includes 16 Kh-35 (SS-N-25) SSMs, two SA-N-7 SAM systems, a 100mm gun, 4 30mm CIWS, five heavy (21"/533mm) torpedo tubes), 2 RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers, and two Sea King helicopters. Because of difficulty in distinguishing Delhi from her sister Mysore , I accepted either identification as "correct".
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15. Internet Broadway Database: Jim Poulos Credits On Broadway
Official Broadway credits for jim poulos, biographical information and otherrelated facts.

16. Internet Broadway Database: Production Credits
jim poulos, Huckleberry Finn. Linda Purl, Aunt Polly. Kate Reinders, Swing.Mekenzie RosenStone, Lucy Harper. Elise Santora, Swing

17. UW-Madison: Art Department - Art Info
Driveway is on the right. Opening will take place on April 9th from 6pm till 9pm Other times by appointment jim poulos 608 469 3757. « Back. Top of Page

18. The American Spectator
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19. Bob Hope Chrysler Classic - Golf's Best Celebrity Event - Amateur Results - 2005
T1, A126, Stan poulos, James D’Addario, Andy Palmen, -52. T1, A-128, Greg Nelson,John Moody, T1, A-53, David Hansen, Bob Watson, jim Griggs, -43
2005 Amateur Results
2005 Amateur Teams and Scores by Team Number
POS TEAM # TEAM TOTAL A-58 Davis Sezna, Tom Minichiello, Stanley Reynolds A-43 Walter Klenz, Dennis Plummer, Andy Schwartz A-108 Michael Fry, Murray Dunlop, Tom Richards A-78 Michael Blumenfeld, Michael Constantine, David Vickers A-97 Terry Hackett, James Kinnear, Stuart Porter A-123 Glenn Mullian, Roger Buford, C. Dan Smith A-124 Bill Bane, Dan Dunlap, Charles McCabe A-21 DREW BREES, MARSHALL FAULK, Wells Marvin A-83 Greg Hafif, Jack Salerno, Doug Forde A-104 Brian Duffy, Devon Baranski, Richard Parejo A-6 Steven Rojas, Lamar Norsworthy, Gene Muse A-32 MARK MULDER, Gary Lieberthal, AARON LEWIS A-60 Craig Smith, Chad Mooney, John Dickmeyer A-106 Rafael Carrillo, John Burns, Richard Eaton A-113 Paul Shimoff, John Kaye, John Borba A-20 Peter Chapman, Tony Pejsa, CHRIS HARRISON A-87 Richard Petelski, Jerry Chianelli, Robert Bianco A-101 Brenda Markstein, Gilles Roy, James Gilstrap A-7 Daniel Callahan, Rich Orr, Ted Reynolds A-22 STERLING SHARPE, MARCUS ALLEN, Bill Dettman A-30 Arnie Rissman, MICHAEL BOLTON, Les Schultz

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