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         Phair Liz:     more books (18)
  1. The Last Rock Star Book: Or Liz Phair, a Rant by Camden Joy, 1998-09-01
  2. Whip-Smart by Liz Phair, 1997-03
  3. Liz Phair Albums: Girly Sound, Exile in Guyville, Somebody's Miracle, Liz Phair, Whitechocolatespaceegg, Whip-Smart, Comeandgetit, Juvenilia
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  8. CMJ New Music Magazine November 1994 N. 15 Liz Phair Cover by Scott et al Frampton, 1994
  9. Rolling Stone Magazine # 692 October 6 1994 Liz Phair (Single Back Issue) by Rolling Stone, 1994
  10. L2T (Listen2This) Weekly November 5, 2004 Sum41, The Donnas, Switchfoot, Liz Phair
  11. Newsweek Magazine August 10 1998 Monica's Deal * Liz Phair Grows Up by Newsweek Magazine, 1998
  12. Why Can't I (Piano/Vocal/Chords) by Liz Phair, 2007
  13. Mojo Magazine Issue 12 (November, 1994) (R.E.M. cover) by R.E.M., Jethro Tull, et all 1994
  14. Liz Phair (singer)

81. Liz Phair CD Review
Jay S. Jacobs' review every bit as deep and touching as phair's previous work
Liz Phair Liz Phair Capitol Hardcore Liz Phair fans weened on the spiky likes of Exile From Guyville and Whip-Smart have apparently reacted with disdain towards the latest album from the queen of alt-rock. Well, Liz Phair is definitely a change of direction for the singer, but it's also her best album yet. On the new album, Liz just seems to decide, "fuck it, I've had it with just having a cult following, I wanna be a POP-ROCK STAR!" Good for her! Of course, there's no way that an unique talent like Phair is going to do a Justin Timberlake or Jessica Simpson album. Phair is in her mid-thirties and recently divorced, she isn't likely to drop a bunch of smiley-faced odes to the power of love. She's not going to fall back on empty beats instead of having a tune. But there is nothing wrong with marrying a good melody to Phair's traditionally eloquent confessional lyrics. Those lyrics are every bit as good as Phair's previous work, and in many ways more complex. Unlike many navel gazing post-breakup albums

82. Liz Phair: Liz Phair » Review
Scarlet O'Hare's review few good tracks float to the surface when compared to the predictable pop songs and truly awful ideas.
Liz Phair
Liz Phair
On 1998's Whitechocolatespaceegg Liz Phair said it all: "It's nice to be liked, but it's better by far to get paid." While the line could apply to the music industry's current battle with music-lovers downloading their favorite artists' tunes for free, it could also be the motto for Phair's latest album and its more marketable sound. After being loved by critics with her three previous releases and their unconventional stance on pop music, Phair decided she'd rather cash a check than continue to cash in on her indie-pop princess status. So for this self-titled release, she enlisted the producer team The Matrix, who produced Avril Lavigne's hit 2002 album Let Go . They molded Phair's down-tuned, murky, and eccentric songwriting style into mass produced pop on four tracks, including the single "Why Can't I?" With its simple sing-song lyrics, "Why Can't I?" has the air of Lavigne's "Complicated" and the same annoying catchiness. While she aimed for a single, she hit a nerve with fans who criticized her pop makeover and loss of her distinctive sound. What hasn't been lost, though, is her unabashed sexual lyrics and whip-smart wit. On the song "My Bionic Eyes," she sings about her detachment from the dating scene ("As I got light as a feather, they got stiff as a board"). The otherwise horrible song "Rock Me" tells of the generation gap between an older woman and a young boyfriend who doesn't even know who Liz Phair is.

83. Liz Phair - Liz Phair - Stylus Magazine
he original title of liz phair’s new eponymous album was Happy Tragic Thing; I’m not going to say that liz phair can’t attempt to finally get a modicum

84. Glorious Noise - Exile In Hitsville: Xxoo Liz Phair
Essay analyzing phair's comments on her upcoming fourth album.
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Exile in Hitsville: xxoo Liz Phair
By Jake Brown, January 14, 2003 First off, I think it's only fair to admit that I'm a big Liz Phair fan. And my wife is an even bigger one. And after proofreading the first draft of this piece, I got the "God, do you hate everything ?" question that I've become a little sensitive to recently. And it made me realize that I have been pre-judging music that I have not heard yet (see my reaction to the news that she was working with Michael Penn and Gary Clark back in November, 2001). So I'm going to restrain some of the cynicism in this version...

85. Billboard Liz Phair Ready To Rock
Preview of phair's new album based on her performance at South by Southwest.

86. Liz Phair - Liz Phair Lyrics
liz phair Good Love Never Dies (Alternate Mix) lyrics liz phair HWC lyrics You re now at liz phair lyrics page of Lyrics site. liz phair lyrics path
Liz Phair lyrics
Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair Canary lyrics
Liz Phair Dance Of The Seven Veils lyrics

Liz Phair Divorce Song lyrics

Liz Phair Explain It To Me lyrics
Liz Phair Stratford-On-Guy lyrics

Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair Bionic Eyes lyrics
Liz Phair Extraordinary lyrics

Liz Phair Favorite lyrics

Liz Phair Firewalker lyrics
Liz Phair Take A Look lyrics

Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair Bionic Eyes lyrics Liz Phair Extraordinary lyrics Liz Phair Favorite lyrics Liz Phair Firewalker lyrics ... Liz Phair Take A Look lyrics Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair Alice Springs lyrics Liz Phair Chopsticks lyrics Liz Phair Cinco De Mayo lyrics Liz Phair Crater Lake lyrics ... Liz Phair X-Ray Man lyrics Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair Baby Got Going lyrics Liz Phair Big Tall Man lyrics Liz Phair Fantasize lyrics Liz Phair Go On Ahead lyrics ... Liz Phair White Chocolate Space Egg lyrics Liz Phair lyrics You're now at Liz Phair lyrics page of Lyrics site Liz Phair lyrics path - Song Lyrics Liz Phair lyrics Liz Phair links Metallica lyrics Liz Phair lyrics and all other song lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Liz Phair lyrics Music Song Lyrics 2003-2004

87. Billboard Phair Play Liz Indulges In The Major Label Game
Article on phair's selftitled fourth album.

88. Entertainment Ave! The Concert Hall - A Concert Review Of Liz Phair - October 25
Review of a concert at The Vic in Chicago, Illinois.
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Liz Phair
October 25, 1998 - The Vic
Chicago, IL
A Review by The Dude on the Right Web Have you ever gone to your uncle's house after he and auntie went on their vacation to Europe? If so, especially about 15 years ago, before the age of video cameras, you may have been told to sit down because it was time to see the slides of their vacation. Auntie would go and get a bed sheet to hang on the wall while uncle would set up the slide projector, and for the next half an hour to an hour you got to see all of the "cool" places they were able to visit on their "20 cities in 10 days" tour of Europe. As I sat in my seat, a little bummed because my photo pass wasn't there, the lights went down and the slide projectors were fired up. Flashbacks of my uncle's house screamed back into my head, well, at least for the first 10 seconds, but then this slide show became quite different. As the slide show seemed to be ending, in the shadows behind the curtain you could see the band beginning to assemble, and it was finally time for the concert. I was eager because I had never seen Liz Phair before, had just fallen in love with her latest CD, "whitechocolatespaceegg," and was curious to see how she would fare in concert hearing the stories about her previous bouts with stage fright. All I can say is "What stage fright?" because Liz Phair rocked.

89. Neumu - 44.1kHz
liz phair. recording. liz phair. Capitol. snippet It s a great trick, liz, and there seemed to be no reason that you couldn t pull it off forever
Sunday, August 21, 2005 Search Neumu:
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Blackfire Revelation - Gold And Guns On 51

Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made

Pajo - Pajo

The Caulfield Sisters - Say It With Fire EP
44.1 kHz Archive

Liz Phair Liz Phair Capitol
Dear Liz,
Girlysound here) incredibly amazing albums, each one featuring well-crafted songs with smartly ramshackle arrangements full of wit, fun, life and, oh yeah, sex.
whitechocolatespaceegg were every bit as great as "Divorce Song" or "Explain It to Me" from Exile in Guyville. Even better, the latter songs were character studies, meaning that you could write effectively about others as well. And if whitechocolatespaceegg was more produced than Whip-Smart which was more produced than Exile... And goshdarnit Liz, don't you understand that what made you great was that you were unique? That no one else in the world sounded like you? And that you ignored Alanis and Courtney and Britney and continued to make your own records with your own sound and vision? So why try to make yourself sound like everybody else? Sure, you'd like to score a hit, and more power to you. But Avril Lavigne? Little miss punkface is a musical role model? Maybe it's just me, Liz, but in a way, I almost prefer the honest plasticness of the Britneys to the faux authenticity of the Avrils. For a 17-year-old girl, the ability to go into a studio and co-write hit songs with a bunch of studio hacks is liberating. For a woman twice that age who's already put out some timeless music, it's demeaning.

90. Liz Phair Liz Phair Album-recording The New Liz Phair Rock Pop CD
Article detailing the production and mixing techniques used on the album liz phair.
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Live Sound Applications Tour Profiles Products Sound for Picture Film/TV Facilities Products New Media New Formats Internet Audio Products Facility Design Applications Profiles Products Education Directory Showcase Articles AES New Products Guide ... Primedia Business Liz Phair By Chris J. Walker Nov 1, 2003 12:00 PM E-mail this article The mid- to late '90s saw a blossoming movement of young female singer/songwriters, who mostly sang sweet, introspective songs of loves won and lost. One artist who stood apart from the pack, though, was Chicago-based Liz Phair, who always had a harder, indie-rock sensibility that was in stark contrast with the top sellers of that era, such as Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole and Sheryl Crow, but never showed the aggressive tendencies of Courtney Love, PJ Harvey or Juliana Hatfield. Instead, Phair was closer in artistic temperament to early Beck: acerbic and coolly humorous, but with a strong veneer of sexuality on top. Unlike Beck and some of the others mentioned, Phair never became a household name, instead remaining a cult favorite who garnered heaps of accolades from music critics and considerable exposure on MTV. Her CD sales were respectable, but never amounted to the blockbuster numbers her label and industry types projected. Then, she purposely lowered her profile after getting married and giving birth to a son at the end of 1996. Two years later, she released her third recording

91. - #1 For All The Hits!
Released almost exactly ten years after Guyville made waves, liz phair is a Musically, liz phair is her most confident and varied effort to date

92. DAA: Liz Phair
R. Brookman's review A distillation of Guyville's rangy, DIY songcraft and WhipSmart's pop pretensions, Whitechocolatespaceegg reveals phair for the rock star she should - but probably won't - be. Rating of 9.
Liz Phair
whitechocolatespaceegg (Matador/Capitol)
For those of us who thought Exile in Guyville an offspring worthy of its namesake, Whip Smart came off like Goats Head Soup '94 - competent, certainly; listenable, sure; a disappointment, definitely. But since the Stones had about a decade's worth of great albums behind them by the time they slid from "Rocks Off" right into "Dancing with Mr. D," Liz's sophomore slump and her subsequent domestic hiatus naturally started rumors that perhaps she'd put one over on us. Trend-hoppers won't bother listening, but whitechocolatespaceegg proves she didn't. A distillation of Guyville's rangy, DIY songcraft and Whip Smart's pop pretensions, whitechocolatespaceegg reveals Phair for the rock star she should - but probably won't - be. Lyrically, she's never been more imaginative or universalistic, even when you suspect a new baby or a faltering marriage might be her own. And once songs like "Uncle Alvarez" or "What Makes You Happy" or even the adventurous title track sink in, you notice the inevitability of tunes that at first sounded pieced together. On whitechocolatespaceegg, Phair takes her cue from dozens of legendary rock careerists before her and spreads her wings without straying too far from the territory she knows so well. Suddenly, the blow-job queen who had us convinced she'd fuck and run looks like she's in it for the long haul.

93. Liz Phair - Whitechocolatespaceegg | Album Review @ : The Sourc
Bill Aicher's review more mature than her earlier works, but not too much that she has lost the phair flair.
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The True Sprituality of Music
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Liz Phair - Whitechocolatespacegg
Time to Make Shitloads of Money
by: bill aicher
Liz Phair is back with a vengeance. This time, it is with her third full-length album Whitechocolatespaceegg . It has been 4 years since her last release, Whip Smart (an album which sold a half-million copies). In the time between this album and the last, she has since gotten married, had a kid, and matured in a few ways. Liz's past albums have focused on the epitome of GenX female music. Most of it was about her love life, or lack thereof. She liked to take the alternative rock boys and put them in their place. Let them know she was boss. In part, because of her, the female alternative music became what is today. The two previous albums were Exile in Guyville and Whip Smart , respectively. You might remember some of her singles from

94. Shops For Liz Phair - Liz Phair Album On Last.FM - Your Personal is an online radio station for sharing and streaming music. Every user on builds his/her own online record collection and taste profile, Phair/Liz Phair

95. Nude As The News: Liz Phair: Whitechocolatespaceegg
Piero Scaruffi's review ranks as an impressive reinvention of phair as folk-rock all-star.
Artist bio
Liz Phair, though she has continued to grow as a writer and a musician over the past decade, would still have a place in rock history were she to have quit the biz after the release of her bombshell first album, Exile In Guyville Exile was a revelation, a 18-track opus that sounds like it was recorded where it was largely written, in the upstairs bedroom of a teenage girl in suburban Chicago.
Listeners and writers picked up most strongly on the brazen sexuality of tracks like "Fuck And Run" and "Flower," but equally striking was the unabashed pop of "Never Said" and "6'1''," the seductive riffing on "Mezmerizing," the vivid portrait of breakup on "Divorce Song," the elegant atmospheric mood set in "Stratford-On-Guy," etc. It might have announced the birth of a star, but it was her coming-out party and grand achievement at the same time.
Phair would follow up Guyville with the very good albums Whip-Smart and whitechocolatespaceegg , but though neither have embarrassing moments, really, neither comes close to her 1993 debut. That said, Phair was one of the '90s' more intriguing female singer-songwriters, and whether or not her future work ever materializes, she'll be remembered fondly, if only as that frustrated and inspired girl in the attic.

96. Arts: Music: Bands And Artists: P: Phair, Liz - Open Site
Arts Music Bands and Artists P phair, liz Open Site.,_Liz/
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Alternative, Rock, Pop Date of birth:
April 17, 1967 Place of birth:
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97. :: Liz Phair
Analyses of Exile in Guyville, WhipSmart and the Juvenilia EP.

98. Liz Phair- Liz Phair Capitol 2003
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Liz Phair- Liz Phair Capitol 2003
Posted by Jen Rajkowski on June 25, 2003 10:33 AM (See all posts by Jen Rajkowski Filed under: Music Scroll down to read comments on this story and/or add one of your own. Liz Phair Liz Phair Music from Capitol Release date: 24 June, 2003 Blogcritics Popmatters E Online Rolling Stone ... Washington Post More fine reading at . Scroll down to read comments on this story and/or add one of your own. Support by shopping at

99. PopMatters
Stephen Rauch reviews the concert held on August 12, 2003.
MUSIC archive - A B C D ... front page
12 August 2003: The Electric Factory Philadelphia by Stephen Rauch

Polyester Bride
Rock Me
Divorce Song
Help Me Mary
Fuck and Run
Favorite Johnny Feelgood Why Can't I? Red Light Fever Supernova Flower e-mail this article print this article comment on this article So in case you didn't glean this from every single review written for her new album, Liz Phair has sold out . She has abandoned her universally beloved, indie-rock-goddess status in search of platinum records and Maxim covers, and made a shitty, vapid, mindless, generic pop album. She brought on board mercenary producers The Matrix, who wrote everything Avril Lavigne ever did, who then wrote her whole new album and turned her into a second-rate Avril clone. However, it would seem Phair's misguided attempt to cash in her indie-rock cred for mainstream stardom has backfired completely. Most famously, New York Times critic Meghan O'Rourke called Liz Phair "an embarrassing form of career suicide." Yep, that's the story. And if we say it enough, it will become true.

100. SALON: Liz Phair
Cynthia Joyce's discussion of the album and how it changed her life.
Liz Phair
"Exile in Guyville"
(Matador, 1993)

By CYNTHIA JOYCE W hen I was little, there was Chrissie Hynde, but she was so much older and cooler it was clear I'd never catch up. As a moody adolescent, I loved Suzanne Vega, but gave it up because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life feeling like "a small blue thing." In college, the Indigo Girls did manage to inspire that is, until they were co-opted by the "even my sweat smells clean" womyn's music crowd. But earnestness was getting old by then anyway, and I made room for something more interesting, more raw. That something came in two small but very different packages: Liz Phair and PJ Harvey. While as a musician PJ Harvey demanded plenty of awe and admiration, as a person she only left me wondering who did her make-up. Her presence on stage was like a strange force from another planet fascinating, but best not to get too close. Liz Phair, by contrast, was smaller than life. Not exactly the girl next door, but the girl who lived just around the corner. And it seemed like everybody knew her, or at least knew someone who knew her. For an entire year after "Exile" came out, the favored party pastime was to swap "I knew her when" stories: "I went to high school with her here, look here she is in pearls." "I knew Johnny. Man, he really dicked her over." "I went to Oberlin with her. I heard the original 'Exile' four-track." "She had sex with her boyfriend on my dorm-room floor while I was passed out. My roommate told me."

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