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  1. Engineering Societies in the Agents World VII: 7th International Workshop, ESAW 2006 Dublin, Ireland, September 6-8, 2006 Revised Selected and Invited ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  2. Facility Siting and Public Opposition by Michael O'Hare, 1983-08
  3. The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott, 2007-05-22
  4. Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats (Birds of Prey (Graphic Novels)) by Tony Bedard, 2009-08-04
  5. Patrons Depite Themselves: Taxpapers and Arts Policy by Michael O'Hare, Alan L. Feld, et all 1984-11-01
  6. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 6: The Black Costume (v. 6) by Fred Van Lente, 2007-05-23
  7. Seeing Ear Theatre: A Sci-Fi Channel Presentation by Terry Bisson, James Patrick Kelly, et all 1998-11
  8. Environmental agencies' funding sources should follow their diverse business models.: An article from: Policy Studies Journal by Michael O'Hare, 2006-11-01
  9. Confessions of a non-serial killer: conspiracy theories are all fun and games until you become the subject of one.(Essay): An article from: Washington Monthly by Michael O'Hare, 2009-05-01
  10. Spider-Man Team-Up Volume 1: A Little Help From My Friends Digest by Todd Dezago, Michael O'Hare, et all 2005-07-13
  11. Flak Riot, No. 1; June 2005 by Michael O'Hare, 2005
  12. Spider Man Team Up by Todd Dezago, Ronald Lim, et all 2006-01
  13. Marvel Age Spider-Man Volume 3: Swingtime Digest by Todd Dezago, Daniel Quantz, et all 2004-09-15
  14. Spider-man 6: The Black Costume by Fred Van Lente, 2009-04-09

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For fans of actor Michael O'Hare and B5 character Jeffrey Sinclair. Information, photos, fan contributed photos, reviews, art work and merchandise.

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An Evening with Michael O'Hare London September 97

4. Seeing Ear Theatre Original Playhouse
Read by Michael O'Hare in two parts you can listen to it here.

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Dragon*Con '97 Michael O'Hare June 28, 1997 Moderator Michael, are you there? MichaelOHare Yes. MichaelOHare Hello, old friends.

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A tribute to Babylon 5, Joseph Michael Straczynski, and Michael O'Hare

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As announced at VisionCon this year, Michael is no longer doing conventions. Any convention claiming Michael as a guest is "mistaken".

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12. 1854 State Census, City Of Dubuque
4 4 1 1 8 3 20 Conner John 6 5 2 1 11 3 21 Condren Pat 1 1 1 1 2 3 22 ohare michael 1 2 3 3 3 23 Brakey John 3 2 1 1 5 3 24 Langworthy GW 5 6 2 1 11 3 25

1854 Census of Iowa, Dubuque County,
City of Dubuque
Transcribed by: Tom Schlarman, Feb 2003 Proofed by: Cindy Nielsen, 1 Apr 2003 for the Phoenix Group Census Year: 1854 Microfilm Number: HQ# 221-5, FHL# 1022206 Items 2-16 State: Iowa County: Dubuque Township: Town: Dubuque City Enumerator: [unknown] Enumeration Date: [unknown] Transcriber's Notes: -No page or line numbers appear on the original census. Page and line numbers have been assigned by the transcriber to indicate the enumeration order. -Various parts of this census are very difficult to read.
Back to the main page.
var sc_project=443918; var sc_partition=2;

103B 17 pg1.txt Nickles William 103B 17 pg1.txt Oakley John 103A 16 pg1.txt ohare michael 103A 16 pg1.txt Oldfield Elias 103A 16 pg1.txt Osbourn Solomon
1810 FEDERAL CENSUS FLOYD COUNTY, KENTUCKY (Surname Index) ************************************************************* USGENWEB ARCHIVES PROJECT NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent of the contributor, or the legal representative of the submitter, and contact the listed USGenWeb archivist with proof of this consent. The submitter has given permission to the USGenWeb Archives to store the file permanently for free access. ************************************************************* The USGenWeb Archives provide genealogical and historical data to the general public without fee or charge of any kind. It is intended that this material not be used in a commercial manner. All submissions become part of the permanent collection. Abstracted by Tish Clark from public records. Edited and formatted by Maggie Stewart, July 2002. Submitted by Tish Clark February 21, 2001. A volunteer has not yet been found to proofread this transcription. If you are interested in doing this please contact the USGW Project. Both above notices must remain when copied or downloaded. NOTE: For more information on Floyd County, Kentucky, Please visit the Floyd County, KYGenWeb page at This work follows all guidelines of the USGW Census Project, This is the 1810 Federal Census for Floyd County, Kentucky ====================================================================== LAST_NAME FIRST_NAME SHEET NO PAGE NO FILE NAME ====================================================================== *** Drury 102B 15 pg1.txt *lock David 102B 15 pg1.txt Acres Solomon 101A 12 pg1.txt Acres Valentine 101A 12 pg1.txt Adams Benjamin 95B 1 pg1.txt Adams John 95B 1 pg1.txt Adams John 101A 12 pg1.txt Adams John D. 95B 1 pg1.txt Adams Moses 95B 1 pg1.txt Adams Spencer 95B 1 pg1.txt Adams Stephen 95B 1 pg1.txt Adams Stephen 101A 12 pg1.txt Adams William 101A 12 pg1.txt Adkins Bartlett 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins Isham 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins Jesse 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins Joel 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins John 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins Joseph 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins Molon 95B 1 pg1.txt Adkins Moses 101A 12 pg1.txt Adkins Spencer 101A 12 pg1.txt Adkins Thomas 95B 1 pg1.txt Allen George 95B 1 pg1.txt Allen Sarah 95B 1 pg1.txt Allen Thomas 95B 1 pg1.txt Allen William 95B 1 pg1.txt Auxier John 95B 1 pg1.txt Auxier Michael 95B 1 pg1.txt Auxier Nathaniel 95B 1 pg1.txt Auxier Simon 95B 1 pg1.txt Auxier Thomas 95B 1 pg1.txt Back John 99B 9 pg1.txt Bailey James 99A 8 pg1.txt Baisden S. John 99B 9 pg1.txt Barkley Benjamin A. 99B 9 pg1.txt Barnett Guilbert 101A 12 pg1.txt Barnett Jesse 99B 9 pg1.txt Beavers Abraham 101A 12 pg1.txt Belsher George 99B 9 pg1.txt Belsher John 99B 9 pg1.txt Bence David 99B 9 pg1.txt Bentley Daniel 101A 12 pg1.txt Bersy Isaac 99B 9 pg1.txt Bertcheti Benjamin 99B 9 pg1.txt Bibbs William 99B 9 pg1.txt Blackburn Thomas 101A 12 pg1.txt Blackburn William 101A 12 pg1.txt Blair James 99B 9 pg1.txt Blair Joseph 99B 9 pg1.txt Blankenship Loudy 101A 12 pg1.txt Blankenship William 101A 12 pg1.txt Blankenship* Olie* 101A 12 pg1.txt Booker Aden 99A 8 pg1.txt Borders John 99B 9 pg1.txt Borders Michael 99B 9 pg1.txt Bowers Adam 99B 9 pg1.txt Bradley George 101A 12 pg1.txt Branham David 99B 9 pg1.txt Branham David 101A 12 pg1.txt Branham Edmond 101A 12 pg1.txt Branham John 101A 12 pg1.txt Branham Turner 101A 12 pg1.txt Branham William 101A 12 pg1.txt Brown C. Thomas 99A 8 pg1.txt Brown Daniel 101A 12 pg1.txt Brown George 99B 9 pg1.txt Brown James 99B 9 pg1.txt Brown James 101A 12 pg1.txt Brown John 101A 12 pg1.txt Brown John Jr. 101A 12 pg1.txt Brown Robert 99B 9 pg1.txt Brown Samuel 99B 9 pg1.txt Brown Thomas 101A 12 pg1.txt Brown William 99B 9 pg1.txt Bryse Lawrence 99B 9 pg1.txt Burgys Edward 99B 9 pg1.txt Burgys Edward 99B 9 pg1.txt Burgys Garland 99B 9 pg1.txt Burgys Henry 99B 9 pg1.txt Burgys John 99B 9 pg1.txt Burgys William 99B 9 pg1.txt Burks Christian 99A 8 pg1.txt Cains Richard 99A 8 pg1.txt Camron James 97B 5 pg1.txt Carehart ? 97B 5 pg1.txt Carehart Adam 97B 5 pg1.txt Carehart Adam 97B 5 pg1.txt Carehart John 99A 8 pg1.txt Carneti (?) John 99A 8 pg1.txt Carraway Lewis 99A 8 pg1.txt Carwell Basil 99A 8 pg1.txt Casebolt John 97B 5 pg1.txt Cash James 99A 8 pg1.txt Castile J. Joseph 99A 8 pg1.txt Castin Thomas 97B 5 pg1.txt Cathy Samuel 99A 8 pg1.txt Chaffin David 99A 8 pg1.txt Chaffin James 99A 8 pg1.txt Chapman William 99A 8 pg1.txt Childers Abraham 97B 5 pg1.txt Christ William 97B 5 pg1.txt Clark Reuben 97B 5 pg1.txt Click John 97B 5 pg1.txt Coburn Samuel C. 97B 5 pg1.txt Codulish (?) James 99A 8 pg1.txt Collier Richard 97B 5 pg1.txt Collins Meredith 99A 8 pg1.txt Combs Jeremiah 97B 5 pg1.txt Combs John 97B 5 pg1.txt Conley David 99A 8 pg1.txt Conley Henry 97B 5 pg1.txt Conley John 97B 5 pg1.txt Conley Thomas 97B 5 pg1.txt Cook Clayton 99A 8 pg1.txt Cooper John 97B 5 pg1.txt Cope James 99A 8 pg1.txt Cordill James 97B 5 pg1.txt Cordill Matthew 97B 5 pg1.txt Cordill William 97B 5 pg1.txt Cosdill Sampson 97B 5 pg1.txt Cox Flory 99A 8 pg1.txt Crafs George 97B 5 pg1.txt Craft Archelaus 97B 5 pg1.txt Craig William 99A 8 pg1.txt Crank William 99A 8 pg1.txt Cree William 99A 8 pg1.txt Crum Adam 99A 8 pg1.txt Crum Henry 99A 8 pg1.txt Cuming James 105B 21 pg1.txt Damron Lazarus 98A 6 pg1.txt Damron Richard 98A 6 pg1.txt Daniel Johan 98A 6 pg1.txt Davis James 98A 6 pg1.txt Davis Jeremiah 98A 6 pg1.txt Davis Joseph 98A 6 pg1.txt Davis Robert 98A 6 pg1.txt Davis Zachariah 98A 6 pg1.txt Davison Abe? 98A 6 pg1.txt Day Reuben 98A 6 pg1.txt Dean John 98A 6 pg1.txt Denison John 98A 6 pg1.txt Denison Jonathan 98A 6 pg1.txt Denison Thomas 98A 6 pg1.txt Dickson John 98A 6 pg1.txt Doal David 98A 6 pg1.txt Dorton Edward 98A 6 pg1.txt Dray James 98A 6 pg1.txt Eastep Shadrack 98B 7 pg1.txt Eastep* Shaseum* 98A 6 pg1.txt Edwards Meredith 98A 6 pg1.txt Elkins James 98A 6 pg1.txt Elkins James 98A 6 pg1.txt Ellidge Elijah 98B 7 pg1.txt Ellington David 98B 7 pg1.txt Ellington Jacob 98B 7 pg1.txt Ellington Jonathan 98B 7 pg1.txt Elliott James 98B 7 pg1.txt Ellis Benjamin 98B 7 pg1.txt Ellis Charles 98B 7 pg1.txt Elswick Bradley 98B 7 pg1.txt Elswick Edward 98B 7 pg1.txt Elswick John 98B 7 pg1.txt England Joseph 98B 7 pg1.txt Evans Evan 98A 6 pg1.txt Evans John 98A 6 pg1.txt Evans Thomas 105B 21 pg1.txt Evans W. Richard 98A 6 pg1.txt Fannin David 98B 7 pg1.txt Farman John 105B 21 pg1.txt Ferguson Richard 98B 7 pg1.txt Ferguson William 98B 7 pg1.txt Ferguson William 98B 7 pg1.txt Fitzgerald William 98B 7 pg1.txt Fitzpatrick John 98B 7 pg1.txt Fitzpatrick John 98B 7 pg1.txt Fitzpatrick John 98B 7 pg1.txt Fitzpatrick Thomas 98B 7 pg1.txt Fost (?) Joseph 98B 7 pg1.txt Foster Isaac 98B 7 pg1.txt Foster Mark 100A 10 pg1.txt Franklin John 98B 7 pg1.txt Frazier Sarah 98B 7 pg1.txt Frazier Solomon 98B 7 pg1.txt Frazier William 98B 7 pg1.txt Fugit Joseph 98B 7 pg1.txt Fugit Randal 98B 7 pg1.txt Garland Ambrose 100A 10 pg1.txt Garroll Elimelech 100A 10 pg1.txt George Jenny 100A 10 pg1.txt Ghise John 100A 10 pg1.txt Gibson Archibald 100A 10 pg1.txt Gibson Ezekiel 100A 10 pg1.txt Giddons Reuben 100A 10 pg1.txt Gliff John 100B 11 pg1.txt Graham John 100A 10 pg1.txt Hackworth Jeremiah 100B 11 pg1.txt Hackworth John 100B 11 pg1.txt Hais Frederick 100A 10 pg1.txt Hale Joseph 100A 10 pg1.txt Hale Peter 100A 10 pg1.txt Ham/Harman Samuel C. 100A 10 pg1.txt Haman/Harman John 100A 10 pg1.txt Hamilton Benjamin 100B 11 pg1.txt Hanna Ebenezer 100A 10 pg1.txt Harper Stephen 100B 11 pg1.txt Harris P. James 100B 11 pg1.txt Hatcher John 100B 11 pg1.txt Hatfield Martha 100A 10 pg1.txt Haws Azareel 100B 11 pg1.txt Haws John 100B 11 pg1.txt Haws Robert 100B 11 pg1.txt Haws Samuel 100A 10 pg1.txt Haws Samuel C. 100A 10 pg1.txt Hays John 100A 10 pg1.txt Hazle John 100B 11 pg1.txt Hensley Daniel 100B 11 pg1.txt Hensley James 100B 11 pg1.txt Herrell Enoch 100B 11 pg1.txt Herrell William 100B 11 pg1.txt Higgins William 100B 11 pg1.txt Hilton B. Rhodrick 100B 11 pg1.txt Hilton Benjamin 100B 11 pg1.txt Hilton Jesse 100B 11 pg1.txt Hogg James 100A 10 pg1.txt Hogg* Stephen* 100B 11 pg1.txt Hopkins Gardner 100A 10 pg1.txt Hunt John 100A 10 pg1.txt Hunt John 100B 11 pg1.txt Jacobs William 96A 2 pg1.txt Jains Mary 100B 11 pg1.txt James Samuel 96A 2 pg1.txt Janes Lydia 96A 2 pg1.txt Janes William 96B 3 pg1.txt Jerome Battis 96B 3 pg1.txt Jilcient (?) Samuel 96A 2 pg1.txt Johns Thomas 96B 3 pg1.txt Johnson ? 96B 3 pg1.txt Johnson Andrew 96A 2 pg1.txt Johnson Benjamin 96A 2 pg1.txt Johnson Elias 96A 2 pg1.txt Johnson George 96A 2 pg1.txt Johnson Jacob 96B 3 pg1.txt Johnson John 96A 2 pg1.txt Johnson Patrick 96A 2 pg1.txt Johnson Patrick 96B 3 pg1.txt Johnson Thomas 96A 2 pg1.txt Jones Ambrose 96A 2 pg1.txt Jones John 96A 2 pg1.txt Jones Nancy 96B 3 pg1.txt Jones William 96A 2 pg1.txt Jones William 96A 2 pg1.txt Josephs William 96B 3 pg1.txt Jost Christian 105B 21 pg1.txt Justice Ezra 96A 2 pg1.txt Justice George 96A 2 pg1.txt Justice John 96A 2 pg1.txt Justice John 96A 2 pg1.txt Justice John 96B 3 pg1.txt Justice Simon 96A 2 pg1.txt Justice Simon 96B 3 pg1.txt Justice Simon 96B 3 pg1.txt Justice Waldo 96B 3 pg1.txt Justice William 96A 2 pg1.txt Justice William 96A 2 pg1.txt Keeton William 96B 3 pg1.txt Kelley Frances 96B 3 pg1.txt Kelley John 96B 3 pg1.txt Kelley John 96B 3 pg1.txt Kelley Sally 96B 3 pg1.txt Kennady Charles 96B 3 pg1.txt Kezee Benjamin 96B 3 pg1.txt Kezee Richard 96B 3 pg1.txt King Elisha 96B 3 pg1.txt King Samuel 96B 3 pg1.txt Kropel* Eliza* 100A 10 pg1.txt L?epe? James 106A 22 pg1.txt Lacky Alexander 106A 22 pg1.txt Lacy James 106A 22 pg1.txt Lacy John 106A 22 pg1.txt Lain* John 106A 22 pg1.txt Lawson Travers 106A 22 pg1.txt Layne Abraham 106A 22 pg1.txt Layne James 106A 22 pg1.txt Layne Samuel 106A 22 pg1.txt Leigh/Leich Asa 106A 22 pg1.txt Lemasters John 106A 22 pg1.txt Lesly John 106A 22 pg1.txt Lesly Robert 106A 22 pg1.txt Lewis Benjamin 106A 22 pg1.txt Lewis Charles 106A 22 pg1.txt Lewis Thomas 106A 22 pg1.txt Little Isaac 106A 22 pg1.txt Little William 106A 22 pg1.txt Lucky Jesse 106A 22 pg1.txt Luster Abner 106A 22 pg1.txt Lycan/Lycean David 106A 22 pg1.txt Lycan/Lycean Jeremiah 106A 22 pg1.txt Lycan/Lycean John 106A 22 pg1.txt Maddox George 105A 20 pg1.txt Mainor Christopher 103B 17 pg1.txt Mainor James 103B 17 pg1.txt Mallett Thomas 105A 20 pg1.txt Mann Samuel 105A 20 pg1.txt Mann William 103B 17 pg1.txt Mannin Boah 105A 20 pg1.txt Manor William 103B 17 pg1.txt Martin David 105A 20 pg1.txt Martin Richard 105A 20 pg1.txt Martin William 105A 20 pg1.txt Martin William 105A 20 pg1.txt Matthews James 103B 17 pg1.txt Matthews Matthew 103B 17 pg1.txt Maukins Peter 103B 17 pg1.txt May Caleb 106B 23 pg1.txt May John 106B 23 pg1.txt May Samuel 106B 23 pg1.txt Mayo J. William 106B 23 pg1.txt Mays William 106B 23 pg1.txt McBrayer Ichobod 105A 20 pg1.txt McBride John 106B 23 pg1.txt McClintick William 105A 20 pg1.txt McCoy John 103B 17 pg1.txt McCoy William 103B 17 pg1.txt McDowel William 103B 17 pg1.txt McGuire Cornelius 103B 17 pg1.txt McGuire James 105A 20 pg1.txt McGuire John 105A 20 pg1.txt McGuire Samuel 105A 20 pg1.txt McGuire William 105A 20 pg1.txt McIntosh Rory 105A 20 pg1.txt Mead Moses 105A 20 pg1.txt Mead Rhodes 106B 23 pg1.txt Mead Robert 105A 20 pg1.txt Mead Samuel 105A 20 pg1.txt Meeks James 106B 23 pg1.txt Meeks William 106B 23 pg1.txt Menio* Charles 105A 20 pg1.txt Milar William 106B 23 pg1.txt Miller Phillip 105A 20 pg1.txt Miller Robert 106B 23 pg1.txt Minion Lewis 103B 17 pg1.txt Minor Moses 103B 17 pg1.txt Montgomery William 107A 24 pg1.txt Moore Christopher 103B 17 pg1.txt Morgan David 103B 17 pg1.txt Morgan John 106B 23 pg1.txt Morgan Nathan 106B 23 pg1.txt Morris Benjamin 105A 20 pg1.txt Morris Benjamin 105B 21 pg1.txt Morris Daniel 105A 20 pg1.txt Morris John 105A 20 pg1.txt Morris Mary 106B 23 pg1.txt Mullett Nathan 105A 20 pg1.txt Mullins Ambrose 106B 23 pg1.txt Mullins Ambrose 106B 23 pg1.txt Mullins Booker 106B 23 pg1.txt Mullins John 106B 23 pg1.txt Mullins Joshua 103B 17 pg1.txt Mullins Solomon 106B 23 pg1.txt Mullins William 103B 17 pg1.txt Mullins* Ambrose 106B 23 pg1.txt Murphy John 106B 23 pg1.txt Murry Samuel 106B 23 pg1.txt Murry Thomas 106B 23 pg1.txt Nelson Emmanuel 103B 17 pg1.txt Newcum William 103B 17 pg1.txt Newlin William 103B 17 pg1.txt Nickles Joseph 103B 17 pg1.txt Nickles Thomas 103B 17 pg1.txt Nickles William 103B 17 pg1.txt Oakley John 103A 16 pg1.txt Ohare Michael 103A 16 pg1.txt Oldfield Elias 103A 16 pg1.txt Osbourn Solomon 103A 16 pg1.txt Osbourne Edward 103A 16 pg1.txt Osbourne Elisabeth 103A 16 pg1.txt Owens David 103A 16 pg1.txt Owens Owen 103A 16 pg1.txt Owens Thomas 103A 16 pg1.txt Pack Charles 102A 14 pg1.txt Pack Samuel 103A 16 pg1.txt Parsons Gabriel 103A 16 pg1.txt Parsons Jesse 103A 16 pg1.txt Parsons John 103A 16 pg1.txt Parsons Sarah 103A 16 pg1.txt Parsons William 103A 16 pg1.txt Patrick James 101B 13 pg1.txt Patrick James 101B 13 pg1.txt Patton Christopher 101B 13 pg1.txt Patton Henry/Hensy 101B 13 pg1.txt Patton James 102A 14 pg1.txt Patton John 101B 13 pg1.txt Pearce Benjamin 101B 13 pg1.txt Pelphrey William 102A 14 pg1.txt Penley John 101B 13 pg1.txt Perkins Stephen 103A 16 pg1.txt Perry John 101B 13 pg1.txt Peyton David 101B 13 pg1.txt Phillips Elijah 101B 13 pg1.txt Picklehymer Abraham 101B 13 pg1.txt Pinson Aaron 101B 13 pg1.txt Pinson Allen 101B 13 pg1.txt Pinson Henry 103A 16 pg1.txt Pinson Thomas 101B 13 pg1.txt Pinson William 101B 13 pg1.txt Polley David 103A 16 pg1.txt Polley Edward 101B 13 pg1.txt Posder Lewis 101B 13 pg1.txt Potter Edward 101B 13 pg1.txt Powell Cader 103A 16 pg1.txt Powell Jacob 103A 16 pg1.txt Prator Archibald 101B 13 pg1.txt Prator William 101B 13 pg1.txt Pratt James 101B 13 pg1.txt Preston Isaac 103A 16 pg1.txt Preston Moses 101B 13 pg1.txt Preston Nathan 103A 16 pg1.txt Price Jesse 103A 16 pg1.txt Price Richard 101B 13 pg1.txt Price Thomas 101B 13 pg1.txt Price Thomas 101B 13 pg1.txt Priest Reuel 103A 16 pg1.txt Prizemore Samuel 101B 13 pg1.txt Ramey Daniel 102A 14 pg1.txt Ramey Jesse 102A 14 pg1.txt Ramey John 102A 14 pg1.txt Ramey William 102A 14 pg1.txt Ramey William 102A 14 pg1.txt Ratliff James 102A 14 pg1.txt Ratliff Jeremiah 102A 14 pg1.txt Ratliff Richard 102A 14 pg1.txt Ratliff Silas 102A 14 pg1.txt Ratliff Stephen 102A 14 pg1.txt Ratliff William 102A 14 pg1.txt Reeves H. John 102A 14 pg1.txt Reysell John 102A 14 pg1.txt Roberson Thomas 102A 14 pg1.txt Roberts James 102A 14 pg1.txt Rogers William 102A 14 pg1.txt Rose Francis 102A 14 pg1.txt Runnion Henry 102A 14 pg1.txt Rutherford Reuben 102A 14 pg1.txt Salisbury William 102B 15 pg1.txt Salmons Rowland 102B 15 pg1.txt Saunders Jacob 102B 15 pg1.txt Scalf John 102B 15 pg1.txt Scott William 104A 18 pg1.txt Sellard Samuel 102B 15 pg1.txt Simms Martin 105B 21 pg1.txt Slone James 102B 15 pg1.txt Slone Mary 102B 15 pg1.txt Slone Shadrack 102B 15 pg1.txt Slusher Jacob 102B 15 pg1.txt Sowards Tisha 102B 15 pg1.txt Speers Thomas 104A 18 pg1.txt Spiers Spencer 102B 15 pg1.txt Spurlock John 104A 18 pg1.txt Spurlock Mallturo 102B 15 pg1.txt Staffan Absolom 104A 18 pg1.txt Staleup Sevillien 104A 18 pg1.txt Stanley Joseph 102B 15 pg1.txt Stevenson James 102B 15 pg1.txt Stone Ezekiel 102B 15 pg1.txt Story* Simon 102B 15 pg1.txt Stratton Harry 104A 18 pg1.txt Stratton Hiram 102B 15 pg1.txt Stratton John 104A 18 pg1.txt Stratton Richard 104A 18 pg1.txt Stratton Solomon 102B 15 pg1.txt Stratton Tandy 104A 18 pg1.txt Stratton Thomas 102B 15 pg1.txt Stumbaugh Phillip 102B 15 pg1.txt Sullard John 104A 18 pg1.txt Sullivan Peter 102B 15 pg1.txt Sumner John 102B 15 pg1.txt Tackett George 104A 18 pg1.txt Thomas Lewis 104A 18 pg1.txt Thompson Andrew 104A 18 pg1.txt Thompson James 104A 18 pg1.txt Thompson Richard 104A 18 pg1.txt Thompson Samuel 104A 18 pg1.txt Tolar Christopher 104A 18 pg1.txt Tolas* Robert 104A 18 pg1.txt Toltson Thomas 104A 18 pg1.txt Total 105B 21 pg1.txt Total 105B 21 pg1.txt Total of County* 105B 21 pg1.txt Venters Arthur 104B 19 pg1.txt Waddle William 104B 19 pg1.txt Walker Sarah 104B 19 pg1.txt Wallace Timothy 107A 24 pg1.txt Walters George 107A 24 pg1.txt Walters William 107A 24 pg1.txt Ward Sarah 104B 19 pg1.txt Ward Solomon 107A 24 pg1.txt Watts George 107A 24 pg1.txt Webb Benjamin 104B 19 pg1.txt Webb Samuel 104B 19 pg1.txt Webb William 104B 19 pg1.txt Webb William 107A 24 pg1.txt Weddington Henry 104B 19 pg1.txt Wellmon Bennatt 104B 19 pg1.txt Wellmon Elisha 104B 19 pg1.txt Wellmon Joseph 104B 19 pg1.txt Wells John 107A 24 pg1.txt Wells Matthew 107A 24 pg1.txt Wells William 107A 24 pg1.txt West Frances 104B 19 pg1.txt West Joseph 107A 24 pg1.txt West William 104B 19 pg1.txt Wheeler James 104B 19 pg1.txt Wheeler Stephen 104B 19 pg1.txt Whitehead William 107A 24 pg1.txt Wiley Thomas 104B 19 pg1.txt Williams Daniel 107A 24 pg1.txt Williams James 107A 24 pg1.txt Williams John 107A 24 pg1.txt Williams Joshua 107A 24 pg1.txt Williams Mason 107A 24 pg1.txt Williams Michael 106B 23 pg1.txt Williamson Benjamin 104B 19 pg1.txt Williamson Harman 104B 19 pg1.txt Williamson Jno 104B 19 pg1.txt Wilson Harris 104B 19 pg1.txt Wilson John 104B 19 pg1.txt Winion John 107A 24 pg1.txt Wooton P. Silas 104B 19 pg1.txt Young Alexander 107A 24 pg1.txt Young James 107A 24 pg1.txt Young John 107A 24 pg1.txt Young Robert 107A 24 pg1.txt

14. Professor Michael O'Hare
michael O HARE Professor of Public Policy Phone 510642-7576 Office Room 112, GSPP Main Email Areas of Expertise/Interest'hare.htm
Professor of Public Policy
Office: Room 112, GSPP Main
Email: Areas of Expertise/Interest: Arts Policy
Environmental Policy
Public Management
Quantitative Methods Biographical Statement: Trained as an architect and engineer, Michael O’Hare has followed the process and principles of design into “nonphysical environments” such as production processes in organizations, regulation, and information management. He has published a variety of research in environmental policy, government policy towards the arts, and management, with special interests in tax policy, facility siting, information and perceptions in public choice and work environments, and policy design. Most recently he has been engaged in research on California county fairs and local public administration in Northern Italy. Between faculty appointments at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, he was director of policy analysis at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. Among his recent teaching assignments have been courses in econometrics, mathematical models for managers, agency and production management, policy design, and cultural policy. He is also co-editor of the “Curriculum and Case Notes” section of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

15. Department Of Physics - Mike O'Hare
UD Department of Physics. J. michael O Hare Professor and Chair. J. michael O Hare. Contact. Phone (513) 2292311 email
Phone: (513) 229-2311
fax: (513) 229-2180
SCI-190 Section 06 The Physical Universe

Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1966.
M.S., Physics, Purdue University, 1962.
B.S., Physics, Loras College, 1960.
Research Interests:
Condensed matter theory
Optical properites of materials
Nonlinear optics Back to Department Information

16. Michael O'Hare
These links lead to information about michael O Hare, the actor who plays Commander Jeffrey Sinclair on Babylon 5.
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Michael O'Hare
Michael O'Hare is the actor who plays Commander Jeffrey Sinclair on Babylon 5.
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17. Michael OHare Movies -'s Michael OHare Movie Catalog
Welcome to s michael ohare movie page. If you are a michael ohare fan you will find a rich catalog of michael ohare movies right here.
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A Case of Deadly Force on DVD With Michael OHare
No one had ever won a "wrongful death" suit against the Boston Police, but when two white cops shoot an innocent black man in the back and without a struggle, attorney Lawrence ODonnell (Richard Crenna) takes (More Info...) Babylon 5 - The Complete First Season on DVD With Michael OHare
In 1994 STAR TREK had to take a backseat to this science fiction series, created by Michael Straczynski. The Babylon 5 space station has become an interplanetary peaceful negotiation center in the 23rd Century. (More Info...)
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19. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Ohara-bruce To Oke
O Hare, michael E. — of California. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from California, 2000. Still living as of 2000.
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20. Michael O'Hare
michael O Hare, Commander Sinclair on Babylon 5, has appeared in lead roles on michael O Hare is proud and grateful to have been the first white actor
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Michael O'Hare
  • Summary Biography Credits News Videos Pictures Reviews
  • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Michael O'Hare, Commander Sinclair on Babylon 5, has appeared in lead roles on Broadway three times: as Lt. Col. Nathan Roy Jessup in "A Few Good Men" (Jack Nicholson played Jessup in the film), as Geoff opposite Fred Gwynne in David Williamson's "Players" (Williamson also wrote the feature film Galipoli), and as Hector with George Grizzard and Philip Bosco in George Bernard Shaw's "Man and... Continue Edit biographical information for Michael O'Hare
    Most Recent Appearance
    One Life to Live
    Ep. # 9435

    Friday 3 June, 2005 On ABC Nora visits Daniel and serves him with annulment papers. John saves Natalie's life when the Killing Club Murderer tries to kill her by shooting an arrow at her. David and Dorian plan a trip to Paris. Nora bails Riley out of jail. Continue Episode Summary See All Appearances
    Michael O'Hare is proud and grateful to have been the first white actor nominated by the Black theater community of New York for the AUDELCO AWARD for the Best Actor for his performance in the play "Shades of Brown" which examined the saddening effects of apartheid in South Africa.

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