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  1. The Rosary ... (Flute and piano.) Arranged by A. Brooke by Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin, 1918
  2. Creativity and Collaborative Learning: a Practical Guide to Empowering Students and Teachers by Jacqueline S., Richard A. Villa & Ann I. Nevin {Editors} Thousand, 1994-01-01
  3. Creativity and Collaborative Learning: The Practical Guide to Empowering Students and Teachers

1. Brooke Nevin - - Moved!
Fan site for rising star Brooke Nevin. We've got pictures, multimedia, info, the latest news and more on this talented actress.

2. Brooke Nevin - TV Tome
TV Tome is your guide to Brooke Nevin. Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and more.

3. All About Brooke Nevin!
All About Brooke Nevin! A fan page

BROOKE nevin brooke Nevin plays Rachel in Animorphs

5. The Brooke Nevin Website
The latest news, downloads, and information about actress Brooke Nevin.

6. Brooke Nevin
Brooke Nevin Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites

7. Animorphs Characters Rachel Yearbook
Well, Brooke Nevin didn't exactly have a similar experience to compare battling aliens to, but she knows what being brave is all about.

8. Nevin Brooke
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Scholastic: Behind the Scenes
A behind the scenes interview with Brooke, pictures, biography, and a chat transcript. ...
The Brooke Nevin Website
The latest news, downloads, and information about actress Brooke Nevin. ...
TVTome: Brooke Nevin
Filmography and biographical information. ...
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12. 4400_NikkiHudson_Nevin
Brooke Nevin is Nikki Hudson One of the 4400 No Occupation College student Marital status/family Single. Estranged from boynext-door turned boyriend,
Main Cast
Brooke Nevin is Nikki Hudson
One of the 4400: No
Occupation: College student
Marital status/family: Single. Estranged from boy-next-door turned boyriend, Danny Farrell.
Comments: Had an apparent unrequited, but shared crush on Danny's brother, Shawn, until his disappearance. She developed a relationship with Danny, but it became clear when Shawn returned with the other members of the 4400 that Shawn and Nikki were fighting a losing battle of attraction. Shortly after Nikki dumped Danny, she and Shawn hooked up. This didn't last long, because after Shawn nearly killed Danny [accidently, while they were fighting], Shawn ran away from his home, and left Nikki behind... Nikki is presently away at college, and hasn't spoken to the Farrell brothers since. Brooke Nevin was born on December 22, 1982, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Brooke is fluent in French, and has one sister. Her father is a retired professional hockey player, who played for the NY Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and LA Kings. Brooke has appeared in many television productions, both movies and series, such as Loves Music, Loves to Dance, Too Cool for Christmas, Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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14. Brooke Nevin
BROOKE NEVIN. Web site by Ron Newcomer BACK TO INDEX MY CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHS. This site was updated on April 19, 2005.
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Web site by Ron Newcomer
This site was updated on April 19, 2005.

15. Brooke Nevin -
Vad letar du efter? Titel Skådespelare Regissör. Brooke Nevin. 4400 Complete first season (2-disc) (Import) Samarbetsinformation - Information om Nevin
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Titel Skådespelare Regissör
Brooke Nevin
4400 - Complete first season (2-disc) (Import)
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16. - Brooke Nevin
Brooke Nevin. Brooke Nevin. Filmografi. Skuespiller. 1. 2004 , 4400, The - Nikki Hudson. Kategorier. Action Eventyr Animasjon Komedie Drama

17. The Brooke Nevin Website   ×
The latest news, downloads, and information about actress brooke nevin.
Site Downtime Annoucement
Later this week or early next, the site may experience some downtime as we do a little moving. Brooke on 'Head Cases' and 'Smallville'!
Brooke's been quite busy lately! She just finished a guest spot on the new FOX series 'Head Cases' and will soon start filming a guest appeareance in 'Smallville'.
9:00 PM Sundays on USA
Biography Filmography
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June 14, 2005
Added five more photos of Brooke at the People's Choice Awards , which brings our total number of photos to over 1000! June 07, 2005 Screencaps of Brooke on Skin are now up. Also added a link to an audio clip from Brooke. Thanks to Red Son for the link!
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18. Brooke Nevin - Northern Stars
Brief biographical information and selected filmography.





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Have you voted? BROOKE NEVIN b. December 22, 1982 in Toronto , Ontario. Brooke's television career took off as a young teen, when she landed the leading role of "Rachel" in the hit TV series Animorphs. Titles in red indicate best performances. Running Wild (TV-1998) Short for Nothing (1998) Haven (TV-2001) Loves Music, Loves to Dance (TV-2001) Too Cool for Christmas (TV-2004) TV Series: Animorphs Guilty Hearts (mini-series, 2002) I Love Mummy (2002) Seriously Weird (2002) The 4400 (2004) Can you help update this information? Back To Top

19. Brooke Nevin
Filmography and biographical information.
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Brooke Nevin
  • Summary Biography Credits News Videos Pictures Reviews
  • Current TV Role: Nikki Hudson - (Season 1) On The 4400
    Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Canadian Brooke Nevin is a great actress who portrayed "Rachel Berensen" in Animorphs and had done an amazing job. She guest starred in other good Canadian children television shows such as "Goosebumps" and "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?". She only played three starring roles for movies, and already she had received a nomination for a Young Artist Award in 1999 for "Running Wild". Her most recent... Edit biographical information for Brooke Nevin
    Upcoming Appearance

    Thursday 27 October, 2005 On WB TBA Title, airdate, and other basic information taken from and used with their permission. Please do not submit further material from their site (or site taking the info from kryptonsite). What is here is sufficient for the time being and we'll fill in as information is released through other sources. Thanks! Continue Episode Summary See All Appearances
    Hair/Eyes: Blonde/brown (Edit)
    Family: mum Nicky, dad Bob, retired hockey player, played for 3 teams: NY ranger (captain) Toronto Maple Leafs and LA Kings, sister Kayleigh

    20. The Brooke Nevin Website   ×
    A brooke nevin fan site. Contains pictures, multimedia, information, the latest news and more on this talented actress.

    Media Fandom Main Current picture count: 1003 Do not take or direct-link to photos for use on other sites.
    BROOKE PHOTOS Headshots and Candid Photos
    Behind the scenes of Animorphs with Brooke
    EVENT APPEARANCES 31st Annual People's Choice Awards
    Too Cool For Christmas Premiere

    Hollywood Film Festival Opening Night

    FAO Schwarz Photos
    The Famous Jett Jackson
    THE 4400 The 4400 Promotional Photos
    The 4400: Pilot Episode

    The 4400: The New and Improved Carl Morrisey
    SERIOUSLY WEIRD Seriously Weird: Production Stills
    Seriously Weird: When Gods Get Angry
    Seriously Weird: When Harris Stopped Sleeping ANIMORPHS Animorphs Season One Official Site Photos Animorphs Season Two Official Site Photos Animorphs: Autographed Cast Photo Animorphs: Second Season Preview ... Animorphs: The Reaction

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