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         Morrissey:     more books (98)
  1. Mozipedia: The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and The Smiths by Simon Goddard, 2010-09-28
  2. VOUGHT F4U CORSAIR, THE (Modellers Datafile) by Rafe Morrissey, Joe Hegedus, 2010-11
  3. Meetings with Morrissey (Omnibus Press) by Len Brown, 2009-08-01
  4. Tears of the Moon by Di Morrissey, 2008-10-01
  5. The Silent Country by Di Morrissey, 2009
  6. New Thought PA: A Practial Spirituality [A New Consciousness Reader] by Mary Manin Morrissey, 2003-08-18
  7. Morrissey Shot
  8. The Islands by Di Morrissey, 2008-11-01
  9. Saint Morrissey: A Portrait of This Charming Man by an Alarming Fan by Mark Simpson, 2006-03-07
  10. The Monster Trap by Dean Morrissey, 2004-08-01
  11. Ship of Dreams by Dean Morrissey, 1994-08-31
  12. Morrissey: The Pageant of His Bleeding Heart by Gavin Hopps, 2009-06-24
  13. Heart of the Dreaming by Di Morrissey, 2008-11-01
  14. The Winter King (Magic Door Series)

1. Morrissey-solo
Includes news, articles, chat transcripts, pictures, videos, calendar, forums, FAQ, and links.


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image by Jeremy Tenenbaum "Morrissey to start work on new record" - posted by davidt on Friday August 19 2005, @08:00AM
writes: Just stumbled upon this in the news section, it's just been put up today:

What's it all about, Alfie? Perhaps they know something we don't, or they're going on what Red Lightning's management are saying.
MORRISSEY has announced that he will start work on his new album in September. The Mozfather will record the follow-up to 2004’s ‘You Are The Quarry’ in Rome. No further details are as of yet available, but keep checking NME.COM for the latest news on the LP. Read More/Comment of comments Morrissey photo in latest PETA Magazine posted by davidt on Friday August 19 2005, @08:00AM An anonymous person writes: Im surprised there hasn't been a mention of the photo in the PETA magazine yet. The magazine is issued bi-monthly(i think). The photo is from the book signing Moz was spotted at, with PETA president Ingrid Newkirk and is on the inside cover. I wish i had a scanner, maybe someone you know has the magazine, and can scan it. Read More/Comment comment Morrissey got a mention in Emmerdale posted by davidt on Friday August 19 2005, @08:00AM

2. Shoplifters Union - "Your Guide To Morrissey And The Smiths On The Internet"
A guide to morrissey and The Smiths on the Internet.
window.defaultStatus="Shoplifters Union - The directory for links and information about Morrissey and The Smiths";
Original photos of The Smiths.
Limited edition handprints
on photographic paper
printed from the original
negatives by the man
that shot them!
Get your own copies from

T-shirts at Blue Cat Store Welcome! Though before exploring this site more please first visit The International Federation of Red Cross . They need your help NOW!. This is the first port of call for the one who is looking for websites about Morrissey and the Smiths. So if you are looking for a union for shoplifters then continue to Shoplifters Alternative Among other things Shoplifters Union will guide you to: latest news about Morrissey. tour in your country soon. MP3 files pictures lyrics T-shirts ... contact with Morrissey. answers for your questions To find out who Morrissey is or who The Smiths were then you should start by going to one of the links on the Biographies page.

3. :: A Snapshot Of Morrissey On Tour
A snapsot of morrissey on tour.

4. Paul Morrissey
The official homepage of Paul morrissey, the most independent of filmmakers, whoemerged from Andy Warhol s Factory to write and direct such classic
Please join us in our new Paul Morrissey Bulletin Board
"Films are about personality: the better the personality,
the better the film." —Paul Morrissey Biography Filmography Media Credits ... Forum

5. Morrissey Family History
Heritage of Patrick Morrissy and wife Mary Phelan who moved to New Brunswick around 1837 from County Tipperary, Ireland. Presented in narrative format by Stephen morrissey.
Patrick Morrissy and Mary Phelan:
Some of their Descendants and Relatives in Canada
Stephen Morrissey
Chapter one

Patrick Morrissy and Mary Phelan

Chapter two

Last updated: July 12th 2003
Stephen Morrissey Contact us
They are after Morrissy because he is a Grit, and they say meaner things, they say they are after him because he is an Irishman and a Roman Catholic' My father was born in good old fighting Tipperary and I am proud that I am a Catholic'shame on the man who would traduce a man for the faith that is in him.
Hope you don't see some highwayman or malefactor swinging from the family trees, if you find some millions hanging also'much the better.
I always told my grandfather (William Morrissey) that I wanted to research the Morrissey family tree and his reply was, 'don't do it, we come from a bunch of thieves and murderers'.

6. It May All End Tomorrow: A Smiths And Morrissey Website
A Smiths And morrissey Website.
If nothing appears here, your browser does not support frames. Go to

7. All Original Morrissey Doll Patterns, Clothes Patterns For Dolls, Books On Dolls
Original cloth doll patterns, doll clothes patterns, doll making books and patterns, bisque doll kits, cloth dolls, limited editions, and custom made oneof-a-kinds.
~ over 1600 original patterns for dolls ~
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8. The Smiths / Morrissey FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Smiths and morrissey.
The Smiths / Morrissey FAQ
Who's Who General "What ..." Questions Lyrics Questions Music/Video Questions ...
Contribute a question, answer or correction
Thanks to: John Levon, Scott Krajewski, Torr, The Morri'Zine, The Darkened Underpass, Wilde About Morrissey, Guitar Player, Record Collector, Select, Q, Goldmine, Peepholism, A.J. Norman, "Mope", David Tseng , Mike Hanson, Stephane Daigle.

9. .:. Official Site
morrissey will regrettably not be appearing at the Isle Of Wight Festival morrissey Who Put the “M” in Manchester? (Attack/SVE) DVD Live at Earls Court

Important Isle of Wight Announcement

Morrissey will regrettably not be appearing at the Isle Of Wight Festival on the 11th of June as scheduled. The pressure of preparing the new album an... more
Message Boards are Back Online!

Thanks for your patience and enjoy. more
Mobile Store Coupon Instructions

For US residents: For those who purchase Live At Earls Court or Who Put The 'M' In Manchester , there is an insert which has a coupon code for ... more
Morrissey Who Put the “M” in Manchester? (Attack/SVE) DVD Live at Earls Court (Attack/Sanctuary) CD Two Live experiences, coming March 29 in the USA and April 4th in Europe

"Leave it to the trickster dandy of British rock to make a return in his own, eccentric way...[the live show] was a typical Morrissey paradox: an iron... more
Shop for Music

Shop for Merchandise
Shop for Ringtones Check back for more dates!

10. Morrissey -My Early Burglary Years
Record label site for the compilation album includes sound clips.
Morrissey Letter Reprise Records Legal and Privacy Information Morrissey Letter Reprise Records Legal and Privacy Information

11. Morrissey-solo
morrissey to play Tim Festival in Rio de Janeiro (October)? morrissey at England cricket match according to Hawksbee and Jacobs

12. .:. Official Site
Please note Tour Restricted Items Actions * Smoking of any type * Backpacksor Fannypacks * Moshing or Crowd Surfing * All Cameras, Audio/Video Recorders
* Smoking of any type
* Backpacks or Fannypacks
* Moshing or Crowd Surfing
* All Cameras, Audio/Video Recorders
* Lasers, Flash Lights or Glow Sticks
* Weapons, Knives, Glass, Spikes, and Wallet Chains
* Any item or action deemed to challenge public safety

13. A Chance To Shine `Zine
A fan publication about morrissey.

14. A Snapshot Of Morrissey On Tour
A snapsot of morrissey on tour

15. Chris Morrissey
Official website of the actor and director, featuring news, photographs, movie clips, cast interviews, and other information.

16. .. Official Site
Important Isle of Wight Announcement morrissey will regrettably not be appearing at the Isle Of Wight Festival on the 11th of June as scheduled.

17. Kim Morrissey - Writer - Official Home Page
Canadian playwright and poet.
htmlAdWH('93212816', '728', '90'); Main Painting Dora: Everything is not sex!
Freud: Everything, no. But Reticules, yes.
from Kim Morrissey's play Dora if he won
he won
if you won
it was only a game
poem, 'Dumont was a Great Shot'
from Kim Morrissey's Batoche ISBN 0-919926-91-6
quoted in Colombo's Dictionary of Canadian Quotations
At first, the new Prairie poets were mostly male, but in time a number of important women poets have appeared, including Anne Campbell, Lorna Crozier, Leona Gom, Kim Morrissey and Anne Szumigalski. " Douglas Barbour from"Poetry in English"
The 1998 Canadian Encyclopaedia
( published by McClelland and Stewart )
Canadian Author
Kim Morrissey electronic writer-in-resident University of Calgary: Writing Canada into the Millenium Project University of Toronto Library - Canadian Poets Books: Batoche (Coteau Books) Poems For Men Who Dream of Lolita (Coteau Books) "Peter Gzowski, Peter Gzowski" in Studio One: Stories for Radio (Coteau Books) Dora: A Case of Hysteria (Nick Hern Books) Clever as Paint: the Rossettis in Love (Playwrights Canada Press) [Biography Coteau Books] [Selections from Books] Hypertext Poetry Project ...

18. Bill Morrissey Home Page
Official site with news, discography, audio samples, press, book information, pictures, FAQs and the Birches discussion group.
Bill Morrissey New album: The Essential Collection
photo courtesy of Rounder Records
Collaborators, Associates, and Admirers:

Maintained by Ron Mura

19. It May All End Tomorrow A Smiths And Morrissey Website
A website dedicated to The Smiths and morrissey, featuring discographies, pictures, lyrics, and more.

20. IMAET - Morrissey's Sources
A website dedicated to The Smiths and morrissey, featuring discographies, pictures,lyrics, and more.
As most people know, Morrissey wasn't exactly above taking on loan a few lyrics himself. This a list of some of Morrissey's sources; originals sources are not necessarily accurate quotes. Some of these are definitely "borrowed"; others are pure conjecture, and still others are mere references.
Most of the more suspect ones are listed as the original author is or was a Morrissey favourite. Where there are multiple sources, I am most interested in the source which Morrissey most likely used himself.
The Smiths
Accept Yourself
"I am angry, I am ill, and I'm ugly as sin"
Magazine (included because of Howard Devoto link)
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
"A Rush, a charge from North, South, East and West [and] the land is ours"
Speranza, in an Irish nationalist magazine around the turn of the century
"A rush and a charge and the land is ours"
Traditional Irish battle cry
"...the ghost of Troubled Joe"
Probably a reference to the film Carry On Jack
"Sing me to sleep."
"A Taste Of Honey", by Shelagh Delaney. This could be dismissed as a common phrase, but considering the wholesale plundering of both this book and the film version, it's fairly reasonable.

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