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         Moore Roger:     more books (100)
  1. Roger Moore's James Bond Diary by Roger Moore, 1973
  2. Live and Let Die (film): Spy Film, James Bond, Roger Moore, Character (arts), James Bond (character), Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, Sean Connery, ... Live and Let Die (novel), Ian Fleming.
  3. Roger Moore and the Crimefighters Death In Denims by Dulcie Gray, 1977
  4. Biography - Moore, Roger George (1927-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  6. The Avenging Saint (Roger Moore) by Leslie Charteris, 1931
  7. For Your Eyes Only (film): Spy film, James Bond, Roger Moore, For Your Eyes Only (short story collection), Goldfinger (novel), Keelhauling, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (novel).
  8. Récipiendaire de L'ordre Du Mérite de La République Fédérale D'allemagne: Roger Moore, Steven Spielberg, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Werner Heisenberg (French Edition)
  10. The Man With the Golden Gun [ First Printing, July 1966 ] (Roger Moore as James Bond 007 in a smashing new film from United Artists) by Ian Fleming, 1966
  11. A View to a Kill: Spy, Film, James, Bond, Roger, Moore, MI6
  12. American Ska Singers: Steve Perry, Dicky Barrett, Aaron Barrett, Tomas Kalnoky, Vic Ruggiero, Angelo Moore, Roger Manganelli, David Mcwane
  13. For Your Eyes Only (Short Story Collection): Ian Fleming, Jonathan Cape, James Bond, EON Productions, For Your Eyes Only (film), Roger Moore, Licence to ... information, James Bond (comic strip)
  14. Conan the Outlaw (Endless Quest Book, No 25/Pick a Path to Adventure Series) by Roger E. Moore, 1985-03

81. Roger & Me (1989)
A regular joe who is also a film lover revisits Michael moore's first movie.
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After seeing Michael Moore's most recent film, The Big One , I just had to revisit the film that got it all started, 1989's . When I first saw it back around 1991, it made me completely paranoid of all corporations and their "profit-above-all" ways. It was, as Kathleen Carroll of the New York Daily News put it so eloquently, "...the perfect film at the perfect time". It was released at the end of the devastating "Reagan-omics" era, a time when our economy was at it's lowest point. Times have changed now in 1998, but the corporations stay the same, still doing everything to earn the all-important dollar, even in a time of great wealth, and Moore expresses this notion in The Big One almost as well as he captured the plight of downsizing in 1989. Moore begins Roger and Me by telling about himself and his history in Flint. He's not some outsider documenting this catastrophe for his own good, he's one of these people, doing this to raise awareness for the downsized people of Flint, Michigan. The funniest moments are watching Moore try to track down Roger Smith, the chairman of General Motors, who shut down the plants in Flint to move them to Mexico, where the labor is infinitely cheaper. He enters numerous buildings looking for Smith, only to be thrown out moments later by people too afraid to talk to him. It is the same everywhere he goes: asking about Roger Smith and his whereabouts, always ending with the line, "You're going to have to leave. This is a private building."

82. The Saint Videos At A&E
The Saint series of the 1960's featuring roger moore is now available on video and DVD.
He's one of the most popular of all fictional heroesSimon Templar, the daredevil SAINT immortalized forever by the legendary Roger Moore in one of the most beloved cult television series of all time. A modern-day Robin Hood, THE SAINT out swindles the swindlers for the good of the little guy. He's handsome, charming, suave and sophisticated, cool in a crisis and hot between the sheets. THE SAINT's explosive blend of thrilling action, daring adventure and dashing style captivated TV audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, and these collector's sets include episodes from the 1966-7 season, the first to be filmed in color. Digitally re-mastered and presented uncut and in their original broadcast order, this collection is what fans have long been waiting for. The DVD editions include great bonus features, including a bio of the saint, production stills and more (along with twice as many shows as the VHS sets!).
DVD Complete Color Set:
The Saint Megaset DVD Collection Roger Moore stars as a suave adventurer with a nose for justice in this collection featuring every color episode of the '60s series. Individual DVD's from this set are available below.
DVD Editions:
The Saint #1 DVD set - - Special T-Shirt Offer The ultimate collector's edition of the cult classic series features the first six episodes filmed in color, re-mastered and presented in their original order.

83. [] Michael Moore FAQ (Part 1 Of 3)
Who are some of the stars of roger ME? 3.5. Michael moore s roger ME publicity diary 3.6. After roger ME 4. PETS OR MEAT THE RETURN TO FLINT 4.0.
[] Michael Moore FAQ (Part 1 of 3)
There are reader questions on this topic!
Help others by sharing your knowledge
From: (Richard Palmer) Newsgroups: (Richard Palmer) Summary: This faq contains information about Michael Moore, Roger and Me, Tv Nation, Canadian Bacon and Downsize This. Keywords: Tv Nation,Michael Moore,Roger and Me,Downsize This Posted-By: auto-faq 3.3 (Perl 5.004) Archive-name: celebrities/michael-moore-faq/part1 Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: Jul 24, 1998 The Michael Moore FAQ Version 3.0 (Updated Jul 24, 1998) Compiled by Edward Champion Updated by Richard Palmer ( and Edward Champion ( ) * * * "Political humor is a good way of providing a message as opposed to giving a sermon." - Michael Moore * * * All comments can be addressed to Richard Palmer ( or Edward Champion (

84. - Roger Moore Collapses On Stage In New York - May. 8, 2003
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Roger Moore collapses on stage in New York
Former James Bond actor is now an ambassador for Children's Charity. Story Tools LONDON, England (Reuters) British actor Roger Moore, 75, who starred as secret agent James Bond in the 1970s and 80s, collapsed on stage in New York and was being treated in hospital on Thursday, his agent said. "I can confirm he collapsed during a performance of a play, but I have no more information as to his condition," his London agent told Reuters. British media reported that Moore was being treated in a Manhattan hospital with respiratory problems after collapsing on Wednesday during a performance of "The Play What I Wrote," in which he had a minor role. He was reported to be in stable condition. London-born Moore took over the role of 007 agent James Bond from Sean Connery in the 1973 film "Live and Let Die" after shooting to international fame in the 1960s on television as "The Saint." Moore went on to star in another six Bond films his final appearance was in 1985's "A View to a Kill" and always played the secret agent with a heavy touch of humor.

85. Roger Moore
Translate this page roger moore wurde am 14. Oktober 1927 als Sohn eines Polizisten in London geboren Heute bereist roger moore bevorzugt die Welt - als Botschafter für das
Sir Roger Moore UNICEF . Am 10.02.2003 bekam Moore das Bundesverdienstkreuz für seine Arbeit als Botschafter der Unicef. Am 14.06.2003 wurde Roger Moore von der englischen Königen, Queen Elizabeth zum Ritter geschlagen und darf sich SIR nennen. Seine wichtigsten Filme sind : Cäsar und Cleopatra IN TÖDLICHER MISSION Des Königs Dieb OCTOPUSSY Die Madonna mit den zwei Gesichtern Das nackte Gesicht Der Raub der Sabinerrinnen IM ANGESICHT DES TODES Tödlicher Salut Bullseye ! Der Mann, der sich selbst jagte Agenten leben einsam LEBEN UND STERBEN LASSEN Feuer, Eis und Dynamite Gold The Quest DER MANN MIT DEM GOLDENEN COLT Spiceworld - Der Film Rivalen gegen Tod und Teufel The James Bond Story ( TV ) Abrechnung in San Fransisco The BBC and the Bafta Tribute to Michael Caine ( TV ) Sherlock Holmes in New York In 80 Jahren um die Welt ( TV ) DER SPION, DER MICH LIEBTE The Enemy Die Wildgänse kommen The Orange British Academy Film Awards Flucht nach Athen Alias TV MOONRAKER - STRENG GEHEIM In the Footsteps pf the Holy Family TV Sprengkommando Atlantik Hollywood Greats TV Die Seewölfe kommen Boat Trip Auf dem Highway ist die Hölle los Tatort - Schatten. Deutscher TV Krimi

86. JimsMenus
A history of roger moore as the famous simon templar with a background on the actor.

87. UNICEF - UNICEF People - Sir Roger Moore
The United Nations Children s Fund UNICEF - works for children s rights, their survival, development and protection, guided by the Convention on the
Goodwill ambassadors International ambassadors Regional ambassadors National ambassadors ...
UNICEF people
Sir Roger Moore
Sir Roger Moore, the popular British film, television and stage actor, is perhaps best known for his role as secret agent 007, James Bond. With his appointment as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador on 9 August 1991, Sir Roger embarked on a new mission. "My curiosity got the better of me after Audrey Hepburn introduced me to UNICEF," says Sir Roger, explaining the origins of his association with the organization. "I wanted to find out more than just the facts and figures." Action role He set about this almost immediately, departing on an advocacy mission to projects in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. A mission to Brazil followed in September 1991. A 1996 mission took him to the Philippines and in 1997 he visited programmes in Brazil and helped inaugurate the ‘Check Out for Children’ initiative of Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, a fund-raising alliance that has raised more than US$4 million for UNICEF. Sir Roger has subsequently visited and promoted projects in Mexico, Slovenia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ghana, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.
Assisted by UNICEF and other relief workers, Sir Roger Moore distributes toys to Kosovar refugee children. TFYR Macedonia, 1999.

88. The Rising Eyebrow :: Index
roger moore fan site with information about his tenure as The Saint.
Latest News
Roger Info

TV Shows

Film Roles
Latest Updates 29 July Site Updates : Complete episode Guide to The Persuaders up, with associated Episode information. Just click on the title of the episode for summary information. 23 April News : Following the information that Roger Moore would be 'coming soon' to Paul O'Grady's evening talk show it has been noticed that Roger Moore will be appearing next Tuesday - 26th April. The show is on ITV1 5 - 6pm with late night repeats in the early hours that same night. 16 March Site Updates : Links section updated with Bond links added. 27 February Site Updates : Maverick Crew page updated - 78 links to 78 writers and directors who helped make the show what it is today. UNICEF donation information updated with new links and options. 21 February Site Updates : These will be coming soon. After a recent trip to Africa I have been swamped outside of the time I have spent on the website. Please keep coming back and checking for updates. 30 October Site Updates : Roger links page update.

89. Actor Roger Moore Released From Hospital

Buy the DVD PERSUADERS; VOL2 4DVD by moore, roger TONY CURTIS ROY WARD BAKERDIR at Looking for the latest moore, roger TONY CURTIS ROY

Buy the DVD PERSUADERS; VOL1 4DVD by moore, roger TONY CURTIS ROY WARD BAKERDIR at Looking for the latest moore, roger TONY CURTIS ROY

92. MR. KISS KISS BANG BANG! Moore Special.
roger moore not only excels at this approach, for many of us he defined it. Okay, so maybe Sean Connery *could* beat the crap out of roger moore.


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MKKBB and the Ian Fleming Foundation have agreed to a number of changes regarding their online partnership. T H E P R E M I E R J A M E S B O N D W E B S I T E WHO SAYS MOORE IS LESS? An Opinion from David Morefield Okay, I have a confession to make....I like Roger Moore as James Bond. If you're like most people in the world, that statement will no doubt elicit a heart-felt "So what?," but in the world of hard-core Bondophiles, it's like "coming out of the closet." One of the more curious elements of Bond history is the fact that Roger Moore, having played 007 in more "official" Bond films than any actor, having held the role for 12 years and having been accepted and even loved by audiences throughout his reign, is considered by serious fans to be the bane of the series. "Too humorous," cry his detractors. "Too wimpy," they say. Too blonde, too old, too foppish, too stiff....take your choice. "....And he can't act!"

93. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! Biography: Roger Moore
By the time he took the role of James Bond in 1973, roger moore had already made a career of playing roger moore honored by the Queen Dec. 31, 1998


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MKKBB and the Ian Fleming Foundation have agreed to a number of changes regarding their online partnership. T H E P R E M I E R J A M E S B O N D W E B S I T E Roger Moore Born: October 14, 1927 in London, England. By the time he took the role of James Bond in 1973, Roger Moore had already made a career of playing suave playboy adventurers. Most notably, he'd achieved international stardom as "Simon Templar" in ITV's globally syndicated series, "The Saint." Following the lukewarm public reception to George Lazenby in 1969, the Bond producers were unwilling to cast another unknown as 007 and viewed the well-known Moore as a proven draw.

94. UA Journal
roger Me s strength doesn t come from director Michael moore s talents as an moore s goal is to meet with GM Chairman roger Smith to invite him to

95. Roger Moore's Eyebrows Of Fun!
roger moore S FANTABULOUS EYEBROWS. Made by Hazzamon.

96. Roger Moore
Information about review author roger moore. All, Movies, Games, Celebs, Critics, Sources. Advance Search. Home Critics . roger moore
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document.write(""); document.write(""); Home Critics Roger Moore
PUBLICATION(S) Journal News (Westchester, NY) Orlando Sentinel Ottawa Citizen Winston-Salem Journal STATS Total Reviews: 651 SECTIONS Home Movie Reviews Best Reviewed Films Worst Reviewed Films ... Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson knows a thing or two about family values, from paternity ( Baby Boy ) to fraternity (the brand new Four Brothers Shop Look at Me Celebs ... WORST document.write(""); document.write(""); A SAMPLING OF THIS CRITIC'S CINEMATIC TASTE BEST TO WORST SAMPLING DIG! House of Flying Daggers Dust to Glory Hitch ... Are We There Yet? BEST REVIEWED Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Turtles Can Fly Oldboy Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room ... more... WORST REVIEWED Supercross: The Movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo The Dukes of Hazzard Stealth ... more... This critic agrees with the Tomatometer of the time. Genre: All Genres Action/Adventure Childrens Comedies Dramas Horror/Suspense Science-Fiction/Fantasy Westerns Foreign Films a b c d ... z Results for All Genres of 651) Next Sort by RATING Sort by ADD DATE (default) Sort by TITLE YEAR Sort by T-METER It's a little long, a lot lowbrow. But The

97. Roger Moore: A Who2 Profile
Suave, blueeyed and British, roger moore moved to the United States in 1953 and made his first mark in the TV western Maverick (replacing James Garner in
ROGER MOORE Actor Suave, blue-eyed and British, Roger Moore moved to the United States in 1953 and made his first mark in the TV western Maverick (replacing James Garner in 1959). Even more successful was his smooth portrayal of Simon Templar in the 1960s series The Saint . Gentlemanly and roguish, Moore took over from Sean Connery as James Bond in 1972 and eventually starred in seven Bond movies. In the 1990s Moore made fewer films, keeping busy with charity work on behalf of UNICEF; he succeeded Audrey Hepburn as the organization's Special Representative for the Film Arts.
Extra credit : Moore was named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1999, then granted knighthood by the Queen in 2003.
Moore and Connery appear with David Niven in our loop on actors who have Played Bond
The Saint: The Roger Moore Years

Nifty tribute to Moore and his 1960s TV show Roger Moore Official Site
Information on his career and highlighting his charitable work for UNICEF The Moore The Merrier
Another swell fan page with lots of photos Roger Moore
From a Bond fan site, a biography, links, and especially good news archives

98. National Law Enforcement Training Center: ACCT Trainers
ACCT Trainers. moore, roger. Springfield Police Department Springfield, MO. Courses taught by moore, roger Next scheduled course

99. HELLO! Profiles
There was no sign that roger moore would bring to life the ultrasmooth sex symbols James Bond and Simon Templar as he worked in one of his earliest roles

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Roger Moore
There was no sign that Roger Moore would bring to life the ultra-smooth sex symbols James Bond and Simon Templar as he worked in one of his earliest roles – as a knitting pattern model. Though not yet an international star, he was known to legions of British housewives as the handsome – and sensible – young man in homemade creations which Practical Home Knitting assured were perfect for "young men still under 20, no matter how conservative they may become later."
Truth in advertising aside – born on October 14, 1927, Roger was technically a 20-something – the modelling stint was an important landmark after his budding career was sidetracked by service in the military during WWII. "Never knock a knitting pattern," he said later. "Especially if you are being paid for it."
Roger's dapper Hollywood persona gave no clue to his working class roots, nor the fact that he left school at 15 to begin his first job. Putting his artistic talent – and a certificate from the Royal Society of Arts – to good use, he took a position as a junior trainee in animation. When he was "let go", it proved a blessing in disguise as, on a friend's recommendation, he landed a series of film extra roles in the mid-Forties. When one director asked him if was interested in being a full-time actor, "it didn't occur to me

100. Cult Programmes ITC & ATV Page 2 (TV ARK ON-LINE MUSEUM)
roger moore stars as Simon Templar, smooth hero of the Leslie Charteris Saint novels. roger moore stars as the Saint, always surrounded by a galaxy of
ITV, 1967
This 30-part series (27/07/1967 to 17/04/1968), starred Richard Bradford as McGill, a discredited US agent who can be hired to solve any crisis for just $300 per week plus expenses. McGill worked anywhere ie. copious stock footage of Paris or the Cote d'Azur, with exteriors filmed at Pinewood. This episode, Sweet Sue, first aired on 08/11/1967. Ron Grainer composed the fab theme, nicked by Chris Evans for TFI Friday. The Persuad ers!
ITV, 1971
Wild card Curtis and sweetie pro Moore are said to have clashed while filming this big-budget cheese classic. A hit in the UK, it bombed in the USA. Sir Lew had to cancel it after just one series of 24 episodes. The Pe rsuaders!

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