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         Moore Michael:     more books (100)
  1. Donald Duck Adventures Volume 20 (No. 20) by Michael T. Gilbert, Stefan Petrucha, et all 2006-10-04
  2. Taking Stock: Belize at 25 years of Independence by Jaime J. Awe, Candy Gonzalez, et all 2007-09-01
  3. Michigan's State Forests: A Century of Stewardship (Dave Dempsey Environmental) by William B. Botti, Michael D. Moore, 2006-10-31
  4. Seeing is believing: how the new art of visual management can boost performance throughout your organization.(Book Review): An article from: Human Resource Planning by Michael L. Moore, 2005-06-01
  5. From These Hills: An American Family's Odyssey by Michael Moore, 2003-04
  6. Balaam Traditions: Their Character and Development (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) by Michael S. Moore, 1989-08
  7. Majestika: The Art of Monte Moore by Monte Moore, 2006-06-30
  8. Montana on Fire! Summer of 2000 by Michael Moore, 2000-10-01
  9. Radio, Tv, and Cable Programming by Herbert H. Howard, Michael S. Kievman, et all 1994-06-30
  10. Shared Care in Mental Health (Medicine) by Laurence Mynors-Wallis, Jon Maguire, et all 2003-01-30
  11. Volle Deckung, Mister Bush by Michael Moore, 2004-09-30
  12. Sir Philip Sidney and the Interpretation of Renaissance Culture: The Poet in His Time and in Ours : A Collection of Critical and Scholarly Essays by Gary F. Waller, 1984-11
  13. Introduction to the Practice of Statistics w/Cd, UpGrade Study Pack & Minitab V 14 by David S. Moore, Michael A. Fligner, et all 2005-07-22
  14. Yes, we can by Michael Moore, 2008

81. Movie Reviews By Edwin Jahiel
Professor of cinema studies considers the controversial michael moore film. Rated 4/4.
ROGER AND ME (1989) **** . Written, produced and directed by Michael Moore. A Warners release. 83 minutes. Rated R (occasional strong language). Roger is General Motors chairman Roger Smith. "Me" is Michael Moore from Flint, Michigan, a.ka. "Buick City." In the 1980's , plant closings in Flint in favor of new openings of Mexican factories with cheaper undo the social and economic fabric of the city. The proletarian part of Flint becomes a disaster area. Journalist Moore, the only one in a long family line not to become a GM worker, wants answers for this catastrophe and tries to interview Roger Smith. In vain. The film's guiding thread is Moore's stalking of the Chairman from 1987 to 1989. Around this, Moore weaves his autobiography, a portrait of Flint through the years, descriptions of the blight, cases of duress and evictions (one of which is suspended for three days until the cameras go away), scenes of celebrities who try to uplift spirits with shows or idiotic pronouncements . As the poor get poorer, the rich keep their wealth and are shockingly insensitive to the tragedy of others. As Flint becomes like a "favella" in Rio and crime rises, the haves give garden-parties with "living statues" or costume balls in the new jail. In the ancient times of Rome's decadence, the people were given little bread and lots of circus games. Now Pat Boone returns to Flint and mouths absurdities. Tacky Bob Eubanks does The Newlywed Game. An inept Miss Michigan thinks only of becoming Miss America (she did.) . Anita Bryant inanely counsels : "hang in there."

82. NZZ Michael Moore At His Best
Ein Artikel von Martin Walder zu dem Dokumentarfilmer und «Bowling for Columbine».
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83. Michael Moore : EXPOSED!
Order michael moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man by David Hardy and I walk in the streets with them each day (michael moore, Stupid White Men, p.
Order "Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man" by David Hardy and Jason Clarke (6 weeks on NY Times Bestseller List)
About The Author

Critical Analysis: F9/11
Bowling For Columbine Response to Moore's "Wacko Attackos" defense ... Favorite Moore quotes Moore Links: Hot Moore Webpages:
Moore Lies

Moore Watch
The 59 lies of Fahrenheit 9/11 on Fahrenheit 9/11 Documentary films: Order DVDs of the below FahrenHYPE 9/11 Michael Moore Hates America Celsius 411 ... Moore the Movie Other Moore sites: Fahrenheit 9/11 vs. the 9/11 Commission Larry Pratt on Moore Non-Moore sites I love: Credits: Original website design by Katherine Short of WiNK* Media ISP via Crisishost (Both of the above I highly recommend!)
Should a 400 lb man advise us on the evils of over-consumption?
Should the resident of a million-dollar apartment claim to be a poster boy of the working class?
Should a person who thought that Enron was a great investment, that Ralph Nader, Wesley Clark and John Kerry would win, and that North Korea's Kim Jong was changing for the better, advise us on ANYTHING Michael Moore is a paradox. A millionaire who

84. Hideout - Cultura Dell'immagine E Della Parola
Recensione dell'ultimo film di michael moore, vincitore della Palma d'oro a Cannes 2004. A cura di Stefania Di Mascolo e Lorenzo Lipparini.

85. Moore, Michael
Writer and director michael moore is known for his documentaries on gun violence in Posted July 2004, ALG, Ken Myers, on michael moore s TV Nation and

86. FilmUP - Scheda: Bowling A Columbine
Presenta la scheda, il trailer e la recensione del film diretto da michael moore.

Bowling a Columbine

Titolo originale: Bowling for Columbine Nazione: Canada/Usa Anno: Genere: Documentario Durata: Regia: Michael Moore Sito ufficiale:
Cast: Michael Moore Produzione: Alliance Atlantis Communications, Dog Eat Dog Films, Salter Street Films International, United Broadcasting Inc. Distribuzione: Mikado Uscita prevista: 04 Ottobre 2002 (cinema)
Il ricco, aberrante e vergognoso mercato delle armi da fuoco è il nuovo obiettivo preso di mira dal celebre documentarista americano Michael Moore. Partendo dalla strage della Columbus High School, dove nel 1999 tredici alunni furono massacrati da due compagni, Moore traccia un preoccupante bilancio. Gli Stati Uniti vantano il più alto tasso di morti violente per anno, nonché il più alto numero di armi da fuoco pro-capite...
Scheda , DVD, Recensione Opinioni , Soundtrack, Speciale.
La locandina

87. Anecdote - Michael Moore - Michael Moore: War In... Iraq?
Anecdotes, Famous People. Funny Stories. Anecdotes from Gates to Yeats.

88. > News > Features -- Political Praise Polarizes Linda Ronstad
Explores the uproar caused when Ronstadt expressed support for michael moore, and chides those who forget that all art has a responsibility to inspire and provoke, not just soothe and entertain.
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Political praise polarizes Linda Ronstadt's fans at Humphrey's
By George Varga
UNION-TRIBUNE POP MUSIC CRITIC July 20, 2004 This 10-time Grammy Award-winner didn't burn a flag or shout out a raging manifesto of sedition during her Sunday night concert at Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay. But by dedicating her encore to someone she hailed as "a great American patriot and certainly the man of the hour" – "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore – the Tucson-born singer ignited a fiery response. Like a musical Moses staging a song-fueled parting of the Red Sea, the veteran star instantly split her sold-out audience of 1,360 in two. Half the crowd heartily applauded her praise for Moore, the other half booed. In an instant, the intimate outdoor venue on Shelter Island filled with a roar of cheers and jeers that grew to a near-fever pitch. As Ronstadt started to perform her encore, an impassioned version of the Eagles' "Desperado," dozens of concertgoers angrily streamed toward the exits, while others gave her an ovation.

89. Anecdote - Michael Moore - Michael Moore: Young Idealist
Anecdotes, Famous People. Funny Stories. Anecdotes from Gates to Yeats.

90. :::MichaelMooreRestaurant:::
Includes menu, wine list, promotions, reviews and biography.

91. Reality Film Special Section: Michael Moore
Features a filmography, bibliography, and links.

An overview of the issues surrounding the Michael Moore debates and an introduction to this section Bibliography A detailed list of works by Michael Moore; also includes some related reading Filmography A list of films and television shows directed by or involving Michael Moore; also includes a brief description of titles
Links to sites about Moore, including his official site and sites that oppose his views and work
Reality Film Special Section
Source of Photos

92. Michael Moore -- Facts, Info, And Encyclopedia Article
michael moore s home town, (Click link for more info and facts about Davison) Also of note is that michael moore is an (A boy scout who has earned many
Michael Moore
[Categories: U.S. film directors, American satirists, Roman Catholics, Political writers, People from Michigan, NPOV disputes, Documentary filmmakers, Bloggers, 1954 births]
Michael Francis Moore (born April 23, 1954) is a (A person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties) liberal (A native or inhabitant of the United States) American (The person who directs the making of a film) film director and (Writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)) author known for his advocacy of his (Click link for more info and facts about social democratic) social democratic political views, laced with (Witty language used to convey insults or scorn) sarcasm and humor.
Early life
Michael Moore's home town, (Click link for more info and facts about Davison) Davison , a middle-class suburb of (Click link for more info and facts about Flint, Michigan) Flint, Michigan , was home to one of (Click link for more info and facts about General Motors) General Motors (Click link for more info and facts about factories) factories , where his mother was a secretary, and both his father and grandfather were employed. His uncle was one of the founders of the

93. EFilmCritic - Defending Truth: Slate's Chris Hitchens Does A Hatchet Job On Mich
Provides a rebuttal to several assertions of a highly critical review of Farenheit 9/11.

94. Moore, Michael
michael moore. Pig Industry Development Consultant. Phone +61 8 8521 2719 or+61 8 8303 7719 Mobile 0401 122 096 Email


- Other documents in this section - Babidge, Peter Banhazi, Thomas Bansemer, Peter Bawden, Simon Carmichael, Ian Cooper, John Daughtry, Ben Deland, Mick Edwards, Nick Evans, John Fleet, Malcolm Glatz, Phil Gregory, Neville Grimson, Richard Hamilton, David Hebart, Ben Hocking-Edwards, Janelle Holds, Geoff Hughes, Bob Hughes, Paul Jackowiak, Jan Jaensch, Kaylene Kelly, Jen Kleeman, Dave Lewis, Phil Maddocks, Simon Martin, Richard McCormack, Peter Moore, Michael Nattrass, Greg O'Callaghan, Mick Padula, David Pointon, Andrew Pope, Graeme Ramsay, Anne Ru, Yingjun Slade, Jo Smith, Darryl Starbuck, Tamara Taylor, Owen Valentine, Steve Walker, Simon
Michael Moore
Pig Industry Development Consultant Phone: +61 8 8521 2719 or +61 8 8303 7719
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Head Office: Plant Research Centre, Entrance 2b, Hartley Grove, Urrbrae 5064, South Australia
Postal Address: GPO Box 397, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

95. Die Wahrheit über Michael Moore
Eine kritische œberpr¼fung der Argumente und Methoden von michael moore. Hintergr¼nde zu Szenen aus den Filmen werden dargestellt.

96. General Search Results For Michael Moore
10% off all books, all the time! Search from a worldwide database of over 600000titles at Leading Edge Books online. Leading Edge Books is Australia s

97. FAIR ACTION ALERT: Michael Moore Film Faces Disney Censorship
The New York Times reports the Disney corporation is forbidding its subsidiary, Miramax Films, to distribute michael moore's Farenheit 9/11.
The FAIR site has been redesigned! This page is available for archival purposes only and has not been updated since January 2005. Please update your links. To access the new homepage, go to . You may also wish to visit the advanced search page or the archives page.
Michael Moore Film Faces Disney Censorship May 5, 2004
The Disney corporation is forbidding its subsidiary, Miramax Films, to distribute Michael Moore's new documentary, the New York Times reported today. The film, Fahrenheit 911 , explores the Bush family's close personal and financial ties to the Saudi royal family, and describes how the current Bush administration helped evacuate relatives of Osama bin Laden from the United States after the September 11 attacks in 2001. A Disney executive told the New York Times that it was blocking the distribution of the film in the United States and Canada because, in the paper's words, "Disney caters to families of all political stripes and believes Mr. Moore's film...could alienate many." The executive is quoted: "It's not in the interest of any major corporation to be dragged into a highly charged partisan political battle."

98. Adolescence: Kramer-Moore, Daniela, & Moore, Michael. Life Imitates Art: Encount
Full text of the article, Kramermoore, Daniela, moore, michael. Life ImitatesArt Encounters Between Family Therapy and Literature - Book Review from
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IN free articles only all articles this publication Automotive Sports 10,000,000 articles - not found on any other search engine. FindArticles Adolescence Summer 2003 Content provided in partnership with
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AAACN Viewpoint
ABNF Journal, The AIDS Treatment News AMAA Journal ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Adolescence Summer, 2003
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. New York: The Solomon Press, 2002. 278pp. $29.95 (p). Both family therapy and literature deal with interpersonal conflict. Kramer-Moore and Moore make use of this common ground through a careful selection of literary excerpts to accompany their demonstration of the basics of family therapy. Literature (short stories, novels, poetry, and drama) is interpreted at three levels: the overt one accessible to all readers; the covert message intended by the author; and the subliminal information of which the author might be unaware. It is this last and deepest level at which literature is likely to shape life by legitimizing pathological family processes. Explaining and using this model in Life Imitates Art, Kramer-Moore and Moore lead their readers through the intricate concepts of family therapy, often expressing a provocative attitude. A special section of the book is devoted to the use of literary excerpts in therapy session for couples and groups.

99. Michael Moore Hits Gutter Balls And Strikes As He Documents America's Love For G
William Arnold points out that michael moore hits gutter balls and strikes as he documents America's love for guns.
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David Horsey

COFFEE BREAK Horoscope TV Listings FIND IT! NWclassifieds Jobs Autos Real Estate ... Obituaries P-I ANYWHERE E-mail Newsletters News Alerts PDA Cell Phones ... RSS Feeds OUR AFFILIATES Friday, October 18, 2002 Michael Moore hits gutter balls and strikes as he documents America's love for guns By WILLIAM ARNOLD SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER MOVIE CRITIC MOVIE REVIEW BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE DIRECTOR: Michael Moore DOCUMENTARY RUNNING TIME: 119 minutes RATING: R for scenes of violence WHERE: Egyptian GRADE: C+ But he has critics who charge he is also a shameless exhibitionist and a small intellect who blithely juggles statistics to make his points, loves to unfairly ambush his interview subjects (to make them stupid and himself smart), and is a master of the cheap shot. Both sides of Moore are on display in "Bowling for Columbine," a documentary about violence in America that is such a thorough condemnation of our cowboy culture that the French chose it to be the first documentary in 46 years to play in competition at Cannes. Why, Moore wonders, does America have its epidemic of murder? Why do we kill each other at a rate vastly out of proportion to our population and beyond that of all the other countries of the Free World? How can things like Columbine and the Oklahoma City bombing happen?

100. Roger & Me (1989)
A regular joe who is also a film lover revisits michael moore's first movie.
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After seeing Michael Moore's most recent film, The Big One , I just had to revisit the film that got it all started, 1989's . When I first saw it back around 1991, it made me completely paranoid of all corporations and their "profit-above-all" ways. It was, as Kathleen Carroll of the New York Daily News put it so eloquently, "...the perfect film at the perfect time". It was released at the end of the devastating "Reagan-omics" era, a time when our economy was at it's lowest point. Times have changed now in 1998, but the corporations stay the same, still doing everything to earn the all-important dollar, even in a time of great wealth, and Moore expresses this notion in The Big One almost as well as he captured the plight of downsizing in 1989. Moore begins Roger and Me by telling about himself and his history in Flint. He's not some outsider documenting this catastrophe for his own good, he's one of these people, doing this to raise awareness for the downsized people of Flint, Michigan. The funniest moments are watching Moore try to track down Roger Smith, the chairman of General Motors, who shut down the plants in Flint to move them to Mexico, where the labor is infinitely cheaper. He enters numerous buildings looking for Smith, only to be thrown out moments later by people too afraid to talk to him. It is the same everywhere he goes: asking about Roger Smith and his whereabouts, always ending with the line, "You're going to have to leave. This is a private building."

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