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         Mercer Rick:     more books (21)
  1. Rick Mercer Report: The Book by Rick Mercer, 2007-09-25
  2. Computing Fundamentals With C++: Object-Oriented Programming & Design by Rick Mercer, 1998-08
  3. Problem Solving and Program Implementation Using Turbo Pascal: Versions 4.0 to 6.0/With Lab Manual to Accompany Problem Solving & Program Implementation by Rick Mercer, 1991-02
  4. Streeters: Rants & Raves from This Hour Has 22 Minutes by Rick Mercer, 1998
  5. Computing Fundamentals With C# by Martin Stepp, Rick Mercer, 2004-12
  6. Computing Fundamentals With C++: Using, Modifying, and Implementing Object Classes/Book and Disk by Rick Mercer, 1995-01
  7. Computing Fundamentals With Java by Rick Mercer, 2000-12
  8. Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book by Rick Mercer, 2008-09-16
  9. Canadian Television Comedians: Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Tom Green, Martin Short, Rick Mercer, Colin Mochrie, Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis
  10. Fernsehmoderator (Kanada): Ralph Klein, Tom Green, Jan Rubes, Jonathan Mann, David Onley, Ann-Marie Macdonald, Monty Hall, Rick Mercer, Les Lye (German Edition)
  11. Canadian Satirists: Rick Mercer, Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Lynn Coady, Jay Pinkerton, Alan Park
  12. Blogueur Canadien: Mike Ward, Patrick Lagacé, Cory Doctorow, Rick Mercer, Nicolas Langelier, Zviane, Iris (French Edition)
  13. Problem Solving and Program Implementation Using turbo Pascal, Versions 4.0 To 6.0 by Rick Mercer, 1992-01-01
  14. Streeters by Rick (foreword by Peter Gzowski) Mercer, 1999-01-01

1. Rick Mercer Online: A Rick Mercer Tribute Site
Fan site with photo galleries, upcoming television listings, as well as biography and contact information.
A Rick Mercer Tribute Site
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2. - Program Guide - Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer s Monday Report, a weekly halfhour of topical comedy, Rick Mercer has received over 25 Gemini Awards for television writing and performance, Rick&pr

3. Rick Mercer Online A Rick Mercer Tribute Site
Rick Mercer Online The ultimate source for all things Rick!

4. Rick Mercer - TV Tome
TV Tome is your guide to Rick Mercer. Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and more.

5. Rick Mercer - Northern Stars
Have you voted? RICK MERCER b. October 17, 1969 in St.John's Newfoundland. Titles in red indicate best performances.

6. Rick Mercer's Journal
Er I mean In the fine tradition of the glorious shows brought to you by the CBC and forced upon you by the CRTC. So, who is Rick Mercer?

7. This Hour Has 22 Minutes
AtlanticCanada's current-events and satire show from Salter Productions. Includes synopsis, production notes, cast biographies and online store.

8. CBC Television - Rick Mercer's Monday Report
Rick Mercer attended a Toga Party at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, last week for a great cause, to rally for

9. Rick Mercer Home Page
Rick Mercer Computer Science view from department University of Arizona

10. Rick Mercer Speaker Profile At The Lavin Agency
The Lavin Agency presents Rick Mercer Canada's Unofficial Opposition, Rick Mercer is Canada's wittiest and sharpest political satirist.

11. Playback - Articles - The 2004 Gemini Nominees
Rick Mercer Made In Canada "The Last Show" (Salter) John Pattison - Puppets Who Kill "Dan and the Necrophiliac" (PWK)

12. Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites

13. Rick Mercer - Wikiquote
Rick Mercer Report opening from the first two seasons Good Evening, I m Rick Mercer and this is Monday Report. Sometimes airlines die and go to heaven .
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Rick Mercer
From Wikiquote
Rick Mercer
Canadian comedian
  • The ozone hole over the Antarctic may soon set the record as being the world's biggest. This is the first year that the world's biggest hole will not be a head of state. The US is our neighbour, our ally, our trading partner, and our friend, and sometimes we'd like to give them such a smack. [on Canada and the US] We're bigger, and we're on top. If this was prison, they would be our bitch. Canada's treasury board has just published the results of a $1.5 million survey on public service morale. The results indicate that 90 percent of federal public servants like their jobs, while 20 percent report being harassed on the job. Which means...10 percent, don't mind a bit. Here's to democracy. May we get the government we deserve. At this time, we need to look to Canada's poets for inspiration. And when we think Canada, when we think poets, we all think... Trooper! [followed by footage of Canadian politicians singing along to "Raise A Little Hell"] Rick Mercer Report opening from the first two seasons] Good Evening, I'm Rick Mercer and this is

14. Rick Mercer - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Rick Mercer on 22 Minutes At the end of its second season, Rick Mercer Report was the highest rated arts and
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Rick Mercer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Rick Mercer Rick Mercer (born October 17 in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador ), is a Canadian comedian Mercer first came to national attention in , when he premiered his one-man show Show Me the Button, I'll Push It, or Charles Lynch Must Die at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa . A pointed, satirical political commentary on Canadian life after Meech Lake Show Me the Button made Mercer a national star as he toured the show across Canada. In , he created and performed his second show, I've Killed Before, I'll Kill Again , which was also a popular touring show. Also in that year, he began to work with former CODCO members Cathy Jones Mary Walsh , and with fellow Newfoundlander Greg Thomey , to create a new television series for CBC Television which became This Hour Has 22 Minutes Former Prime Minister Jean Chr©tien and Rick Mercer on 22 Minutes In the first eight seasons of 22 Minutes , Mercer provided some of the show's signature moments, including having lunch at a Harvey's fast food restaurant with former Canadian Prime Minister

15. Mercer Rick
Celebrity Wallpapers, mercer rick desktop wallpapers. Celebrity Wallpapers thousands available ready for download, mercer rick
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Celebrities Directory
M :: Mercer Rick
Mercer Rick desktop wallpapers
Celebrity Wallpapers thousands available ready for download, Mercer Rick... - Rick Mercer
Filmography and brief biography of the actor. ...
Rick Mercer Online
Fan site with photo galleries, upcoming television listings, as well as biography and contact information. ...
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16. The Gazette | Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer has us look into the matter and asks those questions which we as Rick Mercer is a man who spent his last high school year on tour with a

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June 9, 2005



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June 30, 2005
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Oration honouring Rick Mercer
One expects a satirist to take his cue from Jonathan Swift or Ambrose Bierce ­ to be embittered, trapped in his own failings, railing at the corruption of a world over which he has no control. Rick Mercer bears no likeness to these great figures. Through his ambushes, his streeters, his talking to Americans, he has become commentator in that most common sense of the word: he has encouraged the subject to comment upon itself. Rick Mercer has us look into the matter and asks those questions which we as audience must answer. Now, mind you, the question is set in such a loaded context that we are led to the answer. This Hour Has 22 Minutes , creator of Made in Canada and Monday Report , winner of over 25 Geminis ­ may excuse your presumption. The fact that he has already received an honorary degree from another university also helps ­ but it only suggests we are a little slow. In any event we need to be clear about why we recognize Rick Mercer. We know he is famous, we rejoice in his fortune but today, here, we honour his sense of responsibility, his loyalty, and his boundless creativity. Born, as he has often told us, into that North American anomaly, the functional family, he grew up in another anomaly: the suburban outport of Middle Cove. Schooled ­ if that is not an overstatement ­ at Prince of Wales he became head of the student council there. His foray into school politics was a natural extension of an already highly-developed interest in the topic. At home, politics was the main course at supper. In his first job, at 13 in Shea’s Hamburger Hell, he combined politics and potato peeling for Hughie Shea, its owner, his godfather and a real political curio. Rick Mercer really should have been an early candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood or Mao’s Red Guard. Except that, he was never a zealot.

17. Mercer
Rick Mercer. Rick Mercer. Rick Mercer began his career in comedy performing and writing a series of oneman stage shows, beginning with Show Me the Button,
A Memorial University of Newfoundland Publication Volume 37 Number 12 March 31, 2005 Bookmarks Search This Issue The Gazette Homepage University Relations E-Mail Us ... Student View
Rick Mercer Rick Mercer began his career in comedy performing and writing a series of one-man stage shows, beginning with , which debuted at the National Arts Centre in 1990 and went on to tour across the country. Subsequent theatre performances included (1992) and Canada: A Good Place to Hide
This Hour Has 22 Minutes , which he left in 2001. In 1998, he joined Gerald Lunz and Michael Donovan to create the satirical dramatic series Made in Canada , where he again starred and contributed as a writer. In 2001, his special Talking to Americans became the highest rated Canadian comedy special of all time with 2.7 millions viewers.
Monday Report
In 2002, he was presented with an honorary doctor of letters from Laurentian University. Among numerous other awards, he has been co-named Journalist of the Year at the Atlantic Journalism Awards, Artist of the Year from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, and he has received a number of Canadian Comedy Awards.

18. DBLP: Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer. List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server 1, EE Nell B. Dale, Rick Mercer, Elliot B. Koffman, Walter J. Savitch Writing
Rick Mercer
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL ACM Guide CiteSeer CSB ... Nell B. Dale , Rick Mercer, Elliot B. Koffman Walter J. Savitch : Writing a textbook: walking the gauntlet. SIGCSE 2001
Coauthor Index
Nell B. Dale Elliot B. Koffman Walter J. Savitch DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Michael Ley ( Mon Aug 8 19:49:01 2005

19. Blogger: User Profile: Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer. Location Canada. Blogs. Blog Name, Team Members. View this Blog, Rick Mercer s Blog. Contact. My Web Page. User Stats
Push-Button Publishing
Rick Mercer
Blog Name Team Members Rick Mercer's Blog
User Stats
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20. Rick
Rick Mercer The Everything People Registry Canada Newfoundland Made in Canada Mercer Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Mercer

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