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  1. Ricky Martin Songs: Self Control, Livin' La Vida Loca, the Cup of Life, Nobody Wants to Be Lonely, She Bangs, María, Go the Distance
  2. Persiguiendo el sonido. (noticias breves sobre el mundo de la música que incluyen la vida sentimental del cantante Ricky Martin y el hijo recien nacido ... September 18, 1997): An article from: Semana
  3. She Bangs & Other Hits Recorded by Ricky Martin by Martin, Ricky, 2001-01-01
  4. Puerto Rican Roman Catholics: Ricky Martin
  5. Menudo Members: Ricky Martin, Charlie Masso, Xavier Serbia, Ricky Meléndez, Johnny Lozada, Edgardo Díaz, Miguel Cancel, Ray Reyes, Rene Farrait
  6. ALE... ALE... ALE...(Ricky Martin, cantante; concierto; reseña; Houston, Tejas)(TT: Alé, alé, alé...)(TA: Ricky Martin, singer; concert; review; Houston, Texas)(Reseña): An article from: Semana by Zandra Rojas, 1999-11-17
  7. Livin' La Vida Loca By Ricky Martin by Robi Rosa, Desmond Child, 1999
  8. Ricky Martin Songbook
  9. Skieur Nautique: Patrice Martin, Ricky Mccormick, Jean-Marie Muller, Sammy Duvall, Nicolas le Forestier, Chris Parrish (French Edition)
  10. Puerto Rican Pop Singers: Ricky Martin
  11. Ricky se lució: todavía vive: si pensaba que el cantante boricua Ricky Martin pasó por nuestra ciudad sólo a presentar el concierto, se equivoca. Semana ... cantante. Especial.: An article from: Semana by Sindy M. Ortega, 2006-01-29
  12. Ricky Martin (1999 Album)
  13. Puertoricaner: Benicio del Toro, Pedro Albizu Campos, Luis Muñoz Marín, Ricky Martin, Rosario Ferré, Luis A. Ferré, Carlito (German Edition)
  14. Albums Produced by William Orbit: Rock Steady, Ghv2, Ray of Light, Music, Rudebox, Think Tank, Ricky Martin

41. Martin Ricky På
. Ginza Musik AB För oss som gillar Film och Musik.

42. Sony BMG - Specja³y - Zdjêcia Specjalne - RICKY MARTIN Ricky W Warszaw ...
Specjaly RICKY MARTIN Ricky w Warszawie (2001.07.16)
Dzi¶ jest niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2005 Reklama Kontakt
Najnowsze videoklipy:
Wszyscy chc± kochaæ

Since U Been Gone

Everythinh Burns (feat. Anastacia)

ZAPISZ SIÊ. TO NIC NIE KOSZTUJE!!! KLUB SONY MUSIC TYLKO U NAS! KAYAH - mix najnowszego przeboju "Jutro rano". Polecamy! Sony BMG Specja³y Zdjêcia specjalne - RICKY MARTIN Ricky w Warszaw ... RICKY MARTIN - Ricky w Warszawie (2001.07.16) Aby obejrzeæ wiêksze zdjêcie, kliknij na miniaturkê artysta katalog news Musisz obs³ugiwaæ cookies!!! Login: Has³o: [zapisz siê] [nie pamiêtam has³a] TYLKO TUTAJ znajdziesz t³umaczenie DVD "Star Wars: A Musical Journey"! Proponujemy dzisiaj: Wywiady z gwiazdami: BRODKA JEM AMEL BENT ... MAGNIFICO Pos³uchaj!!! Tylko u nas!!! ANDRZEJ PIASECZNY - Z g³êbi duszy Pos³uchaj!!! Tylko u nas!!! NATALIA KUKULSKA - S³oñce za mn± chodzi Pos³uchaj!!! Tylko u nas!!! JAMIROQUAI - Seven Days In Sunny June Pos³uchaj!!! Tylko u nas!!! OASIS - The Importance Of Being Idle Sony Music Aktualno¶ci Arty¶ci ... Reklama

43. Ricky Martin
Official site. Includes news, audio and video clips, biography, photo gallery, interviews, and tour dates. In English, French, and Spanish.

44. (aa) Ricky Martin: The Official Home Of The Award Winning RMTEE Website (aa)
The official home of ~RMTEE~ ricky martin The European Experience One of the most comprehensive websites on latin sensation ricky martin.


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45. Ricky Martin
Pagine ufficiali curate dalla casa discografica biografia, foto, discografia, video, e news.

46. Ricky Martin Pictures, Biography, Discography, Screensavers,
ricky martin Pictures, Biography, Discography, Screensavers,,_Ricky/
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Ricky Martin

Born: December 24, 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Years Active: 90 's, 00's
Ricky Martin was one of the biggest teen idols in Latin America during the '90s. A lead singer of Menudo, Martin was blessed with good looks and a nice voice, which helped him become a Latin music star. He also became an actor, earning praise from the Mexican motion picture industry and starring on the American soap opera General Hospital, where he... A hot screensaver of images from Ricky Martin's album "Alamas del Silencio!" Download Free Screensavers Discography: Almas del Silencio Historia Sound Loaded [Australian] Sound Loaded ... Vuelve [Australia Bonus Tracks] Photo Gallery: [More >>] Member Of: Menudo [More >>] Similar Artists: Marc Anthony Enrique Iglesias Jennifer Lopez Christina Aguilera ... [More >>] Followers: William Hung Melody [More >>] Rate Ricky Martin: Worst Best Forum: Discuss Ricky Martin with Starpulse members in the forums...

47. Ricky Martin Will Burn In Rock And Roll Hell
Against ricky martin, with reasons he will ruin society, a picture, and links.
This webpage is dedicated to the proposition that RICKY MARTIN WILL BURN IN ROCK AND ROLL HELL Update 2.17.05 - New message board added. Check the bottom of the page. -Management
Update 2.16.05 - Email address has been updated with a new active email address. New guestbook to come soon. We're back with a vengeance. -Management

Ricky Martin sucks.  Ricky Martin is the lowest form of human life we have ever witnessed.  It is because of people like Ricky Martin that Rock and Roll is in the state it is in.  Many small, defenseless children will grow up in a world with no meaning because of Ricky Martin.  Ricky Martin will be Livin' La Vida IN HELL! "Possibly the greatest site on the internet." Someone from New Zealand who signed our guestbook
NOTE: We are not trying to imply that Ricky Martin sings rock and roll, as some of our visitors have thought. We just say that he is suppressing good music because he looks nice and sounds nice. If you would read our reasons below you would see that we already addressed that. However, we have realized that most people don't read the reasons. Anyway, for those of you agree with us, rock on. REASONS RICKY MARTIN WILL BURN IN HELL REASON #1 REASON #2 REASON #3 IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY THESE THREE REASONS APPLY TO RICKY MARTIN, THEN I REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT

48. Music Of Puerto Rico - Artists: Ricky Martin
Biography and discography of pop star, ricky martin.
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Martin, Ricky - Other/Pop
Born Enrique Martin Morales on 24 December, 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin got his start in music as one of the original members of the Puerto Rican pop group, Menudo For more than a decade, Ricky Martin watched his popularity escalate around the world, even as he remained under the radar of stateside audiences. And then… More than a billion television viewers in 187 countries across the globe felt the full force of Rickymania when he performed "The Cup Of Life" at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards ceremonies in February 1999. Ricky's single, "La Copa de la Vida" ( lyrics ), was the official song of the World Cup France '98 and has been a #1 single in more than 30 countries. That same night, Ricky's full-length Latin recording

49. Música De Puerto Rico - Artistas: Ricky Martin
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Martin, Ricky - Otro/Pop
Traducido por: Patricia M. Maldonado Menudo letra Vuelve En abril de 1999, cuando las verdaderas ventas de la primera semana (280,000) fueron recopiladas Livin' La Vida Loca letra Billboard Lanzado el 11 de mayo de 1999, Ricky Martin Tito Puente She Bangs letra Almas del Silencio en 2003.

Discografía CD
Best Of [Sony 2003] CD
Almas del Silencio CD
Medio Vivir [Coleccion de Oro] CD
Best of Ricky Martin [Sony 2001] CD
La Historia Discografía completa

50. Ricky Martin - :: Celebrities
High resolution photos and pictures of ricky martin. Also ricky martin's profile, biography, discography, lyrics to all of his songs, videos and community fan chat.
Ricky Martin
Community Check Your Email

51. Tournament Of Champions IV @ WWWF Ground Zero
A battle royale amongst 8 pop culture icons, centered around the long overdue death of ricky martin.
World Wide Web Fights presents
The Scenario
Washington, D.C., July 2nd, 6:00 PM "Livin' La Vida Loca...". The Ricky Martin express continues to roll on unabated here on the Washington Mall. Although the heartthrob pop performer notices that the crowd seems a little more drunk and surly than usual tonight, he remains confident and smiling. If only those stage lights weren't so bright, he might be able to get a better look at them. But no matter. He is the hottest commodity in the whole world right now and the promoters had promised him an obscene amount of money on top of this concert forever making him famous the world over. What could possibly go wrong? As he finishes up, the loudspeakers come to life. "Before we move onto the main event, let us all rise for the singing of the national anthem!" "All right, D.C.!" Ricky yells into the microphone. "Let's do it one more time, with love!" However, instead of the Star Spangled Banner, the band starts into the 15th rendition of "La Vida Loca", the only song Ricky is trained to perform. Ricky shortly notices a small red bead target directly on his chest, soon joined by a second and a third. In an instant, the place where the singer was standing is filled with a lethal stream of large-caliber bullets, several large fireballs, a dozen exploding arrows and a flood of unidentifiable green liquid. Unfortunately, the song continues for another 15 seconds until a bazooka takes out the lip sync machine, as well as most of what remained of the stage.

52. Lycos Music | Ricky Martin  -  Ricky Martin (1991)
Music Home ricky martin Discography ricky martin (1991). video player radio help ricky martin ricky martin (1991) Martin&AN=Ricky Martin&MID

53. Ricky Martin French Contact
Biographie, discographie et paroles, entrevue, photos, extraits audio et vid©o.
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54. BBC - Music / Profiles - Ricky Martin
detailed biography, discography, recommended listening and reading, audio clips and web links.
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21 August 2005
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BBC Homepage

Album Of The Week: David Holland/Barre Phillips
Mercury Awards ...
Like this page? Send it to a friend! everything you need to know about Ricky Martin He's been a star in Latin America since his teenage years. More recently his smash hit "Livin’ La Vida Loca" has won him adoring fans around the globe. He will undoubtedly be entertaining us for years to come. Listen [in RealAudio] need audio help? from Ricky Martin She Bangs from Sound Loaded Born: 1971 The way I feel is, I don't have to sound perfect, but my emotion has to nail it. There's nothing scientific about it, it's all about emotion. I let it flow. If it's real, it stays. Ricky on his candid approach to singing nearby in Ricky Martin Biography Ricky Martin Discography Profiles A-Z listing around Radio 1 on Ricky out there: Official Site The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites. RICKY MARTIN IN ONE MINUTE
  • Started his showbiz career as a child actor in TV commercials Joined the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo when he was 12 Played Miguel Morez, bartender and part time singer, in Stateside soap

55. Portal ABFRM - Ricky Martin
Biografia, fotos, not­cias, letras de mºsicas e lista de f£clubes do artista.
Inicio Biografia Músicas Notícias ... Mapa do Site
People For Children
Frases A minha missão é mostrar ao mundo as diferenças culturais da América Latina e acabar com aquela idéia de que tudo se resume em Salsa e Samba.. - Ricky Martin -
Almas del Silencio Tal vez
Asignatura Pendiente
Y todo queda en nada
I DON'T CARE Ricky Martin iniciou essa semana a sua jornada de divulgação da nova produção discográfica, "Life", que estará à venda nas lojas a partir de 10 de outubro. A edição desse domingo do jornal New New York Times tem um artigo das Nações Unidas que inclui uma entrevista com o Ricky Martin e outros embaixadores. Durante sua recente visita ao Reino Unido, Ricky gravou uma pequena mensagem para seus fãs. Clique no link para assistir o vídeo. Agenda Arquivos Downloads Entretenimento ... Ricky Martin Foundation Store Qual é a melhor formar de fazer compras e ainda ajudar uma grande causa - numa só tacada! A Fundação Ricky Martin lançou uma edição especial de artigos com o símbolo do projeto People For Children que vai de palito oriental para o cabelo a charmosos pingentes de prata.

56. BBC - Radio 1 News Artist A-Z - Martin, Ricky
Exclusive Interviews, features and news stories on martin, ricky from the archives of BBC Radio 1 Online.
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21 August 2005
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BBC Homepage

BBC Music
HELP In for Vernon Kay
SCHEDULE LISTEN RADIO 1 EVENTS ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! A B C ... Z Martin, Ricky Search for Martin, Ricky (Biography, albums and song clips) Most Recent Stories 05 June 2001: Ricky in murder thriller Ricky Martin is making his movie debut as Joanne Whalley's murderous ex-lover. 'He Came Back' tells the story of a married English woman living in the States, whose life is turned upside down when a boyfriend she thought had died reappears in her neighbourhood. Ricky says he wanted to turn to acting - and opted for this thriller because he can also sing in it. 01 May 2001: Ricky's producer arrested in bomb row Ricky Martin's producer has been arrested - after protesting about a US Navy bombing training exercise on an island off Puerto Rico. Robi Draco Rosa... 07 March 2001: Ricky Faintin' Dozens of young Swedish girls had to be resuscitated with oxygen after meeting Ricky Martin. More than 1,200 fans turned up to a department store in... 07 March 2001: Ricky wants to be alone Ricky Martin may sing about being lonely with Christina Aguilera - but he says he longs for a bit of time on his own. Ricky told Radio 1 he used to...

57. Ricky Martin
Biograf­a, discos, letras, fotos y enlaces.

58. Latest Lyrics
N'Sync, Britney Spears, Savage Garden, ricky martin, Enrique Iglesias, Backstreet Boys, Santana, Eiffel 65, Five, Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilaira, Westlife, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion, Will Smith.
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59. Hip Online: Artists: Ricky Martin
hip online is the premier entertainment site with interviews, reviews, fashion designers, and much much more.
ARTISTS: A B C D ... reviews Ricky Martin, the tireless international superstar who detonated the Latin Pop Explosion, is back with Sound Loaded , the eagerly-awaited follow-up to his phenomenal English language debut album, which has sold 15 million copies worldwide and has been certified seven times RIAA-platinum in the United States since its release in 1999. With Sound Loaded , Ricky charts further his path of artistic growth, continuing to find new ways of blending el ritmo with elements of Pop, Rock, and Funk. Ricky's worldwide fanbase, which has grown exponentially with each of his releases, will not be disappointed with Sound Loaded . While remaining true to his Latin music roots, Ricky extends the possibilities of his music with 15 brand-new tracks ranging from heart-stopping ballads to booty-stomping party anthems.
Taking time off from his exhaustive tour schedule to record Sound Loaded earlier this year, Ricky assembled his dream writing/production team, many of whom helped him create the magic of

60. RMLSQ Ricky Martin : Le Site Quebecois
Actualit©, photos, paroles, biographie, midi et des po¨mes.

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