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         Marsters James:     more books (19)
  1. She Stoops to Conquer: Or the Mistakes of the Night (Library Edition Audio CDs) by Oliver Goldsmith, James (ACT) Marsters, et all 2010-10-25
  2. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): James Marsters, Fictional Character, Joss Whedon, Television Series, Villain, Comic- Relief, Anti- Hero
  3. The Importance of Being Earnest [With Earbuds] (Playaway Young Adult) by Oscar Wilde, 2010-02
  4. People From Modesto, California: George Lucas, Chandra Levy, Mark Spitz, Kenny Roberts, Jr., James Marsters, Ann Veneman
  5. Spike After the Fall Issue #1 New Dimension Comics Exclusive Cover James Marsters by Brian Lynch, 2008
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine: Top 10 Buffy Merchandise; Why Buffy Is Ending; Fred Alert!; James Marsters Interview (Number 8, June/July 2003)
  7. Ole Marster's Cedar Grove by Jr.; James W. Kinnear III John Taylor Lewis, 2006-03-01
  8. Fragments by James A. Marsters, 1992-03
  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike and Dru #1 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Christopher Golden, and Ryan Sook James Marsters, 1999-01-01
  10. Deaf Culture in the United States: Signing Time!, Deaf President Now, James C. Marsters, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
  11. Orthodontics: Dental Braces, Invisalign, Gerodermia Osteodysplastica, Malocclusion, James C. Marsters, Cantilever Mechanics
  12. SMALLVILLE Magazine #27 (July/Aug 2008) PREVIEWS Exclusive Cover with James Marsters
  13. TV Guide January 21, 2008 Sci-Fi Preview, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cover, Kyle XY, James Marsters Interview (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Torchwood)
  14. Storm Front by Jim Butcher, 1997

101. Angel
J. August Richards Andy Hallett Amy Acker Charisma Carpenter Vincent Kartheiser james marsters. james marsters (Spike) Bio Forthcoming,,440733-4982,00.html

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Weekdays 5pm ET
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102. >>>>>  vulnerable     The Approved James Marsters Fanlisting

103. CD Baby - CD Baby Artist Stryngs To Support James Marsters
CD BABY a popular place where musicians discuss promotion, distribution, marketing, sales, and the world of independent music.
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  • Stolen instruments in Seattle area - help us find them? Allow me to play your cover songs on Coverville! No hope for artists who don't play live? CD Baby artist David Fiorenza featured in Unsigned Artist Spotlight ... Free advertising, promotion, classifieds, personals, chat rooms, and radio airplay
  • CD Baby Polls What's your FAVORITE thing about CD Baby? Getting paid every week Cute emails Selling to foreign strangers Friendly service Knowing the customers' info something else entirely results polls CD Baby artist Stryngs to support James Marsters posted by Chris on Tuesday April 12 2005 @ 12:26PM PDT So we're, needless to say, pretty excited about this. Regular gigging can start to seem like something of a hassle, especially if your genre isn't seen as totally mainstream. Delicate acoustic music isn't something you can play "just anywhere" unless youy enjoy being able to hear audience conversations over your own singer. Having personnel split between two cities 70 miles apart limits the frequency of gigs almost as much as the paucity of suitable venues, not to mention day jobs. That said, by trying to play the "right" venues, and keeping at it, we've got the right sort of people to notice us and hence we're talking about playing to 750 people (and some music press) at the end of the month instead of the more usual 50 or so.

    If anyone s going to the james marsters gig at the Cavern, I have a favour Wait, james marsters is in a band? and not just a band, but a band that has

    105. Save ANGEL Campaign - Fighting The Good Fight To Save Angel
    james marsters on a Spike Telepic. 07 April, 2005, 010110 Chris Speaking at Houston’s Slayercon last week, james marsters announced that he is still

    106. James Marsters
    Translate this page AlloCiné le premier portail cinéma. 50.000 fiches film, 90.000 fiches personnalité, 21.000 bandes-annonces et extraits videos, 350.000 photos,
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    James Marsters
    Accueil Filmographie Bandes-annonces Galerie Photos Secrets de
    tournage Sites officiels News Activités annexes Forums
    Né le 20 Août 1962 à Greenville, Californie (USA)
    Actuellement dans la série : Angel
    Aucune vidéo disponible
    Galerie Photos
    17 photos disponibles
    Toute la Galerie Photos
    Angel Saison 5 SÉRIE TV
    Buffy contre les vampires Saison 7 SÉRIE TV
    Buffy contre les vampires Saison 6 SÉRIE TV
    Buffy contre les vampires Saison 5 SÉRIE TV
    Angel Saison 2 SÉRIE TV
    Buffy contre les vampires Saison 4 SÉRIE TV
    Angel Saison 1 SÉRIE TV
    Toute la filmographie...
    James Marsters dans l'Actualité
    Des stars dans la Saison 5 de Smallville !
    Des infos commencent à filtrer sur la nouvelle saison de "Smallville". Des guest-stars de prestige participeront à la 5ème saison en cours de tournage.
    25 Juillet 2005 - AlloCiné.com

    107. - James Marsters - Buy DVDs, Videos, Games, Free UK Delivery Buy DVDs, Videos and Games and get FREE Delivery on all UK and EIRE orders. Make massive savings on the most comprehensive catalogue
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    108. CANAL POP / SMALLVILLE - James Marsters é Brainiac Na Quinta Temporada
    Translate this page Canal Pop é um site com notícias diárias sobre filmes, séries, quadrinhos e música.

    109. James Marsters: Les Meilleurs Sites Retenus Par Célébrités Sélection
    james marsters.
    Pour nous aider, vous pouvez cliquer ici Recherche de sites de célébrités par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... Forums généraliste s Nouveautés Top 10 photos Dernières photos Photos, derniers commentaires ... Sonneries et Logos Sonneries Polyphoniques CD, K7, POSTERS audit et mesure d'audience visiteurs internet par James Marsters
    James Marsters

    James marsters
    Titre: James Marsters Forever
    Langue: Français
    Descriptif du site: C'est un site complet sur James Marsters alias Spike dans Buffy contre les vampires dont je suis complétement fan !!!! James Marsters
    Titre:James Marsters France

    Langue:française Descriptif du site:site dédié à l'acteur et chanteur James Marsters(spike de buffy contre les vampire).Inclus news,bio,photos,vidéos,etc... James Marsters Titre:The James's Univers URL: Langue:français Descriptif du site:un site entiièrement consacré à James Marsters, alias Spike dans la série télévisée Buffy contre les Vampires

    110. MoVe And Be | Portraits Télé | James Marsters
    Translate this page C’est james marsters. En avant pour avoir un peu plus d’infos sur lui ! Sa biographie Mais james marsters, ce n’est pas seulement un comédien-acteur !
    Club Pimkie Fil d'infos Blog Chat ... Forums Portraits de stars Portraits - Menu
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    Portraits Télé James Marsters Mis en ligne le 06 janvier 2004 Mais qui se cache derrière le personnage de Spike, le vampire décoloré de la série « Buffy contre les vampires » ? C’est James Marsters. En avant pour avoir un peu plus d’infos sur lui ! Sa biographie James (Wesley) Marsters est né le 20 août 1962-1969 (les dates de son année de naissance sont confuses…pour ma part je pencherais plutôt pour 1969) à Greenville (en Californie) et a passé son enfance à Modesto. Après avoir été diplômé au Davis High School de Modesto , James est accepté à la célèbre école Julliard à New York, où il devient en quelque sorte un comédien classique. Il intègre également le ‘‘Pacific Conservatory of Perfomings Arts’’, mais aussi le Conservatoire du Théâtre Américain. On peut dire que James s’est énormément investi pour faire le métier de comédien. Et cela lui a permis de passer 10 années sur les planches de Chicago, New-York et Seattle. Il s’installe alors à Los Angeles, et c’est vers 1990 qu'il débute véritablement sur le petit écran. Cependant, le rôle qui va faire décoller sa carrière est bien évidemment celui de Spike, dans « Buffy contre les vampires », que Joss Whedon lui propose en 1997. Il faut savoir qu’au départ, Spike n’était que de passage pour la saison 2. Mais les téléspectateurs appréciaient son personnage et ont fait en quelque sorte pression pour que celui-ci reste dans la série et devient dès la saison 4 un acteur régulier ! Et cela n’est pas plus mal pour nos yeux ^^.

    111. James Marsters Current Month TV Schedule
    Spike (james marsters) builds a Buffy robot hopelessly devoted to him, causing Glory s (guest With Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan and james marsters.
    James Marsters
    National Cable TV Schedule for
    August 1 thru August 31 ( Eastern Time Zone
    a TVNow presentation
    Time Bomb
    Starring David Boreanaz Alexis Denisof , J August Richards, Amy Acker James Marsters , Andy Hallett. Illyria travels to the future and learns that the gang intends to kill her, so when she returns to the present, she tries to kill them first; Angel goes into the past. 60 minutes- (CC), LBOX, In Stereo Mon Aug 1 08:00A on TNT Sun Aug 28 04:00P on WOR New York
    The Girl in Question
    Starring David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, J August Richards, Amy Acker, James Marsters, Andy Hallett. Angel and Spike travel to Rome with plans to rescue Buffy from their old nemesis, The Immortal. Guest stars: Julie Benz, Tom Lenk, Juliet Landau. 60 minutes- (CC), LBOX, In Stereo Tue Aug 2 08:00A on TNT
    Power Play
    Starring David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, J August Richards, Amy Acker, James Marsters, Andy Hallett. The gang starts to have doubts about Angel's loyalties when he appears to have become very close with the Circle of the Black Thorn, an evil secret demon society. 60 minutes- (CC), LBOX, In Stereo

    112. Kanal 5 - Access
    Sv james marsters Uncensored . Skrivet 200502-02. kom igen nu! Sv james marsters Uncensored . Skrivet 2005-02-03. Big_Bad _E skrev

    113. Kanal 5 - Access
    james marsters. Skrivet 200501-18. Tänkte att det kanske var dags att starta den tråden här inne eftersom den gammla med över 2000 inlägg försvinner i

    114. Webbeat - Neuigkeiten Rund Um Das Kino; Star Trek, Stargate, Lost Und Science Fi
    Translate this page Letze Woche war james marsters Gast auf der Slayercon in Houston und erklärte, dass er immernoch sehr daran interessiert sei, die Rolle des,jamesmarstersundfilme,1,8711,


    babylon5 universe

    battlestar galactica




    fan art
    ... serienwelt service forum grußkarten gästebuch rss-feeds ... space store intern impressum neu hier ? partner presse ... wir wollen euch aktuelle im Deine Möglichkeiten im webBEAT die letzten zehn Meldungen anlesen Nachrichten-Archiv ansehen eine News melden! Nachrichten-Rubrik auswählen: aktex alias andromeda angel archiv buffy charmed comics conventions csi darkangel einschaltquoten farscape firefly galactica games hoeriges housewives intern jeremiah kino literatur lost missionerde reallife sciencefiction serien smallville stargate startrek starwars wissenschaft Samstag, 20.08.2005 "Galactica" Ratings 8 Besucherkommentare Drehbuch vom "Farscape" Schöpfer. Daniel Craig in "Invasion" "Aladdin" Realverfilmung. 5 Besucherkommentare Freitag, 19.08.2005 John Ottman über “Superman Returns” 9 Besucherkommentare Überraschung in "X-Men 3"? 7 Besucherkommentare "V For Vendetta " verschoben. 4 Besucherkommentare Prinzessin Leia in "Smallville" 10 Besucherkommentare Donnerstag, 18.08.2005

    115. James Marsters - Filme / DVD
    Translate this page Biografie. Biographische Daten und Bilder von james marsters liegen uns leider nicht vor. Wir haben 5 Filme mit james marsters in unserer Datenbank
    Das DVD und Filmlexikon
    21. August 2005 Thriller Abenteuer Fantasy Horror ... Romanzen Suchen: Film Person
    James Marsters
    Filme / DVD
    Filme im Kino
    Das Kinoprogramm
    DVD zum Leihen
    Das Videotheken-Programm
    DVD zum Kaufen
    Filme im Handel
    Festivals und Film-Preise
    DVD zum Gewinnen
    Unser Gewinnspiel Poster, Plakate und Autogramme von vielen Darstellern erhalten Sie bei AllPosters
    James Marsters
    92 User-Voten
    Ø: 4.6 von max. 5.0
    Biographische Daten und Bilder von James Marsters liegen uns leider nicht vor.
    Box-Sets und Sammlungen
    mit James Marsters:
    Angel - Jäger der Finsternis Season 5 - Teil 2
    Horror-Serie USA 2004
    Die zweite Hälfte von Staffel 5
    Angel - Jäger der Finsternis Season 5, Teil 1

    Horror-Serie USA 2003
    Die ersten 11 Folgen von Staffel 5
    Angel - Jäger der Finsternis Season 4, Teil 2
    Horror-Serie USA 2002-2003 Die zweite Hälfte der 4. Staffel Angel - Jäger der Finsternis Season 4, Teil 1 Horror-Serie USA 2002 Die erste Hälfte der 4. Staffel
    Wir haben 5 Filme mit James Marsters in unserer Datenbank: Buffy: Best of Dawn Fantasy-Serie USA 2001-2003 4 Folgen um Buffys kleine Schwester Buffy: Best of Giles Fantasy-Serie USA 1999-2003 Vier Episoden mit Buffys Mentor Haunted Hill Horror USA 1999 Sterben in privater Geisterbahn Millennium - Season 3 Mystery-Thriller-Serie USA 1998-1999 Sämtliche Episoden der letzten Staffel Buffy: Best of Spike Horror-Serie, Special

    116. Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics, James Marsters
    Misheard Lyrics, performed by james marsters. Misheard lyrics (also known as mondegreens) are instances of when a song lyric can t be understood,
    @import "/amiright.css";
    Making fun of music. One song at a time...

    Band Search
    Music News
    Misheard Lyrics
    ... Dirty Other Stuff: Messageboard Articles About Us Press Info ...
    Misheard Lyrics
    -> James Marsters James Marsters', "Every Man Thinks God Is On His Side" Misheard Lyrics: Merry mayhem, thinks God is on his side. Original Lyrics: Every man thinks God is on his side. Make Correction Suggest Different Misheard Lyrics James Marsters', "Rest In Peace" Misheard Lyrics: Stop tellin' me I'm gay. Original Lyrics: Stop visiting my grave. It is from the Buffy:The Vampire Slayer Musical episode. Make Correction Suggest Different Misheard Lyrics Other Misheard Artists Last Misheard Lyrics File: James Ingram Next Misheard Lyrics File: Rick James
    A B ... Z Place Your Vote Little Lots How difficult is this artist to understand: How much do you like this artist: How funny are these misheard lyrics:
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    by Charles R. Grosvenor Jr. Our Privacy Statement
    Subscribe to our AvantGo channel. New misheard lyrics every day for your handheld PC.

    117. James Marsters

    118. Buffy The Vampire Slayer James Marsters Spike Biography
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer james marsters Spike Biography.
    Buffy Gallery Angel Gallery Buffy Multimedia Angel Multimedia ... News - REVAMPED Sunnydale Town: Popular community forums. Search: Biography of the actor James Marsters James Marsters-Spike James Marsters portrays Spike, a cocky vampire from 19th century England. Spike, responsible for the death of two previous slayers, struggled this past season with a chip imbedded in his brain that prevents him from harming humans. And, in one of the most dramatic plot twists in the series' history, he consummated his love for Buffy. When later rebuffed by her, he began a cataclysmic self-transformation. Born in the remote northern logging town of Greenville, California, and raised in Modesto, CA, Marsters made his stage debut as Eyeore in a fourth grade production of "Winnie the Pooh" and went on to study acting at Juilliard. He began his professional career in the theater, performing in stage productions including "The Tempest" and "Red Noses" at Chicago's Goodman Theater. In 2000, Marsters revisited the stage with a starring role in an original play titled "The Why," produced by Noah Wyle. Marsters made his on-screen debut as an ill-at-ease priest on the television series "Northern Exposure," a success that inspired him to move from his home in the Pacific Northwest to Los Angeles. Within months of relocating he was sinking his proverbial teeth into the role of Spike in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

    119. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Spike James Marsters Gallery
    buffy the vampire slayer spike james marsters gallery.
    Buffy Gallery Angel Gallery Buffy Multimedia Angel Multimedia ... News - REVAMPED Sunnydale Town: Popular community forums. Search: Spike Gallery Site design Internet Promotion Services

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