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  1. Mike Shayne 1985--June by Dan J. Marlowe. Contributors include John Lutz, 1985-01-01
  2. The Art Bulletin: A Quarterly Published by the College Art Association, June 2006, Volume LXXXVIII, Number 2 by Elizabeth Marlowe, Andree Hayum, et all 2006
  3. Ellery Queen 1980--June 2 by H. R. F. Keating, Dan J. Marlowe, Bill Pronzini. Contributors include Elizabeth Ferrars, 1980-01-01
  4. Counselor Education and Supervision - June 2002 (Volume 41, Number 4) by Edil Torres-Rivera, 2002
  5. The vertical distribution of zooplankton at Ocean Station "P" in June-July, 1971 (Data report - Oregon State University School of Oceanography) by Christopher J Marlowe, 1974
  6. Mystery Tales Magazine June 1959 by Evan; Lacy, Ed; McBain, Ed; Flora, Fletcher; Brewer, Gil; Slesar, Henry; Laffin, John; Marlowe, Stephen; Honig, Don; Hano, Arnold Hunter, 1959
  7. Alfred Hitchcock 1968--June by Jack Ritchie, Henry Slesar. Contributors include Dan J. Marlowe, 1968
  8. " Ut Nectar Ingenium " How and Why Shakespeare's Plays and Poems Were Written - On Behalf of Christopher Marlowe: Speech and Documents Prepared for the Conference ... at the Globe Theatre June 14th/15th 2003 by M.D. Frohnsdorff, 2004-07-03

1. JuneSite. All About June Marlowe
Teacher's Pet. The June Marlowe Website. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Miss Crabtee, Our Gang's favorite teacher.

2. Marlowe June
marlowe june Directory Guide to marlowe june, marlowe june sites on the internet. Here you would fin links to marlowe june, picture, marlowe june wallpaper
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The June Marlowe Website
Everything you ever wanted to know about Our Gang's favorite teacher 'Miss Crabtree.' ...
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Marlowe June Directory: Guide to Marlowe June, Marlowe June sites on the internet.
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6. June Marlowe - Free Wallpaper, Shopping, Mobile, Lyrics
June Marlowe

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Resources for Arts People - M - Marlowe, June

8. Dead Or Alive? - June Marlowe
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June Marlowe
Info: Played Miss Crabtree, the teacher, in the "Little Rascals" movies
Date of Birth: Date of Death: Age at Death:
Cause of Death:
Parkinson's disease

9. June Marlowe - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
June Marlowe (originally Gisella Goetten) (November 6, 1903 March 10, Marlowe, a native of St. Cloud, Minnesota, was a prolific actress in silent
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June Marlowe
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
June Marlowe (originally Gisella Goetten) November 6 March 10 ) was an American actress , most notable for appearing in six Our Gang short subjects as the lovely schoolteacher Miss Crabtree Marlowe, a native of St. Cloud, Minnesota , was a prolific actress in silent films during the , appearing in films opposite John Barrymore and Rin Tin Tin . Marlowe didn't make an easy transfer over to talking pictures, and by was starting to drift away from acting. By chance, she happened to meet Our Gang director Robert F. McGowan one day in a Los Angeles, California department store . He was searching for an actress to portray the schoolteacher in the series, and after producer Hal Roach suggested that Marlowe, a brunette, wear a blond wig to match Jackie Cooper 's hair, she got the part. The three Our Gang films which pair Marlowe with Jackie Cooper's character, Teacher's Pet School's Out (1930), and

10. SuicideGirls > Girls > Marlowe, Suicide Girls - Gothic Pin-up Girls, Punk, Indie
June 15, 2005 @ 306PM. I wanna buy one of Marlowe s shirts! said on. June 15, 2005 @ 904PM. Will you be on them, cause i ll want a marlowe shirt
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11. JuneSite. All About June Marlowe
Everything you ever wanted to know about Our Gang's favorite teacher Miss Crabtree.
S urprised? The sultry beauty above and Our Gang's favorite teacher (right) are one and the same!
H er name was June Marlowe, and she was much more than the beloved "Miss Crabtree" of Hal Roach's Our Gang comedies. She was a fashion model, a featured star in silent films, a film and radio personality in Germany, dined with European royalty, author of two children's books, an expert horsewoman, and was once chosen "One of the twelve most beautiful women in America." W ant to know more? Onward to:
Please direct all June Marlowe questions or comments to him at (
... About Don's Web Presence This web site is a research project in progress.
The information contained within this website is intended solely for educational purposes.
Many photographs contained within this site are from private collections,
loaned to JuneSite solely for informational purposes.
As such, they may NOT be reproduced or downloaded without the express written permission of their respective owners.

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13. Cast - Dr Faustus By Christopher Marlowe, June 1991
Production archive for Sheffield Experimental Theatre based in South Yorkshire, UK.
Theatre Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
June 1991 Faustus
Cast Cast
Faustus Mark Gunton Mephastophilis Carole Hall Wagner Richard Morris Robin/Scholar Ian Brownlee Rafe/Scholar Peter Croll Vintner/Old Man Liz Cheeseman Lucifer/Evil Angel Vince Walsh Joan Thew Devil 2 Helen Ballard Devil 3 Mark Merrell Devil 4 Gary Wilson Devil 5 Lynfa Moses Devil 6 Dixie Barraclough Devil 7 Jill Wright Devil 8 Sophy Wright Production Team Director Paul Stanton Stage Manager Elaine Hughes Props Clare Stanton ASM Linda Britt Lighting Trevor Parsons Sound Mark Slade Design Simon Warner Costumes Gez Walker FOH Trevor Mayne Box Office Paul Stanton Publicity Carole Hall
Richard Morris
Vince Walsh Tickets Joan Thew
Dill Iseard
6 May, 2003

14. The Films Of June Marlowe
Miss Crabtree was played by june marlowe, and she fit the part like a glove. Sweet, kind and demure, she transferred those qualities to the persona of the
"She was not a great actress; you just liked her, and that was enough." - Hal Roach A sk anyone who is halfway interested in film who "Miss Crabtree" was and you'll probably get a correct answer. Ask who portrayed "Miss Crabtree" and the percentages drop considerably. "Miss Crabtree" was played by June Marlowe, and she fit the part like a glove. Sweet, kind and demure, she transferred those qualities to the persona of the gang's favorite teacher with ease (the fact that she was also easy on the eyes didn't hurt either!). And, Mr. Roach's comment aside, June in fact had a rather successful silent film career prior to joining Our Gang, receiving many good reviews for her roles. Here are June's films; the films she made before sound changed the viewing habits of the world, and those charming little films she made after it had. THE FILMS OF JUNE MARLOWE
by Don Spears

Fighting Blood

When a Man's a Man

The Tenth Woman

Find Your Man
... The Photoplay Editions (View a text-only version of the entire June Marlowe filmography) (Films are listed by the release date as noted by the American Film Institute)

15. Untitled Document
The marlowe Theatre presents touring shows of all kinds and, seating up to 1000, is the largest Tue 21 june WIN TICKETS FOR SUMMER DRAMAS! Tue 31 May
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16. Welcome To The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, Kent, UK
I know Cats is coming to the marlowe in june, but does anyone know who is in the cast Hi marlowe, saw Cats last night (3 june) and thought the cast were

17. Opera Directory
Pages. The june marlowe Website. Everything you ever wanted to know about Our Gang s favorite teacher Miss Crabtree. Help build the largest humanedited

18. June Marlowe
Silent Gents photo gallery of silent film star Roscoe Arbuckle.

From Famous Film Folk (1925)
JUNE MARLOWE was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on November 6th, 1905, and was educated in her home town. Two years ago, she determined upon a screen career and went to Hollywood to seek her place in filmdom. Lloyd Hamilton, who has fostered the careers of many promising young players, gave her her first opportunity when he engaged her for the leading role in one of his comedies. With the able assistance of the comedian, she developed rapidly and soon left her comedy roles behind essaying an entry into dramatic productions. Miss Marlowe, who is one of the newest "baby stars" of the screen, is an outdoors girl, being particularly fond of swimming. She is 5 feet 1 inches in height, weighs 120 lbs., and has brown hair and brown eyes.
A Quick Link to 176 Top Silent Star Galleries! On This Menu: May Allison Roscoe Arbuckle Richard Arlen Nils Asther Mary Astor Josephine Baker Vilma Banky Theda Bara John Barrymore Richard Barthelmess Warner Baxter Madge Bellamy Constance Bennett Monte Blue Eleanor Boardman John Boles Olive Borden Clara Bow Alice Brady Evelyn Brent Mary Brian Betty Bronson Clive Brook Louise Brooks Billie Burke Mae Busch Francis X. Bushman

19. Philip Marlowe - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
On radio, in The Adventures of Philip marlowe, the character was portrayed by Van Heflin on NBC (june 17September 9, 1947) and by Gerald Mohr on CBS
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Philip Marlowe
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Philip Marlowe is a fictional private eye created by Raymond Chandler in a series of detective novels including The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye Marlow first appeared in a short story called Finger Man published in 1934. In this early appearance, however, Chandler had not yet developed the elaborate similes which were to become his trademark, and Marlowe is hard to distinguish from Chandler's other short fiction characters, such as Johnny Dalmas. Furthermore, whereas in the later novels, Marlowe inhabits Los Angeles, Finger Man is set in a fictional city called San Angelo. Marlowe's character is typical of a genre of hardboiled crime fiction that originated with Dashiell Hammett and Black Mask magazine in the where the private eye is a pessimistic and cynical observer of a corrupt society. Yet the enduring appeal of Marlowe and other "hard-boiled dicks" like Hammett's Sam Spade lies in their tarnished idealism.

20. Hugh Marlowe
Hugh marlowe Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, Theater playing Gene Collier in episode The 65th Floor 9 june 1958
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Hugh Marlowe
Date of birth (location)
30 January
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Date of death (details)
2 May
New York, New York, USA. (heart attack)
Mini biography
Marlowe was born Hugh Hipple in Philadelphia, and began his stage career... (show more)
Sometimes Credited As:
John Marlowe
IMDbPro Professional Details Filmography as: Actor Himself Notable TV Guest Appearances Actor - filmography
  • .... James 'Jim' Matthews #4 (1969-1982) (his death)
    ... aka Another World: Bay City The Last Shot You Hear (1969) .... Charles Nordeck How to Steal the World (1968) .... Grant Castle of Evil (1966) .... 'Doc' Corozal Seven Days in May (1964) .... Harold McPherson
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