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         Lynch David:     more books (100)
  1. Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity by David Lynch, 2007-12-27
  2. The Film Paintings of David Lynch: Challenging Film Theory by Allister Mactaggart, 2010-07-15
  3. Lynch on Lynch, Revised Edition
  4. David Lynch: Beautiful Dark (Scarecrow Filmmakers Series) by Greg Olson, 2008-09-28
  5. The Impossible David Lynch (Film and Culture Series) by Todd McGowan, 2007-02-02
  6. David Lynch: Interviews (Conversations With Filmmakers)
  7. The Cinema of David Lynch : American Dreams, Nightmare Visions (Directors' Cuts)
  8. David Lynch by Michel Chion, 2005-06-25
  9. The Passion of David Lynch: Wild at Heart in Hollywood by Martha P. Nochimson, 1997
  10. David Lynch: Snowmen
  11. IMAGES by David Lynch, 1994-12-01
  12. When the Luck of the Irish Ran Out: The World's Most Resilient Country and Its Struggle to Rise Again by David J. Lynch, 2010-11-09
  13. The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime: On David Lynch's Lost Highway (Occasional Papers (Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities), 1.) by Slavoj Zizek, 2000-06
  14. Blue Velvet [VHS Video] by David Lynch, 2000

1. David Lynch
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3. David Lynch
The Universe of David Lynch

4. The City Of Absurdity - The Mysterious World Of David Lynch
The City Of Absurdity David Lynch's films, shorts, TV works, paintings, photographs, sculptures, furniture, music, biography, quote collection

5. LynchNet The David Lynch Resource
Mike Dunn's David Lynch news digest contains the latest news about the director, his projects, and films.


7. The Old-Time Music Home Page
This website is created and maintained by me, David Lynch, a fiddler, and graphic designer who was born in the Los Angeles area and

8. Pretty As A Picture The Art Of David Lynch
Not only can you order the Lynch documentary here, but it also includes pictures and sound clips.

9. Bio For David Lynch
David W. Lynch, Tantalus, A 240 MeV Dedicated Source of Synchrotron Radiation, 19681986, J. Synchrotron Rad. 4, 334 (1997). RJ Lange, SJ Lee, S. Zollner,
David Lynch Distinguished Professor - Iowa State University
Senior Physicist - Ames Lab - USDOE
    A307 Physics
    Iowa State University
    Ames, Iowa 50011
    Phone: (515) 294-3476
    Fax: (515) 294-0689
    Optical properties of solids and photoemission. Work in progress includes photoemission from high Tc materials, optical studies of metals and alloys, and magneto-optical properties of metals and alloys.
    S. J. Lee, R. J. Lange, S. Hong, S. Zollner, P. C. Canfield, A. F. Panchula, B. N. Harmon, and D. W. Lynch, "Theoretical and Experimental Determination of Optical and Magneto-Optical Properties of LuFe Single Crystals," Thin Solid Films C. G. Olson, S. Chase, P. Canfield, and D. W. Lynch, "Crystal Momentum Conservation in Resonant Photoelectron Emission," J. Electron Spectrosc. and Rel. Phenomena David W. Lynch, "Tantalus, A 240 MeV Dedicated Source of Synchrotron Radiation, 1968-1986," J. Synchrotron Rad

10. Spectrum Magazine
Rare Cerebus items! Buffy/Angel Magazine Sale Twin Peaks/ David Lynch Items for Sale Spectrum/ Wrapped in Plastic Article Index

11. / News / Local / N.H. / Lynch Taps David Ruedig To
Lynch taps David Ruedig to replace Bramante as ed board head. February 1, 2005. CONCORD, N.H. Gov.

12. COMFM Videos : Videos Directory, Sexy, Entertainment, People, Cinema, Music,adve
Report. lynch david lynch david. Your note . Your note. David Lynch about Mulholland Drive . Voir Lien Mort. Time 000633 Type CELEBRITIES Site

13. EVENE - David Lynch
Translate this page David Lynch , lynch david biographie de David Lynch, anecdotes, les citations de David Lynch, les livres de David Lynch, les photos de David Lynch,

14. David Lynch - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
David Lynch on the set of his 2001 film Mulholland Drive Enlarge. David Lynch on the set of his 2001 film Mulholland Drive. David Keith Lynch (born
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David Lynch
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
David Lynch on the set of his 2001 film Mulholland Drive David Keith Lynch (born January 20 in Missoula, Montana ) is an American filmmaker Lynch’s films are known for their elements of surrealism or cinematic magic realism with nightmarish and dreamlike sequences, their stark and strange images and their meticulously crafted audio. Most of his work explores the seedy underside of small-town U.S.A. ( Blue Velvet the " Twin Peaks " television series) or sprawling metropolises ( Eraserhead Lost Highway Mulholland Drive ). Due to his peculiar style and focus on the American psyche, producer Mel Brooks once called Lynch “ Jimmy Stewart from Mars Lynch has managed to establish himself as one of the few modern directors whose visual and verbal styles are instantly recognizable. Although never a box office giant or a consistent favorite of film critics, Lynch has maintained a devoted cult following

15. David Lynch
Biographie, filmographie comment©e, documents et liens.
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Site non officiel sur David Lynch News Forum de discussion Livre d'or Email ... GLAZ'ART
programme une
le 22 octobre 2003 Une Histoire Vraie et Mulholland Drive Roland Kermarec
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Mulholland Drive
Accueil Filmographie Eraserhead ... Critiques
" "
David Lynch
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16. Lynch David - Indice - Tempi Moderni
David Lynch dai corti a Una storia vera
Anno V - Numero 9 - Febbraio 2000 Speciale David Lynch Lettere d'amore
Tutto il cinema di David Lynch
dai corti a Una storia vera
a cura di Luigi De Angelis "Non fare troppo il buon vicino con lei, altrimenti ti mando una lettera d'amore...... scritta col cuore, stronzo! Lo sai cos'e, una lettera d'amore?
E, il proiettile di una pistola! Se ricevi una lettera d'amore da me, sei fottuto per sempre!" Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) a Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) in "Velluto Blu" (1986) PERCORSI LA PITTURA e i CORTOMETRAGGI
"Six figures", "The alphabet", "The Grandmother"
ERASERHEAD THE ELEPHANT MAN ... FILMOGRAFIA di DAVID LYNCH Acquista i libri, i video e le colonne sonore dei film di cui abbiamo parlato su , il più fornito negozio interattivo della rete! Search: Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Enter keywords...

17. Lynch David - Filmografia - Tempi Moderni
Translate this page 1.jpg (6235 bytes) Nato nel 1946, David Lynch è un artista poliedrico e visionario tra i più interessanti del cinema americano contemporaneo.

Dreamsweb Network
Anno V - Numero 9 - Febbraio 2000 David Lynch
Nato nel 1946, David Lynch è un artista poliedrico e visionario tra i più interessanti del cinema americano contemporaneo. Inizia la sua carriera artistica come pittore e solo successivamente indirizza i suoi interessi verso il cinema. Dopo una serie di cortometraggi ha l'occasione di realizzare per l'American Film Institute il suo primo lungometraggio, "Eraserhead", di cui cura artigianalmente tutte le fasi della lavorazione impiegando circa otto anni per la sua realizzazione. Il film ottiene un interessante successo di critica e gli permette di realizzare per la Brooks Production "The elephant man", suo primo lavoro per Hollywood che ottiene ben sette candidature all'Oscar.
Tra i suoi film successivi ricordiamo "Dune", tratto dai romanzi di Frank Herbert, lo scandaloso "Velluto blu" e "Cuore selvaggio", vincitore nel 1990 della Palma d'oro al festival di Cannes.
Per la Tv firma la popolare serie "Twin Peaks.

18. LeWub - Cinéma : Cinéastes : Lynch David :
Translate this page Site ultra complet sur le monde mystérieux de David Lynch. Ouvert en décembre 2001, le site officiel de David Lynch est très multimédia. Accès payant!

19. David Lynch - Wikiquote
David Keith Lynch (born January 20, 1946). Film director. Contents. 1 Attributed; 2 Quotations by others about David Lynch; 3 See also; 4 External links
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David Lynch
From Wikiquote
David Keith Lynch (born January 20, 1946)
Film director
  • All my movies are about strange worlds that you can't go into unless you build them and film them. That's what's so important about film to me. I just like going into strange worlds. I don't understand politics. I don't understand the concept of two sides. And I think that probably there's good on both sides, bad on both sides, and there's a middle ground. But it never seems to come to the middle ground. And it's very frustrating watching it, and seemingly we're not moving forward. The ideas dictate everything, you have to be true to that or you're dead. There's this beautiful ocean of bliss and consciousness that is able to be reached by any human being by diving within, which is really peaceful and harmonious and can be enlivened by the group process. This group is a peace-creating group. It saturates the atmosphere. This is all about establishing peace. Right now, we gotta get peace back in the world. Peace is a real thing. When I was little in Spokane, Washington I drew all the time... and my father would bring paper home... and I mostly drew browning automatic water-cooled sub-machine guns... that was my favorite.

20. Lynch David - Vente Et Achat Lynch David Occasion Ou Neuf - DVD
Translate this page lynch david Achat Vente lynch david Occasion au meilleur prix ! 2.5 millions de membres, 9 millions de produits garantis par PriceMinister.

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