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         Ll Cool J:     more books (74)
  1. Boomin' System, The by LL Cool J, 1990
  2. I Make My Own Rules by LL Cool J with Karen Hunter, 1997
  3. How I'm Comin' by LL Cool J, 1993
  4. I Make My Own Rules by L. L. Cool J, Karen Hunter, 1998-09-15

101. » Music » LL Cool J -
More On ll cool j -, ll cool j - The DEFinition Review, Latest On ll cool j s New Album, ll cool j Stays With Def Jam, ll cool j, Dru Hill Set For

102. The Reeler > Lion's Gate Films: LL Cool J + 'Dirty Dancing' = EMPIRE
from the art house to the red carpet. Lion s Gate Films ll cool j + Dirty Dancing = EMPIRE. Let s hear it for the new face of Lion s Gate!
The Reeler New York City cinema, from the art house to the red carpet
Lion's Gate Films: LL Cool J + 'Dirty Dancing' = EMPIRE
Let's hear it for the new face of Lion's Gate! It must be nice to be at Lion's Gate these days—profits are through the roof and the distributor has money burning a hole in its pocket. How else can The Reeler explain LGF's insane recent spending spree: June 29: LGF yields a $110 million profit turnaround from 2004 to 2005 on the basis of successes like Fahrenheit 9/11 (sorry, Disney), Saw Open Water and The Punisher . During the same period, revenues more than doubled from $375 million to $842 million. Home video hits like The Cooler also contribute to the spike. "Let's go shopping!" says LGF boss Jon Feltheimer. June 30: LGF announces it will spend $182 million on 18 films in fiscal 2006—more than it has spent on anything, like, ever. Feltheimer tells Variety that even though "(w)e've trained the consumer to have a shorter attention span—with new big titles coming out week after week," LGF is still "scrambling" to fill orders on home video. Because, as the adage goes, "Nothing succeeds like ADD." July 7: LGF contracts with graphic novelist Steve Niles to develop a series of film adaptations starring box-office gold brick Thomas Jane. Under the agreement, Niles and Jane will form their own production arm, separate from the one Niles has with LGF's other stable-boy

103. | LL Cool J (Porträt)
Translate this page LAUT präsentiert ll cool j. Ausführliches Starporträt mit Biografie, Diskografie, Fotogalerie, CD-Kritiken, Fanshop, News und Surftipps.
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    LL Cool J
    Hier zu Lande gilt James Todd Smith aka LL Cool J als einer von vielen Rappern aus den Staaten, doch bei genauerer Betrachtung seiner künstlerischen Laufbahn (schließlich ist er seit geraumer Zeit auch Schauspieler) wird schnell klar, dass seine aktuelle Album Betitelung "The Greatest Of All Time" so falsch nicht ist. Kein Rapper hat mehr Scheiben verkauft als der Lady Lover, bis dato an die 21 Millionen Exemplare. Auch kann er auf fünfzehn, ...
    Die Lebende Legende LL schreibt Hip Hop-Geschichte.

    Der Mann der ersten Stunde schwingt wieder das Tanzbein. Phenomenom Mr. Smith 14 Shots To The Dome Mama Said Knock You Out Walkink With A Panther B.A.D. - Bigger and Deffer Radio NEWS LL Cool J Verständnis für R. Kellys Sünden

104. FMQB: Radio Industry News, Music Industry Updates, Arbitron Ratings, Music News
ll cool j Wins Over Ladies With Fatal Attraction. July 15, 2005. ll cool j. The ladies cannot help but be attracted to ll cool j after starring in films

105. The Cavalier Daily
When X hit the shelves, it meant that ll cool j had finished his 10album contract Not only did ll cool j beat Canibus lyrically, but he also almost

106. Music, Genres, Rap And Hip Hop, Artists, LL Cool J,
WebRing Ring directory of Music, Genres, Rap and Hip Hop, Artists, ll cool j, . Lists WebRings by topic. Allows searching WebRing database of WebRings and

107. LL Cool J Lyrics - LL Cool J - Lyrics On Demand
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LL Cool J Lyrics

From the Album The DEFinition
(buy at

Headsprung Lyrics

Rub My Back Lyrics

I'm About To Get Her
Move Somethin' Lyrics

Hush Lyrics

Every Sip Lyrics
Shake It Baby Lyrics ... 1 In The Morning Lyrics From the Album (buy at Intro Lyrics Born To Love You Lyrics Love U Better Lyrics ... Big Mama (Unconditional Love) Lyrics From the Album G.O.A.T. (The Greatest Of All Time) (buy at Intro Lyrics Imagine That Lyrics Back Where I Belong Lyrics ... M.I.S.S. I Lyrics From the Album Phenomenon (buy at Phenomenon Lyrics Candy Lyrics Starsky And Hutch Lyrics ... Don't Be Late, Don't Come Too Soon Lyrics From the Album Mr. Smith (buy at The Intro (Skit) Make It Hot Lyrics Hip Hop Lyrics Hey Lover Lyrics Doin' It Lyrics ... Get Da Drop On 'Em Lyrics Prelude (Skit) I Shot Ya (Remix) Lyrics Papa Luv It (Poppa Luv It) Lyrics From the Album 14 Shots To The Dome (buy at How I'm Comin' Lyrics Buckin' 'Em Down Lyrics Stand By Your Man Lyrics ... Crossroads Lyrics From the Album Mama Said Knock You Out (buy at

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Friday, August 19, 2005
LL Cool J
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Famous as Music Performer before acting: Solo artist
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AllMoviePhoto LL Cool J movie stills from the mainstream movies, also feature original theme wallpaper Celebrity-Link LL Cool J at Celebrity Link Pictures, image gallery, wallpapers, screensavers, desktop themes, and bio IMDb Biography, full filmography etc.
Released Movie Name Role 1st weekend US Gross Worldwide Gross Edison Announced Slow Burn Announced Last Holiday Announced Mindhunters Gabe S.W.A.T. Deke Rugrats Go Wild Piki Deliver Us From Eva Ray Adams Rollerball Marcus Ridley Kingdom Come Ray Bud Slocumb Charlie's Angels Mr. Jones Any Given Sunday Julian Washington #33 In Too Deep Duane Keith Gittens ('God') Deep Blue Sea Preacher Halloween: H2O Ronny Woo Darryl Caught Up Roger B.A.P.S.

YOU AND ME ( KELLY PRICE). Yeah, uhuh {Hoo } Word up And this here New York City {Mmm ha } Word up {Take me away, baby} Uh-uh-uh-uh
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Word up
Damn, you and your man had beef
So he left you uptown, teary-eyed on a back street
For me to scoop up in a Bentley drop
Long as God hold me down, you know I had to stop
What the deal, ma, you wanna use my cell
You runnin' solo, this block foul as hell
You said, "My ex be beatin' on me He mad jealous, even though he be cheatin' on me," mmm I said, "Miss, let me tell you somethin' 'Bout who's makin' major moves and who's frontin', huh Who's talkin' loud but ain't sayin' nothin' And those who hit the one they wanna keep frontin' He don't appreciate the well till it run dry Love is blind, it's hard to say goodbye The smart birds choose to fly 'Cause we livin' in a hope, girlfriend, let's do or die" Here's my definition of love everlastin' I would trade all my cash in for passion Tiffany jewels and designer fashions To hear happiness is mine for the askin' Everyday on my knees I pray That I would run into someone that made me feel this way What you think, you wanna ride with L

110. LL Cool J - Radio (Where the 1980s never ended) looks back on Radio by ll cool j and other great albums. Awesome80s also covers all aspects of life in the
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LL Cool J - Radio
By Todd Levin There are a few unmistakable footprints any fan of hip-hop can instantly recognize: the woodwind twist of Run DMC's "Peter Piper," Doug E. Fresh's "La Di Da Di," and the ferocious, burning, wax-and-metal battle cry of "LL Cool J is hard as hell!" on "Rock the Bells," from LL Cool J's 1986 debut, Radio . Although just a teenager at the time of this recording, LL booms with shocking authority on tracks like "I Can't Live Without My Radio" and "I Need a Beat." Rick Rubin completes the soundscape with Def Jam's early signature arena-rock guitar strangulations and mechanical drum fills. LL's bravado and vocal presencedespite the imperfect production on the CD and the juvenilia of "You Can't Dance" and "I Want You"remain inescapable on Radio Tracks 1. I Can't Live Without My Radio

111. Ll Cool J Lyrics
lyrics by ll cool j from ll cool j Lyrics. Buy ll cool j s CD. Album Index. 10 14 Shots To The Dome Any Given Sunday Soundtrack

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Ll Cool J Lyrics
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  • 14 Shots To The Dome Any Given Sunday Soundtrack G.o.a.t. -greatest Of All Time Mama Said Knock You Out ... Walking With The Panther

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    112. :: Ll Cool J
    The Official Universal Music site for ll cool j. The title of ll cool j s11th album on Def Jam Records is DEFintion and it finds the veteran crowd
    home artists news multimedia ... 60 minutes of flavour Ll Cool J :: The DEFinition The DEFinition iTunes Canada Puretracks 1. Headsprung

    2. Rub My Back
    3. I'm About to Get Her (Feat. R Kelly)
    4. Move Somethin'
    5. Hush

    6. Every Sip
    7. Shake It Baby
    8. Can't Explain it
    9. Feel The Beat real 10. Apple Cobbler 11. One In The Morning Then there is LL Cool J. :: more :: no current news items MEDIA VIDEO :: Headsprung hi real hi windows INFO The title of LL Cool J's11th album on Def Jam Records is DEFintion and it finds the veteran crowd pleaser and lyricist headed for the club and banging out bass blessed, up tempo jams that are sexy, summery and totally LL. Working with a host of top notch producers key among them Timbaland, (who contributed among others the sizzling single "Head Sprung") as well as 7, Clark Kent and Dame Grease, recorded in Miami and NYC and featuring collabos with Timbaland and R Kelly DEFfintion is more than just another hot LL Cool J record: it is one more step in a journey that has continuously pushed the limits of what hip hop is and can be.   Drawing its vibe and vitality from late night parties, club beats, good times and wild nights, DEFintion, LL declares is" a DJ's dream" and as such celebrates partying and abandon and does so with a boombastic sound that will get hips moving, lips smacking and head bobbing.  

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    114. LL Cool J
    Translate this page AlloCiné le premier portail cinéma. 50.000 fiches film, 90.000 fiches personnalité, 21.000 bandes-annonces et extraits videos, 350.000 photos,
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    LL Cool J
    Accueil Filmographie Bandes-annonces Galerie Photos Secrets de
    tournage Sites officiels News Activités annexes Forums
    © Gaumont Columbia Tristar Films
    Acteur américain
    Né le 14 Janvier 1968 à Queens, New York (Etats-Unis)
    Actuellement au cinéma dans : Profession profiler
    LL Cool J, dit Ladies Love Cool James , est l'un des rappeurs les plus populaires de l'histoire du rap américain. Premier poulain de la célèbre écurie Def Jam , ses talents musicaux lui ouvrent très vite les portes d'une carrière de comédien. Il fait notamment des apparitions dans les films Krush Groove (1985), dans lequel il joue son propre rôle, et Wildcats (1986), où il interprète un rappeur.
    En 1995, il tient le premier rôle d' Out of Sync , l'histoire d'un ex-junkie reconverti en DJ forcé d'infiltrer un réseau de drogues par un flic en manque d'informations. Si le film est un échec au box-office , il attire des producteurs d' NBC qui décident de faire de lui l'une des vedettes de la sitcom à succès In the house (de 1995 à 1998), qui révèle au public américain ses talents de comédien.

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    117. IGN: Fate Of The Dragon Review
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