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  1. Taiwanese Mandopop Singers: Ruby Lin, A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Liljay, Jam Hsiao, Owodog, Yoga Lin, Energy, Show Luo, Teresa Teng, Timi Zhuo
  2. Taiwanese Actors: Jay Chou, Ruby Lin, Leehom Wang, Liljay, Owodog, Jimmy Lin, Show Luo, Alec Su, Wu Bai, Teresa Teng, Vic Chou
  3. The Fastest Pig In The West by Randi Hacker, 2007

141. Elko AYSO Soccer
News, information, events, calendar, coaches, and links. A tournament for U10 to U16 based in Elko, Nevada.

  • Home Page
  • Regional Guidelines [PDF]
  • Board of Directors
    Meeting Minutes

  • Adopt-A-Player Program
  • Coach Information ...
  • Calendar 2005-2006 [PDF]
  • Registration Info.
    June 2005 Letter to

  • British Soccer Camp Aug 8-12
  • Old West Shootout Flyer [PDF] Rules [PDF] Tournament Approval [PDF] Team Application [PDF] Lodging RV Parks
  • Igloo Indoor League Come out and play! Website design by: K. Schoppe-Hine
  • 142. Ruby Lake Lagoon Society Home Page
    Tenhectare reserve featuring a freshwater lagoon and forested acreage. Current focus of the Society is the construction of the Iris Griffith Field Studies and Interpretive Centre. Includes details of programs and events that will be offered.

    Promoting wildlife education
    and conservation for the
    benefit of us all.

    The Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve
    is a 20-acre reserve featuring a freshwater lagoon and forested acreage on the Sunshine Coast, northwest of Vancouver. The purpose of the Lagoon Society is to preserve and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the Ruby Lake Lagoon, to partake in environmental education, and to assist in monitoring the ecological health of the region. Each May, the Society hosts the Ruby Lake Lagoon Wood Duck and Wilderness Festival which celebrates the natural world and is a popular community event. The current focus of the Society is the construction of a first-class Field Studies and Interpretive Centre at Ruby Lake Lagoon. The Iris Griffith Centre, named in honour of the late local naturalist Iris Griffith , has been designed to help all ages explore and appreciate the natural wonders of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. On July 28, 2005, Lagoon Society Directors invited the community to join in the festivities at the Iris Griffith Interpretive Centre Opening Ceremony The Iris Griffith Interpretive Centre is now open daily between 10AM and 4PM. Come visit us today!

    143. : Ruby Lovett : Artist Main
    Biography, photos, and an audio clip.

    144. Rubies | Comunidad Hispana De Usuarios De Ruby
    Comunidad hispana de usuarios de ruby.
    @import "misc/drupal.css"; @import "themes/box_grey/box_pildoraroja/style.css";
    Comunidad hispana de usuarios de Ruby
    Ruby es un lenguaje din¡mico para una programaci³n orientada a objetos r¡pida y sencilla. Vi³ la luz en Jap³n en el a±o 1993 gracias a Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) y lleg³ al pºblico en general en 1995. All­, en Jap³n, goza de una enorme popularidad, que incluso llega a superar a Python. Nosotros somos un grupo dedicado a difundir Ruby entre los usuarios de habla hispana.
    [QUIZ] Dibujar ¡rboles
    # Enviado por wotan el 23 Julio, 2005 - 15:55. - Programaci³n Esta semana el reto se trata de ver qui©n es el que hace el mejor arte ASCII para dibujar ¡rboles. Como siempre, pod©is leer el texto original en Ruby Quiz inicie sesi³n o reg­strese leer m¡s
    Ruby on Rails frente a J2EE
    # Enviado por osoh el 20 Julio, 2005 - 01:15. - Rails Aaron Rustad ha publicado recientemente un interesante art­culo ( Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Is there room for both? ) en developerWorks donde discute las principales similitudes y diferencias entre Ruby on Rails y un framework t­pico de J2EE.

    145. Stimulated Optical Radiation In Ruby
    An essay explaining the first laser ever published in Nature magazine and written by T.H. Maiman.
    Stimulated optical radiation in ruby
    Schawlow and Townes have proposed a technique for the generation of very monochromatic radiation in the infra-red optical region of the spectrum using an alkali vapour as the active medium. Javan and Sanders have discussed proposals involving electron-excited gaseous systems. In this laboratory an optical pumping technique has been successfully applied to a fluorescent solid resulting in the attainment of negative temperatures and stimulated optical emission at a wave-length of 6943 the active material used was ruby (chromium in corundum). A simplified energy-level diagram for triply ionized chromium in this crystal is shown in Fig. 1. When this material is irradiated with energy at a wave-length of about 5500 Å., chromium ions are excited to the F state and then quickly lose some of their excitation energy through non-radiative transitions to the E state . This state then slowly decays by spontaneously emitting a sharp doublet the components of which at 300° K. are at 6943 Å. and 6929 Å. (Fig. 2a). Under very intense excitation the population of this metastable state ( E ) can become greater than that of the ground-state; this is the condition for negative temperatures and consequently amplification via stimulated emission.

    146. Ruby
    Many useful, interesting scripts, patches, extension modules, and documentation.
    Ruby Main Ruby Solaris,Linux,*BSD Others Ruby Applications Ruby Libraries Also, you can see my applications and libraries here

    147. RDE(Ruby Development Environment)
    RDE(Ruby Development Environment)
    Tips ‚²ˆÓŒ©E‚²—v–]E‚²Ž¿–â
  • DOS‘‹‚ւ̏o—Í‚ðŽæ‚荞‚Þ(DOS‘‹‚ðŠJ‚©‚È‚¢‚ÅŽÀs‚Å‚«‚éj ƒfƒoƒbƒOƒ‚[ƒh‚Å‚ÌŽÀs ƒXƒeƒbƒvŽÀs ‚»‚Ì‘¼A-r debugƒ‚[ƒh‚ŏo—ˆ‚邱‚Æ RubyƒXƒNƒŠƒvƒg‚Ì“o˜^EŽÀs ƒR[ƒhƒGƒNƒXƒvƒ[ƒ‰ iã‰æ‘œ‚̍¶‘¤j iã‰æ‘œ‚̉E‘¤j ƒ^ƒOƒWƒƒƒ“ƒv(tags)
  • Windows2000/XP(98/Me/NT‚à‹°‚ç‚­)
  • MSWIN”Å‚ÌRuby‚ªƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‹Ï‚݂ŁA-r debug‚ª³í‚É“®ì‚·‚邱‚ƁB
  • ‚ª‚ ‚é‚Æ‚È‚¨‚æ‚¢‚Å‚·B
  • ƒtƒŠ[ƒEƒFƒA
  • “]ÚEÄ”z•z‚Í‹ÖŽ~
  • ƒhƒLƒ…ƒƒ“ƒg
    ver. 1.0.0beta1


    old version ... rde0910.lzh
  • 148. Eigenschaften Und Besonderheiten Von Ruby
    Michael Neumann gibt eine Kurzzusammenfassung ¼ber die Sprache.
    Eigenschaften und Besonderheiten von Ruby
    von Michael Neumann
    Interpretiert Objekt-orientiert Portabel Untypisiert ... Sonstiges Interpretiert Vorteil: Nachteil: Objekt-orientiert In Ruby ist alles Portabel Vorteil:
    • weniger Aufwand (es muß nur ein Programm verwaltet werden)
    Automatische Speicherverwaltung (Garbage Collection) Vorteil: Nachteil:
    • Geschwindigkeits-Einbußen (ca. 10%). Da aber Ruby eine interpretierte Sprache ist, fallen die 10% nicht ins Gewicht.
    Ruby basiert u.a. auf der Syntax von Eiffel (Ada)
    • gut leserlich leicht zu erlernen weniger Fehler
    Fortgeschrittene OO-Konzepte und andere Features
    • Singleton-Methoden Mix-in statt Mehrfachvererbung Ausnahmebehandlung (Exception Handling) Iteratoren und Closures Meta-Class in Syntax eingebautes Pattern-Matching (wie Perl)
    • viele vorhandene Bibliotheken erleichtern das Programmieren Viele wichtige Datenstrukturen sind vorhanden (wie z.B. dynamische Arrays (Listen), Strings, BigNum, Complex, ....)

    149. Ruby FAQ
    By John Dell'Aquila. Text description, no code samples, ruby Garden FAQ entry from comp.lang.python post.
    The Ruby FAQ
    FAQ sections You can also view all the Ruby FAQ questions listed on one page General questions How Does Ruby Stack Up Against...? Installing Ruby ... Other Features Most recently updated questions best use of require Who can answer the pending questions on this site? What does RubyGarden Wiki use as a backend? What operating systems support Ruby? ... Is there a Ruby library for wxWindows? Ask a new question! You can propose a new question to be added to the FAQ Search the FAQ Terms are AND'ed together. You can use quotation marks for multi-word terms. For example: "instance variables" initialize Search terms: Large type version A large type version of the FAQ is also available. Please contact the maintainers if you have accessibility issues of any kind with this site. Contacts and credits The Ruby FAQ is hosted on, and is based on the work of several people If you have questions or problems to report about this site, please contact David Black or Chad Fowler Back to Ruby FAQ Powered by Ruby on Rails

    150. GameSpy - Pokemon Ruby
    Offers game info, cheats, previews, and reviews. PC Xbox GameCube ... Shop Platforms

    151. Ruby Moon, An American Rock Band From Petaluma, California.
    A Sonoma County based American Roots band. Contains music, a biography, and booking information.
    Ruby Moon

    CD Info



    Marching home from my Crusades, A million more join a Human Race And though I conquer bridges from the Heartland to the Sea, Baby you're the Keeper of the Key. var site="s10RubyMoon"

    152. John F. Kennedy Assassination Dallas Police Department Files collection of Dallas Police Department files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack ruby
    11,334 pages of Dallas Police Department files, related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, archived on CD-ROM.
    Copies of material transferred from the Dallas Police Department to the Dallas Municipal Archives, from major items to minutia. The documents include homicide reports, affidavits, witness statements, newspaper clippings and correspondence.
    Among the many items of interest are:
    Archival copy on CD-ROM
    Price $10.00
    PC MAC
    50% OFF ALL ORDERS OF $100 OR MORE ENDS 8/19/05

    153. C And Brothers Gems
    Manufacturer, wholesale exporter of precious gems. ruby and sapphire.

    154. The Shooting At Ruby Ridge
    Department of Justice report regarding internal investigation of shootings at ruby Ridge, Idaho during arrest of Randy Weaver.
    Released through LEXIS COUNSEL CONNECT. LEXIS COUNSEL CONNECT is a communications and information service for attorneys. LCC is managed by American Lawyer Media, L.P. On Aug. 22, 1992, on a remote ridge in northern Idaho, aweeklong standoff between white supremacist Randy Weaver andfederal agents ended in a shootout in which an FBI sniper shot andkilled Weaver's wife, Vicky. The Ruby Ridge confrontation began aweek earlier when federal marshals tried to arrest Weaver forfailing to appear in court on weapons charges. At that time, a gunbattle erupted between marshals and Weaver's 14-year-old son,resulting in the deaths of Weaver's son and a marshal. The incident led to one of the most intensive internalreviews of an FBI investigation ever. Attorney General Janet Renoestablished a Justice Department task force to investigate theevents at Ruby Ridge. The task force concluded in a 1994 reportthat the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team overreacted to the threat ofviolence and instituted a shoot-on-sight policy that violatedbureau guidelines and Fourth Amendment restrictions on policepower. The FBI disciplined 12 agents and employees, includingLarry Potts, then the head of its criminal division and now itsdeputy director, for their roles in the operation. The following document, which is contained in theattached files, is the full text of the task force's unreleased542-page report, which was obtained by LEXIS COUNSEL CONNECT.

    155. - Idaho Prosecutor Praises Ruby Ridge Sniper Ruling - June 6, 2001



    CNN TV what's on
    show transcripts

    CNN Headline News

    CNN International

    EDITIONS Asia Europe set your edition Languages Time, Inc. People Fortune EW dictionary
    Idaho prosecutor praises Ruby Ridge sniper ruling
    Randy Weaver's home in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, site of the 1992 standoff. SANDPOINT, Idaho (CNN) The prosecutor who brought a manslaughter charge against the FBI sniper who killed the wife of a white supremacist during the 1992 standoff at Ruby Ridge said Wednesday she believes in "equal justice under the law," including for federal agents. Denise Woodbury, the former prosecutor for Boundary County, made her comments a day after a federal appeals court ruled that FBI agent Lon Horiuchi can be tried for manslaughter if issues still in dispute can be resolved. Horiuchi fired two shots, wounding Randy Weaver and killing Weaver's wife, Vicki, who was inside the cabin. She died from a gunshot wound to the head a killing that has become a battle cry for militia groups. A day earlier, Weaver's armed 14-year-old son, Sam, was killed in a gun battle with a U.S. marshal, who also died. DOCUMENTS Read the opinion in the Ruby Ridge case (FindLaw) (PDF) Documents in PDF format require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

    156. Gemcolor - Finest Gemstones
    Supplies gems for private purchase and jewelry designers. Diamonds, ruby, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite.
    Gemcolor is an international supplier of the world's finest gemstones. We have connected jewelry manufacturers, retailers and designers with the highest quality gems for the past two decades. Gemcolor wholesales diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and the full spectrum of other colored stones. Our new online marketplace streamlines the process of acquiring gems for your jewelry business and pleasure. Home Mission History Gems Gallery ... Contact GEMCOLOR 3535 East Coast Hwy.
    PMB #20
    Corona del Mar, CA 92625
    tel. 949.720.1881

    157. Therubysquare : PC Games - Elite Internet Gaming Community :: Welcome :: Http://
    Playing Battlefield and CounterStrike series games. Includes roster, forums, and server information. - Elite Internet Gaming Community - Condition Zero * Counter-Strike Source * Day of Defeat * HOME ABOUT SERVER RULES DOWNLOAD ... RESOURCES
    Join [trs] Forums
    Active Roster ... Contact Us
    Thursday, June 9th - 2005
    trs- therubysquare will be setting up a server and creating a new community for Battlefield 2. As always, release date subject to change.
    North America Ship Date: June 22, 2005
    North America Store Date: June 23, 2005
    European Store Date: June 17, 2005
    Minimum Specs:
    • Windows XP (not compatible with 2000/Me) 1.7GHz P4 or AMD 512MB RAM 128MB DirectX 9.0b+ video card with 1.4 shaders or above (Nvidia FX+, ATI 8500+)
    Recommended Specs:
    • Windows XP 2.0-2.5GHz P4 or AMD 1GB RAM 128MB DirectX 9.0b+ video card with 1.4 shaders or above (Nvidia FX+, ATI 8500+)
    Help out therubysquare by pre-ordering today: Click here to pre-order Battlefield 2
    Sunday, May 29th - 2005
    If your wondering where some of the guys have been well there are three of us that are not playing CS for various reasons. Well Killjoy is in the middle of a Move to NYC Vapor is in between moves at the moment and stuck on dialup for about 1.5 months, and PK-Jai is working out in alberta until the end of august. However dont worry, we will be back!

    158. Tiki EuropeanRubyConference
    On 2122 June 2003, University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Fee 20 Euros to pay for Matz's flight. Language English, or German where everyone knows it. All are welcome.

    159. MySQL/Ruby
    [English] MySQL ¤Î Ruby API ¤Ç¤¹¡£MySQL ¤Î C API ¤È¤Û¤ÜƱÅù¤Îµ¡Ç½¤¬¤¢¤ê¤Þ¤¹¡£
    • MySQL 4.1.9
    • Ruby 1.8.2
    ¤³¤ì¤é°Ê³°¤Ç¤â make ¤Ç¤­¤ë¤«¤â¤·¤ì¤Þ¤»¤ó¤¬¡¢³Îǧ¤·¤Æ¤Þ¤»¤ó¡£
    Ruby ¥é¥¤¥»¥ó¥¹
    % ruby extconf.rb % ruby extconf.rb with-mysql-dir=/usr/local/mysql % ruby extconf.rb with-mysql-config % make extconf.rb ¤Ë¤Ï¼¡¤Î¥ª¥×¥·¥ç¥ó¤ò»ØÄê¤Ç¤­¤Þ¤¹¡£
    with-mysql-include= dir
    MySQL ¤Î¤Ø¥¥À¥Õ¥¡¥¤¥ë¤Î¾ì½ê¤È¤·¤Æ /usr/local/include ¤ÎÂå¤ï¤ê¤Î¥Ç¥£¥ì¥¯¥È¥ê¤ò»ØÄꤷ¤Þ¤¹¡£
    with-mysql-lib= dir
    MySQL ¤Î¥é¥¤¥Ö¥é¥ê¤Î¾ì½ê¤È¤·¤Æ /usr/local/lib ¤ÎÂå¤ï¤ê¤Î¥Ç¥£¥ì¥¯¥È¥ê¤ò»ØÄꤷ¤Þ¤¹¡£
    with-mysql-dir= dir
    with-mysql-include= dir /include, with-mysql-lib= dir /lib ¤ÈƱ¤¸¤Ç¤¹¡£
    with-mysql-config[= /path/to/mysql_config
    % ruby ./test.rb [ hostname user passwd dbname port socket flag # make install
    ¥Æ¥¹¥È»þ¤Ë¥é¥¤¥Ö¥é¥ê libmysqlclient ¤¬¸«¤Ä¤«¤é¤Ê¤¤¤È¤¤¤¦¥¨¥é¡¼¤¬½Ð¤ë¾ì¹ç¤Ï¡¢make »þ¤Ë¥é¥¤¥Ö¥é¥ê¤Î¾ì½ê¤ò»ØÄꤹ¤ëɬÍפ¬¤¢¤ê¤Þ¤¹¡£¼¡¤Î¤è¤¦¤Ë¤·¤Æ make ¤·¤Æ¤ß¤Æ¤¯¤À¤µ¤¤¡£ % env LD_RUN_PATH=¤Î¾ì½ê make
    ¥á¥½¥¥É̾¤Ï C API ¤Î´Ø¿ô¤«¤é mysql_ ÀÜƬ¼­¤ò½ü¤¤¤¿¤â¤Î¤ÈƱ¤¸¤Ç¤¹¡£¥á¥½¥¥É¤Î»ÈÍÑÊýË¡¤â´ðËÜŪ¤ËÂбþ¤¹¤ë C API ´Ø¿ô¤ÈƱÍͤǤ¹¤Î¤Ç¡¢¾ÜºÙ¤Ï MySQL ¤Î¥Þ¥Ë¥å¥¢¥ë¤ò¸«¤Æ¤¯¤À¤µ¤¤¡£ ¥á¥½¥¥Éæ¤Ç¥¨¥é¡¼¤¬È¯À¸¤·¤¿¾ì¹ç¤Ï Mysql::Error Îã³°¤¬È¯À¸¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£ Ƥ˰ÕÌ£¤Î¤¢¤ëͤòÊÖ¤µ¤Ê¤¤´Ø¿ô¤Ï self ¤òÊÖ¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£
    Mysql ¥¯¥é¥¹
    MySQL ¤òÁàºî¤¹¤ë¤¿¤á¤Î¥¯¥é¥¹¤Ç¤¹¡£
    real_connect(host=nil, user=nil, passwd=nil, db=nil, port=nil, sock=nil, flag=nil)

    160. Ruby Setup.rb
    Eine Beschreibung wie man eigene Module und Anwendungen installiert wird gegeben.
    Das Ruby setup Paket
    Wie man eigene Module und Anwendungen installiert
    Revision: 0.1
    Achtung: Neue Version hier...
    setup setup # ruby setup.rb config # ruby setup.rb setup # ruby setup.rb install Ich tue dies in der Hoffnung, dass sich damit der Einsatz von setup.rb weit verbreitet und wir endlich einen einheitlichen Installationsprozess haben.
    Die Anwendung von setup.rb ist wirklich simpel. Um dies zu demonstrieren, gehen wir von einem einfachen Beispiel aus. Wir haben ein kleines Modul Namens saphir.rb geschrieben, welches wir nun im site-ruby Verzeichnis installiert haben wollen. Und zwar in einem Unterverzeichnis namens myClasses require "myClasses/saphir" Unser Projekt bekommt ein eigenes Verzeichnis, in dem wir einige Unterverzeichnisse anlegen. Ins Hauptverzeichnis legen wir die setup.rb, wie wir sie im Paket setup vorfinden. Unser Skript legen wir in ./lib/myClasses ab: saphir /lib /myClasses saphir.rb setup.rb

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