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  1. Taiwanese Mandopop Singers: Ruby Lin, A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Liljay, Jam Hsiao, Owodog, Yoga Lin, Energy, Show Luo, Teresa Teng, Timi Zhuo
  2. Taiwanese Actors: Jay Chou, Ruby Lin, Leehom Wang, Liljay, Owodog, Jimmy Lin, Show Luo, Alec Su, Wu Bai, Teresa Teng, Vic Chou
  3. The Fastest Pig In The West by Randi Hacker, 2007

101. Invitation To Ruby
Many links, review, comparison to other languages, code samples.
An invitation to ruby
  • Ruby icon competition is reopen. Deadline is 13 Nov. Let's vote.
  • Ruby 1.4.2 is out. Ruby 1.2.x and 1.3.x have been obsoleted.
  • got started! We are looking for any kind of volunteer (preparing mirror sites, disscussion on the contents, etc). Please contact us.
Hi! ..... Well, I'd like to introduce a programming language * ruby * from Japan. Ruby is ` an easy object oriented language ' designed and implemented by Yukihiro MATSUMOTO (aka matz ). It may seem little strange at first time, however, it is designed aming to be easy to write or to read for any little experienced users. Ruby is useful, helpful or powerful for text processing, (light) numerical experiment, Tk interface, PostgreSQL interface, CGI, unix deamon implementation, TCP/IP network programming, prototyping, etc... It is not only easy but also genuine Object-Oriented programming language. So, it is suitable for learning very OOP or programming. Also, programming with ruby is great fun! O'Reilly cannot help but publish ``Programming Ruby'' once they get to know the language Though this page under construction, I'll talk about the practical uses here. Thanks!

102. Ruby Jewelbox
Ruby Jewelbox ¥ª¥Ö¥¸¥§¥¯¥È»Ø¸þ¥¹¥¯¥ê¥×¥È¸À¸ì Ruby ¤ÇÍ·¤Ö Ruby ¤ò¤´Â¸Î¤Ê¤¤¤«¤¿¤Ï¡¢¤Þ¤º Ruby Home Page The Unofficial Ruby Home Page ¡¢µÚ¤Ó¤½¤³¤«¤é¤¿¤É¤ì¤ë¥Ú¡¼¥¸·²¤ò¤´Í÷¤Ë¤Ê¤ë¤³¤È¤ò¶¯¤¯¤ª´«¤á¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£¤¯¤ì¤°¤ì¤â¡¢¤ï¤¿¤¯¤·¤Î¤Ø¤Ü¥¹¥¯¥ê¥×¥È¤À¤±¤ò¸«¤Æ Ruby ¤òȽǤʤµ¤ë¤³¤È¤Î¤¢¤ê¤Þ¤»¤ó¤è¤¦¤Ë¡£ ¡Ö¥ª¥Ö¥¸¥§¥¯¥È»Ø¸þ¥¹¥¯¥ê¥×¥È¸À¸ì Ruby¡× RubyRing Jewerly menu Ruby + eRuby ¤ÇCGI Ruby¥¦¥§¥Ö¥ê¥ó¥°

103. , Ruby, Programming Ruby, Deutsche Übersetzung, Programmieren In Ruby
Ein Projekt, das sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, das Buch Programming ruby von David Thomas und Andrew Hunt zu ¼bersetzen.
Willkommen, hier gibt es das Buch "Programming Ruby" von David Thomas und Andrew Hunt in deutscher Übersetzung. Außerdem stehen hier noch die Reste des Übersetzungsprojekts. Das gibts hier zu finden Ruby Book (use Download)
Ruby Buch




104. Ruby Versus Smalltalk Versus Objective-C Versus C++ Versus Java Versus Python Ve
Compares ruby, ObjectiveC, Smalltalk-80, C++, Java, Python, CLOS, Perl5, PHP, Dylan.
Ruby versus Smalltalk versus Objective-C versus C++ versus Java versus Python versus CLOS versus Perl5
Thanks to the following people for helping/correcting mistakes: Stefan Schmiedl (checking all and Lisp column), Clemens Hintze, Albert Wagner, Paul Prescod (Python column), Mathieu Bouchard (Perl5 column), Clemens Wyss,Tarun Ramakrishna Elankath, Michael Austin (Objective-C) and Doug Way. Milan Maksimovic suggested adding Templates. Are the templates entries correct?
Please email me about any other mistakes. armin(at) (Armin Roehrl). The idea is stolen from here . I added Java and Ruby, but also modified some entries, but Mr. Dekorte, the original author is far more competent, esp. in Objective-C, so I might have made a mistake by not having the same definition for the same terms. One possible source of error is also that different dialects of the same language support different features: e.g. POC supports Garbage Collection. Ruby Objective-C SmallTalk-80 C++ Java Python CLOS Typing dynamic dynamic/static dynamic static static dynamic dynamic mostly dynamic Runtime access to method names yes yes yes no yes yes yes* yes Runtime access to class names yes yes yes no yes yes yes* yes Runtime access to instance variable names yes yes yes no yes yes yes* yes Forwarding yes yes yes no no (?)

105. IGN: Pokemon Ruby
Contains reviews, news, guides, cheats, FAQ, game features and message boards. Xbox GameCube PC Games ... My Wishlist Find Game Hot Stuff
Don't miss our Quest for Antonia video and tons of other great new clips and reviews:
N'dogs Review
Frank Miller Talk
Gems Review
Vegas Pageant
AW DS Review
Undiscovered Clips SECTIONS CHANNELS Insider Members Games Entertainment IGN Services GET GAMES Compare Prices PARTNERS Saturn Guide to Extreme Games IGN Games Game Boy ... Game Profiles Pokemon Ruby
Also known as: Pocket Monsters: Ruby (JPN) See All Images See All Videos ... News Features Nintendo's mega-popular monster-battling RPG is back with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance. These new Pokemon quests take players on a journey through Hoenn, where they can train, battle, trade and earn badges with a new set of Pokemon. Ruby and Sapphire offer over 100 new Pokemon, and completely overhauled graphics, thanks to the power of the Game Boy Advance. A new two-on-two battle system raises the level of strategy and excitement, as a single player can simultaneously battle two Pokemon. Multiplayer options have also been expanded as two players can battle against each other with two Pokemon each, as well as a new four-player battle mode.
Game Help Pokemon Ruby Cheats Pokemon Ruby Guide Pokemon Ruby FAQs Reviews Pokemon: Ruby Version March 17, 2003

106. Home Page
Rock and roll band from Seattle, WA. News, MP3s, reviews, message board, contact information, and links.
the new full length on Loveless Records

107. Kennedy Assassination
Day by day chronology starting with November 22, 1963. Includes pictures, sound bites, memories of those who recall the event, information about Oswald and ruby. No theories of the crime, the focus is on the tragedy and the people.
You are in: FiftiesWeb Kennedy Assassination a The Fifties Web - Your Retro 50s, 60s and 70s Source Index TV Games ... TV Westerns Search FiftiesWeb
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Kennedy Assassination
Kennedy Assassination
November 22, 1963

November 23, 1963

November 24, 1963
Kennedy, Lincoln similarities

Inaugural Address (13 MB )

"Ask not..." excerpt

Official death announcement
Cronkite - Kennedy shot ... Oswald shot CBS TV John F. Kennedy On November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. No one then alive can forget where they were when they heard the news. The shock and sorrow of that event and the three subsequent days became embedded in the national consciousness. Images of the funeral, the boy's salute, the widow's composure, these are tucked away but never forgotten. Here you will find the story of those four days in November when a nation stopped to mourn. You will read the first person recollections of those of us who remember it all so well. You are invited to contribute your own memories of those four days. Where we were and what we felt is part of this history. See sidebar at right. What is captured here is about this unique time, about the Kennedys, the Johnsons and Lee Harvey Oswald. The events of those days are sealed in an emotional time capsule shared by all who experienced them. Hopefully this will bring back those vivid days.

108. Caram
Coloured precious gemstones and diamonds plus emerald, ruby and sapphire beads.
For German click here For English click here

109. The Ruby Ridge Prosecutions, By Blackman & Kopel
Examining the complexities of the criminal prosecutions resulting from ruby Ridge, and questioning why the government officials responsible for an illegal 'shoot to kill' order have not been punished.
The Ruby Ridge Prosecutions Kopel Unfortunately, the decisions of both the federal and state prosecutors mean that several of the criminals at Ruby Ridge will never be charged with anything. Consider Larry Potts, the Washington FBI headquarters man in charge of Ruby Ridge. The prosecutors investigated Larry Potts for approving the dramatic change in the "rules of engagement" for the FBI’s siege of the Weaver family’s remote Idaho cabin in August, 1992. According to the official FBI guidelines, deadly force is allowed only when necessary to protect someone against immediate danger. The rules of engagement are not based on the whims of FBI officials, or even on the acts of Congress. Instead, the limits on deadly force are implicit in the Constitution, and therefore decreed by the Supreme Court. At Ruby Ridge, Idaho, the normal, constitutional rules of engagement were changed; the new rules were orders to kill any armed adult male seen on the Weavers’ property. The non-prosecution of Larry Potts is based on a disputed fact: it cannot be proven that Potts approved the order saying FBI agents "can and should" shoot. But there is no real dispute that Potts approved an earlier change in the rules of engagement, saying the FBI "could" shoot any armed adult male. (Randy Weaver and his friend Kevin Harris often carried guns on their own property, as is completely legal under Idaho law.) Even if Potts didn’t approve the "order to kill" rules of engagement, he clearly did approve a "license to kill" rule, which is illegal and unconstitutional. But he’s getting away with it.

110. FBI Sniper Can Be Tried In Ruby Ridge Slaying

111. Io
s, documents, download, mail list. Open Source, BSD......Small, embeddable, objectoriented, prototype-based, garbage collected language; faster than Perl, Python, ruby; supports actors and futures for concurrency. Influences Smalltalk; Act1, Self, NewtonScript; Lisp; Lua.

112. Jyotish Gem, Bill Kent G.G.
Features pearl, coral, ruby, emerald, diamond, unheated blue and yellow sapphires imported by Jyotish gem expert Bill Kent, graduate gemologist.
Jyotish untreated sapphires, pearls, corals, garnets, peridots, hessonites and cat's eyes specifically selected for your Jyotish gem recommendations to bring favorable influence to all areas of your life. I choose superior quality gems for Jyotish remedies to bring the most powerful, most effective Jyotish gem remedies to you. Unheated
Buying at the source in Sri Lanka, I select natural color untreated sapphires to give you the full remedial effect of sapphires that have not been subjected to heat treatment. Selection Each gem is chosen according to the the strictest Jyotish gem prescription standards. This is the basis for the effective and beneficial influence that a Jyotish gem prescription brings to your life. Expertise In-depth gemological training plus guidance and advice received from leading Jyotish Pundits/Vedic Astrologers is dedicated to giving you the most effective gem remedy for your gem prescription. Member: Planetary Gemologists Globa l Bill Kent G.G.

113. Pop Art Paintings By Ruby Persson
Images of pop art paintings with surrealist overtones. Gallery/pop art.html

114. Apollo Movie Guide's Review Of Ruby Bridges
Review, links, and cast information.

115. The Ruby Mountains; A Visitor's Guide
Describes a publication which gives information on common plants and animals found in the Rubies, area photographs, history and geology, also activities and places to visit.
Click here to see the Book List. Click here to see the Book List.

116. Backpacking In The Ruby Mountains
Trail descriptions of hikes in northeastern Nevada, with photos of all the main lakes and many of its animals.

117. Ruby License
Dual terms use GPL terms or its own terms.

118. Home Page
Includes information, roster, rules and registration.

119. Ruby Food Products
Manufacturers of fruit drinks, jam, squash, flavored milk, sauces, and vinegar. India.

120. Ruby Lake Resort
Located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Quaint, quiet, modern and surrounded by nature. Gourmet Italian restaurant on site also.

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