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  1. Taiwanese Mandopop Singers: Ruby Lin, A-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Liljay, Jam Hsiao, Owodog, Yoga Lin, Energy, Show Luo, Teresa Teng, Timi Zhuo
  2. Taiwanese Actors: Jay Chou, Ruby Lin, Leehom Wang, Liljay, Owodog, Jimmy Lin, Show Luo, Alec Su, Wu Bai, Teresa Teng, Vic Chou
  3. The Fastest Pig In The West by Randi Hacker, 2007

81. Gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rails
Subject Re ruby editor on Win, lin and Mac Newsgroups gmane.comp.lang.ruby.railsDate 200508-08 222144 GMT. I m quite pleased with TextMate for OSX.
Official "Ruby On Rails" discussion list headers Mike Evans 8 Aug 23:37
Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
Subject: Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rails
Date: 2005-08-08 21:37:02 GMT
I spent some time speaking with one of the Komodo (by ActiveState) developers at OSCON last week. Unfortunately I forgot his name, but he had a pretty good OS X alpha version with full Ruby integration and ensured me that it would be coming to both the Windows and Linux versions as soon as it was stable. Komodo looked like a pretty interesting product and the developer seemed really excited about Ruby and Rails. Cheers, Mike Permalink Reply headers Jim Jeffers 9 Aug 00:21
Re: Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
Subject: Re: Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rails
Date: 2005-08-08 22:21:44 GMT
Rails@... Permalink Reply ... Andres 9 Aug 02:32
Re: Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
Subject: Re: Ruby editor on Win, Lin and Mac
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rails

82. DPE0857 Dtps. (Phal. Lin Jessica 'Ruby Queen' X Elmore's Sweetheart 'Ruby Ruffle
DPE0857 Dtps. Sally Colt (Phal. lin Jessica ruby Queen x Elmore s Sweetheart rubyRuffles ). This image is from the orchid collection at
DPE0857 Dtps. Sally Colt (Phal. Lin Jessica 'Ruby Queen' x Elmore's Sweetheart 'Ruby Ruffles') This image is from the orchid collection at
Al's Orchid Greenhouse

83. Cultural Exchange At Ruby Lane : Exquisite Oriental Lady Figurines, Fine Arts An
Cultural Exchange at ruby Lane Welcome to Cultural Exchange, As credited onall my figurines, the artists are either, Master lin Wei Ho or Master lin
@import ""; Help ? My Account Shopping Bag Sign In ... Cultural Exchange Home Cultural Exchange
Exquisite Oriental Lady Figurines, Fine Arts and other Traditional Crafts Exclusively on Ruby Lane. Member since November 2002
View Shop Profile
All Shop Items: Today's featured items: $150 USD
"Wedding Day" (by Master Lin Wei Dung) *New* $110 USD REDUCED
Song Bird's Greeting (by Master Lin Dung) *New* $70 USD
"Tribal Dancer" (by Master Lin Wei Ho) *New* $85 USD
"Lucky Rooster" (by Master Lin Wei Ho) *New* $100 USD
"Spring Blossom" (by Master Lin Wei Dung) $70 USD
"Tribal Guitar" (by Master Lin Wei Ho) *New* $800 USD
"Wild Plum" - Oil Painting $800 USD
"Red Lantern" - Oil Painting $75 USD SALE "Spring Harvest" (by Master Lin Wei Dung) $800 USD "Back To Nature" - Oil Painting *New* $100 USD "Spring Bounty" (by Master Lin Wei Dung) $85 USD "Golden Piglet" (by Master Lin Wei Ho) *New* All Shop Items: About Cultural Exchange Our Service Pledge To You: I will respond to orders placed during weekdays within 24 hours and the next business day for weekend orders About Us Welcome to Cultural Exchange, the only shop that has the most masterpiece shiwan figurines from Master Lin Wei Dung and Master Lin Wei Ho

84. Ruby Lin
Role Student. User name ruby. First name ruby. Last name lin. Email. Homepage.Address. City. Country. Language. Phone. Mobile. Organization
English Francais Home Samples ... Tutorials Role: Student User name: ruby First name: Ruby Last name: Lin Email: Homepage: Address: City: Country: Language: Phone: Mobile: Organization: Quote: Background: Professional interests: Personal interests:

85. Celebrites Et Stars: Trouvez Tout! 8000 Celebrites 40 000 Photos 70 000 Sites Ch
ruby lin s Fan Page ruby lin s Gas Station ruby lin s Playground ruby lin s Site ruby Valley email
Recherche de sites de célébrités par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... Forums généraliste s Nouveautés Top 10 photos Dernières photos Photos, derniers commentaires ... Sonneries et Logos Sonneries Polyphoniques CD, K7, POSTERS audit et mesure d'audience visiteurs internet par Ruby Lin com
Ruby Lin's Fan Page
... SMS, Sonneries, Logos pour ton mobile !

86. Ruby Lin Gallery 心姿如影 - ¬Ûï­º­¶
The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

87. Offering The Best Of Ruby Lin
DESCRIPTION Traveled to New York, USA alone, ruby lin wrote a diary recording This exclusive diary gives you an inside look to ruby lin s personal life

88. Ruby Lin - Everything On Ruby Lin (bio, Last News, Photo Gallery, )
Includes biography, career events, last news and rumours, photo gallery, filmography,fan mail and links to fan sites.

The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
¡E 2004 / 06 / 19 µµÅʸg¨å¼v­µ©ñ¬M (»s§@¤¤) ¡E ©x¤èºô¯¸ (»s§@¤¤) ¡E (»s§@¤¤) ¡E 2004 / 06 / 19 ¤­¤ë¥x¥_ºô»E¤ß¦p·Ó¤ù (»s§@¤¤) ¡E ¤¬°Ê°Ï: ¡y µ¹¤ß¦pªº¯d¨¥°Ï ¡z¡y ¥»¯¸¯d¨¥ª© ¡z

90. BIBLIOHOLICA: Title List
Carter, lin. Terra Magica (Daw). Kesrick (1982); Dragonrouge (1984) ruby Throneseries (Ace). Reign of Shadows (1996); Shadow War (1997)
  • Cabell, James Branch
    • Saga of Poictesme (Ballantine)
      • Figures of Earth (1969)
      • The Silver Stallionr (1969)
      • Something About Eve
      • The Cream of the Jest
      • Domnei
      • Jurgen
      • The High Place
    • The Eagle's Shadow (Heinemann 1904)
    • Caldecott, Moyra
      • Tall Stones sequence
        • Sacred Stones Trilogy
        • The Tall Stones (Popular Library 1977)
        • The Temple of the Sun (Popular Library 1977)
        • Shadow on the Stones (Popular Library 1978)
        • The Silver Vortex (Arrow 1987)
      • Amun Trilogy (Arrow)
      • Daughter of Amun (1989)
      • The Son of the Sun (1990)
      • Daughter of Ra (1990)
      • The Winged Man (Headline 1993)
      • Callander, Don
        • Brightglade sequence (Ace)
        • Pyromancer (1992)
        • Aquamancer 1993)
        • Geomancer (1994)
        • Aeromancer (1997)
          • Marbleheart (Ace 1998)
        • Dragon sequence (Ace)
        • Dragon Companion (1994)
        • Dragon Rescue (1995)
        • Dragon Tempest (1998)
        • Canavan, Trudi
          • Black Magician Trilogy (HarperCollins AU)
          • The Magicians' Guild (2001)
          • Card, Orson Scott
            • Tales of Alvin Maker (Tor)
            • Seventh Son (1992)
            • Red Prophet 1993)
            • Prentice Alvin (1994)
            • Alvin Journeyman (1997)
            • Heartfire (1998)
            • Hart's Hope (Tor 1988) (editor)
            • Dragons of Light (Bart 1988) (editor)
            • Dragons of Darkness (Bart 1988) (editor)
            • Enchantment (Ballantine 1999)
            • Cardarelle, Andria

91. Ruby Lin Winamp Skins @ Winamp Any Skins
PDF A Generalized BradleyTerry Model From Group Competition to
main : ruby lin
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92. Publication
M.W. Chang, C.-J. lin, and ruby C. Weng, “Adaptive deterministic T.-K.Huang, ruby C. Weng, and C.-J. lin. “A Generalized Bradley-Terry Model From
Journal papers:
  • Michael Woodroofe and Ruby C. Weng , 2000. " Comments on Hybrid Sampling Methods for Confidence Intervals. " Statistica Sinica , Vol. 10, No. 1, p33-36. Ruby C. Weng and Michael Woodroofe , 2000. " Integrable expansions for posterior distributions for multiparameter exponential families with applications to sequential confidence levels. " Statistica Sinica , Vol. 10, No 3, p693-713. Ki Heon Choi Ruby C. Weng , and Michael Woodroofe , 2001. " Sequential confidence intervals for a population size with fixed proportional accuracy. Sequential Analysis , Vol. 20, No. 1, p25-43. Ruby C. Weng On Stein¡¦s Identity for Posterior Normality. Statistica Sinica , Vol. 13, No 2, p495-506. (NSC 89-2118-M-004-008, 90-2118-M-004-002) M.-W. Chang, C.-J. Lin, and Ruby C. Weng Analysis of Switching Dynamics with Competing Support Vector Machines. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks , Vol. 15, p720-727. (NSC91-2118-M-004-003) A short version appears in IJCNN 2002. T.-F. Wu
  • 93. Ðóáè Ëèíü (Ruby Lin)
    The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    i PHP MySQL

    Ðóáè Ëèíü (Ruby Lin)
    • (2000) Lei ting zhan jing / China Strike Force
    • VHS DVD

  • Ðóáè Ëèíü íà
  • 94. Ruby Lin Wallpapers @ Any Wallpapers
    ruby lin wallpapers. We re sorry, but this page has been removed tohttp//
    main : ruby lin
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    95. Lin, Ruby (Profile) - Chinastar -
    English Name ruby; Mandarin Name lin, Xin Ru (Xinru); Origin Taiwan; BirthdayJan 27th 1976; Height 166 cm; Weight 48 kg; Measurements 3323-34 (cm),1.shtml
    Public Version Premium Version Subscribe Premium ... MyMuzi
    var rm_host = ""; var rm_section_id = 2178; var rm_iframe_tags = 1; rmShowAd("728x90"); Home New News Gallery ... Singer
    Search Chinastar
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    Site Guide
  • Chinastar Home
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  • News Hits
  • China
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  • Singapore ... Lin, Ruby : Profile
    Profile Biography News ... Voting
    • English Name: Ruby
    • Mandarin Name: Lin, Xin Ru (Xinru)
    • Origin: Taiwan
    • Birthday: Jan 27th 1976
    • Height: 166 cm
    • Weight: 48 kg
    • Measurements: 33-23-34 (cm)
    • Blood Type: B
    • Occupation: Actress
    Personal Tools view eStar MyMuzi membership Communities view club Vote for Lin, Ruby Your Scores 10 (Favorite) 1 (So-so) Cafe (BBS) Guestbook (Posts) var rm_host = ""; var rm_section_id = 2178; var rm_iframe_tags = 1; rmShowAd("300x250"); Name (English) Name (Pinyin) Name (Chinese/GB) Name (Chinese/Big5) Birthplace (English) Location (English) Related Muzi
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  • Free Membership var rm_host = ""; var rm_section_id = 2178; var rm_iframe_tags = 1; rmShowAd("120x600"); Polls Q : Which is your favorite "Huang Rong", the heroin of Jin Yong's novel "Eagle Shooting Heroes"?
  • 96. - Ruby Lin Pictures, Gallery, Pics, Photos
    ruby lin pictures, pics, videos, clips, photos, nude, and more.
    Ruby Lin Picture Gallery Babelistings ...

    97. ::CineMovies:: Ruby Lin Gallery Entertainment Movies and Films Actors and loading show this photo Note (631) Taiwan actress ruby lin (lin Xinru)show this photo loading show this photo Note (63-2) Taiwan Lin

    98. Ruby Home Page
    Interpreted, dynamically typed, pure objectoriented, scripting language for fast, easy programming, from Japan. Simple, straightforward, extensible. Many features to process text files and do system management, as in Perl. More elegant than Perl, fewer parentheses than Lisp. Japan has more users of ruby than Python. Open Source
    Ruby: Programmers' Best Friend
    Language What's New Get Ruby now!!
    RubyConf 2005 Registration Tops 100
    David A. Black recently reported on ruby-talk that over 100 people have registered for RubyConf 2005 , to be held this coming October 14-16 in San Diego. If you haven't yet registered, now is the time! Last update on August 19, 2005 15:32
    by shugo
    Created . If you have found vulnerabilities in Ruby, please report to this address. is a private ML, and anyone can post to it without subscription. Last update on July 15, 2005 00:45
    XMLRPC.iPIMethods Vulnerability
    by shugo
    On Fri Jun 17 2005, a vulnerability of XMLRPC.iPIMethods was reported in [ruby-core:05237]. Remote attackers can execute arbitrary commands by this vulnerability. Read more ... Last update on July 01, 2005 14:30
    Upgrade to Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
    by shugo
    We'll upgrade this host to Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (sarge) on Wed Jun 29 05:00:00 UTC 2005. Services will be stopped for a while. Successfully DONE. Thank you.

    99. RubyGarden
    Premier site for tracking many developments forum; news, includes ruby News Weekly (like Dr. Dobb's PythonURL!); announcements, future shock, biggest ruby Wiki, useful surveys, links, people, libraries, ports.
    @import url( );
    09 May 05
    The Past, Present, and Future of RubyGems
    part 1
    by Chad Fowler note: This is the original English version of a multipart article written for The Rubyist
    In year 2000, when I started using Ruby, one of the first discussions I remember on the English ruby-talk "Not enough libraries." "There are plenty of libraries. Which are you missing?" "Well, I guess there are enough libraries. But we can't find them. And, they're hard to install!" "We need to create something like CPAN for Ruby! Only better! Let’s form a committee." *time passes* In the summer of 2001, two interesting changes took place in the world of Ruby packaging. First, Minero Aoki released version 1.0.0 of his setup.rb. setup.rb, still very popular today, solves part of the Ruby packging problem. It wasn’t quite the solution that the "where is CPAN?" people were looking for, but it provided a much-needed defacto standardization of Ruby installers, leading to a uniform methodology for laying out package structures. Second, Ryan Leavengood started work on a project he called "RubyGems". RubyGems was first introduced at the First International Ruby Conference in October, 2001. Like Java’s jar files, it created single-file archives out of Ruby libraries, and it hacked ‘require’ to enable users to load code from these files. Matz was in attendance, and took a definite interest in RubyGems, offering to give Ryan commit access to the Ruby CVS repository so that he could add RubyGems to the Ruby distribution. Matz was especially interested in the ability to "execute" one of these archives, for example:

    100. ¥ª¥Ö¥¸¥§¥¯¥È»Ø¸þ¸À¸ìRuby

    Language What's New Get Ruby now!!
    Rubyist Magazine 0008¹æ ȯ¹Ô
    by usa
    ÆüËÜRuby¤Î²ñ Rubyist Magazine [ruby-list:40930] º£²ó¤â¡¢¤Þ¤Ä¤â¤È¤µ¤ó¤Ë¤è¤ë¿·Ï¢ºÜ¤ò¤Ï¤¸¤á¤È¤·¤Æ¡¢Ruby¤Ë´Ø¤¹¤ëµ­»ö¤¬À¹¤êÂô»³¤Ç¤¹¡£¼¡¹æ¤Ï¤Ò¤È·î¶õ¤¤¤Æ9·îȯ¹Ô¤È¤¤¤¦¤³¤È¤Ç¤¹¤Î¤Ç¡¢¤¸¤¤¯¤ê¤È¤ª³Ú¤·¤ß¤¯¤À¤µ¤¤¡£ Last update on July 19, 2005 21:46
    by shugo Ruby¤Î¥»¥­¥å¥ê¥Æ¥£¤Ë´Ø¤¹¤ëÌäÂê¤ÎÊó¹ð¤ÎÁë¸ý¤È¤·¤Æ¡¢ ¤ò ÍÑ°Õ¤·¤Þ¤·¤¿¡£ ¥»¥­¥å¥ê¥Æ¥£´ØÏ¢¤ÎÌäÂê¤òȯ¸«¤·¤¿Êý¤Ï¡¢ruby-dev¤Ê¤É¤Î¸ø³«ML¤ÎÂå¤ê¤Ë¡¢ ¤³¤Á¤é¤ÎÊý¤Ë¤´Êó¹ð¤ò¤ª´ê¤¤¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£ Last update on July 01, 2005 17:12
    by shugo
    2005ǯ6·î17Æü¡¢[ruby-core:05237]¤Ë¤Æ¡¢XMLRPC.iPIMethods¤Î ÀȼåÀ­¤¬Êó¹ð¤µ¤ì¤Þ¤·¤¿¡£ ¤³¤ÎÀȼåÀ­¤Ë¤è¤ê¡¢±ó³Ö¤ÎÂè»°¼Ô¤Ë¤è¤¤ÆǤ°Õ¤Î¥³¥Þ¥ó¥É¤ò ¼Â¹Ô¤µ¤ì¤ë´í¸±À­¤¬¤¢¤ê¤Þ¤¹¡£ Read more ... Last update on July 01, 2005 16:53
    Debian GNU/Linux 3.1¤Ø¤Î¥¢¥¥×¥°¥ì¡¼¥É
    by shugo
    2005/6/29(¿å) 14:00¤ËËÜ¥Û¥¹¥È¤òDebian GNU/Linux 3.1 (sarge)¤Ë ¥¢¥¥×¥°¥ì¡¼¥É¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£ ºî¶È極¡¼¥Ó¥¹¤¬Ää»ß¤·¤Þ¤¹¤¬¡¢¸æ¶¨ÎϤª´ê¤¤¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£ Last update on June 29, 2005 16:59

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