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  1. Confronting Kingdom Challenges: A Call to Global Christians to Carry the Burden Together by Samuel T. Logan Jr., 2007-08-09
  2. Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies) by Jimmy Lin, Chris Dyer, 2010-04-30
  3. People From Taipei: Jimmy Lin, Rod Langway, Rainie Yang, Malan Breton, Edward Yang, Frank Hsieh, Valen Hsu, Elva Hsiao, Lin Chia-Lung
  4. Chinese Male Singers: Taiwanese Male Singers, Jimmy Lin, Alec Su, Vic Chou, David Tao, Dave Wong, Vanness Wu, Ming Dow, Nicky Wu, Lo Ta-Yu
  5. Taiwanese Male Singers: Jimmy Lin, Alec Su, Vic Chou, David Tao, Dave Wong, Vanness Wu, Ming Dow, Nicky Wu, Lo Ta-Yu, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen
  6. Taiwanese Actors: Jay Chou, Ruby Lin, Leehom Wang, Liljay, Owodog, Jimmy Lin, Show Luo, Alec Su, Wu Bai, Teresa Teng, Vic Chou
  7. Creative Visions - Contemporary Artists of Taiwan
  8. Malaysian Emigrants: Malaysian Immigrants to Canada, Malaysian Immigrants to the United States, Shirley Geok-Lin Lim, Jimmy Choo
  9. Jimmy Giuffre Albums: Fusion, Jimmy Giuffre 3, Trav'lin' Light, Free Fall, Thesis
  10. Risk factors for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus seroconversion among hospital staff, Singapore.(RESEARCH): An article from: Emerging Infectious Diseases by Mark I.C. Chen, Vernon J.M. Lee, et all 2010-10-01

1. Jimmy Lin Fans' Zone
NEWS PHOTOS EXTRAS LINKS CONTACT JIMMY UPDATES. Copyright 20012005 Jimmy Lin Fans' Zone. All Rights Reserved. Since 8th April 2001

2. Alec Su And Jimmy Lin's Home
Jimmy Lin's Page. Homepage all about Jimmy Lin. Pics, profile, music, links, chat, fan forum, etc. Also, linked to Alec Su's Page.

3. Meet Taiwanese Jimmy Lin Zhi Ying In Person At His Album Launch.
Meet Taiwanese Jimmy Lin Zhi Ying in person at his new album launch showcase at the Arena of Stars, Genting. Get into a frenzy as this handsome and

4. Starblvd/TaiwanMen/Jimmy_Lin/jimmy_Lin
/ Starblvd/ TaiwanMen/ Jimmy Lin/ jimmy Lin 3

5. Starpages Jimmy Lin Web Sites
Page 1 178 votes 1. Jimmy Lin's Room. Page on famous Taiwan singer and actor Jimmy Lin http//

6. Lin Chih Ying, Jimmy
Taiwanese singer. Site in Chinese and English.

7. Jimmy Lin Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers, And Posters
Jimmy Lin pictures, photos, wallpapers, and posters.

8. Lin, Jimmy (Home) - Chinastar -
Photos slide (42) thumbnail (5) Name. Lin, Jimmy (English) Lin, Zhiying (Pinyin) Category. Popsinger. Actor. Gender. Male. Nationality.

9. Jimmy Lin Jimmy Lin Links Jimmy Lin Sites Image Gallery Jimmy Lin
Jimmy lin jimmy Lin links Jimmy Lin sites Picture gallery and related links

10. Arts People L Lin, Jimmy
Books on Lin _Jimmy Music on Lin _Jimmy Videos on Lin _Jimmy. See also Arts Movies Titles B Boys Are Easy (2) Julie's Jimmy Lin Page

11. Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin. Hornbake 4121A College of Information Studies keywords Jimmy Lin, question answering, QA, information retrieval, IR, natural language
Jimmy Lin
Hornbake 4121A College of Information Studies University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742-4345 jimmylin (at) umd . edu fax: (301) 314-9145 Publications chronologically by research topic by publication type Classes LBSC 690 LBSC 796/INFM 718R Downloads Previous Projects Aranea Sapere Spot
About Me
I am an assistant professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park . I'm a member of the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing (CLIP) Lab at the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) In August 2004, I completed my Ph.D. in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department (EECS) at MIT . I worked in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). My Ph.D. thesis is entitled Event Structure and the Encoding of Arguments: The Syntax of the Mandarin and English Verb Phrase (here is a version that wastes less paper My work lies at the intersection of information retrieval and computational linguistics. I also work on lexical semantics and theories of verbal argument structure.
Teaching Schedule

12. Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin. Cantonese Lam ChiWing. - actor - singer -. Jimmy Lin in Butterfly and Sword (1993). selected filmography (actor unless otherwise noted)
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support this site by shopping at Return to People Archive L - R Jimmy Lin Cantonese: Lam Chi-Wing - actor - singer - selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
To Miss With Love (1992) Boys Are Easy (1993) End Of The Road (1993) Butterfly and Sword (1993) Flying Dagger (1993) Vampire Family (1993) No Sir (1994) Shaolin Popey (1994) Grandpa's Love (1995) School Days (1995) Forever Friends (1996) Heavenly Legend (1999) Boxing Hero (2004) back to top

13. Siam Zone : Star Gallery : Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin. Real name Jimmy Lin Birthday 15 October 1974. Talk about Jimmy Lin in our forum. picture gallery. picture 15 picture 14 picture 13
search stars: browse stars: a b c d ... Jimmy Lin Real name Jimmy Lin
Birthday 15 October 1974
Talk about Jimmy Lin in our forum
picture gallery
picture 15
picture 14
picture 13
picture 12
picture 11
picture 10
picture 9
picture 8 picture 7 picture 6 picture 5 picture 4 picture 3 picture 2 picture 1 advertisement recent posts [visit our forum] Re: what happend to "sarn world"? by LuVdAn Other Today at 01:43:22pm Re: what happend to "sarn world"? by ThaiFan ( Other Yesterday at 05:09:48pm what happend to "sarn world"? by khan ( Other Yesterday at 11:48:53am PLEASE HELP ME FIND... by tricia TV Series Discussion Yesterday at 07:41:41am Re: Got Any Stories? Real or Fake dont matter. by deja Other Yesterday at 02:26:07am Re: LOVERS IN PARIS by deja Other Yesterday at 02:20:59am anan anwar by anan lover ( Star Talk August 19, 2005, 08:20 PM Re: Rumours Kob and Brook!!! by ascentofsummer ( Star Talk August 19, 2005, 07:48 PM users online : 2 Guests, Users shop@amazon page="star";

14. ©ú¬P: ¥xÆW©ú¬P: ¥xÆW¨k©ú¬P: ªL§Ó¿o - Stars: Taiwan: Male: Lin
The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
¥[¤Jºô¯¸ ·sÂAºô¯¸ ¦³ö²K¹F ¦X§@¥ë¦ñ ... ¥xÆW¨k©ú¬P : ªL§Ó¿o §K¶O¥[¤Jºô¯¸ Home Stars Taiwan ... Male : Lin Jimmy
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Ù§Uºô¯¸ ¥ß§Y¤WeBay­»´äÁʪ« ¦beBay­»´ä¶R½æªL§Ó¿o¡A§Kµù¥U¶O¡A¥ß§Y¶R½æ¡C
Sorted by reputation, visitors, content richness and freshness e.t.c..
  • Jimmy Online; ¤p§Ó¤Ñ¦aºô - ¤¶²Ð¥xÆWºq¤âªL§Ó¿oªººô¯¸¡A¤º®e¥]¬A§Ó¿o¥X¹D¦Ü¤µªº¦UºØ¸ê°T¡A¥]¬A«Ó·Ó¡Bºq¦±¸ÕÅ¥¡B³Ì·s®ø®§µ¥
  • julie's JL page - ªL§Ó¿oªº­Ó¤H¸ê®Æ¡B²¤¶¡B¬Û¤ù¶°¡A¥H¤Î¿Ëµ§±¦W.
  • Jimmy Always - ªL§Ó¿oªº¨à®É·Ó¤ù¡A¦³½ì¨Æ¥ó°O¿ý¤Î¨ä¬Û¤ù¶°.
  • My Army Diary (with Jimmy Lin) - °O¸üªL§Ó¿o¦b¥xÆWªA§L§Ð®Éªº¥Í¬¡±¡ªp.
  • ªL§Ó¿oªº¼g¯u¬Û¤ù
  • ªL§Ó¿oºô°ê - ªL§Ó¿oªº­Ó¤H¸ê®Æ¡Bºô¯¸³sµ²¡B¬Û¤ù¶°¡B´¿ºt¹Lªº¹q¼v©M°Û¤ù±M¿è¤¶²Ð.
  • JimmY! - ªL§Ó¿oªº­Ó¤H¸ê®Æ¤Î·Ó¤ù¶°.
  • Jimmy Lam Chi-Wing - ¤p§Óªº¹Ï¤ù¶°.
  • ¤p§Ó®a±ÚJimmy Family - ¦³ªL§Ó¿oªº¬Û¤ù¡A±¦W¦¬¶°¡A®à¥¬¤U¸üµ¥.
  • 15. DBLP: Jimmy J. Lin
    Jimmy J. Lin. List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ 15, EE, Jimmy J. Lin, Boris Katz Question answering from the web using
    Jimmy J. Lin
    List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL ACM Guide CiteSeer CSB ... Boris Katz , Jimmy J. Lin: Answering Definition Questions with Multiple Knowledge Sources. HLT-NAACL 2004 Boris Katz , Jimmy J. Lin, Chris Stauffer W. Eric L. Grimson : Answering Questions About Moving Objects in Videos. New Directions in Question Answering 2004 Boris Katz Sue Felshin , Jimmy J. Lin, Gregory Marton : Viewing the Web as a Virtual Database for Question Answering. New Directions in Question Answering 2004 EE Jimmy J. Lin, Dennis Quan Vineet Sinha Karun Bakshi David Huynh ... David R. Karger : The role of context in question answering systems. CHI Extended Abstracts 2003 EE Jimmy J. Lin, Boris Katz : Question answering from the web using knowledge annotation and knowledge mining techniques. CIKM 2003 EE Boris Katz Roger Hurwitz , Jimmy J. Lin, : Better Public Policy Through Natural Language Information Access. DG.O 2003 EE Boris Katz Roger Hurwitz , Jimmy J. Lin, : START: A Framework for Facilitating E-Rulemaking. DG.O 2003

    16. DBLP: Jimmy Lin
    Jimmy Lin. List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ 1, Jiang Qian, Jimmy Lin, Nicholas M. Luscombe, Haiyuan Yu, Mark Gerstein
    Jimmy Lin
    List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL ACM Guide CiteSeer CSB ... Jiang Qian , Jimmy Lin, Nicholas M. Luscombe Haiyuan Yu Mark Gerstein : Prediction of regulatory networks: genome-wide identification of transcription factor targets from gene expression data. Bioinformatics 19
    Coauthor Index
    Mark Gerstein Nicholas M. Luscombe Jiang Qian Haiyuan Yu DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Michael Ley ( Mon Aug 8 19:49:01 2005

    17. Jimmy Lin's Photo Galleries At
    Jimmy Lin profile guestbook all galleries recent tree view thumbnails. X Mas Party @ Roger s home on 20021224 X Mas Party @ Roger s home on
    profile guestbook recent tree view
    :: X'Mas Party @ Roger's home on 20021224 ::
    :: Party @ Tammie's home on 20021013 ::
    :: Party @ Hilary's home on 20021214 ::
    :: °£¤i¨g°àªï¬K¥Í¤é¬£¹ï 2003 ::
    click on thumbnails for full image

    18. Scientology Completions - Celebrity 327
    Giesbrecht James Coulter Jamie Green Jason Landau Jeanie McCarthy Jeff Cude Jennifer Huang Jesse Garcia Jessie lin jimmy LaFave Joe Gilbert Joe Lin Joe
    The Truth About Scientology
    Altering the Tech
    Sources for Standard Tech Scientology's Statistics Got M/Us? ... Determining What's True Site created by Kristi Wachter this site discusses the Church of Scientology but is not affiliated with them in any way. You can find their official site at
    Scientology Completions - Celebrity 327
    TAS Stats Celebrity : Scientology Completions - Celebrity 327 Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service , that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years , and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so . The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
    Please read About These Lists for more information, and see the 2004 Celebrity Stats Analysis page for the latest analysis of CC Int statistics. This page was last updated on November 2, 2003.

    19. Jimmy Lin Fans' Zone
    Fan page containing news and information and links to pictures.
    Jimmy Lost A Valued Opportunity To Act As Yang Guo
    Jimmy Wants To Fall In Love
    Jimmy sign...sign...sign.... Father nag...nag...nag
    Jimmy Change Clothes, Change Face, Don't Change Sex
    Jimmy's Funny Happenings
    Jimmy's Daily Life
    Jimmy Finally Became 'Owner Of His Home'
    Jimmy's Siblings Have The Faces Of A Star
    CLICK HERE Name: Lin Chih Ying, Jimmy
    Date of Birth: 15 Oct 1974
    Height: 173cm Weight: 58kg Blood Type: O+ Family members: Father, Mother, 3 brothers(1 elder, 2 younger), 1 younger sister, etc, etc......Feeling bored with the same old profile about Jimmy? Here's something different...... OLD DISCUSSION FORUM GUESTBOOK NEWS PHOTOS EXTRAS LINKS CONTACT JIMMY UPDATES Since 8th April 2001 Last Updated: 15th February 2005 NEWS I Love How You Love Me, Jimmy Feels Moved? (8/10) MORE Mischievous Student Of The Past Feels Grateful Today (28/9) Star-chasing, Jimmy's Horsepower To The Fullest (27/9) F1 In The Heat, Jimmy Racing In The Same Land (27/9) Schumacher Appearing For F1, Jimmy Turns Fanatic (15/9) MORE Jimmy Donning F1 Suit (27/8) MORE Jimmy: Blacky Looking Forward Son To Follow His Teachings (10/12) Jimmy Tried Acupuncture For The First Time (16/12) Jimmy Return To Taiwan For Treatment (16/12) Jimmy And Neighbour's Dispute Brought Up To The Police (18/12) MORE JIMMY'S SCHEDULE short cut:

    20. Julie's Jimmy Lin Page
    Includes pictures and fan club information.
    JavaScript required to sign in

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