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  1. The Last Star of The East by Akiko Tetsuya, 2005-05-03
  2. Taiwanese Film Actors: Wallace Huo, Tien Feng, Chan Shen, Shu Qi, Ken Chu, Roy Chiu, Richie Ren, Brigitte Lin, Chang Chen, Lu Yi-Ching

1. Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia's Unofficial Web Site
Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia's Unofficial Web Site

2. Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites

3. Asian European Import DVDs, VCDs, Cult Specialty
Offers Asian DVD titles.

4. Zuk's Brigitte Lin Page
Zuk's Brigitte Lin Action Page!

5. Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia
Return to People Archive L R Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia Cantonese Lam Ching-Ha - actor -

6. Lin, Brigitte (Home) - Chinastar -
Photos slide (51) thumbnail (6) Name. Lin, Brigitte (English) Lin, Qingxia (Pinyin) Category. Actress. Gender. Female. Nationality. Taiwan.

BRIGITTE LIN/LIN QINGXIA/LIN CH'INGHSIA/LAM CH'ING-HA This filmography is vastly incomplete as Brigitte Lin has over 100 films to her credit.

8. Sempai Lee's Brigitte Lin Page
This page is dedicated to one of them, Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, a riveting performer and ethereal beauty.

9. Brigitte Lin Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers, And Posters
Brigitte Lin pictures, photos, wallpapers, and posters.

10. Martial - Celebrities - Brigitte Lin-Hsia
Lin Some photos. Muzi Starline - Lin, Brigitte. Brigitte Lin. Sempai Lee's Brigitte Lin's page. Zuk's Brigitte Lin Page. Hong Kong Films -

11. Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin. . English Brigette LIN. Cantonese LAM ChingHa. MandarinLIN Chin-Hsia. Invincible Asia - Swordsman 2 Pronunciation Guide
Brigitte Lin English: Brigette LIN Cantonese: LAM Ching-Ha Mandarin: LIN Chin-Hsia "Invincible Asia" Swordsman 2 Pronunciation Guide Filmography

Outside The Window (1973) Ghost of the Mirror (1974) Eight Hundred Heroes (1975) There's No Place Like Home (1977) Dream of the Red Chamber, The (1977) Love Affair of Rainbow, The (1977) Love of the White Snake (1978) Misty Moon, The (1978) Everywhere Birds Are Singing (1978) Fantasy Mission Force (1979) Off to Success (1980) (1981) Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) All the Wrong Spies (1983) Seven Black Heroines (1983) Project A (1983) Last Hero In China (1984) Other Side of Gentleman, The (1984) Seven Foxes (1985) Police Story (1985) Dream Lovers (1986) Peking Opera Blues (1986) True Colours (1986) Thirty Million Rush, The (1987) Lady in Black (1987) Flag of Honor (1987) Starry is the Night (1988) Deception (1989) Red Dust (1990) Swordsman 2 (1992) Royal Tramp II (1992) Handsome Siblings (1992) Dragon Inn (1992) Peach Blossom Land, The (1992) Bride With White Hair 2, The (1993) Bride With White Hair, The (1993)

12. Brigitte Lin - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Brigitte Lin (Chinese ?; pinyin Lín Qingxiá) or Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia (bornNovember 3, 1954) is a Taiwanese actress. She was born in Taipei,
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Brigitte Lin
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Brigitte Lin Chinese pinyin L­n QÄ«ngxi¡ ) or Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia (born November 3 ) is a Taiwanese actress. She was born in Taipei , and was "discovered" in by a film producer, and first appeared in many Taiwanese romance films based on the novels of Qiong Yao . She later switched over to more mainstream movies in Hong Kong, at the height of her popularity she was arguably one of the most sought after actress in the Chinese film industry. She starred in more than 100 movies, including Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain Police Story Peking Opera Blues Dragon Inn The Bride with White Hair ... Chungking Express and Ashes of Time She married businessman Michael Zing in and left the film industry, and now lives in San Francisco . She has a daughter born in edit
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13. Hong Kong:Actresses:Gallery 2
Li Ching Lee Ching / Lee Jing, Li Lily Li Lily Lily Li LiLi, lin brigitte LinBrigitte Brigette Lin / Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia / Lin Ching-hsia / Venus Lin
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Film:People:Hong Kong:Actresses:Gallery 2
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Ho Lily
He Lili / Lily Ho Li Li
Hsiao Hsiao
Siu Siu
Hsiao Yao
Siu Yiu (1) / Xiao Yao
Hsing Margaret Hui
Xing Hui / Ying Wai
Hu Chin
Hu Gin / Woo Gam Huang Mei-Mei Wong Mei Mei (2) Hui Kara Claire Wai / Hui Ying-Hung / Wai Ying Hung Kao Pao-shu Go Bo Shu Kong Ling Jiang Ling Kwan Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam / Rosamond Ewan Lam Karena Kar Yan Karena Lam Lee Elizabeth Elizabeth Lee Mei Fung Li Ching Lee Ching / Lee Jing Li Lily Lily Li Li-Li Lin Brigitte Brigette Lin / Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia / Lin Ching-hsia / Venus Lin Lin Chen-Chi Lam Jan-kei Lin Ching Lam Jing Ling Ivy Po Ivy Ling Po / Ivy Po Ling / Ling Bo Ling Ling Liu Hui-Ling Lau Wai Ling Liu Liang-hua Liu Wu-chi Lau Ng Kei / Liu Wu Chi Lui Hung Lu Gong Miao Nora Ker Hsui Miao prev index next

14. GreenCine | Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin, show images/hide images. movie title, related list, average rating,MPAA rating, watch, rent. Ashes of Time (1994). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

15. The New York Times > Movies > People > Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin, Deadful Melody, Chungking Express, Three Swordsmen, Ashes of Time,Dragon Chronicles, The Bride with White Hair, The Eagle Shooting Heroes

16. IFILM - Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin. Explore this Person, Credits . Email to a Friend. Email thisPerson to your friends. Credits. Actor. Fiery Dragon Kid (1995)
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17. Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin Updated 200503-29 0948. Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia (1954.11.13.- ), Taiwan actress, is a widely-acclaimed beauty who chose to quit the screen
Home News Center Life lifestar

18. Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin Updated 200503-29 0948. Page, 1, 2, 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.Close. Chinese red strikes fad of underwear. Brigitte Lin
Home News Center Life lifestar Brigitte Lin
Updated: 2005-03-29 09:48

Close Chinese red strikes fad of underwear Brigitte Lin Hong Kong Film Awards Fashion week in Beijing Today's Top News Top Life News

19. Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin movies, photos, video, biography, interviews, awards, news,filmography, credits.
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Brigitte Lin
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Filmography Chungking Express (1996) The East Is Red (1994) Dragon Inn (1992) Ashes of Time ...
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20. Brigitte Lin
Brigitte Lin posters, filmography, news, and forum.
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