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         Li Christopher:     more books (100)
  1. Caravel's Horror Stories, Vol. II Real Men Don't Bite (Christopher Forte Children'/s Tales) by Christopher Forte, 2010-08-18
  2. Caravel's Horror Tales Vol.I Camp Critters (Christopher Forte's Children's Books ) by Christopher Forte, 2010-08-18
  3. What a Wacky World (Christopher Forte's Children's Books) by Christopher Forte, 2008-08-01
  4. Works of Christopher Marlowe. Edward the Second, Doctor Faustus, Hero and Leander, The Jew of Malta, Massacre at Paris, Tamburlaine the Great, The Tragedy of Dido Queen of Carthage and more (mobi) by Christopher Marlowe, 2009-01-25
  5. Structural Renovation in Concrete by Zongjin Li, Christopher Leung, et all 2009-03-12
  6. Classic Drama: all seven of Christopher Marlowe's plays in a single file, improved 8/13/2010 by Christopher Marlowe, 2008-09-05
  7. Dr. GuoJie Li Presents Views for Chinese HPC Market at ATIP Meeting by IDC, Sophie Mayo, et all 2004-11-01
  8. Art History Revised Edition Volume One (In Collaboration with Bradford R Collins, University of South Carolina with Chapters by Stephen Addiss, Chu-tsing Li Marylin M Rhite, and Christopher D Roy) by Marilyn Stokstad (University of Kansas), 1999
  9. Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing)
  10. The Physics of Collisionless Shocks: 4th Annual IGPP International Astrophysics Conference (AIP Conference Proceedings / Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  11. Ankle Instability in Sports (The Physician and Sportsmedicine) by MD Padhraig F. OLoughlin, MD Christopher D. Murawski, et all 2010-04-21
  12. Essays by Christopher Prieur by Christopher M. Prieur, 2007-01-01
  13. Christopher Marlowe and George Chapman- Hero and Leander and Other Poems by Christopher Marlowe and George Chapman, 2009-07-03
  14. The Ultimate Collection of... Christopher Marlowe by Christopher Marlowe, 2010-06-26

21. A Methodology For Testing Spreadsheets
46 Gregg Rothermel , lixin li , christopher DuPuis , Margaret Burnett, What yousee is what you test a methodology for testing formbased visual programs,

22. What You See Is What You Test
Gregg Rothermel , Margaret Burnett , lixin li , christopher Dupuis , AndreiSheretov, A methodology for testing spreadsheets, ACM Transactions on Software

23. DBLP: Jin Li
4, David Frenkel, David E. Clark, Jin li, christopher W. Murray, Barry Robson,Bohdan Waszkowycz, David R. Westhead PRO_liGAND An approach to de novo
Jin Li
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL ACM Guide CiteSeer CSB ... David Maier , Jin Li, Peter A. Tucker Kristin Tufte Vassilis Papadimos : Semantics of Data Streams and Operators. ICDT 2005 EE Jin Li, David Maier Kristin Tufte Vassilis Papadimos Peter A. Tucker : Semantics and Evaluation Techniques for Window Aggregates in Data Streams. SIGMOD Conference 2005 EE Jin Li, David Maier Kristin Tufte Vassilis Papadimos Peter A. Tucker : No pane, no gain: efficient evaluation of sliding-window aggregates over data streams. SIGMOD Record 34 EE Jin Li: The seamlessly multiplexed embedded codec (SMEC) and its application in image coding. ICIP 2004 Zhen Wen Zicheng Liu M. Cohen , Jin Li, Ke Zheng Thomas S. Huang : Low bit-rate video streaming for face-to-face teleconference. ICME 2004 Jin Li, Cha Zhang : Distributed hosting of Web content with erasure coding and unequal weight assignment. ICME 2004 EE Jin Li, Xin Yao Colin Frayn Habib G. Khosroshahi Somak Raychaudhury : An Evolutionary Approach to Modeling Radial Brightness Distributions in Elliptical Galaxies. PPSN 2004 EE Frank J. Budinsky

24. DBLP: Christopher W. Murray
2, David Frenkel, David E. Clark, Jin li, christopher W. Murray, Barry Robson,Bohdan Waszkowycz, David R. Westhead PRO_liGAND An approach to de novo
Christopher W. Murray
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL ACM Guide CiteSeer CSB ... EE Christopher W. Murray, Marcel L. Verdonk : The consequences of translational and rotational entropy lost by small molecules on binding to proteins. Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 16 EE Louise Birch , Christopher W. Murray, Michael J. Hartshorn Ian J. Tickle Marcel L. Verdonk : Sensitivity of molecular docking to induced fit effects in influenza virus neuraminidase. Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 16 EE Carol A. Baxter , Christopher W. Murray, Bohdan Waszkowycz Jin Li Richard A. Sykes Richard G. A. Bone ... William Wylie : New Approach to Molecular Docking and Its Application to Virtual Screening of Chemical Databases. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 40 EE Christopher W. Murray, Carol A. Baxter A. David Frenkel : The sensitivity of the results of molecular docking to induced fit effects: Application to thrombin, thermolysin and neuraminidase. Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 13 EE Christopher W. Murray

25. Testing And Debugging Spreadsheets
What You See Is What You Test A Methodology for Testing FormBased VisualPrograms, Gregg Rothermel, lixin li, christopher DuPuis, and Margaret Burnett,
An Experimental Environment for Integrating Testing and Debugging in Spreadsheet-Like Visual Programming Languages
Spreadsheet-like visual programming languages (VPLs), which include commercial spreadsheets and various research systems, are widely used by both programmers and end users. Research shows, however, that spreadsheets often contain faults, and that their creators often express unwarranted confidence in the reliability of their spreadsheets. The goal of this research is to develop effective testing and debugging methodologies for spreadsheet-like VPLs. The strategy is to develop and implement algorithms that combine program analysis techniques with highly interactive visual techniques to support testing and debugging in spreadsheet-like VPLs. For additional information, you can see our white paper (available in Postcript and pdf ) for a more complete (one-page) summary of the testing aspect of this project. We have also assembled a set of scenarios that show how our methodology might look in a typical commercial spreadsheet package. Below you'll also find links that provide access to papers on this work, and a list of patents pending on methodologies developed. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations on this work. If you are interested in pursuing this, or wish information on licensing, please contact one of the Principal Investigators.

26. OMS Working Paper Series
Supersaturated Response Surface Designs, (William li, christopher J. Nachtsheim). Optimal Foldover Plans for TwoLevel Factorial Designs, (William li,
Home Page Departments OMS Working Paper Series Faculty Profiles ... OMS Seminar Series OMS Working Paper Series Supply Chain Research Centers
Operations and Management Science Department Working Papers (OMS Departmental Faculty Highlighted) "The Role of Infrastructure Practices in The Effectiveness of JIT Practices: Implications for Plant Competitiveness," (Sohel Ahmad, Roger Schroeder K.K. Sinha "The Impact of Electronic Data Interchange on Delivery Performance: Enabling Better Supply Chain Management," (S. Ahmad, Roger Schroeder "Generic Manufacturing Strategies and Plant Performance," (Sarvanan Devaraj, David Hollingworth, Roger Schroeder "Best Practices in New Product Development: Adoption Rates, Adoption Patterns, and Impact," ( John Anderson , Kevin Dooley, Anand Subra) "Evaluation of Performance Tradeoffs Using Data Envelopment Analysis With An Application to World Class Manufacturing Plants," (R. Banker, S. Devaraj, Roger Schroeder K.K. Sinha "A Capability-Based View of Manufacturing Strategy and the Relationship to Manufacturing Performance," (Kimberley Bates, Mikko Junttila, Roger Schroeder An Empirical Study of Service Differentiation for Weapon System Service Parts ," (M. Cohen, V. Deshpande

27. MITRE - Our Work - Technical Papers - Annual Best Papers - 2000 Best Papers
James C. Ellenbogen, J. christopher Love WenSyan li, Chris Clifton.Specifying PML Conductivities by Considering Numerical Reflection Dependencies
Overview Acquisition and Systems Analysis Communications and Networking Information Technology ... Annual Best Papers 2000 Best Papers Studies on Global Positioning System Receive Best Paper Awards for 2000 Two papers that address important aspects of the Global Positioning System (GPS) have received the Best Paper Awards for calendar year 2000. The first, " A Single-Chip Narrow-Band Frequency Domain Excisor for a Global Positioning System Receiver There is a growing international consensus that GPS is critical to enhancing the safety and capacity of aviation systems. Because unaugmented GPS signals are currently not accurate or reliable enough to meet international safety requirements for precision landing and approach, the European Union, Japan, and the United States are building satellite-based augmentation systems (SBASs) to improve the integrity, accuracy, and availability of GPS-based positioning services. At the same time, however, nations recognize that the diverse systems for communication, navigation, and surveillance must become interoperable to achieve the full benefits of GPS. The co-winner of this year's Best Paper award is " Interoperability of Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems According to Senior Vice President for Information and Technology David H. Lehman, who chairs the Best Paper Awards committee, the competition in 2000 was exceptionally strong, with several entries presenting innovative research results that have already proven important in applications for MITRE's clients. "In fact, it was impossible to choose only one overall winner, and even narrowing the choice down to two papers was very difficult," said Lehman. "I congratulate not only the winners, but also the other authors who sent in such outstanding papers."

28. Charlene Li's Blog: Google Wallet Musings
Forrester analyst Charlene li offers one of the most detailed guesses we ve seenyet at christopher Carfi on BlogHer My take on why the Alist matters
Charlene Li's Blog
Observations about new technology developments in media and marketing.
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Charlene's Links
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June 21, 2005
Google Wallet musings
I’ve been asked for the past couple of days what a Google Wallet would mean (regardless of the fact that it hasn’t been announced!). PayPal dominates person-to-person payments today. So if I need to pay my brother back for a scanner he bought for me, or pay for an auction (on eBay, of course!) I’ll use PayPal. It doesn’t make sense for Google to only challenge eBay/PayPal in this area – even though it will bring in close to $1 billion in revenue for eBay this year. Instead, I think (and hope) that Google is thinking much, much bigger. I was at the Supernova conference yesterday and ran into transplanted Bostonite Scott Kirsner – we had a good discussion about how all of the new blog publishers would get paid for their good work. One of the ideas we tossed around was Google Wallet – AdSense already puts paid links on thousands of content sites, so why not also enable them for micropayments? Google is already very good at tracking and collecting clicks worth five cents each. Google could also offer be a subscription “pass” that securely grants users access to premium content on multiple sites, with each site getting a share of the payment based on usage.

29. Christopher Y
christopher Y. li. Assistant Professor. Education. 19951999 Ph.D., PolymerScience, The University of Akron , Akron , OH. 1990-1995 BS, Polymer Science, Li/christopher_y.htm
Christopher Y. Li Assistant Professor Education: Ph.D., Polymer Science, The University of Akron Akron OH B.S., Polymer Science, University of Science and Technology of China Hefei Anhui , P. R. China Research Experience: Assistant professor, Drexel University Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate, The University of Akron Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Akron Research Assistant, University of Science and Technology of China Research Interests: Micro-processing of soft matters, nano confined soft matters Semi-crystalline polymers, rod-coil block copolymers, liquid crystalline materials, photonic crystals. Review Papers: C. Y. Li, B. Wang and S. Z. D. Cheng, “X-Ray Scattering in Analysis of Polymers,” Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry: Instrumentation and Applications, S. Z.D. Cheng, C. Y. Li, B. H. Calhoun, L. Zhu and W. W. Zhou, “Thermal Analysis: the Next Two Decades,” Thermochimica Acta. S. Z. D. Cheng, F. Li, C. Y. Li, K. W. McCreight, Y. Yoon and F. W. Harris, “Fibers from Liquid Crystalline Polymers,” In Structure and Properties of Polymer Fibers,”

30. Dream - REU
christopher li; Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering;NSF CAREER Award. • Faculty web page Complex hierarchical selfassembly templated
  • Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • NSF CAREER Award Faculty web page
    Complex hierarchical self-assembly templated by block copolymers:
    Hierarchical self-assembly is an essential part of nanotechnology because it is one of the few practical strategies for making ensembles of nanostructures. Professor Li’s research focuses at complex hierarchical self-assembled structures via combining two-dimensional (2-D) liquid crystalline (LC) ordering and block copolymer microphase separation process. The resulting hierarchical structures possess complex natures at both 1-5 nm and 10-100 nm length scales (see Fig. 3) . Well-correlated structures at different length scales might also provide a solution for the transfer of the novel properties at the nanoscale into a higher length scale.
    Example REU Project : The student will be asked to study the effects of blending polystyrene (PS) homopolymers with PS and LC block copolymers (PS-PLC) (already developed in Dr. Li’s lab) on the original PS-PLC nanostructure. Using solution-casting methods, the student will first prepare a series of polymer thick films having different PS/PS-PLC ratios. It is anticipated that blending PS in PS-PLC will alter the PS volume fraction of the sample, which in turn, lead to different nanostructures. Under the guidance of a graduate student, the REU participant will then learn to characterize this series of samples using small angle X-ray scattering and transmission electron microscopy. By analyzing the d-spacing and phase structure change of the sample, nanostructure dependence on PS/PS-PLC ratio could be established. Completing this project could grant the student better knowledge in polymer self-assembly as well as familiarize him/her with the powerful modern characterization tools.
  • 31. Christopher Li - SURP 04 Poster Awards
    of Undergraduate Research in Progress (SURP). christopher li Pipe Wall GeometryEffects on Drag Reduction Honorable Mention. Previous Home Next. li
    2004 Poster Awards
    Symposium of Undergraduate Research in Progress (SURP)
    Christopher Li
    Pipe Wall Geometry Effects on Drag Reduction
    Honorable Mention li.jpg

    32. News, Entertainment And Sports
    Dana and christopher Reeve li History li Our Natural World Local Search Lottery Marine forecast Most emailed stories Movies Obituaries
    Aug 21, 2005 Members Login New Users Register Benefits of Membership Home Delivery ... Contact Newsday Today Monday Tuesday
    Chance of a Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm Site Search Homepage News Sports Business ... Subscribe Now
    Get a $100 gift card and free premium web access! How to advertise About Newsday Career opportunities Internships ... Archives >PARTNERS Star Community Publishing Island Publications
    Hoy - News in Spanish
    Sponsored Links Long Island New York Nation World ... Most emailed
    Newsday Photo by Bill Davis Memories of the 1995 Sunrise Fire are still fresh to those who battled the blaze and residents who barely got out.
    Mayoral election causes political rift for Suozzis

    Three Suozzis have been elected Glen Cove mayor in the last 50 years. Now, a 4th is running — but County Exec Tom opposes cousin Ralph’s run.
    Weld under fire from party faithful
    Army Planning for Four More Years in Iraq Sunnis Say They've Been Left Out of Talks LI ... No clowning around In the major world of mini-golf, players take putting, oh, so seriously. Arts Reflecting Long Island Architect Michael Spector's career has impacted LI.

    33. Zhang Yimou, Christopher Doyle, Jet Li And Zhang Ziyi On Hero
    Director Zhang Yimou, cinematographer christopher Doyle, actors Jet li and ZhangZiyi talk about the making of Chinese historical epic Hero,
    Web iofilm
    iofilm home
    forum features news ... shops
    Hero's Martial Art
    Director Zhang Yimou, cinematographer Christopher Doyle, actors Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi talk about the making of Chinese historical epic Hero, out soon on DVD.
    By John Millar
    Jet Li: The emperor must die. John Millar: You must be very pleased with the film's performance in America? Zhang Yimou: I didn't think I would get such results, so I'm very happy. Christopher Doyle: A lot of people disregard the fact that American films look like they do because they are made by Americans. Japanese films have a certain aesthetic because they are Japanese. Even within the Chinese filmmaking community, they are extremely different in the procedure to get a film made. And to my mind Zhang Yimou is very much a product of a more continuous filmmaking community than in, say, Hong Kong. In a way he is extremely Hollywood, at least parallel to Hollywood. There is a hierarchy, a precedent, a certain process that is much more thorough than in other places. Millar: What exactly is the historical context of the film?

    34. Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing Meets With Christopher Hill, The New
    On February 17, 2005, Foreign Minister li Zhaoxing met with christopher Hill,the new head of US delegation to sixparty talks, who visited China for

    35. Li Zhaoxing Attends The Informal Meeting Between ASEAN And Its
    When meeting with Javier Solana and christopher Patten, li Zhaoxing noted thatChina supports the process of the EU s integration and hopes the EU will take

    36. Otolaryngology Research Faculty - New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
    James CL li, MD, Electrophysiology. christopher linstrom, MD, Neurotology. Rick M.Roark, Ph.D. Bioengineering, Laryngology. Howard Savage, Ph.D.
    dqmcodebase = ""
    Current Research in Otolaryngology
    A Team Approach to Research Ophthalmology



    Printer-Friendly Page Large Print Version Research Faculty Daniel Branovan, M.D. General Otolaryngology Jay Dolitsky, M.D. Pediatric Otolaryngology Douglas K. Frank, M.D. Qiang Huang, Ph.D. Molecular Biology James CL Li, M.D. Electrophysiology Christopher Linstrom, M.D. Neurotology Rick M. Roark, Ph.D. Bioengineering, Laryngology Howard Savage, Ph.D. Cellular Fluorescence Steven Schaefer, M.D. Laryngology, Rhinology Stimson Schantz, M.D Anthony Sclafani, M.D. Facial Plastics Carol Silverman, Ph.D. Hearing Science Helen Yoo, M.D. General Otolaryngology Guopei Yu, M.D. Medical Statistics Daniel I. Branovan, M.D.
    Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology biosketch email TOP Jay Dolitsky, M.D.
    Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology biosketch email Current Research Projects: Selected Publications and Presentations: Linday LA, Dolitsky JN, Shindledecker RD, Pippenger CE. Lemon-flavored cod liver oil and multivitamin-mineral supplementation for the secondary prevention of otitis media in young children: pilot research. Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology 2002;111: 642-652. [

    37. Untitled Document
    Barrett, christopher B., and Jau Rong li. 2002. Wang, Kai li, christopherFawson, christopher B. Barrett, and James B. McDonald. 2001.
    Christopher Barrett
    Areas of Expertise
    Development Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, International Economics
    315 Warren Hall
    Ph: 607.255.4489
    Web Site

    Chris Barrett teaches and conducts research in the areas of international development, environmental and resource economics, international trade, markets and price analysis, agricultural production and distribution, and applied econometrics. Professor Barrett has published more than 125 journal articles, books, and book chapters, and has been principal investigator or co-principal investigator on research grants totaling more than $15 million. There are three basic, interrelated thrusts to Professor Barrett's research program. The first concerns poverty, hunger, food security, economic policy, and the structural transformation of low-income societies. The second considers issues of individual and market behavior under risk and uncertainty. The third revolves around the interrelationship between poverty, food security, and environmental stress in developing areas. Current research projects include:
    Rural Livelihoods and Biological Resources: Institutions and Technologies
    . He is a member of Cornell's graduate fields of Agricultural Economics, Conservation and Sustainable Development, Economics, International Agriculture and Rural Development, International Development, and Natural Resources.

    38. Christopher B. Barrett :: Working Papers
    Kaili Wang and christopher B. Barrett, A New Look At The Trade Volume Effectsof Real Exchange Rate Risk A Rational Expectations-Based Multivariate
    Christopher B. Barrett ::
    Working Papers
    Recent Unpublished Papers
    Anyone desiring reprints of published papers can email me A list of published papers may be found in my curriculum vita All of these papers can be downloaded, read, and printed using free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which you can download by clicking the icon to the right.
    Papers Not Yet Accepted For Publication:
    Critical comments on these are greatly appreciated.
  • Paulo Santos and Christopher B. Barrett, " Interest and identity in network formation and activation: Who do smallholders seek out for information in rural Ghana? " August 2005 revision. Christopher B. Barrett and Daniel G. Maxwell, "Towards A Global Food Aid Compact," August 2005 revision. Andrew G. Mude, Christopher B. Barrett, John G. McPeak and Cheryl R. Doss, “Educational Investments in a Dual Economy,” July 2005 revision. Erin Lentz and Christopher B. Barrett, “Food Aid Targeting, Shocks and Private Transfers Among East African Pastoralists,” July 2005 revision. Christine M. Moser and Christopher B. Barrett
  • 39. Christopher I. Li  - Department Faculty
    christopher I. li, PhD, MPH, MD Dr. li currently coteaches Epidemiology 524Cancer Epidemiology during Winter Quarter. Education

    40. MSN - Movies Christopher Li
    MSN MOVIES, 4, christopher li. Rate It Now. More About this Person. Summary.Filmography christopher li. Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Second Unit

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