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         Lew James:     more books (74)
  1. LeBron James: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies) by Lew Freedman, 2008-02-28
  2. The Long-Legged Fly (Lew Griffin Mysteries) by James Sallis, 2001-10-01
  3. Ghost of a Flea (Lew Griffin) by James Sallis, 2001-11-01
  4. Eye of the Cricket: A Lew Griffin Mystery by James Sallis, 2009-04-01
  5. Moth (Lew Griffin) by James Sallis, 1993-08
  6. Art of Stretching and Kicking by James Lew, 1977-06
  7. Bluebottle (Lew Griffin) by James Sallis, 1999-01-01
  8. The Art of Stretching and Kicking by James Lew, 1982
  9. Linebacker II: a View from the Rock (USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series Volume VI Monograph 8) by Brigadier General James R. McCarthy, Lieutenant Colonel George B. Allison, 1979
  10. The Art of Stretching and Kicking by James Lew, 1979-01-01
  11. People From Franklin County, Indiana: Lew Wallace, James B. Ray, Noah Noble, David Wallace, Roswell Winans, John Henry Tihen, Hanna Hilton
  12. A Pictorial Primer of Yacht Racing Rules and Tactics, Revised Second Edition by Gordon C. Aymar, 1938
  13. The Dream Encyclopedia by James R. Lews, 1111
  14. Essays in Contemporary Civiliation by C.W. Ed. Includes Dewey, John; Chase, Stuart; Anderson, Sherwood; Adamic, Louis; Hall, James Norman; Mumford, Lew Thomas, 1931-01-01

1. Welcome To The Official Website For Actor/Stunt Coordinator James Lew
James Lew The Official Website for actor, stunt coordinator, martial arts expert, and movie fight coordinator.

2. Welcome To The Official Website For Actor/Stunt Coordinator James
James Lew The Official Website for actor, stunt coordinator, martial arts expert, and movie fight coordinator.

3. Official James Lew Website
Filmography, images, interviews, sound files and merchandise.

4. James Lew James Lew Links James Lew Sites Image Gallery James Lew
James lew james Lew links James Lew sites Picture gallery and related links

5. Hall Of Fame - Builder - Lew James, 1987
lew james. Hall of Fame Inductee, 1987. Lew first entered the sport of lew james, whether it be for his accomplishments on the track or as a race
Lew James
Hall of Fame Inductee, 1987
Lew first entered the sport of harness racing at the age of seventeen. While by his own admission "we didn't do so well that day" there is no doubt he was a quick learner. He gained his first major recognition in the 1930's while working for Alex Parson's Pine Ridge Farms in London, Ont. It was there he assisted Bill Herbert in the training and driving of the Pine Ridge stock, which included 1943 Canadian Pacing Derby winner Pine Ridge Alex amongst other notables of that era. He also drove Derby winner The Diplomat for Parson in 1949. Of all his drives, he seemed to express the most satisfaction with his catch drive in 1952 behind the immortal Good Time at Buffalo Raceway. Called to replace Frank Erwin that day, Lew responded with a new track record of 2:02, beating Del Miller and Direct Rhythm in the process. Early in the 1950's, due to a number of serious injuries, he decided to embark on a new career. He went to Connaught Park where, after just one year's apprenticeship as clerk of the course, he became Race Secretary. After ten years in that position, he was hired by The Ontario Jockey Club in a similar capacity. He remained in that position until his retirement in 1976. He is most remembered as the first person to write race conditions for non-winners of so much in their last number of starts. Unable to remain inactive, he then served a year as Patrol Judge and was Race Secretary for the inaugural meeting at Sudbury Downs. During his 20 plus year driving career "Louie", as he was affectionately called by his peers and fans alike, set track records virtually everywhere. From the United States to the smallest of Ontario ovals, his immaculately tailored silks could be found. Lew James, whether it be for his accomplishments on the track or as a race official, must be credited with helping to bring

6. James Lew Current Month TV Schedule
James Lew Current Month TV Schedule

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James Lew Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites

13. Lew, James - Hotel Resource Book Store
Lew, James Hotel Resource Book Store Store Home / DVD / Actors Actresses / ( L ) / Lew, James. Hotel Industry Books search Books

14. James Lew
James Lew Home Up Feedback Contents Search. Webmaster questions for James Lew. Learn More About this Master Stunt Coordinator Click Here
Webmaster questions for James Lew Learn More About this Master Stunt Coordinator - Click Here Please note, the web master of this site does not have information as to how to become a stunt man. What is the best style of fighting if you were to get into a street fight? If you have ever had the privilege or misfortune to witness a street fight you probably would have noticed that after all the squaring off and maybe a couple of swinging fists or kicks that the fight quickly escalated to grabbing, choking and maybe some "close in" strikes. I would use a combination of jiujutsu/grappling techniques and add some of the "in fighting" counterattacks of Muay Thai kickboxing such as elbows, knees and head butts. How do you feel about the teens/kids who say they are influenced by movies or TV shows when they attempt to do stunts or things like backyard wrestling and end up injuring themselves? I am very concerned about teens/kids who are attempting to perform stunts or backyard wrestling. Having been an adventurous kid myself I realize that there is an attraction to trying something that is daring and that gets the attention of your buddies. But there was always the line that I knew you didn’t cross. Imagine if someone wanted to sky dive, ride a bull; drive a racecar or high dive off a cliff without the proper training. What I feel is great about a product such as the "Ultimate Fights" DVD is that we are bringing an awareness of what goes on behind the scenes from the professional coordinator’s and stuntman’s viewpoint. There is a lot of planning, rehearsal and training before a frame of film is shot. And the filming is then shot with the state of the art stunt equipment and controlled environment.

15. Lew
James Lew started his training while in Junior High. He began with Korean Karate, but soon moved to Kung Fu. His styles were White Lotus , 5 Animals and
James Lew
Sometimes credited as:
- James J.F. Lew
Date of birth
: September 6, 1952
Place of birt h: Los Angeles Bio and martial arts background
Born in Los Angeles, September 6, 1952.
James Lew started his training while in Junior High. He began with Korean Karate, but soon moved to Kung Fu. His styles were 'White Lotus', '5 Animals' and 'Chow Lay Fut'. He gained his black belt in 1972, and now has over 25 years of experience. He learned many other styles incorporated for his movie work. He's also known for being a nationally ranked Forms Champion.
He performed katas as a student to promote his dojo. Slowly, having his own styles, he became known, and entered Hollywood. He became a popular 'bad-guy', and is now a famous stuntman and choreographer. He also produces movies. Acting resume
Miscellanous crew

18 Fingers of Death! (2004)
Sin (2003)
Paris (2003) Chapter 21 (2003) Never Say Die (2001) aka Outside the Law Alias (2001) The Amanda Show (2001) Black Scorpion (2001) Traffic (2000) Deep Core (2000) Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (1999) Weird Science (1998) Nightman (1998) Babylon 5 (1998) Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) The Replacement Killers (1998) The Girl Gets Moe (1997) aka Love to Kill Soul of the Avenger (1997) aka For Life or Death High Voltage (1997) Boogie Boy (1997) Assault on Dome 4 (1996) aka Chase Morran Balance of Power (1996) Robowarriors (1996) Fist of Justice (1995) - aka Ballistic Excessive Force 2 (1995) The Immortals (1995) Deadly Games (1995) Night Hunter (1995) Johnny Mnemonic (1995) (game) Timecop (1994) Walker, Texas Ranger (1994)

16. James Lew
James Lew. See All Appearances for James Lew. Tell the world what you think of James Lew. Write a review for this person. James Lew
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James Lew
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    Sunday 10 July, 2005 On HBO The boys are starting to get low on cash and to help pay the bills, Ari lands Vince a gig appearing in a lucrative foreign commercial. Meanwhile, Turtle decides to make his own money by entering an Xbox boxing tournament, but he gets ousted early on by a young gaming prodigy. Eric needs to get a copy of “Queens Boulevard” to James Cameron so he can see Vince’s work, but Walsh refuses to screen... Continue Episode Summary See All Appearances
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    James Lew, Missing Brendan, Sin, The Last Samurai, Impostor, Balance of Power, Night Hunter, The Shadow, Timecop, Red Sun Rising, Showdown, Cage 2 Arena of

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    Filmography Traffic (2000) Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) The Replacement Killers (1998) Timecop (1994) ...
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    20. Oct 4 - Author Anniversaries
    Albert Lee FORD; Robert W HAMILTON; Hal HARKAWAY; Harvey HICKS; Capt lew james; Dr Willard MACKENZIE; Peter PAD; PETER; Ned ST MYER; Chester K STEELE;
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