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         Lam Sally And George:     more detail

1. CelebrityFiles L Lam, Sally And George
L Lam, Sally and George (0)

2. SAPO - Portugal Online!
Mundial Arts Celebrities L Lam, Sally and George Apontadores. Sally Yeh and George Lam A fan page dedicated to the actress and actor.

3. Asia Studios Sally Yeh George Lam Press Conference
Sally Yeh George Lam Press Conference

4. Midi Library Xuan Ze(Sally Yeh/George Lam)
Home International Midi Chinese Songs Xuan Ze(Sally Yeh George Lam) Previous Next

5. This Auspicious Chinese New Year, George Lam And Sally Yeh Will
This auspicious Chinese New Year, George Lam and Sally Yeh will give a thrilling concert to their fans at the Arena of Stars, Genting City of

6. Sally Yeh The Best Of Sally Lam (DSD CD) -
The Best Of Sally Lam (DSD CD) Sally Yeh George Lam chinese music Buy The Best Of Sally Lam (DSD CD)

7. George Lam Lam Hkpo Live 2002 Karaoke (VCD) VCD -
Lam hkpo Live 2002 Karaoke (VCD) George Lam Sally Yeh Jo Koo chinese mtv, chinese karaoke Buy Lam hkpo Live 2002 Karaoke (VCD)

8. The Secret 1979 Cast George Lam, Sylvia Chang And Alex Man Life
ChiSum Ko, Directed by Chi Hsu, Cast George Lam, Jordan Siu-Chun Chan Banquet Directed by Hark Tsui Cast Sally Yeh, George Lam, Yu-Ling

9. George Lam Videos
The Best Of Sally Lam (DSD CD) ~ Sally Yeh George Lam In stock usually ships within 1 2 days Release Date 7/14/2003 US$12.99

10. George Lam Karaoke MTV
Lam's Music Special 1982 1983 1985 ~ George Lam Sally Yeh More

11. Celebrites Et Stars: Trouvez Tout! 8000 Celebrites 40 000 Photos, Sites, Discuss
lam sally and george Lama, Serge Lamarr Hedy Lamarr Mark Lamour, Pascal Lancaster Burt Lancaster Chris Lancaster Sarah
Recherche de sites de célébrités par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... Sonneries et Logos Web audit et mesure d'audience visiteurs internet par Célébrités Recherche de Célébrités par nom ou nom de scène: L Baï, Lola Cafagna Ashley Darryl L, François ... Loana (loft story) Lobo Locane Amy Lochness Monsters (The) Lochrie Bianca ... SMS, Sonneries, Images pour ton mobile !

12. George Lam
george lam has been called The Master of Surprise by The South China Morning Post . Smashing Performance by sally and george Leaves Audience on Cloud 9
Home Tune In Now On the Air Artists A-Z ... Contact Us my toolbar tune in vote find an artist find a song ... ask the dj
my hkvpradio email alerts newsletter tell a friend chat ... Male Singers George Lam "The Master of Surprise"
George Lam has been called "The Master of Surprise" by The South China Morning Post . And he is. With George, better known as "Ah Lam," you never know what you're gonna get. Superimposing his face on the bodies of Beethoven and Mona Lisa, George has a way with unconventional and satirical humor. George is not a "packaged" recording artist like most. This singer/songwriter/producer brings inspiration and creativity that fans cannot find anywhere else. His unique singing style is contagious. It's hard not to find yourself belting out to his music.
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for your next event Smashing Performance by Sally and George Leaves Audience on Cloud 9
by Danny Cheung listener reviews
See what listeners have to say about this artist: Rediscoverya true master!

13. Sally Yeh Sally Yeh - Now S My Prime 25th Anniversary Concert
Singer Name(s), , sally Yeh george lam Eason Chan Her guest singers suchas Alan Tam and sally s husband george lam sang duets with her which were

14. AsianFanatics Forum > Twins Live In Australia
sally and george lam s concert..lolz hmm, those of u who are goin but notyet buy the ticket, u betta hurry because the sales person told me that
Help Search Member List Calendar Full Version: Twins Live In Australia AsianFanatics Forum HK Entertainment Center Hong Kong Idols Pages: smashy Apr 16 2005 6 14 AM
tidusquall Apr 16 2005 12 06 PM
and yes they will be helding a concert in Melbourne June 4 the day after the Sydney Concert. Apr 16 2005 12 09 PM
Apr 16 2005 12 40 PM QUOTE
Apr 16 2005 3 29 PM Apr 17 2005 4 54 AM

The Palladium, Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne
Saturday, June 4th @ 8:15pm
Information - (03) 9662 3465 Chinatown Cinema
Just wandering if anyone else is going? Hopefully Im going Hktwinsrulz Apr 17 2005 5 01 AM so im planin to go with a few friends. does anyone know who the guest star is? i wonder... Apr 17 2005 5 05 AM yeah they are going to sydney as well... i might go.... acel Apr 17 2005 5 41 AM tidusquall Apr 17 2005 4 30 AM Is there an Official poster that shows there concert details? Apr 17 2005 4 37 AM smashy Apr 17 2005 4 48 AM ooh yeah, thanks

15. AsianFanatics Forum > HK Celebrities Who Are Related?
Not many people know this, but Bowie lam is the nephew of george lam. Sorry,I am talking about Sandy lam, and sally Yip married lam. bbzidane
Help Search Member List Calendar Full Version: HK celebrities who are related? AsianFanatics Forum HK Entertainment Center Hong Kong Idols Kairon Dec 2 2004 8 03 AM Who in the Hong Kong entertainment biz (music, TV or movie) are related?(can be their mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, cousins, wife, husband etc....) I know a few but just curious to see what other people have?
Some that I know of:
Jan and Jerry Lam - Bros (though they have a sister who acts as well)
Michael and Russell Wong - Bros
Sam, Ricky and Michael Hui - Bros
plus plenty more.....See if you can add anymore showbiz fan Dec 31 2004 1 41 AM Dec 31 2004 1 49 AM
and thats about all I know Dec 31 2004 6 10 AM
monyi Jan 1 2005 3 27 AM
CrazyRaisin Jan 1 2005 5 43 AM i realized that when one sibling gets famous...the other sibling(s) get famous as well....hmm Jan 1 2005 7 10 AM isnt flora chan and gabrielle harrison cousins? to what degree, i can remember. i read that somewhere... Jan 6 2005 6 19 AM Tricia Chen
Jan 6 2005 10 39 AM -Andy Lau and Jay Lau Kam Ling, they are cousins or relatives I think..

16. - Download Showcase - Enabling Digital Media Commerce
Search. Artist, Album, Track, All. sally Yeh and george lam. ALBUMS. sally Yehand george lam The Best Seller of Warner Music

17. War Child Music Downloads
Your account Artists AZ Subscribe to War Child Music Help. sally Yeh and georgelam. ALBUMS. sally Yeh and george lam The Best Seller of Warner Music

The Best Of sally Yeh sally Yeh (2005) album prijs € 14,99. 2. The Best Sellerof Warner Music - sally Yeh and george lam (2005) album prijs € 14,99

The Best Of sally Yeh sally Yeh (2005) album prijs € 14,99. 7. The Best Sellerof Warner Music - sally Yeh and george lam (2005) album prijs € 14,99

20. English Reports On Sally Yeh's Genting Concert
When they appeared handin-hand for the ?ncore? it was a case of too little,too late?. POWER DUO sally and husband george lam in the encore segment.
The Sun - E Paper Sensational Sally
The Hongkong singer charmed the audience with a ballad-filled evening during her recent Genting concert, reports Peter Yap

Six thousand people packed the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands last Friday to catch Sally Yeh in concert.
And they were not disappointed as the Hongkong singer put on a show to remember, despite a slow start. She had started off the night with an English song, MacArthur Park followed by five Mandarin songs including Everlasting, You Forgot My Beauty and Life is Simple. But it was only after her first Cantonese song, Autumn that she made contact with her audience. "There won't be much dancing tonight. It's just about my voice. I even brought along my husband George Lam but you won't see him just yet," she told the crowd. She next sang the powerful ballad, Cantonese Lover's Best Friend and Shu Rei's No Wine Bottles, the theme song from the movie, Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? It was a trend she followed throughout the evening, singing a string of other singers' hits including English songs such as Unchained Melody, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, River Deep Mountain High, What Now My Love, Chiquitita and Last Dance much to the disappointment of those who had wanted to hear more of Yeh's own hits. Still, the older members of the audience lapped it up. After all, they were die-hard fans of Yeh, who even took the opportunity to flirt with a few of the guys. One of them, who was seated on the second row, surprisingly had a pair of binoculars with him. Yeh noted this and asked: "Which part of me do you want to see more?" But there was no denying that she has great vocals as proven when she hit the high notes with ease in the Mandarin ballad, Walking on Ice. Yeh got the crowd going with a medley of her Cantonese songs, namely Fiery Heart, Phantom and Reunion. She followed up with Wish, another of her hits during the mid 90s.

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