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  1. Associations and Democracy (The Real Utopias Project, V. 1) by Joel Rogers, Paul Q. Hirst, et all 1995-12

61. ASU Research E-Magazine: Field Trip Of Dreams
Sheri klug introduces thousands of school children and their teachers to the it will be built and delivered to ASU graduate alumnus joel Rademacher for
A magazine of scholarship and creative activity at Arizona State University Go to:
Home Page

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Physical Sciences
Planetary Geology Related ASU Research Stories
Armada Bound for Mars (feature)
ASU Mission Log (sidebar) Related ASU Web Sites
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Kids Missions to Mars with Bill Nye
Planetary Society search tips
Publication Date: Fall 1999 Howling wind. Cracking ice. The mechanical whir of a robotic arm.
Tempe, Arizona experiences seasonal dust storms. this image of Tempe Terra on Mars shows a dust storm more than 100 kilometers wide. Thanks to Klug and other like-minded researchers, children do more than just take tours, listen to lectures, and complete related assignments. They have become actual partners with NASA, the Planetary Society, and university scientists in current and planned missions to Mars. The project is an outgrowth of the Red Rover, Red Rover program, a joint development of the Planetary Society, the Center for Intelligent Systems at Utah State University, Visionary Products Inc., and the LEGO company. Student scientists participating in Red Rover Goes to Mars also will share their work and experiences via the Internet, delivering real mission data into homes, classrooms, and science centers worldwide.

62. Nov13event
Rob Howse (Michigan), Greg Shaffer (Wisconsin), and joel Trachtman (Fletcher/HLS) Heinz klug, “Global Access to Essential Medicines Regulatory options
Law School Home
Information For Prospective Students Current Students Employers Information About Career Services Law Library Continuing Legal Education Contact Us
Wisconsin-Harvard Workshop on International Economic Law and Transnational Regulation
Saturday, November 13 from 8:45am to 5:30pm and Sunday, November 14 from 9:30am to 3pm 206 Ingraham Hall Sponsored by the Harvard Law School European Law Research Center, the Wisconsin Project on Governance and Regulation (WISGAR), and the Center for World Affairs and Global Economy (WAGE) Governance Project Co-sponsored the Global Legal Studies Initiative and the Institute for Legal Studies Registration required, please contact Patrick Cottrell ( The workshop is designed to explore new approaches to international economic law. It will look at a range of recent initiatives to re-think the nature of the regime through which international economic and commercial affairs are regulated. The workshop is designed to promote scholarship that goes beyond the analysis of trade law and other international economic law doctrines, be they national or international, and the narrow questions of policy which they routinely raise, to conceptualize the system more broadly as a form of public order, foregrounding questions of power, democracy, legitimacy, and distribution. Speakers: Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan)

63. <><> Survivor Hunks Survey <><>
joel klug Colby Donaldson Kel Gleason Silas Gaither Ethan Zohn Hunter Ellis Sean Rector Gabriel Cade Jed Hildebrand Ken Stafford Brian Heidik Andrew Savage

64. <><> Survivor Hunks Survey <><>
joel klug (3906), 6%. Colby Donaldson (8738), 13%. Kel Gleason (3115), 5%. Silas Gaither (6887), 10% joel klug (3407), 6%. Colby Donaldson (7970), 14%

65. PopMatters
Ramona Gray, Colleen Haskell, Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, Sean Kenniff, joel klug, Jenna Lewis, Gervase Peterson, Stacey Stillman, Kelly Wiglesworth
TELEVISION archive - A B C D ... front page
Producers : Maria Baltazzi, Jay Bienstock
Cast : as themselves, (host) Jeff Probst, B.B. Andersen, Dirk Been, Rudy Boesch, Greg Buis, Sonja Christopher, Gretchen Cordy, Ramona Gray, Colleen Haskell, Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, Sean Kenniff, Joel Klug, Jenna Lewis, Gervase Peterson, Stacey Stillman, Kelly Wiglesworth
Regularly scheduled: Wednesdays, 8 p.m. EST (U.S.)
(CBS) by Dan French
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Survivor It's easy as a critic to dismiss seemingly simple shows when they come along, even if they are wildly popular (maybe especially if they are wildly popular). Such was my impulse when I first saw the CBS juggernaut Survivor . A silly show watched by the omnipresent, silly audience "out there," I smugged to myself. A game show in a pretty setting, an adult summer camp fantasy for the shallow and easily manipulated. How little they know. I was wrong. Now, I'd like to say, after watching the show nearly to its conclusion, that I think it's a wonder of modern television. I think this because Survivor has that elusive quality that takes a show from moderate hit to cultural phenomenon: it appeals to multiple audiences on multiple levels, simultaneously reaching and pleasing people who would probably never even talk to each other if they met on the street. I'd like in this article to delineate at least a few of those audiences, and say why I think

66. The Globe And Mail: Series
joel klug Age 28 Marital status Single Occupation Salesman Tribe Pagong Voted out Episode 6 by 4 votes ** Gretchen Cordy
Browse sites NEWS globeandmail globetechnology robmagazine ROBTv INVESTING globeinvestor - Stocks globefund - Mutual Funds ROBTv CAREERS workopolis SHOPPING globebooks - Books globemegawheels - Cars LEISURE Crosswords TV Listings/News
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Survivors: people we grow to hate
Show's appeal lies in our love for gossip and learning about petty jealousies
Thursday, August 17, 2000

67. Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter - Obituaries
Ruth A. klug, age 86, of 2005 Division St., Manitowoc, died Sunday, Aug. Kaukauna; Leah (Michael) Windsor, Manitowoc; joel (Melissa) Sweeney, Manitowoc;
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Front page
News From Around Wisconsin

Obituaries for Aug. 20, 2005
Marie Becker

Marie Becker, of 1616 Assman Road, Mishicot, died Friday morning, Aug. 19, 2005, at Hamilton Memorial Home, Two Rivers. Complete funeral arrangements will be announced by Lambert-Eckert Funeral Home, Mishicot. Herald Times Reporter Aug. 20, 2005
Robert R. Braun Robert R. Braun, age 74, of 7136 Tannery Road, Two Rivers, died Thursday, Aug. 18, 2005, surrounded by his family at Aurora Medical Center, Two Rivers. Graveside services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, Aug. 22, 2005, at Evergreen Cemetery. Pastor Scott Stevens will officiate. Robert R. Braun was born in Manitowoc, Jan. 28, 1931, son of the late Norbert and Freida Zimmermann Braun. He married Patricia Shaw Braun on Nov. 5, 1966. He served with the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Robert was retired from motel management since 1991. He was a member of AMVETS Post 99 and WFLA. He was a long time bowler and loved horses. Survivors include his wife: Patricia J. Braun of Two Rivers; children: Jeff (Maggie) Horkman, Milwaukee; Kathleen (Al) Denk, Manitowoc; Randy (Barbie) Horkman, Indiana; Pamela Braun and special friend, Richard Stanton, Wyoming; Norbert (Linda) Braun, Two Rivers; Bruce (Gina) Horkman, Manitowoc; Craig Horkman, Milwaukee; Patrick (Beverly) Horkman, Connecticut; 23 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; one sister and brother-in-law: Artis and Richard Laurin, Manitowoc; one brother-in-law and sister-in-law: Fred and Mary Shaw, California. Other relatives and friends also survive. He was preceded in death by his first wife: Patricia Bianchi Braun in 1965.

68. {NMN} New Music Network
Keefe klug. Location Madison, WI Genres Alternative, Pop, Rock, Folk Influences Dave Matthews Band, Beatles, The Temptations, Billy joel. Music Style
Search Username Password
Keefe Klug
Location: Madison, WI
Genres: Alternative Pop Rock Folk
Keefe will graduate from Madison West High School in the spring of 2003. he has played guitar since he was in 7th grade and has played in many groups and bands. He recently recorded a 6 song demo at a local recording studio. He is involved in singing, acting, and guitar playing at his high school. As well as basketball and baseball
Details Similar Artists
Dispatch, John Mayer, Wyclef Jean, Lyle Lovett Influences
Dave Matthews Band, Beatles, The Temptations, Billy Joel Music Style
Acoustic Rock
Songs No songs have been uploaded.
Email questions or trouble to

69. Joel A. Brondos: March 2005 Archives
joel A. Brondos « February 2005 Main April 2005 » into the church itself and because of that the day was called Palm Sunday,” klug, Sermons, vol.
Joel A. Brondos
March 31, 2005
Even though it took 6 months to complete, this treatise is another example of Luther’s remarkable ability to withdraw from the heat of controversy into the pastoral atmosphere of serene devotion. The entire writing echoes his experience as a pastor and confessor constantly in contact with men and women who were terrified by the maze of popular customs and practices observed by the church in connection with death. As the world contemplates and awaits the death of Terry Sciavo and Pope Paul II, Luther's words give us pause to consider how we ourselves might prepare to die. This excerpt comes from vol. 42 of Luther's works. Death looms so large and is terrifying because our foolish and fainthearted nature has etched its image too vividly within itself and constantly fixes its gaze on it. Moreover, the devil presses man to look closely at the gruesome mien and image of death to add to his worry, timidity, and despair. Indeed, he conjures up before man’s eyes all the kinds of sudden and terrible death ever seen, heard, or read by man. And then he also slyly suggests the wrath of God with which he [the devil] in days past now and then tormented and destroyed sinners. In that way he fills our foolish human nature with the dread of death while cultivating a love and concern for life, so that burdened with such thoughts man forgets God, flees and abhors death, and thus, in the end, is and remains disobedient to God. We should familiarize ourselves with death during our lifetime, inviting death into our presence when it is still at a distance [Vol. 42, Page 102] and not on the move. At the time of dying, however, this is hazardous and useless, for then death looms large of its own accord. In that hour we must put the thought of death out of mind and refuse to see it, as we shall hear. The power and might of death are rooted in the fearfulness of our nature and in our untimely and undue viewing and contemplating of it.

70. Joel A. Brondos: Lenten Orthodoxy
joel A. Brondos « Some Additional Thoughts on Palm Sunday Main The and because of that the day was called Palm Sunday,” klug, Sermons, vol. 5, p.
Joel A. Brondos
March 21, 2005
Lenten Orthodoxy
Breaking my Lenten blog fast (I haven't posted since just before Ash Wednesday), here's my sermon for Palm Sunday: What do you suppose would be going on in the mind of a famous movie star on her way to the hospice [to die of cancer] if a crowd of fans surrounded her, hailing her as the greatest actress of all time? Or what statement would be made if a bride went to her wedding dressed for a funeral? What would it signify if the president went to an inauguration party dressed as a homeless pauper? And what does it mean when Jesus enters Jerusalem humbly on a donkey while large crowds have gathered to praise Him and hail Him as the King of Israel? He does not acknowledge their praise: “Yo, Zedekiah, How’s it goin’?” [thumbs up] “Bilhah, how’re the kids?” [pointing, hands clasped over head]. He comes on no high-stepping stallion, but on a plodding donkey. Our Lord’s humility is not consonant with their praise because their praise is not orthodox. It is not right praise. [n.b. "orthodoxy" literally means, "right praise"] To be sure, they say all the right things. Everything they say is true. But they do not know that for which these words were intended. Earlier in John 6[:14-15], we read, “When the people saw the sign that he had done, they said, ‘This is indeed the Prophet who is to come into the world!’ Perceiving then that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king.” At that time, knowing that their praise was not orthodox, Jesus withdrew to the mountain by Himself.(Isaiah 29:13; Matthew 15:8) “These people draw near to Me with their mouth, And honor Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me.”

71. Reality Blurred + Archives + April 15 To April 21, 2001
be insulted on May 10 at 830 pm as Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, Sean Kenniff, Ramona Gray, Gretchen Cordy and joel klug appear on NBC’s The Weakest Link.
reality blurred exposed reality tv news digest the reality tv news digest ... archives Sunday, April 15, 2001 Survivor Australia pictures may reveal cheating, jury.
Pictures posted on could offer some information on past and future Survivor 2 events. First, a series of three pictures shows that Colby may have broken the rules of the reward challenge by having both carabiners off the rope at the same time. The second could be a spoiler; it shows a group of Barramundi tribe members , including a few people still left in the Outback, hanging out together allegedly at the post-boot ranch. Is this the jury, was it just taken after the show, or is it a hoax? posted April 15, 2001 + link to this post Monday, April 16, 2001 other shows
Survivor . Still, The Weakest Link premiere tonight at 8 p.m. ET is reality TV news because Richard Hatch was, back in January, being considered as host. Rich taped a pilot; so did the British host, Anne Robinson, who got the gig. posted April 16, 2001 + link to this post Survivor
Previously, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences decided to create a category for game show-type reality TV shows, in which Survivor Survivor 1 and Survivor 2 posted April 16, 2001 +

72. The Early Word
Two castaways from CBS hit summer series, Kelly Wiglesworth and joel klug, will talk about their experience on a remote South China Sea island Sunday at

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Thursday, September 21, 2000 The Early Word Jump on your weekend
Mark your calendar
Phantom returns:
Here's the really early word: About one year from today you'll have another chance to see Phantom of the Opera as it tours to Cincinnati for the third time You'll have to mark your 2001 calendar to make reservations. Renewing Broadway Series subscribers will be able to buy tickets early in 2001. Individual tickets won't go on sale until May.
Jackie Demaline Countdown Coming Tuesday: Revelation

73. Ain't No Way To Treat A 'Survivor'
joel klug, a 28year-old salesman from Arkansas, got the hook per Wednesday s episode on CBS. Why? Apparently because the otherwise physically fit
MPShowAd("2x2", "", "", "NEAC", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "t1", "", "listed","312605"); MPShowAd("728x90", "", "", "NEAC", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "t1", "", "random","312605"); The Web MOVIES DVD CELEBS VIDEO ... login MPShowAd("503x50,503x100", "", "", "NEAC", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "t1", "", "random","312605"); related links 'Survivor': Another One Bites the Dust

HOLLYWOOD, July 6, 2000
Ain't No Way to Treat a 'Survivor'
By Joal Ryan, Staff
Tense times on "Survivor" as a non-thrower-upper, non-old person was actually booted off the increasingly less-crowded isle of Pulau Tiga. Joel Klug, a 28-year-old salesman from Arkansas, got the hook per Wednesday's episode on CBS. Why? Apparently because the otherwise physically fit "Survivor" posterstud ticked off the women's vote. (Take heed, Bush and Gore.)
"I think the girls on the team; maybe a few of them had a little inferiority complex," Klug tells the CBS Web site ( "... I'm definitely not a chauvinist. I think a woman can do anything that a man can do. That is why I had every faith in the world in the team."
Klug's ejection leaves 10 castaways left in the 13-week, winner-takes-all-$1-million game.

74. TIME Magazine
MICHAEL JACKSON, UNMESH KHER, JULIE RAWE, JOHN ROSENBLATT, joel STEIN AND JOSH TYRANGIEL joel klug Hunk booted from Survivor isle for being sexist.,9171,997472,00.html
This article has become premium content. If you are not automatically sent to the story, please click here

75. University Of North Dakota University News
J. Kjelstrom II (BFA), Matthew Klemisch (BBA), William joel klug (BSCJS), Gregory Allen Korynta (BSChE), Kristoffer Linus Kroetsch (BSEd, Cum Laude),

76. Christian Film News 2002, Vol. 07 []
The film stars Dirk Been, joel klug, Bianca Lupus, Chris Delos, Tim Chey, Ronnie Bo, and Kenny Krall. lists February 14, 2003 as the theatrical
November 2002
Want latest
Breaking News instead?
VeggieTales "Star of Christmas" Coming to PBS in December "The Star of Christmas" ( read our review ), the latest holiday cheer from Big Idea Productions, creators of VeggieTales, may be coming to a PBS station near you! That's right... it's fun for the whole family with a strong message about what Christ mas is really about. Spotlight reviewer Douglas Downs says "The Star of Christmas is a bright and shining example of the reality that it is possible to tell and retell the marvelous truth of Christmas in a relevant way for every generation." Don't miss it! See to locate a PBS station that will be airing "The Star of Christmas". "The Cure": a Unique Evangelism Tool from Highwater Productions Highwater Productions and Evangelist Jose Zayas, a partner evangelist of Luis Palau, have teamed up to produce a new cutting edge tool for presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ, THE CURE. Jose Zayas will present the gospel directly to the audience, while surrounded by the constant life and death happenings of an ER of a hospital. THE CURE will be presented on DVD to allow the audience to interact with the presentation and receive the maximum amount of information about Jesus Christ. Pastor Kenny Snyder, of Grace Community Church, and Dave Lubben, of the JZEI worship team will be contributing their gifts of leading worship through music videos presented as special features on the DVD. This will be another tool to help draw the audience to Jesus Christ. The total amount of media on THE CURE DVD will be about 30 minutes.

77. Wisconsin Lutheran College:Coach Profiles:Baseball
joel Mischke has been associated with Warrior baseball for the majority of his 15 16, 1973. He and his wife Jodi currently reside in Waukesha. Tom klug
@import url(../../ui/css/new.css); You are unable to see the navigation elements because they are created using JavaScript. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please enable JavaScript, or use our Site Map to find your way around the college website.
Baseball Coaches
Brook Smith
Head Coach
Brook Smith begins his eighth year with the Wisconsin Lutheran baseball program and fourth year as head coach of the Warriors. Under Smith's direction, Wisconsin Lutheran has enjoyed unparallel success. The Warriors have come within one game of reaching the NCAA Tournament in each of the past two seasons. Smith's teams finished 17-12 in 2001 and 19-17 in 2002. Those overall records represent the school's first winning seasons ever. The 19 wins of a year ago set a school record for victories. At the plate, on the mound, or in the field, the Warriors have made tremendous strides with Smith's guidance and it's reflected in the performance of his players. Individually over the past two seasons, Smith has coached 11 players named to various all-Lake Michigan Conference teams. In the fall, Smith serves as head coach of Wisconsin Lutheran's women's soccer team. He was named LMC co-Coach of the Year twice - in 1999 and again in 2001.

78. SpiPeople
Dr. Paul Hubel; Gwelleh Hsu; Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen; Rania Kahlaf; Nobuhiro Kihara; DongHyun Kim; Arno Klein; Michael klug; joel Kollin; Dr. Eric Krantz
spi home people projects publications gallery courses ... internal demos media lab home Stephen A. Benton Betsy Connors Steven Smith Sam Hill Daniel Smalley Tyeler Quentmeyer Michael Halle Betsy Connors
  • Emily Ahearn Raj Amirharajah Derrick Arias Lynn Basas Sabrina Birner Hsin-Ping Chang Benjie Chen Paul Christie Beth Cohen Betsy Connors Marie Andree Cassette Oliver Cossairt Bradley Edelman William Farmer Amy Fisch Yuli Friedman Lynn Fulkerson Dr. Michael Halle Michele Henrion Mark Holzbach Glen Howlett Dr. Paul Hubel Gwelleh Hsu Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen Rania Kahlaf Nobuhiro Kihara Dong-Hyun Kim Arno Klein Michael Klug Joel Kollin Dr. Eric Krantz Adam Kropp Dr. Jeffry Kulick

79. MIT Media Lab: Spatial Imaging Grp Pubs
Michael klug, Holographic Optical Elements for Holographic Stereogram Printers , joel S. Kollin, Design and information considerations for holographic
spi home people projects publications gallery courses internal demos media lab home

80. WOW Productions: The Reality Of Reality
incredible stories, including Jerri Manthey, Dr. Will Kirby, MD, Alex Michel, Eric Nies, Richard Hatch, Danny Bonaduce, Gladys Sanabria and joel klug.
  • The Report World of WOW Productions Planet Pop ... Main
    The Reality of Reality
    The Reality of Reality brings 4 hours of television programming to Bravo that celebrates and examines the world of Reality television.
    Investigate the darker side of reality TV and the producers behind it. Watch as some of the best kept secrets in Hollywood become exposed with interviews from Ytossie Patterson, Sarah Kozer and Gervase Peterson. From basic fudging to re-creating footage all the way down to federal charges, Bravo investigates the stories that has Hollywood's top brass wringing their hands.
    An in-depth look inside the genre that has revolutionized television. Featuring interviews from some of Reality TV's top producers, casting directors, editors and stunt producers including; Mark Burnett, Matt Kunitz, Arnold Shapiro, Jeff Probst, Allison Grodner, and Joe Rogan, you'll learn the secrets behind some of Reality TV's most popular shows.
    Explore the Reality personality, ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the chance to become a star. Some of reality TV's most memorable stars share their incredible stories, including Jerri Manthey, Dr. Will Kirby, M.D., Alex Michel, Eric Nies, Richard Hatch, Danny Bonaduce, Gladys Sanabria and Joel Klug. Find out what happens when reality celebrities hit minute 16 on the 15 minutes of fame ride.

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