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         King Stephen:     more books (100)
  1. Stephen King's N. by Marc Guggenheim, 2010-10-20
  2. Riding The Bullet: The Deluxe Special Edition Double by Stephen King, Mick Garris, 2010-10-01
  3. Different Seasons (Signet) by Stephen King, 1983-08-29
  4. Everything's Eventual : 14 Dark Tales by Stephen King, 2003-01-01
  5. Thinner (Signet) by Stephen King, 1985-09-01
  6. Blaze: A Novel by Richard Bachman, 2008-01-22
  7. Cell: A Novel by Stephen King, 2006-11-21
  8. The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1) by Stephen King, 2003-06-24
  9. Desperation by Stephen King, 1997-08-01
  10. Salem's Lot by Stephen King, 2000-10-01
  11. The Mist (Previously Published as a Novella in 'Skeleton Crew') by Stephen King, 2007-10-02
  12. Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, 1986-06-03
  13. The Talisman by Stephen King, Peter Straub, 2001-07-31
  14. Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King, 2009-06-30

21. King Stephen
king stephen Born 1096 Birthplace Blois, France Died 25Oct-1154 Stephen, king of England, was the third son of Stephen Henry, count of Blois and
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for King Stephen Born:
Blois, France
Died: 25-Oct-1154
Location of death: Dover, England
Cause of death: unspecified
Remains: Buried, Faversham Abbey
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Royalty Level of fame: Famous Executive summary: King of England 1135-54 Stephen, king of England, was the third son of Stephen Henry, count of Blois and Chartres, and, through his mother Adela, a grandson of William the Conqueror . Born some time before 1101, he was still a boy when he was taken into favor by his uncle, King Henry I of England. From Henry le received the honor of knighthood and the county of Mortain. In 1118 he severed his connection with Blois and Chartres, renouncing his hereditary claims in favor of his elder brother Theobald. But he acquired the county of Boulogne by marrying Matilda (c. 1103-1152), the heiress of Count Eustace III and a niece of Henry's first wife. The old king arranged this match after the untimely loss of his son, William Atheling, in the tragedy of the White Ship; until 1125 Stephen was regarded as the probable heir to the English throne. But the return of the widowed empress Matilda to her father's court changed the situation. Henry compelled Stephen and the rest of his barons to acknowledge the empress as their future ruler (1126). Seven years later these oaths were renewed; and in addition the ultimate claims of Matilda's infant son, Henry of Anjou, were recognized (1133).

22. Wired News: E-Books King: Stephen The First
At 1201 am Tuesday morning, Stephen King fans will line up to buy the author s latest novella online. In a move suggesting that ebooks are penetrating,1284,34940,00.html
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E-Books King: Stephen the First
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by Kendra Mayfield Also by this reporter 03:00 AM Mar. 14, 2000 PT At 12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning, Stephen King fans will line up to buy the author's latest novella online. In a move suggesting that e-books are penetrating the mainstream market, King will be the first major best-selling author to release a book exclusively in electronic format.
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Special Partner Promotion Find local technology jobs Publishers hope the milestone will bring exposure to the e-book industry. "This has brought huge visibility to the whole category," said SoftBook spokesman Tom Morrow. "The announcement has been a lightning rod in the marketplace."

23. UK Books Music DVDs Videos Games Software USBooks Title Author
Your search for king+stephen yielded 119 results using author Dreamcatcher King, Stephen Usually dispatched within 1-2 working days

24. St. Stephen Of Hungary (11th Century)
The pope agreed to these proposals, and king stephen was crowned by the first archbishop of Hungary, St. Atrik, in 1001. Stephen completed the establishment
St. Stephen of Hungary (11th century) Stephen was the son of Geza, duke of Hungary, and was baptized when he was ten years old, at a time when many of the Hungarian nobility were turning to Christianity. When he was twenty-two years old he succeeded his father as governor of the Magyars, and began a number of wars to unite the country. At the conclusion of his campaigns, he asked Pope Silvester II to establish a proper hierarchy in the country and to grant him the title of king, in order that he might better be able to protect his people and the church. The pope agreed to these proposals, and King Stephen was crowned by the first archbishop of Hungary, St. Atrik, in 1001. Stephen completed the establishment of the monastery of St. Martin begun by his father, and saw to it that, at Magyar priests became available, churches were set up throughout his country. He required by law that every tenth town should build a church and support a priest. Stephen took a particular interest in the poor. One day he was distributing alms to a crowd of beggars, who grew so clamorous that the king was swept off his feet and thrown to the ground. He was not angry at the incident but laughed it off, saying that he would always continue to give alms to anyone who asked him. His religious actions had their political consequences for his popularity with the poor insured that the nobles would never become too powerful. As he grew older, Stephen hoped to delegate his sovereignty to his son, but unfortunately the prince was killed in a hunting accident, and Stephen's last years were made hideous by frequent disputes over the succession. He died at the age of sixty-three in 1038 and is buried in the Church of our Lady at Buda.

25. Author - Stephen King
Stephen Edwin King was born Sept 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He becamea fulltime writer in 1973, and after the release of Carrie his careermore or less
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stories/poems movies ... Support , buy your books through these links ( read more or
Stephen King Author Homepage Books Dark Tower, The
Gunslinger, The
Drawing of the Three, The Wastelands, The ... The Dark Tower Other Black House Carrie Cujo Danse Macabre ... Insomnia News Riding the Bullet on DVD Stephen King A B C D ... Z Biography Stephen Edwin King was born Sept 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He becamea full-time writer in 1973, and after the release of "Carrie" his careermore or less took off. Today he is not only the worlds leading horror writer,but also one of the most popular writers ever. He currently lives in Bangor,Maine with his wife, Tabitha King, and their three children. Bibliography Dark Tower, The 8 reviews Gunslinger, The 1 reviews Drawing of the Three, The ... The Dark Tower Other Black House 2 reviews Carrie Cujo ... Dead Zone, The

26. Romantic Couples: King Stephen & Matilda Of Boulogne
In one respect, however, Stephen cannot be faulted. His marriage to Matilda of Boulogne, appears to be one of mutual devotion and love.
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King Stephen and Matilda of Boulogne
by Teresa Eckford This couple is by no means conventional, yet they have always struck me as devoted to one another in a time of strife and treachery. I hope you enjoy their story. King Stephen has never been acknowledged as one of England's most appealing kings. He usurped the throne from his cousin, Maud, after swearing an oath to support her, and was ineffectual in his rule. This lead to a period of anarchy in England as the barons reigned over their land as they pleased,wreaking havoc and causing pain to many. In one respect, however, Stephen cannot be faulted. His marriage to Matilda of Boulogne, appears to be one of mutual devotion and love. She stood by him and fought for him through one of the darkest periods of English history, advising him, though he did not always heed her words. Born around 1096, the son of Adela (daughter of William the Conqueror) and Stephen, Count of Blois, he was sent to his Uncle Henry's (King Henry I) court in England as a young boy after his father died in the Holy Land. From all accounts he was a pleasant young man who charmed all who encountered him. "He was in fact, a thing acknowledged to be very uncommon among the rich of the present day, rich and at the same time unassuming, generous and courteous; moreover in all the conflicts of war or in any siege of his enemies, bold and brave, judicious an patient."

27. IgoUgo: Travel Reviews, Vacation Pictures, Travel Deals
of the church, if you will, is a mummified hand of king stephen. FROM king stephen TO EMPRESS MARIATHERESA The history of Hungary starts with Prince King&searchType=site

28. The Life Of St. Stefan Of Decani
St. king stephen of Decani is one of the best known Saints of the Desiring to avoid bloodshed, king stephen addressed a letter to Constantine
The Life of St. King Stephen of Decani St. King Stephen of Decani is one of the best known Saints of the
Serbian Orthodox Church. Through his holy and incorruptible relics God has performed numerous miracles.
Today, as the Serbian people suffer through another turbulent chapter in their history, they would do well to bring to mind the exemplary character of their martyred King Stephen Uros III (Decanski). He was born the eldest son of the saintly King Milutin (Stephen Uros II) and his wife Elizabeth, a Hungarian princess. Living at the court of his parents, the heir-apparent received a good education, his mind exercised by study of the language and writings of his people, and his heart strengthened by study of the Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Orthodox Faith.
The good fruit of his upbringing proved itself when King Milutin was forced to send him as hostage to the Tartar chief Nogyi. In spite of the potential dangers, Stephen was obedient to his father's will and did not resist, trusting his life to the Lord. And his hope was not in vain. He eventually made friends with one of the Tartar nobles, who succeeded in assisting his safe return home.
When Stephen came of age, his parents arranged that he marry the daughter of the Bulgarian King Smilatz, and the young couple were given the land of Zeta, where they settled until such a time as Stephen would be called to succeed his father to the throne. Meanwhile, King Milutin had remarried, and his second wife, Simonide, plotted in order that their son Constantine inherit the throne. She convinced Milutin that Stephen wanted to seize the throne prematurely, and the deceived Milutin ordered that his son be captured, that he be blinded to ensure that he never again entertain such treachery, and that he be sent as a prisoner to Constantinople.

29. OUP: Anarchy Of King Stephen's Reign: King
The reign of king stephen (113554) is famous as a period of weak government, Stephen remained king for his lifetime, but leading churchmen and laymen
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The Anarchy of King Stephen's Reign
Edited by Edmund King
Publication date: 22 September 1994
Clarendon Press 356 pages, 8 pp plates, line figures, maps, 216mm x 138mm
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30. Medieval Sourcebook: Henry Of Huntingdon: On King Stephen's Reign
dominated by the struggle between king stephen and his cousin, the Empress Matilda, who was the daughter of Henry I and the mother of Henry II.
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Medieval Sourcebook:
The period following the death of Henry I in 1135 and the rule of Henry II were somwhat chaoitic inf England, dominated by the struggle between King Stephen and his cousin, the Empress Matilda, who was the daughter of Henry I and the mother of Henry II. Local nobility used the conflict to usurp power in many areas, an especial practice being that of castle building. The period is discussed in the chronicle of Henry, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, (c.1080-1160). [W]hen the Earl of Hereford, being in much want of money to pay the troops which he had levied against the king, forced the churches in his lordship to submit to new exactions, and required the Bishop of Hereford to pay the tax tyrannically imposed, claiming it as his right, and enforcing it by threats; being thus frequently pressed, the bishop deliberately and positively refused to pay the demand, asserting that ecclesiastical property, assigned to the altar by the pious offerings of devout people, belonged, in perpetual frankalmoin, to the service of God and the church, and that no lay man could interfere with them, any more than he could in the sacred rites; so that by laying hands on them he incurred the guilt of sacrilege, as much as if he had violated the altar itself. Wherefore, he required the earl to withdraw his presumptuous demand, and to restrain his people, or he threatened him and them with immediate excommunication. The king brought Geoffrey to London f London, in close custody, and threatened to hang him if he did not give up the Tower of London and the castles he had erected with wonderful skill and labour. By the advice of his friends, to escape an ignominious death, he submitted to the kin g's will, and agreed to the surrender; and being thus set at liberty, he escaped out of the hands of his enemies, to the great injury of the whole kingdom. For, being turbulent and fierce, by the exercise of his power he gave strength to rebellion through all England; as the king's enemies, hearing that he was in arms against the royal cause, and relying on the support of so great an earl began, with new spirit, to raise insurrections in every quarter; and even those who appeared to be the king's supporters, as if they had been struck by a thunderbolt, were more and more humiliated by his secession from the king's party.

31. Medieval Sourcebook: William Of Malmesbury: Counterfeit Money In The Time Of Kin
Counterfeit Money in the Time of king stephen, 1140. The extent to which good money could be debased under a bad king was sufficient to ruin the work of a
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Medieval Sourcebook:
William of Malmesbury:
Counterfeit Money in the Time of King Stephen, 1140
The extent to which good money could be debased under a bad king was sufficient to ruin the work of a man like Henry I. This temporary condition was remedied after "the nineteen long winters" by Henry II who took up the work of his grandfather, Henry I. Dearth of money in Stephen's time, 1140: . . . Dearth of provisions, too, increased by degrees, and the scarcity of good money was so great, from its being counterfeited, that, sometimes out of ten or more shillings, hardly a dozen pence would be received. The king himself was reported to have ordered the weight of the penny, as established in King Henry's time, to be reduced, because, having exhausted the vast treasures of his predecessor, he was unable to provide for the expense of so many soldiers. All things, then, became venal in England; and churches and abbeys were no longer secretly, but even publicly exposed to sale. Source.

32. CountyCaT /All Locations
king stephen by John KeatsRead classic literature including king stephen by John Keats at, Stephen/aking stephen/1,6,475,B/exact&F
AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT WORD Entire Collection MPL Central Atkinson Bay View Brown Deer Capitol Center Street Cudahy East Forest Home Franklin Greendale Greenfield Hales Corners King Mill Road Mobile Library North Shore Oak Creek Shorewood South Milwaukee St. Francis Tippecanoe Villard Washington Park Wauwatosa West Allis Whitefish Bay Zablocki Limit to netLibrary eBooks Result page: Next Num AUTHORS (1-12 of 458) Medium Year King Stephen 1947 Apt Pupil. VIDEOCASSETTE Apt Pupil. AUDIOBOOK/CAS Apt Pupil DVD Apt Pupil From Different Seasons / [Sound Recording] : By Stephen King. AUDIOBOOK/CAS The Bachman Books : Four Early Novels / by Stephen King. BOOK The Bachman Books : Four Early Novels BOOK The Bachman Books : Four Early Novels / by Stephen King. BOOK The Bad Death Of Eduard Delacroix / Stephen King. BOOK The Bad Death Of Eduard Delacroix / [Sound Recording] / Stephen King. AUDIOBOOK/CAS Bag Of Bones / Stephen King. BOOK Bag Of Bones / [Sound Recording] / Stephen King. AUDIOBOOK/CAS Bag Of Bones / [Large Print] / Stephen King. LARGE PRINT BK Result page: Next

33. Stephen King Stephen King Message Board
Science fiction site filled with tons of information about books, TV shows, and movies.

34. Mrtvá Zóna - King Stephen | Vše O Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror | Fantasy
Mrtvá zóna king stephen Napsal BoboKing. Román Mrtvá zóna dokazuje, že mistr hororu Stephen King dokáže napsat príbeh, který prekonává hranice žánru

35. Spiers Static: He's Still The King: Stephen King (New York Post)
What s happening to Stephen King? Has he lost his instinct for violence and gore? The questions remain Is Stephen King making a concerted effort to
He's Still the King: Stephen King (New York Post) August 03, 2003 He's Still the King
What's truly scary about America's top horror writer
New York Post - 08.04.03 Stephen King has been acting strange lately. For example: King writes that he read Jonathan Franzen's bestseller, The Corrections He then proceeds to mock Franzen's "constant taking of his creative temperature." ("How is Jonathan feeling today?") What's happening to Stephen King? Has he lost his instinct for violence and gore? And why is the Prolific Master of Sublime Horror masquerading as The Guy Who's Randomly Freelancing for Pseudo-Literary Publications That Go Unread by the Masses? Entertainment Weekly Maybe Stein has a point. Why not have every column end in a gory death? They are, after all, King's specialty and they happen all too infrequently in popular culture. Think of how much better "Glitter" would have performed at the box office if Mariah Carey made her final exit screaming hysterically as some netherworldly villain ensured that she'd never abuse another personal assistant again. So Nightmare on Elm Street Part III It would be refreshing to learn in King's new Entertainment Weekly column, for example, that Hollywood celebrities are really humanoid zombies. Many of us have long suspected this anyway. Who hasn't, when watching the cast of "Friends" make their requisite appearances on "Access Hollywood," thought that Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer could quite conceivably be sharing the same brain?

36. Stephen King - - Jämför Pris Och Köp Online : Ljudböcker
Jämför priser på ljudböcker med ett sök hos Kelkoo. Cd, ebok eller kassett. stephen,king,stephen king stephen,king,stephen king. king/type/101601.html
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Status: Boktitel Butik Författare Pris ... Jerusalems lott och andra noveller
ISBN: 9132433646
Boktyp: Pocket
info Exlibris Butiksinfo
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King, Stephen kr 37 Frakt: från kr 19
Lev. tid: 4-8 D kr 56 kk_updateCounter('1 resultat (av totalt 1) från 1 butiker'); Majsens barn och andra noveller
ISBN: 9132433654
Boktyp: Pocket
info Exlibris Butiksinfo Skriv ett omdöme King, Stephen kr 37 Frakt: från kr 19 Lev. tid: 4-8 D kr 56 kk_updateCounter('10 resultat (av totalt 10) från 2 butiker'); Flickan som älskade Tom Gordon ISBN: 9171338535 Boktyp: Pocket morelikethisbook('9171338535'); info Exlibris Butiksinfo Skriv ett omdöme King, Stephen kr 40 Frakt: från kr 19 Lev. tid: 4-8 D kr 59 kk_updateCounter('19 resultat (av totalt 19) från 2 butiker'); Att skriva ISBN: 9170022089 Boktyp: Pocket morelikethisbook('9170022089'); info Bokus AB Butiksinfo Inläsning av omdömen pågår (Färre än 5 omdömen) King, Stephen

37. Stephen King
Stephen King who is mainly known for his novels, has broadened his horizons to While Stephen King might be best known for his novels The Stand and It,\Stephen_
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38. The Official Stephen King Web Site
The official site for author stephen king, has latest news, rumors, books, and links.
This web site is the official online resource for news and information regarding Stephen King and his works.
latest news
First Amendment Project

"One (and only one) character name in a novel called CELL, which is now in work and which will appear in either 2006 or 2007. Buyer should be aware that CELL is a violent piece of work, which comes complete with zombies set in motion by bad cell phone signals that destroy the human brain. Like cheap whiskey, it's very nasty and extremely satisfying. Character can be male or female, but a buyer who wants to die must in this case be female. In any case, I'll require physical description of auction winner, including any nickname (can be made up, I don't give a rip)." Posted 19 August 2005 Desperation Television Movie Update
The most recent word from Mick Garris is that ABC plans to air Desperation in May '06 during sweeps week. Posted 26 July 2005 New Books from Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. will be publishing a book containing THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELURIA and the revised edition of THE GUNSLINGER (which was published by Viking).

39. Desert Of Stephen King
Neuigkeiten, Chronologie, stephen Kings Schreibfehler, Diskussionsforum.

40. Stephen King Fanclub Nederland
De offici«le nederlandse fanclub. Biografie, interviews, foto's, boeken en films.
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